Praise be the Lord ! Praise be the Blessed Mother !

We have been anticipating Spring because of the frigid weather which kept us so tired of it for a long time this last winter. Also the last cold snap came just after Spring had arrived so that we wanted the warm and mild weather to have lasted longer. But as everything with Divine providence in this world, no one can violate the rule of nature,. Likewise, It is self-evident that no one can violate the Will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother who came and are present here in Naju to save all the children in the world .The Blessed Mother also gave us the word on Feb 3,1994. " When snow falls and cold wind blows, you know winter is beginning. When new buds sprout, you know it is spring. Then, why do you still not understand that these disasters are the signs of the beginning of great calamities !..... All the children in the world! My beloved sons and daughters! Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you"

We believe that all the persecutions that we have endured in the name of the Church are now softening compared with how it was at the beginning. It tells us that snow falls and cold wind blows but eventually it will retreat. It was just like the last cold snap and then warm spring arrived for us . Therefore, as we are children of the Blessed Mother, let us stay awake and pray harder to make Naju messages known in order for us to accept the Will of the Blessed Mother who is appealing to us and saying " All the children in the world ! My beloved sons and daughters! Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you !"

Early in the morning of the first Saturday, Julia Kim ,the priests and Sisters and some volunteer helpers prayed at the Chapel just before going to the mountain for the preparation prayer and found that Fragrant oil had come down on the floor.

Fragrant oil came down on the floor

Fragrant oil also came down at the adoration dome in the mountain

In the Adoration Dome, Father Aloysius Chang picked one of the stones up and smelled it and said " It is the scent of peppermint" .

Even at the 12th Station, the fragrant oil came down and also we found that fragrant oil came down on the right shoe of Father Jung.

The Fragrant oil came down at the 12th Station

The Station of the Cross

.We, all the pilgrims made a promise not to commit sins again by heartily repenting of our venial and mortal sins with true tears because all of us knew that in our behalf, the Lord and the Blessed Mother paid a big ransom by Their tremendous sacrifices. We experienced these personally through our hearing and seeing Julia Kim's sufferings of scourging and sufferings the pains from the Crown of Thorns.

Live a life of conversion. Convert every moment and converse with Jesus. Conversion does not just mean repenting sins. It means trying to live the life that God wants you to live. Abandon the worldly life and live a life based on the Gospels (Message from the Blessed Mother on Jun 14,1987)



The thick golden color fragrant oil that seems to be mixed with blood that flowed down from Our lady's statue means that our Blessed Mother through squeezing her whole body not only exuded fragrant oil but also is giving us her blood generously to nurture us. Golden color represents Glory. The Lord and the Blessed Mother has revealed and taught us that it can not be possible to arrive at the Glory without the pain of the Cross like Julia's sufferings.

The day when the Lord will finish the work which He, Who is Love Itself, began is not far from now so that the groundless rumors and the bloody pains of double deaths that my beloved daughter, a little soul specially called, has been suffering until now may not be fruitless.(Message from the Blessed Mother on Dec 31,2005)

The Lord performed the immeasurable miracle which is the descent of the Body of Christ- Three Holy Eucharists descended during the Liturgy of the Eucharist just before Consecration.

One of the altar boys found that a host fell down on the floor near the altar table. Father Lawrence Jung picked it up and put it in the ciborium. He continued to say the mass and thought that the host that came down on the floor might have fallen down from being swept by the right sleeve of his robe. So he continued saying mass thinking that more Sign will happen if it is really the Holy Eucharist instead of just being an unconsecrated host.


Jesus performed and confirmed that the Holy Eucharist that came down was truly His body, not just an unconsecrated host. He did this by giving us another sign. Father Jung was astonished when as he was about to pick up the ciborium to distribute holy communion, he saw two Holy Eucharists on the corporal when there should be nothing in there because he had already broken the large Holy Host and put them into the 5 ciboriums.

There was a little bit of commotion as the two priests for awhile stared at it in utter amazement. Father Jung said that the possibility of a host to be swept by the sleeve of his robe is unlikely because the ciborium is not closely packed but only 90 % filled and even these were situated afar from him.

Father Jung asked Julia Kim to discern whether these were really the Holy Eucharist. After praying deeply, Julia Kim confirmed that both the hosts which came down on the floor and the two hosts on the Corporal are authentic.

My beloved children! Clearly tell everyone that the Mystery of Salvation is being realized through Me Who is present in the Holy Eucharist. (Message from Jesus Nov 2,1994)

The three Holy Eucharists that came down were thinner compared to the hosts on the altar consecrated by the two priests.


The Holy Eucharist that came down on November 24,2001 and Jan 1 ,2002 were also thinner than the hosts that we ordinarily consume at communion. At the moment of announcement that "The Holy Eucharist truly descended and it is a Eucharistic miracle", all the pilgrims were deeply moved and praised the Lord giving boundless gratitude to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for reminding us once more that the Eucharist is truly the living Body of Christ.

My beloved little souls who have been called!  Since a long time ago I have earnestly wished that Masses be celebrated at this place where My Mother is with you, but my request has been denied.  However, you must remain awake and pray, as, before long, it will become known that I am really alive and breathing in the Eucharist and am present in It with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.(Message from Jesus Jun 11,2002)

Another sign from the Lord were the tears of Jesus on the Crucifix at Mt.Calvary as well as the drops of water of mercy on the edge of Jesus' robe. This is the sign of the real presence of the Lord as Julia Kim explained.

The water of stream of mercy and a glob of body fluid on the edge of robe




It is not too late yet. Open your hearts widely, become prudent babies of mine who keep in their minds my words that I scream to them shedding tears and tears of blood and who build their houses on a rock. Thus, come to the Heavenly Paradise to which I invite you together with Jesus, my Son.

(Message from the Blessed Mother on May 8,1999)

My beloved soul !

I came down inperson to share love with my children through the Eucharist in response to your wish that blossoms as a flower of consolation at every moment in reparation for the wounds in My Sacred heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart, but the Eucharist, which is My substance,is being ignored with theories and reasongs infected with errors and heresies.

Therefore, I will show you today that the Eucharist that  came down on April 16 when the children who had been specially called were gathered was not just a host.

This (sign) is  a proof that I and My Mother  love you so much and a sign o love for all the children who wish to come to Me through My Mother with unchanging confidence in you.

Therefore, take courage and say "YES" whenever and whereever you may do something so that you may live together with Me through My Mother in heaven.(Message from Jesus on May 6,2005)

Dear fellow members of Mary's Ark of Salvation and members of Naju prayer Groups abroad ! Ash Wednesday is just around the corner. Let us offer ourselves graciously with prayer and sacrifices this coming Lenten season, and let us also bring more people to Naju during the Holy Triduum so that more people will receive the graces. The beginning of salvation does not start with many people. On the contrary, it can start with even only one person, with our close neighbor. Amen !