The Blessed Mother continues to exude Fragrant Oil through her statue in Naju (May 16, 2013)

   Praise be Jesus ! praise be the Blessed Mother !

His Excellency Bishop Stefano from the Darjeeling Diocese in West Bengal, and Fr. Antonio with 43 lay pilgrims from Goa, India came to Naju on May 14, 2013.   They spent 4 days in Naju (until May 17) witnessing the evidence of numerous miracles, praying fervently in the Blessed Mother’s House and on her Mountain, and receiving abundant graces of the Blessed Mother’s Love and of repentance.  They also participated in the prayer meeting in the vinyl chapel on May 16, 2013, the 22nd anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle that had occurred in the Naju Parish Church.  

This Mass was celebrated by Fr. Jerry Orbos and Santos from the Philippines and other Filipino pilgrims and Koreans were attended.  The Eucharistic miracle on May 16, 1991 was that involved a change of the Eucharist into the visible Flesh and Blood.  God sent these miracles repeatedly in Naju to awaken those who do not believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and to strengthen the faith of those who already believe it.   

 On the spot in the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju, the Eucharist miraculously    descended on August 27, 1997 when Fr. Raymond Spies was visiting Naju.  On May 16, 2013, the Fragrant Oil came down on the same place and, then, changed into the Mother’s milk.


The Fragrant Oil also came down on the floor of the same Chapel.


     The Fragrant Oil came down before the Ninth Station of the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju.


   The Fragrant Oil floating on the Naju Water of Graces in the basin  in the Bath House for souls on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain.


Pilgrims doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. Our Lady has said " I will walk with the pilgrims who are willing to particiate in the Lord's Sufferings and in my sufferings."


His Excellency Bishop,and a priest from India and Korean priests and lay pilgrims praying under the Crucifix at Mt.Calvary.

The pilgrims from India were amazed by seeing and touching the drops of the body fluid formed at the hems of St. John’s clothes.


Procession with the Blessed Mother’s statue toward the vinyl Chapel on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain.


The procession into the vinyl Chapel.

The Blessed Mother’s statue is being placed in a model of the Ark of Salvation helped by His Excellency Bishop Steven and a priest from India..

The Bishop and priests bring flowers and candles to Julia so that she may offer them before the Blessed Mother of Naju.


Lay pilgrims’ offering flowers and candles.


Dedicating our hearts by reading a devotional poem to the Blessed Mother.


Adoration of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.


Benediction with the Holy Eucharist.

I am the Bread that came down from Heaven. I have repeatedly emphasized to you with signs that, if all of you open your hearts widely and accept Me, My Life and My Love will overflow to all of you. But My Heart is so distressed that It is bleeding, because only very few of the children are truly accepting Me.(Message from Jesus on Oct 19th,1996)


The Holy Mass concelebrated by the Bishop and four priests.


Singing hymns and dancing before starting the Rosary prayer.


Prayer before starting the Rosary prayer near the place where Our Lord’s Precious Blood (stained on many little rocks) has been preserved.


Rosary prayer, holding candle lights and walking along the Way of the Cross


Julia joyfully giving her testimony despite severe suffering.


The Bishop from India consoles and thanks Julia.

Oh, my beloved priests! My sweet priests whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes. Give me all your pains and sufferings. Come to me and spread my messages of love courageously so that people may be freed from the Red Dragon and that the Kingdom of the Lord may come. In union with the Pope and all the bishops, let the victory of the resurrection reach the whole world. In this age, the devil is becoming more active to control humans by means of human powers.(Message from the Blessed Mother on July 5th,1989)

Yes, My lovely little soul! I have already totally laid down Myself shedding My Blood for the salvation of even the most wicked sinners who have trespassed on the sacred dignity of God; what would I not lay down for you who are seeking Me? My Mother and I are consoled by seeing your hearts filled with love for the sake of the conversion of sinners.(Excerpts from the Messages of Love given by Jesus on May 16th2006.)


The Bishop from India giving his testimony to the graces that he received in Naju.


The Bishop, priests, and lay people from India and the Korean pilgrims praising the Lord and the Blessed Mother with songs and dances united as one at the end of the prayer meeting.


We,volunteer helpers, wove the roses into big rosary for the Blessed Mother's larger statue on  the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju.


"I, Who am present in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, am a spring that never dries, a medicine that can save the sick souls, and a doctor to the patient. I love even those souls who have become so sordid and distorted because of sins, because I am Love Itself. So, when they come to Me through the Sacrament of Confession, I will wash away their sins that made their souls dirty and allow them to stay in My Love. Tell everyone that accepting My Mother's words is the same as accepting Me and that holding her hands and following her is the shortcut to Me." Excerpts from the Messages of Love given by Jesus on May 16th,1991.