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Eucharistic miracle in Korea reveals the Sacred Heart of the Divine Victim

The Eucharistic Miracles of Naju

Testimony by bishop Roman Danylak

Message on September 22, 1995

Eucharistic miracle in Korea reveals the Sacred Heart of the Divine Victim

Bishop Roman Danylak, Toronto, Canada

It looked like a heart when we first examined the photos taken last September during Mass celebrated in a valley among the Naju hills in Korea. Our Lady has said she wants a church to be built there for the salvation of many. Later, I showed these photos to a pediatrician, Dr. Helen Owen. After an attentive examination, she said the heart in the photo was the size and had the exact configuration of the heart of an infant.

Sebastian, the layman present during the celebration with his camera, caculated the thickness of the host turned heart in the mouth of Julia against a twig he had in his hand. The heart was about 5 mm thick. The pediatrician further noted various particulars, the lines of the veins in the heart and other features.

It was a perfect human heart, not like a valentine, but a real human heart, the size of the heart of a child.

It was 5 p.m., Friday, September 22, 1995, when two priests, Fathers Joseph Finn of London, Ontario and Aloysius Jang of Korea and I had concelebrated the Eucharist in an outdoor service amidst the Korean mountains.

There were sixteen Korean Catholic faithful present with Julia Kim, the Korean visionary, and ourselves, participating in this Mass. We had prepared a large white host, and a number of small white hosts together with the wine for the Eucharist. The three of us had concelebrated Mass a week before, Friday, September 15, an hour later at six p.m. And we had to finish the celebration by car light; it was pitch dark.

After that first Mass Julia came up to me with a question. She had seen a rainbow in the night sky at the time of the consecration, and asked me what could be its significance. The thought that occurred to me and that I shared with Julia through our translator, was about that first biblical rainbow after the great flood. God used it as a memorial to the first covenant He established between Himself and the renewed mankind.We had just celebrated the memorial of the final covenant in the Divine Liturgy, or Eucharist, when Julia saw the rainbow.

For me it was the culmination of the day. I had been looking forward to this celebration with expectation, not in view of witnessing a miracle, but just to offer my daily Mass.

The only communications we had with Julia during the week were through her Korean translator, Raphael; our life in Naju was lived from moment to moment. We never knew what each day would bring. We could plan nothing.

Friday, September 22, 1995, turned out to be a day of celebration. Fr. Finn and I were treated to a festive fish dinner at a seaside restaurant near the Pacific. Julia and the group of the little community in Naju went all out to celebrate our visit, together with Korean sashimi and squirming fresh squid. After lunch we boarded our vans and continued to travel, with me wondering when we would celebrate Mass. It was after 4 p.m. when we drove into the compound of the valley that I knew we were to celebrate Holy Mass.

Banquet of the Lord

None of us even dreamed of this other celebration that the Lord and His Mother preparing, a heavenly love feast at the Eucharistic banquet of the Lord at one of the most awesome miracles granted by Our Lord in the twenty centuries of the history of the Church; to witness the transformation of the consecrated host and wine into the very Body, nay the very Heart, and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Mother.

The rest of us received the Eucharistic Body and Blood of Christ, but in Julia's mouth the Eucharistic species of the bread and the wine in the chalice, changed to the species of flesh and blood. The rest of us savoured the taste of wafer and wine as we received Holy Communion. We knew with divine faith that these were the very Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. We were joined to the living and glorified Christ, renewing His mystical and real oblation, offering Himself as the Divine Victim and His Mystical Body to the Father.

As Julia experienced the commingling of blood and flesh, the flesh expanding and moving in her mouth and the strong odor of blood. Fr. Finn observed the white of the host disappearing and changing into the dark red of living flesh.

In Julia's mouth the species of unleavened bread changed into the species of flesh and the species of wine changed into the species of blood.

In the twilight of 5:30 p.m. that momentous Friday, the rest of us observed the moving flesh on her tongue and the blood brimming under her tongue and filling the creases of her lips.

Only later, as we examined the photos, did we began to apprehend the full magnitude of the miracle. The host had changed into a living and vibrant Heart.

For the first time, human eyes saw the living Heart of Our Lord and Savior, the Heart that had so loved the world that It offered Itself in the holocaust that we might live and not be lost.

All those present at this memorable evening shared the same sentiments. We were one in mind and heart.

It was two months later, in November, that I finally received and read the text of the message of Jesus to Julia during her communion. This was the French tlanslation of it by Fr. Spies. As I read this message from our Lord during that time of communion, I became aware that the words of Jesus confirmed our conjecture.

My Mother is now showing and revealing My heart to a bishop." What we had viewed that September evening was the very Heart of Jesus.

Bread of Life

"his is My Body; this is My Blood, said Christ as He distributed the first Eucharist to His apostles, fulfilling the promise He had given after the multiplication of fishes and loaves on the north shore of Lake Genesareth. Jesus is the bread of Life.

"He who comes to Me will never be hungry; he who has faith in me will never thirst (Jn. 6,15). Five times Jesus repeated and underlined and stressed that His flesh is real food, and His blood is real drink for eternal life, that whoever eats His flesh and drinks His blood, has life everlasting in him, and He will raise us up on the last day.

The theology and the doctrine of the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches have been constant to the present day. Bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. This promise of Christ became a stumbling block for the Jews and scandal to the gentles. It has remained so to liberal Catholics, theologians, laity and even priests and scandal to the Protestants, even to the present day.

Yet Jesus's words are clear and He never retracted them. As the Pharisees and Sadducees, and even His disciples left Jesus; only His twelve apostles remained with the Lord, heavy-hearted, He turned to His apostles with the question, will you also leave Me?

And from those banks of the sea of Tiberias He scanned the ages even to this our present age, and watched as those who had come to know Him through His Church, turned away in disbelief and incredulity. His lament and His accusation of the neo-modernist intellectuals in the Church continues. will you also leave Me?

Jesus poured out His Heart in His words to Julia:

Many ecclesiastics want to make Me known through sophisticated arguments and complex reasonings, forgetting the Eucharist, which is My very substance, and the sublime simplicity of My Gospels, which I proclaim. They are like those that sling mud at simple people (Message to Julia Kim, September 22, 1995)

Eucharistic Miracles in the Catholic Church

Some who have observed the pictures and heard the story of the miracle have raised two specious theological arguments against them. The first invokes the authority of the Council of Trent which proclaimed the truth that the Eucharist contains the glorified and immutable body of Christ. Skeptics question: how, then, could the Eucharist bleed or change into living bleeding flesh, still less, change into a living heart? Secondly, they posture, what purpose can such a miracle serve?

The history of the Church records more than one hundred and sixty approved Eucharistic miracles. I invoke two: the miracles of Lanciano and Bolsena in Italy.

At the beginning of the eighth century a Basilian monk of Lanciano (near Chieti in Italy) was tormented by the words of consecration during Mass. Before his eyes the Sacred Host visibly changed into flesh, except in the center where the sacramental species remained intact. The consecrated wine changed into bright red blood, which coagulated into five small clots.

This miraculous host and blood have been preserved to the present day. The popes of that period confirmed the authenticity of the miracle. And in our own days the Holy See commissioned a group of scientists to do laboratory research in 1970.

The Osservatore Romano of April 3, 1971 reported their findings, which confirmed that the blood is real blood and the flesh is real flesh composed of cardiac muscle tissue. The flesh is heart tissue. Both the host and the blood belong to the same person. This miracle continues now for 1,200 years.

Popes Leo X, Clement X, Leo XIII and others have confirmed the authenticity and the veneration or cult given to this Miraculous Eucharist.

The second miracle is the story of an unknown monk, Peter of Prague. It was the time of the Eucharistic controversies of the 13th century. The priest monk Peter was celebrating mass at the main altar in the church of Saint Christina in Bolsena some time in 1263. The story goes that he was assailed by doubts in the truth of the Eucharist. He continued to celebrate. As he pronounced the words of consecration over the host and elevated the host, the unleavened bread turned into flesh and began to bleed profusely. News reached Rome quickly and the pontiff, Pope Urban IV, who was in Orvieto at the time, set out for Bolsena.

At the request of the Pope the local bishop went to bring him the miraculous host. The Pope was so eager to observe and to venerate the miracle that he hastened to meet the returning processions. They met at the Bridge of the Sun at the entrance to Orvieto. The Pope fell to the his knees in adoration of the Eucharistic Lord, whose bleeding Eucharistic Body lay on the corporal. The corporal has been preserved in the Orvieto cathedral to this present day.

The following year, August 1264, the Pope instituted the feast of Corpus Christi in honor of the Blessed Sacrament and he commissioned St. Thomas Aquinas to write the office of the feast. St. Thomas?are the hymns: O Salutaris Hostia and Tantum Ergo

The Church has acknowledged similar miracles, such as the bleeding of the Eucharist in Venezuela and elsewhere.

The Naju Miracles      

There were nine significant Eucharistic miracles at Naju itself that preceded the miracle I am now presenting. These miracles began with the appearances of images of  the Eucharist or the chalice in pictures taken of the weeping statue of Our lady in Naju. Later, the host received in communion by Julia changed into bleeding flesh, as testified by the priests and faithful  present at Communion. The papal pro-nuncio to Korea, Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, was present when an invisible hand (of St. Michael the Archangel, as Julia later explained) placed the large host in her hands.

Although the diocesan commission of Gwangjiu has not yet spoken on the twelve Eucharistic miracles that by now have taken place in association with Julia Kim, two bishops, Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the papal pro-nuncio to Korea and I, have authenticated our own experiences. Archbishop Bulaitis has been following the events of Naju and has presented his findings to Pope John Paul II.

And to the astonishment and dismay of skeptics, the Holy Father himself, several months ago, was also privy to the same miracle. The Eucharistic host became a living heart during the celebration of the Eucharist in his papal chapal in the Vatican, when Julia Kim received Communion from his hands.

Another difficulty I have encountered with the theologians over this has been, What purpose could such a phenomenon serve?

We have to ask the Author of this phenomenon and miraculous event in the first place, not Julia or me. Who are we to dictate to the author of these Miracles, the Eucharistic Lord Himself, what He is to do with the mystery of the Eucharistic miracles?

The Eucharistic Miracles of Naju

(This article was written by Fr. Joseph P. Finn, Ph.D. a retired priest of the London, Ontario diocese and one of the key eyewitnesses in Naju, setting forth his experiences, discusses possible responses and some thoelogical aspects of the miracle.)

Within the history of our Catholic Church during the past twenty centuries, there have occurred incidents in which the Flesh and Blood of Jesus hidden under the outward appearances of bread and wine become openly visible and perceptible to the human senses of sight, taste, touch and smell. After careful, reverent and prayerful investigation by legitimate Church authority several of these happenings have been duly authenticated and approved.

The foregoing reflections are essential to keep in mind when examining what now follows. At this point likewise in the interest of clarity the undersigned begs leave of the kind reader to proceed in the first person pronoun, "I."

The Korean Miracle

A Eucharistic episode of the type described above I was involved in on Friday, September 22, 1995 at an outdoor Mass celebrated at approximately five o'clock in the evening at a mountain site near Naju, South Korea. May I set the scene.

The setting

Encircled on all sides at quite a distance by a range of low-ridged mountains was a small clearing of an acre or two. Here a group of Catholic Koreans first spread on the bare ground carpets on which to sit and kneel in the Korean manner. Then they set up a temporary altar table for the Eucharist to follow.

Quietly the celebrants. Bishop Roman Danylak, Apostolic Administrator of the Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of Toronto, Father Aloysius Jang, a pastor from Gwangju City and myself, a retired priest of the diocese of London, Ontario vested for Holy Mass. Because only the Korean texts of the Mass were available. Father Jang became chief celebrant with Bishop Danylak and myself as concelebrants.

Among the lay persons present was a devout lady, Mrs. Julia Kim, a mother of two daughters and two sons and a grandmother of two grandchildren. Her husband, Julio Kim, was not present.

Julia Kim claims that for the past decade she has received many messages chiefly from Our Blessed Mother, but also some from Jesus, her Son. Apparently, she experiences the stigmata from time to time.

The Mass begins

Holy Mass began in Korean led by Father Jang. After he read the Gospel in the Korean tongue, a short homily preached by His Excellency was capably translated by a young man, Raphael. At Communion time after the three celebrants had received the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus, the fifteen lay persons began also to receive with the Bishop distributing the Sacred Hosts from the ciborium and Father Jang offering the Precious Blood from the chalice. Meanwhile, taking my seat behind the little altar, I was adoring Jesus within myself.

The Miracle  

Julia Kim happened to be the first person after the celebrants to receive Holy Communion under both species. She was about three metres away from me when I happened to look towards her. Immediately, I perceived that something out of the ordinary was happening with Julia. With hands together, eyes closed and leaning far back as she knelt, her mouth came open. When I reached her side, I could still see the white outer edge of the Sacred Host dissolving into bright red blood. Intuitively I knew this to be the Precious Blood of Jesus, Our Lord!

Fearing that some of the Precious Blood might drip from her mouth, I reached behind me quickly to pick up from the altar the corporal, which I then folded and held under her chin with my left hand as I leaned over her. My right hand supported the back of her head as I was concerned that leaning so far back as she knelt, she might fall completely backwards to the carpet surface behind her.

Standing beside Julia to her left, I had a sideways view of her face and mouth—not a view from the front. This point is significant. From my position on her left I saw clearly the bright red Precious Blood on her tongue in the forward portion of her mouth. Thus, I did not see the darker red flesh forming towards the back of her mouth that others saw and the camera photos later plainly revealed.

During these awesome moments I was aware that photos were being taken. What I was entirely unaware of was the presence of Bishop Danylak and of Raphael, the interpreter, standing in silence to my left in front of Julia Kim.

Having realized that Julia was having this experience, the Bishop had momentarily interrupted the further distribution of Holy Communion, and still holding the ciborium, stood before her for several minutes before he resumed giving Holy Communion to the six or seven persons who had yet to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the Lord.

Only after the Bishop had finished the distribution of Holy Communion and resumed his position in front of Julia, still with her eyes closed, her hands joined in prayer and her mouth open, did I become aware that the Bishop was close by. He gently requested her to consume. Julia complied.

Soon this eventful Eucharistic celebration came to a close. Spontaneously after Mass, each person in this small group felt deep spiritual joy which was shared together for a good half hour and more. Alleluia!

Julia's experience

Later through the interpreter Raphael, Julia disclosed to Bishop Danylak that the taste of blood was in her mouth for several minutes after swallowing the Precious Blood. Moreover, she described that she experienced genuine difficulty in consuming the large morsel of the Sacred Flesh lodged in her mouth.

Sworn testimony has already been given by myself as to the truth of this Eucharistic miracle. Once more I testify that in this foregoing article composed by myself I have truthfully and as accurately as possible set forth the details of this Eucharistic event as perceived by myself, so help me God.

Further reflections

Before closing, may I assert that an extraordinary phenomenon of this importance merits further reflection.

For instance, we ask ourselves: How can such a startling event take place? Is it staged through trickery, a sleight-of-hand act, or some theatrical gimmick? Or does it occur through Divine Power? As we examine the former alternative it is clear that Julia Kim is a devout, honest and balanced Catholic mother for whom any deceit in such a sacred matter would be unthinkable; and how could she hold concealed a mouthful of ordinary blood to be released onto her tongue just after receiving Holy communion? Preposterous!

The Lord Jesus Himself performed this miracle as far as I am concerned.

Three Responses

Next, what are the possible responses that we humans can make to this Eucharistic event? It seems that there are three possible reactions: firstly, definite and complete denial ?that somehow this sudden formation of Blood and Flesh within the mouth of a good and humble woman has some natural cause or explanation; secondly, a mid-position involving neither denial nor acceptance or thirdly, acceptance of this episode as a divine intervention.

Regarding the first response it seems to me there is no satisfactory natural explanation. Those scribes and Pharisees come to mind who, simply not accepting the divine act by which Jesus raised the decaying corpse of Lazarus, his friend, from the dead, they connive to rid themselves of the evidence by having Lazarus assassinated. To sweep the evidence of this Eucharistic event under our mental carpets can be a reaction similar to that of the Pharisees.

The second response of neither acceptance nor denial, i.e. just quietly turning one's back and walking away from the evidence is tantamount to denial. In this position there seems to be little in the way of an open, prayerful frame of mind by which moment by moment we continually thank our loving Father and His beloved Son, Jesus, for their overwhelming gifts to each of us, especially the Gift of Eucharistic Jesus.

The third alternative deep appreciation, profound thanks and prudent acceptance, consent and faith that Christ Jesus on September 22, 1995 could and did, permit twenty persons participating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to witness a Eucharistic Miracle at a mountain site highlights the undeniable and indisputable fact of the real, personal, physical PRESENCE of Christ Jesus in the Mystery of the Eucharist.

The Bottom Line - Credible or Not?

In a matter of this importance we must look closely at the bottom line the measure or degree of credibility, faith, belief or trust that we place in this Eucharistic event. To avoid confusion of mind let us frame our concern in the form of a question. Is there a genuine difference in the process of evaluating its trust-worthiness as compared to assessing the credibility or trust that may be placed in messages (verbal or visual) claimed to be channelled through a seer (visionary)?

Let us first examine the latter part of this question: To be carefully checked out are several aspects: a) Is the seer of a balanced personality, i.e. humble, truthful, sincere, always praying against being a victim of delusion or deceit, ever ready to be guided by the judgment of higher Church authority? b) Are the messages in complete agreement with the teachings of Christ and His Church (the Magisterium)? c) Are the messages of genuine supernatural origin in such wise as to inspire and motivate the faithful to a deeper love and practice of our Catholic faith?

It is obvious that a fair assessment of these vital questions demands usually a prayerful and lengthy process of analysis conducted usually by a group of competent persons chosen by the local Ordinary. In time and in turn they submit their conclusions to the same local bishop. With him rests the weighty responsibility of final appraisal and decision. If the decision is positive, then the faithful may give credence to the private revelation and govern their personal spirituality accordingly.

In the matter of a Eucharistic event as above described, there is, first of all, no intermediary through whom messages are channelled to us. Suddenly and unexpectedly it happens within the context of the Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated by validly ordained Catholic celebrants-priests or bishop(s).

By the Act of His Divine Will at the words of consecration pronounced by the celebrant(s) Christ Jesus, Son of the living God, becomes really and truly present under the species (outward appearances) of bread and wine.

By a further Act of His same Divine Will Jesus can set aside the external species in such a manner that His Sacred Flesh and Blood are readily and directly perceived by our human senses. He can effect this on the table of the altar or on the tongue of one who is a temple of the Holy Spirit. There seems to be no room for deceit or trickery here. And our Adversary, Satan, dare not intrude himself into this sacred scene.

Prompted by the beautiful gift of our faith infused by our loving Father at baptism, all present are called upon to make a swift judgment. Immediately and intuitively as they gaze upon the Flesh and Blood of the Lord Jesus they cry out in the depth of their hearts like Thomas long ago in the Upper Room: "My Lord and my God." For an awesome moment time stands still!

Furthermore, the faithful present feel tremendously privileged to share with the celebrants this unique moment. And the celebrants themselves, overcome with awe, humbly realize that their intent and words are the human channel through which this Eucharistic miracle takes place. The emphatic words of Jesus come readily to mind: "For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink" (Jn. 6:55). Our tiny human minds should not trammel the limitless generosity and Divine Power of the Eucharistic God-Man.

For myself may I add that the Lord Jesus Himself in His divine generosity performed this miracle.

Why This Miracle Now

The last question to be raised is: Why should Christ Jesus, the God-Man, perform this type of Eucharistic Miracle at this particular time? Two factors may be suggested. The first indicates that this added emphasis on the Eucharist strengthens the personal faith of our Catholic priests in the Eucharist so that in spite of the onslaughts of Satan against them they steadfastly focus all their priestly prayer and labour for souls, in our Eucharistic Lord and Shepherd.

A second element relates to the faithful themselves. In this period of blatant denial of the supernatural and of the existence of God and rampant immorality Christ Jesus takes this extraordinary measure to stem the wholesale desertion by countless souls who coldly abandon loving worship of Himself in His Church and in His Eucharist.

Reliable church authorities openly admit that in all Western Europe the practice of our Catholic faith and consequent love and worship of our Eucharistic Lord is dying out. In our own part of the world Sunday Eucharist is no longer the spiritual highpoint of the week for too many Catholic families. In Ontario, Canada alone it is estimated that at least fifty per cent of baptized Catholic students registered in Catholic high schools scarcely ever attend Sunday Eucharist by themselves or with their parents. Christ Jesus in His Eucharist is not an integral force in their young lives.

And with a loss of the sense of what is sinful as often lamented by John Paul II himself and the marked fall-off in recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a worthy confession, how many sacrilegious Communions take place all over the world today?


To sum up, I have set forth as accurately and as clearly as I am able, my witness and participation in the extraordinary Eucharistic event centred in the REALITY the GENUINE PRESENCE of the Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus usually veiled under the outward appearances of bread and wine. This Eucharistic event took place on Friday, September 22, 1995. For my benefit (and I hope the reader's) I reflected briefly on the awesome words and deeds which Christ Jesus employed to leave for us the ineffable GIFT of Himself in the Eucharist.

In conclusion, we finish with a few lines composed by that renowned poet of the Mystery of the Eucharist a Dominican friar, faithful priest, eminent philosopher, profound theologian, the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274).

The few lines quoted are drawn from his Adoro Te Devote.

His poetic praises of the Mystery of the Eucharist have been sung until recently by millions of worshippers for more than eight centuries. The opening lines of his superb Adoro Te Devote appropriately close the presentation.

In the ancient Latin tongue each line is followed by the translation composed by that unique English poet, Father Gerard Manley Hopkins.S.J. (1844-1889).

Adoro Te Devote, Latens Deitas   Godhead here in hiding, whom I do adore.
Quae Sub His Figuris Vere Latitas
  Masked by these bare shadows, shape and nothing more, Tibi Se Cor Meum Totum Subjicit   See, Lord, at thy service low lies here a heart,
Quia Te Contemplans Totum Deficit
  Lost, all lost in wonder at the God Thou art.

Joseph P. Finn
Holy Thursday, April 4,1996

 Testimony by bishop Roman Danylak

I, Bishop Roman Danylak, Apostolic Administrator of the Eparchy of Toronto for Ukrainian Catholics in Toronto, Canada, and titular Bishop of Nyssa, herewith solemnly testify that I concelebrated the Divine Liturgy of Holy Mass, with the Reverend Fathers Aloysius Jang, parish priest of the Gwangju Archdiocese in Korea, invited by me to assist during my visit to Korea, and Joseph Peter Finn, retired priest of the London Diocese in Ontario on Friday, September 22, 1995, at 5 p.m. in an open-air celebration on the grounds of the valley where a future church is to be erected, God-willing, to the honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother of God.

Following the Liturgy of the Word, I delivered a brief homily for the occasion.  After the communion of the priests, Fr. Jang and I administered Holy Eucharist under both species to Julia Kim and the eleven others.  As we continued to distribute Holy Communion to the others present, we heard the sudden sobbing of one of the women assisting at Mass. The Sacred Host received by Julia Kim was changed to living flesh and blood.  Fr. Joseph Finn, who had remained at the altar during the communion of the faithful, was observing Julia; he noted that at the moment he turned to observe Julia, he saw the white edge of the host disappearing, and changing into the substance of living flesh.

Fr. Jang and I returned to Julia. The Host had changed to dark red, living flesh and blood was flowing from it. After Mass, Julia shared with us that she experienced the Divine Flesh as a thick consistency and a copious flowing of blood, more so than on the occasion of previous miracles of the changing of the host into bleeding flesh. We remained in silence and prayer; all present had the opportunity of viewing and venerating the miraculous Host. After some moments I asked Julia to swallow and consume the Host.  And after the Mass Julia explained that the Host had become large and fleshy; and that she consumed it with some difficulty.  The taste of blood remained in her mouth for some time. I then asked that she be given a glass of water, from the miraculous source of water nearby. As she drank the water, her finger touched her lips, and a trace of blood was visible on her finger. She rinsed her finger in the water and drank it.

In testimony of this, I append my signature, together with the signatures of all the witnesses present.

Dated at Naju, this twenty-second day of September, 1995

+ Roman Danylak, titular Bishop of Nyssa, Apostolic Administrator, Eparchy of Toronto, Canada    Joseph P. Finn, St. Peter's Cathederal Basilica, London, Ontario, Canada et al
   (Korean signatures of others present)

Message on September 22, 1995

His Excellency (Bishop) Roman Danylak from Toronto, Canada, celebrated Mass on the mountain (near Naju) together with Fr. Joseph Peter Finn from Ontario, Canada, and a Korean priest. Sixteen lay people attended the Mass. We received Communion in both species. When I received Communion, the Sacred Host in my mouth turned into a mixture of Flesh and Blood and became larger. I smelled a strong odor of blood. The Sacred Host also began moving. One of the laymen saw this and reported to Bishop Danylak. The bishop witnessed this phenomenon followed by other people. A while later, Bishop Danylak instructed me to swallow the Host. I swallowed the Host with much difficulty, because it had become a lump of Flesh and larger. While we were in meditation, crying, I saw light radiating from the sky and heard the voice of Jesus which was dignified, majestic and yet loving, even though I could not see Him.


My beloved little soul! The greatest treasure in My Church is My Mother Mary who is most holy. My Mother is the Queen of the Universe, the Queen of Heaven and your Mother. Therefore, My Mother Mary can love you, as I loved you, and can do anything that I can do through the grace from Me. Today My Mother, who is the Queen of Heaven and your Mother, is opening and showing My Heart through my little and unworthy soul to the Bishop who is trying to follow Me and My Mother like an infant so that he can make it known more widely that I am truly present in the Eucharist which is a sublime mystery of Faith and Love.  

If my priests, who celebrate Mass everyday, truly believe and feel My Real Presence and live the sublime and amazing Divine Reality, numerous souls will be purified and live in the grace from My merciful Heart beyond expectations through this Real Presence of Mine. Make My Physical Presence known hurriedly. This world is now on the brink of destruction because of human degradation, apostasy and infidelity, but too many of my ministers are asleep. Thus, even my ministers are being misled by false prophets. The present disorders are tormenting Me and keep tearing apart My Heart. This also becomes a whip and keeps tearing apart My Mother's Immaculate Heart.      

My little souls who have been called! You will experience misunderstanding and persecution in the Church which has been wounded and divided. But I will always dwell in you and encourage and help you at your side. Therefore, do not fear but make known with trust My living Presence in the Holy Eucharist. I have shown signs several times through my little soul to enlighten the many priests and numerous other children who say that they know My Real Presence and My breathing in the Eucharist with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and yet do not really know it. But only very few children follow Me. Even many priests forget about the sublime simplicity of the Holy Eucharist, which is My Physical Presence, and of the Gospels which I teach, and they are trying to spread Me with deceptive talk and complicated reasoning. This is like throwing mud at simple people.

My beloved children! Do not reject My pleas which I make in this manner while being truly present in the Eucharist. If people do not want to acquire true understanding, do not follow My Will to bestow Love upon them, deny the Divinity and deny the Divine Origin (of God's revelations), then, they will face the anger of God the Father.

Because My Mother's loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point, even within the Church. Hurriedly live a consecrated life, praying and offering up sacrifices and penance so that you may be connected to the power that is indispensable for the eventual victory and, thus, do reparations for the most abominable sins of blasphemy that have been committed since early times. And if you follow My Mother Mary in order to restore My honor that has been trampled upon, you will not get lost, even in the dark maze of life in this world. My Mother Mary is the shortcut to Me, a shining dawn of My renewed Church, and the ark of a new covenant.

My children who are following Me and making Me known! Do not worry about what those who criticize you may be thinking, but pray, pray and spread (My messages). When God's Hands are upon you, the thoughts of those who criticize will change quickly like the clouds which dissipate in the sky. I bless you and all those who are dear to you.