I already gave up all of Myself, shedding blood, for those who indulge themselves in doing evils and the souls stained with sins; what can I not give you, who are seeking Me?  I, Who created you in your mothers' wombs and let you be born in the world, will invigorate your souls and bodies that have become arid.  Therefore, do not have fear, but gather here all together and drink this water and wash yourselves with it.

My beloved children!  Seek the highest good and love in your faith and carry all the souls in the Mary's Ark of Salvation, praying most fervently that they may never get off of it again; and come to Me through My Mother. 

Whenever you come here seeking My Mother and Me and cry out earnestly with your whole hearts, I will bestow on you the light from My burning Sacred Heart and the light of My mercy, and My Mother will also bestow on you the light from her Immaculate Heart and streams of the water of mercy, letting you suck her milk to your hearts' content.  Then, all your thirst will be quenched; and you will be filled with graces and experience joy, love and peace.

(From Our Lord's message on December 8, 1999)