The group of Naju pilgrimages from Goa,India.


The chaplain of pilgrimages, Father Joseph Anthony Mazarello who is classmate of Cardinal Ivan Dias, prefect of Congregation for the Evangelization of peoples and he made this trip for his 53 rd anniversary of his ordination of priesthood.

Father Joseph Anthony Mazarello gave us encouragement in his testimony and specially said " We all of us 72 pilgrims saw that Julia Kim received the extreme sufferings and it is great graces for us and myself especially.The reason why I came to Naju is to confirm and witness the signs that I had read and watched in my country then, all these came true to me. now I have a lot of things to say and teach to many peoples in Goa,India. " and Pilgrims from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indonesia, Philippines,Vietnam, Australia and Denmark etc over 200 foreign pilgrims came to Naju for the Holy Triduum.


On April 20, the Mass con-cerebrated by 6 Priests at the Blessed Mother's House.


On the Acrylic box where the Decent of Holy Eucharist in 1997 were wetted with  copious Mother's milk on Holy Thursday. 

Fragrant oil came down on the floor
of the Blessed Mother's House.

The Fragrant oil and Mother's milk came down on the area just before the the Blessed Mother's statue enshrined.The Mother's milk were seen as if It were floating on the fragrant oil.


 Mother's milk came down on the transparent dome of the Adoration Chapel in the mountain.


The fragrant oil and Mother's milk came down on the clothes of priests and volunteer helpers.



 On April 21, Holy Thursday, Blessed Mother gave us fragrant oil by squeezing all of her body.

Foreign priests witnessed that the Blessed Mother's statue exuding golden color fragrant oil.

As the Holy Thursday, the day for the priest ,Julia kim paid a homage to the priests who presented at the first day of Holy Triduum.

The golden color fragrant oil started
flowing out of her head and her body.


All the priests were amazed and felt by experienceing the immeasurable love of the Blessed Mother who giving the fragrant oil for the priests on the day of priest.


Priests were amazed by witnessing the golden color fragrant oil flowing out of her neck.

Julia Kim's jacket also wet with fragrant oil

Priests witnessed the fragrant oil that flowing down  on the spot and raised hand and showed their hand to the pilgrims.

         Pilgrims showed their hand that wetted with fragrant oil.


The rosary procession along with the Way of the Cross
in different languages

Priests witnessing the fragrant oil on the ground during the rosary.

Father Joseph from Goa,India picked up one of the stones wetted with fragrant oil.

It is the best scent that I had smelled so far,  " It is wonderful "  Father Gabriel and Father Paul spoke very highly

Julia kim also suffered in reparation for the pains of abortion while she was doing the washing of feet during the Mass, but she offered this painful suffering up to the priests without knowing anybody.

The washing of feet

The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Around 3 pm on Good Friday, Julia Kim walking towards to the adoration Chapel for the Station of the Cross together with pilgrims,all of sudden, she was startled at the pain of sufferings and the fresh blood started flowing down from her head.

The pains from the Crown of Thorns began as soon as she was about to join with pilgrims for the Station of the cross
on Good Friday.


We found that she also receiving the suffering of the scourging and whipping as she arrived in front of the Adoration chapel by helping
many volunteer helpers and priests.




The above photos showed us that the bleeding in sequences by the wounds caused by the pains from the Crown of Thorns.She said that she could not feel any pain from the wound from the Crown of Thorns due to the pains of suffering of scourging and whipping were extremely tragic and unbearable  pain.


Many of broken thorns were deeply into Julia's head,but no bleeding were found from the wounds caused by thorns.


Many of Thorns were broken

Julia was shaken  and fell on the ground by receiving the suffering of the scouraging at 7th Station.

From the 10th Station, Julia was totally exhausted by pains and bleeding and unable to walk any longer.  The priests supported her and helped her walk, but she was trembling and able to make short and awkward paces only -short and slow steps.


When they reached the 12th Station, she felt that God was about to take her soul and prayed in her heart, Father, receive my soul.  May my death be of some help to the official recognition of Naju as soon as possible so that the children in the whole world may be saved. I offer myself up especially for the sanctification of the clergy.  At that moment, Julia saw that the darkness covering the sky was removed, as God sent down brilliant light and blessing.  (Those pilgrims who saw Julia fall thought that she was dead and cried loudly.)  Actually, the clouds that had been covering the whole sky were cleared and the sun began shining brightly. 

Julia Kim walking down to the Chapel by helping the priests ,Blood coagulation kept her was not able to open her eyes



The blood that had shed from the wounds caused by the Crown of Thorns remained uncoagulated even three hours later

Prostration before the Altar



The veneration of the Cross


Easter egg decorating team by team at the Chapl in the Mountain.



The procession of Our Lady of Naju enter into the Chapel 

Especially, copious fragrant oil flowing out of the Statue
on Holy Thursday, the day for the priest.




The 4th initition of prayer group of life was held on Easter Vigil. they will become the corner stone of the Order of the Mary's Ark of Salvation.

 The screening of Easter egg by Julia and priests

Pilgrims listening to Julia Kim's testimony



Ceremony of fire and light

Easter Vigil Mass on Apr 23, 2011