Our Lady of Naju


bullet03_glitter.gif Praise be Jesus !  Praise be the Blessed Mother !

In the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the day before the Solemnity of Our Lord's Ascension, fragrant oil came down on the floor of the Chapel while the priests, the Sisters and Julia Kim were praying  the preparation prayer for the first Saturday prayer meeting. Fragrant oil  is a gift from God and represents the presence of the Blessed Mother and her love  and friendship


Fragrant oil that came down on the floor of the Chapel.


Fragrant oil came down on the stones at the 12th Station


More than 700 pilgrims were doing the Station of the Cross



When the pilgrims reached the 12th Station, the cloud disappeared and the sun  came out and was spinning twice shining  it's  light on the pilgrims who were present. They witnessed  with their naked eyes that the rim of the sun became  red.

My beloved little souls! The sun is light. The Lord Who came as Light is shedding light on you by opening Heaven. These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation (Message from the Blessed Mother on Dec 5,1991)

 Postulants, Prayer Ggroup of Life dedicating a song for the Blessed Mother.

My extremely beloved babies who have been called to a great role and have responded with Amen!  My enemy, Satan, even mobilizes the numerous church leaders to shun the Lord and me, who are unfolding the economy of love, as heretical, but because you, whom I have prepared and nurtured for the Order of Mary's Ark of Salvation, have responded with Amen, you will be doing your share of the work of saving the world.  Therefore, settle yourselves in my bosom of love, as lowlier, humbler, and littler souls.  Through you, who think you are unworthy, Satan who harasses the world will retreat, unprecedented miracles of love will be worked, and, before long, you will see the dawn of the new era. (Message from the Blesed Mother on Aug 2,2008)


Eucharistic benediction

On April 16, two Sacred Hosts descended during the prayer meeting for the volunteer helpers on the Blessed Mother's mountain.  To show His living presence in the Holy Eucharist ,Two Hosts bled on May 6 , ,2005 the day after the Declaration issued by Archbishop, Choi, Chang Mou.

In addition, Jesus gave us a large Eucharist on October 24,2006  in the Blessed Mother's House. The high priest, Jesus Christ gave us these Eucharistic blessings through these two miraculous hosts. Where else can we experience  these  graces  of  receiving  these blessings  with the living Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist but in Naju ?

All the pilgrims received  these blessings with the living breathing Jesus truly present with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity  in the Holy Eucharist  specially in this  month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


A candle-lit rosary procession along with the Way of the Cross.





 The Blessed Mother's mountain is the Heaven on earth. The  common doctrine of the Apostle's Creed is to be realized in Naju.When we reached  Mt.Calvary, there  were beads of Body fluid on the face and garments of Jesus on the Crucifix.



 We, all  gave thanks to Jesus who  was  squeezing  His body for our sake  and we prayed harder for the approval of Naju by the church and for the intentions  of Julia Kim.

Satan is striving with all his power to promote a tendency of despising the Holy Laws of the Lord, but my burning Immaculate Heart will achieve victory, when the sounds of little souls? prayers to my Immaculate Heart soar high to Heaven. You will surely see my victory. (Message from the Blessed Mother on Sep 17,1991)

 This coming  June 30 is the 26th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping of tears in Naju. I hope you cherish well the graces you have received tonight on this  month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and bring more people around you so that  they may receive the same graces that you have received here in Naju. and also let us make an effort to become  little souls  by completely dissolving ourselves in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and stitch up the torn  Hearts of  Jesus and Mary.