Our Lady exuding fragran oil (May 16, 2010)

 Indian pilgrimage came to Naju for the anniversary.

The pilgrims from India expressing their homage to the Lordí»s Precious Blood which had descended to the floor in the Blessed Motherí»s Chapel in Naju.

The pilgrims from India made a deep bow to the Lord and the Blessed Mother as a sign of gratitude as soon as they entered the Blessed Motherí»s Chapel in Naju.

  Fr. Augustine visited to Naju last year and received
the Preciuos Blood on his


Fragrant oil came down on the altar cloth





Julia fell down for various pains during the Rosary

Julia's suffering from extreme pains and a cave-in in her backbone

A testimony by Mr. Edmund Antao

Deposited by his testimony during the Vigil of 19th anniversary.

of Eucharistic miracle on May 16 2010, held in Naju, Korea.        

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia!

My dear friends

And my dear peoples who loves Jesus and  Mary  so much. We bring greetings today to you from India. And We came from a part in India call í░Goaí▒ and this is birth place of Cardinal Ivan Dias who is supporting Naju so much. And so God of brother here in order to encourage you and also to help make Our Lady of Naju known. You may be going through lots of difficulties  doní»t worry

Darkness of the devil may seem to be all around us but remember , victory is close byíŽ

and I pray to God I pray to God that with this night of prayer , tonight !

Direction of  in changed to moves ahead the churchí»s recognition

Dear friends! in the Bible many times during night time God has worked the victories.

Remember in night time God took Israelites out of Egypt. St. Paul was in jail during night time in mid night God brought earthquake and the jail shook, all the doors flew open.

Again it was during time that the our savor was born. I pray today night is that beginning , new beginning for Naju . Alleluia!

We are catholic lay people coming from Goa. We belong to an Association, we love Mother Mary very much. And although we live in Goa ,We do work of Jesus for Jesus all of India. Some of our work is to conduct big public convention. Some of work is to conduct retreat , for youth for many peoples even for the priest all of India and So Our Lady brought us here today in order to test more of love of Jesus

My dear friends!

We came to Naju like the 3 kings who came searching for baby Jesus. We came to Naju because  we want to see power the glory of God in our own lives what Go has done here in Naju. And when we landed in south Korea ,we were wondering why did God work this miracle here only in Korea.

Bu tin the last two days we got the answer.

Last two day we  saw Korean people are a very brave and encouraged peoples

They will shed their blood, and they produced martyrs like Andrew Kim they will not give up And so God knew that despite all difficulties peoples of Naju would stand up and wouldní»t give up. So whole places God find it decided to do this great things here in Naju.

Dear friends! we also came here because Our Lady promised whoever come to Naju I will wash them clean we needed God to wash us. Doní»t think because I am speaking to you we are big Saints, we are a sinners we need God í«s washing and we believe Our Lady has washed us to coming to Naju

And we have been moved by the love of our Lady here and what she has done we can see the love even in volunteers all had it with us we really moved.,

Now look up ahead dear friend Bible said one door is closed God open the other door. After coming to Naju we have been convinced., That more of India should know about what is happening here in Naju,  The Message of Naju is very important for the whole world

There is no time to loose , there is no time to loose now. There is no time for delay now. We have to do it as soon as possible.  As you all say  í░Ppali Ppali í▒ or Quickly

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia!

And therefore, we have decided to invite Julia Kim to visit India as soon as possible. God willing this visit will take place before the end of this year.

We will organizes the programs we will bring the people we want Julia to come and speak and say what is happening in Naju and we will say we have seen with our eyes. We will spread Naju in India more powerfully which means that more than more peoples from India would be coming here to see

for themselves and increase their faith.

Dear friends!  Prayer can do very much. Prayers more powerful than the bomb.

One door was closed and look how God through your payers has open another door now.Alleluia Alleluia

Dontí» be discourage Naju , doní»t be discourage we are behind you. Through prayer letí»s keep the faith.  Letí»s trust in God who never let us down. This nice experience last 10 years though here taken problems here never ever for the faithful God. When we decided to come to Naju only 35 given the name by the time we finish to registration number has come to 55 And then after that another 15 came and  í░Please we want to comeí▒. 70 have to come today. Alleluia!

Korean Embassy in India for some reason little problem I take to get a visa easily. But two hours shock in surprise in the case of the 70. We were cleared by the Embassy  that is the power of God.

If you ask many among the 70,  - they had a lot of financial problem and another problem to come here to Naju. Each of them has a testimony to give of miracles how the Lord opened the way and resolved problems and here they are in Naju.

That is why say to you.  Dear friends!  God is faith. It is real feel God.

25 years ago when Naju the first miracle took place, I, in India didní»t even know God. I didní»t believe in God at that time.  I was a person who is to make fun of God. I was suffering also from sickness and because of that I was so sick body was abnormal. And I was angry with God. I didní»t know him.  I didní»t believe him. Then, this Blessed Lady one day suddenly changed my life.

On a day that I was supposed to commit a suicide she intervened.  I all my second life was with Blessed Mother. And again and again Our Ladyí»s has come to help me. Thatí»s why I love Our Lady much and The Association, all of us love Our Lady very very much. When you come to Our Lady She will always lead you Her Son Jesus. This is nice experience last few years. So my hearts are burning inside to reach Naju. And hearts are big sad because one more day only and then we are going back.  

But It is not the end , With help of God we are going go ahead now. (that means the invitation of Julia Kim to India)

Pray dear friends!  Pray dear friends!  We may succeed in India.

And whether the devil close one door , another door opened by God

And Naju will go ahead the recognition of the Church

God bless all of you!  God Bless Naju!   God Bless Korea!

Alleluia Alleluia!!!

You know

We need to say Alleluia louder

This will not even reach to this road


Alleluia has reach the Church Authority in Korea and reach to Rome

Alleluia Alleluia! 

Letí»s give big clap to Our Lady!

Thank you so much.


(Coordinator General) Edmund Antao.
The Association of Crusaders for Jesus with Mary
Grnd. Floor, St. Andrew's Residency,
Opp. KTC Bus Stand - Mundvel,
Vasco da Gama-Goa 403 802 INDIA      May 16, 2010

2)  A testimony by Fr. Jagdish Parmar S.J

This is deposited by his testimony during the Vigil of 19th anniversary of Eucharistic miracle on May 16 2010, held in Naju ,Korea.

      Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

My dear friends in Christ Ií»ve never dreamt of coming to Naju.

When Bro. Edmund came to Sikkim to give a retreat for the youth and he just mentioned he was planning to come to Naju.

I just mentioned I know Our Lady of Naju, because 5 years ago had read about Our Lady of Naju.

And from that day, I had edited the Name of Our Lady of Naju in the Litany of Our Lady.

I was praying to Our Lady of Naju daily.

She has told me that she will take me to Naju. But I doní»t believe at that time.

Anyway, now I am here Naju even if it was a lot of difficulties for me to come to Naju. I am a Marian priest and I know that Our Lady has made me a priest and brought me here in Naju.

I came here to give you just one message.

Nothing is impossible for our Lady, as Our Lady made me became a priest, Naju will be approved by the Vatican.


The above is deposited by his testimony during the Vigil of 19th anniversary of Eucharistic miracle on May 16 2010, held in Naju ,Korea.

Fr. Jagdish Parmar S.J
St.Peter's Catholic Church, Diocese of Danjeeling
Namchi-737126,South Sikkim-India.