Pope John Paul II's recognition of the Eucharistic miracle of October 31, 1995


Recognition of the Eucharistic miracle in Sibu Malaysia on September 17, 1996


Second Eucharistic Miracle in Vatican


POPE BENEDICT XVI issued an official letter to make his support known to Julia Kim of Naju


Canonization of
St. John Paul
the Great


Show Me the Naju Fact (Truth of Naju


Clergy who loves Our Lady of Naju


Truth of Naju



Pope John Paul II's recognition of

the Eucharistic miracle of October 31, 1995


On November 24, 1994, Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Nuncio for Korea (1991-1997), made an official visit to Naju and personally witnessed two miraculous descents of the Eucharist in the Chapel. After the visit, the Archbishop sent a report to Pope John Paul II through the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. After examining this report, the Holy Father dispatched Msgr. Vincent Thu, one of his private secretaries, to Naju on September 18, 1995 and sent his message of consolation to Mrs. Julia Kim: "I extremely love and respect the Blessed Mother of Naju and also highly love and respect Julia." and extended his love to Julia who was in the midst of suffering.


Msgr. Vincent Thu

Through Msgr. Thu, Julia was invited to attend the Mass in the Holy Father’s private chapel. During the Mass celebrated by the Holy Father on October 31, 1995, the Eucharist that Julia received became larger and turned into moving Flesh and Blood on her tongue.



The Holy Father was astonished by the Eucharistic Miracle.


The Holy Father blessed Julia after witnessing the Eucharistic miracle.


The Holy Father was very surprised when he saw the changes in the Eucharistic species. He gave a blessing to Julia and made a cross on her forehead with his hand and also blessed her family in Korea.


When Julia made a deep bow to Pope John Paul , he answered "Praise Jesus!" in Korean, smilingand looking at her delightfully.


During the Korean Bishops’ ad limina visit in 1996, Pope John Paul II advised the Bishops, “Share the wonderful grace in Naju with other countries in Asia.” 

The Holy Father also separately met Bishop William McNauchton of the Incheon Diocese in Korea to receive more information about Naju and said to the Bishop: “I also saw the change in the Eucharist in Julia’s mouth.”

Pope John Paul II asked Bishop William McNauchton of the Incheon Diocese in Korea: "What do you think about Naju?" Bishop William McNaughton rejoined with an answer: "I believe the Messages and signs from Naju are authentic."

The Korean Bishops were again on their ad limina visit. During the lunch meeting, the Holy Father asked the Bishops, “How is the situation in Naju?” Then, he waited for a long time for responses from the Bishops. After the lunch, Bishop Paul Chang-Yeol Kim of the Cheju Diocese in Korea made a detailed report to the Holy Father about Naju and the Church in Korea. The Holy Father expressed enormous joy and said, “I will send instructions to the (proper) office.” (Testimony by Bishop Paul Chang-Yeol Kim)

The concrete fruits of the Holy Father’s instruction became visible in May of the same year (2001).  One of them happened at the shrine of St. Michael the Archangel at Monte Sant’Angelo, about 20 km east of San Giovanni Rotondo, St. (Padre) Pio of Pietrelcina’s shrine.  In the church at St. Michael’s shrine, the photographs of the Eucharistic miracle on October 31, 1995 and explanation in Italian were displayed along with other Eucharistic miracles in Lanciano, Siena, Orvieto, and so on, all already officially recognized by the Church, which was an indication that the miracle through Julia in the Vatican was being presented to the public as one of the miracles recognized by the Church. 

After all, the Pope has the exclusive authority to make decisions on the miracles that occurred in the Vatican or Rome. It was understood that these public displays that involved the Holy Father himself must have been possible only with the Holy See’s permission. The printed explanation in Italian on the wall said, "The Holy Father not only witnessed the Eucharistic miracle through Julia Kim on October 31, 1995 but he was one of the main participants in the supernatural phenomenon". It was a powerful sign and message from God to the Pope for the benefit of the whole Church.


At the entrance to the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel in Italy. Inside is a display of various Eucharistic Miracles throughout Church History that have been officially recognized. The Eucharistic Miracle through Julia in the Vatican on October 31, 1995, was included in this display in May 2001.


Panel in the display in St. Michael’s Basilica describing the Eucharistic Miracle through Julia in the Vatican on October 31, 1995 (follwed by English translation of Italian text)


Text of display in St. Michael’s Basilica (English translation)



in the Holy See—Rome: 1995

Nature: Sacred Host on the tongue is converted into flesh and  blood

The Lord manifested this marvelous Eucharistic miracle before the eyes of John Paul II, or rather, he was one of the main participants of the supernatural phenomenon. On October 31, 1995, the Pontiff celebrated Holy Mass at 7:30 a.m. in his private chapel. Those present, by invitation, were some pilgrims, among whom were Msgr. Dionysio Paik, Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of South Korea; the seminarian Raphael Song; and Julia Youn, her husband, and daughter, all of South Korea.

This Julia is the mystic of Naju, where in a chapel she receives messages from the Virgin Mary, in which the Pontiff has shown interest. Also present was Msgr. Vincent Thu (Vietnamese), private secretary of the Holy Father. During Communion, Julia received the Host from the hands of the Pontiff, did not succeed in swallowing it, for It began to swell and to taste of blood. Then she opened her mouth to Msgr. Paik, who noted that the Host was converted into live flesh and blood. John Paul II was not at all startled, but marveled and observed the phenomenon and then lovingly blessed the mystic.

The Eucharistic phenomenon, although echoed among those present, was kept secret for around two years, so as to avoid any sensationalistic clamors.

Photo captions:

Top left:   Julia shows the Eucharistic miracle

Top right:   John Paul II admires it

Second right:   The astonishment of the Holy Father

Third right:   The Pontiff extends his hands

Bottom left:   The participants of the Holy Mass: Julia is behind the Holy Father

Bottom right:   The Pontiff’s blessing



In addition, the Holy See also gave permission to a major Catholic TV station in Italy to air the information about the Eucharistic miracle in the Vatican and the more general information about Naju all over Italy. 

The Pope’s clear and forceful actions regarding the Eucharistic miracle through Julia Kim on October 31, 1995 as manifested by a public display at a world-famous shrine and a TV broadcasting all over Italy carried a strong message to the Universal Church and, especially, to the Church in Korea not to waste more time but carry out an objective and honest re-examination and, based on the results, approve Naju so that the evangelization of Asia and the re-vitalization of the Catholic Faith in the whole world may be facilitated.





Recognition of the Eucharistic miracle

in Sibu Malaysia on September 17, 1996


In September 1996, Julia was invited to visit the Diocese of Sibu, Malaysia, In the evening of September 17, Bishop Dominic Su, was the main celebrant of Mass in Sacred Heart Cathedral in Sibu. The cathedral was packed with about three thousand people. During Mass, Bishop Su delivered a powerful homily on the importance of the Holy Eucharist. To everyone’s surprise, another Eucharistic Miracle occurred through Julia during this Mass.





Second Eucharistic Miracle in Vatican


In late February 2010, Julia visited Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis in his official residence in the Vatican at the request of the Blessed Mother in November 2009. During the Sunday Mass (February 28, 2010) celebrated by Archbishop Bulaitis and Fr. Aloysius Jang, the Eucharist turned into visible Flesh and Blood on Julia’s tongue. 








Casa San Benedetto

Via Dell’Erba, 1

00193 Roma (Italia)

Roma, February 28, 2010



TESTIMONY (English translation)


Eucharistic Miracle during the Holy Mass celebrated by His Excellency

the Most Rev. Mons. Giovanni Bulaitis, Apostolic Nuncio,

in the Chapel at Casa San Benedetto, Roma, on February 28, 2010


I was already informed that Julia Kim of Naju would come to Rome on February 26, 2010.  According to the information I was given, the Most Holy Virgin Mary had told Julia to go to Rome to meet Archbishop Bulaitis, who had been the Nuncio to Korea (and previously Secretary (to the Nuncio)), without other precise details.

This request was given to Julia on November 24, 2009, the 15th anniversary of the Eucharistic miracle which had occurred on the day when Nuncio Bulaitis had visited Naju.

At the meeting with Julia in Rome on February 27, accompanied by the helpers in Naju, she brought and handed over to me a statue of the Most Holy Virgin Mary of Naju, water from the Mountain in Naju, various photographs, and other items.

She reminded me that, on November 24, 1994, I was really called by the Most Holy Virgin to be the OMEGA of Naju, while Father Spies, SDB, Julia’s spiritual director, was called to be the ALPHA for spreading the Madonna’s messages for Naju.

In Rome with the group from Korea, it was agreed to celebrate a Holy Mass for them on Sunday, February 28, 2010, in Casa San Benedetto, and, after the Holy Mass, to let them go to St. Peter’s Square at noon to receive the Holy Father’s blessing. 

On February 25, 2010, at night, the Most Holy Virgin called me to tell me that Julia would bring a “message” for me.  I thought and asked if the Most Holy Virgin had really spoken to me.  I said to myself a short “Yes”, because nobody has called me in many years by my English name “John” instead of “Giovanni” except my brothers and sisters.  Thus convinced, I went to a confessional in the Church near Casa San Benedetto to prepare myself to receive as much grace as possible through this meeting. 

On Sunday, February 28, 2010, I celebrated the Holy Mass for them, together with Father Aloysius from Korea, he in Korean and I saying parts in Italian.  I thought that perhaps the Most Holy Virgin might give me a “message” through Julia during the Mass.

During the communion, I gave to Julia the Host intincted in the consecrated wine.  When the distribution to the persons present was finished, one of Julia’s helpers made a sign to me to come closer to Julia.  She opened her mouth and we saw that the Host was transformed into a large, swollen form of flesh covered with blood as in a heart.  All who were present saw what had happened and numerous photographs were taken.  Afterwards, there was a period of time of long silence, for about 15 minutes.  Then, I asked one of the helpers to give a little water to Julia.  Thus the Mass ended with a blessing.

Afterwards, I examined Julia’s mouth, which was found normal and of a clear(fair) color without stains or lesions.  Then, I inserted a purificator into Julia’s mouth to see if there was any blood.  But there was none of it on the purificator which was completely clean.

Later, I asked Julia if the Most Holy Virgin had given any “Message” for me.  She answered, “Yes” and said that the Most Holy Virgin had wanted to give me a Sign and that this Eucharistic Miracle was the thirteenth one to Julia and the last one for Naju.  None of  Julia’s companions, with the exception of Father Aloysius, had ever witnessed a Eucharistic Miracle.  The whole Chapel was filled with the fragrance of roses.

I asked the participants not to spread the news about this Miracle, but lifted (the restriction) for later when they returned to Korea.

I wrote all this in truth and being conscious of my responsibility.  Since a long time ago, I have discussed the question of Naju with the Secretariat of the State, the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, and with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  This last Congregation asked me to prepare and present a “Dossier” on Naju.  The Holy Father has been illuminated and well-informed about Naju for many years by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Servant of God Pope John Paul II had sent his secretary from Vietnam to deliver his salutation to the Madonna of Naju and to Julia.  A few months later, the Holy Father invited Julia to come to Rome to attend a Holy Mass in his private Chapel.  The Holy Father, John Paul II, during his Holy Mass, gave communion to Julia from his hands, which was transformed in her mouth into real flesh and real blood.  The date of this Miracle was October 31, 1995, the vigil of the 49th anniversary of the Pope’s ordination and also the day when Pope Pius XII consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Eucharistic miracle of February 28, 2010 was the second time that such a miracle (known to the public) that was verified to have occurred in the territory of the Holy See in the Vatican, since Casa San Benedetto also, which carries the name of Pope Benedict XVI, is extraterritorial and is under the Holy See’s jurisdiction.

Giovanni Bulaitis

Nunzio Apostolico

A few days later, this was reported by Cardinal Ivan Dias to Pope Benedict XVI. During this meeting with Cardinal Dias, Pope Benedict stated, “I am positive on Naju.”(Testimony by Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis)



POPEBENEDICT XVI issued an official letter

to make his support known to Julia Kim of Naju



On November 14, 2012, a few months before his resignation in February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to Frau Cäilia ilia Pohl, a Korean lady living in Germany, regarding Julia Kim. (One month earlier, Frau Pohl had sent a letter to the Holy Father about Julia’s serious illness.) In the letter written by Bishop Peter B. Wells of the Secretariat to Frau Pohl, it is said,

“Hiermit bestätige ich Ihnen den Erhalt Ihres Schreibens vom 7. November, mit dem Sie dem Heiligen Vater vom Leiden von Frau Julia Kim berichten Papst Benedikt XVI. hat mich beauftragt, Sie seiner geistlichen Nähe und seines Gebetes für Frau Kim in der Zeit ihrer Krankheit zu versichern.”




Canonization of St. John Paul the Great



St. John Paul II was canonized and it was a blessing that he was able to see the miracles of Naju during his lifetime. He was instrumental in getting the necessary investigation in place for Naju recognition, but unfortunately passed away before the Vatican could proclaim the miracles in Naju.