Exuding fragrant oil by squeezing her whole body (2010. 11. 24)


bullet03_glitter.gif Praise Jesus ! praise the Blessed Mother !

        We are delighted to convey the news of 18th anniversary of     Exuding Fragrant Oil as well as  16th anniversary of the Descent     of Eucharist on November 24,2010.

One of the most welcome priest visited the Blessed Mother's House on November 16 just before the anniversary. The one who is Father Su he called as Naju priest is now putting whole his life into the prayers and performing penances in cloistered monastery while he has been looking forward to hearing the calling from the Blessed Mother to be placed in Naju.

 Thank God ! Superior might be interpreted Father su's desires to come to Naju and  unexpectedly allowed him one month on leave to Naju.

He came to Naju and greeted the Blessed Mother and Julia Kim longing for even in his dreams and also have met with Father Aloysius Chang and Lawrence Jung eventually,furthermore he celebrates Holy Mass every day for the Rose family-Naju volunteer helpers.

In addition, 23rd of November just before the anniversary pilgrims arrived at the chapel from Singapore and Malaysia one after the other and they adored to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother. And all of us had seen the moon halo that was very large and so beautiful at about 9:30 pm in the evening of the day.

We believed that the Blessed Mother was too happy not to show something for many children who called on Mother Mary even long away from here without forgetting the date.


Moon halo in the sky above the Blessed Mother's House (2010.11.23)


 Moon halo seems like Sun's Manifestation that moon was moving downwards and upwards and spinning like heart muscles contracting and expanding to expel the blood continuously.

It was even 3 days after full moon day but a shape was very round. we ,together with Malaysian pilgrims who witnessed this scene all exclaimed and gave thanks to the  Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Not only this but also the Lord and the Blessed Mother given us copious golden-fragrant oil early in the morning of 24th at the Adoration Dome and 12th & 13th Stations as well as  Mt.Calvary on the Blessed Mother's mountain..




 Golden-fragrant oil came down to the ground even inside the Adoration Dome-witnessed by all the priests and pilgrims.

Our Lord and the Blessed Mother pouring down fragrant oil profusely which is gift from God and love ,friendship and the  presence of the Blessed Mother  by looking Julia Kim's sacrifices with love and offering up graciously so that she wants all of the pilgrims to receive the boundless graces on the  occasion of  the anniversary even if she suffers pains of near death without sleeping at all.

 Father Francis Su and Aloysius Chang led the Station of the Cross,and all the pilgrims offered them up on bear foot on this Way of the Cross in order for them to combine the love of Lord and participate in the passion of Jesus.



When you come to me by walking on the path of a little and poor person, which is a narrow and difficult path, a painful and lonesome path, and a dangerous, thorny path, I will hold your hands. So, come to me. You will receive heavenly consolation.  
(Message from the Blessed Mother on Feb 25,1987)

When we reached to the 12th Station, most of pilgrims were weeping loudly, reason why they felt that  the sorrowful and anxious Heart of Mother Mary who upon looking many of clergies and religious even who are chosen nailing the Lord on the Cross and joined with devils because of pride and selfishness towards to hell together with many herds of sheeps . We all strongly decided to follow the will of the Blessed Mother and to be remained in faithful working out  Salvation of world that towarding to the way of perdition by realizing that all of us are chosen peoples so that we glorify to God through repentance.

Even though we are unworthy, help us become humble instruments of Yours, who throw away pride and selfishness,achieve victory over the devils who are filling the sky and the earth ,become consolers for the Lord and the Blessed Mother ,and wipe away Their bloody sweat and bloody tears. (Book of the Way of the Cross page 33)

It was 6:30 pm just before the procession of original statue into the altar, the Golden-color fragrant oil formed on the neck and chest of the Blessed Mother's statue and suddenly dripping down.




Cloth underneath the statue was wet with copious fragrant oil.

Priest witnessing the fragrant oil that flowing down

Golden-color fragrant oil came down on his robe.

What is the Last Supper ? It is a feast of love and sharing. In order to give the totality of my love, which is so high, deep and wide, to my beloved Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and all my children in the world together with my Son Jesus, I am squeezing all of myself and giving you fragrance and oil. The fragrance and oil that I give to all are gifts from God. They represent my presence, love and friendship for you. (Message from the Blessed Mother on Apr 08,1993)

The rosary procession along with the Way of the Cross.


4 priests witnessed fragrant oil on the transparent dome. 


  Father Su said Solemn Mass in Latin and giving us his homily. Following is excerpts from his homily....

Today is anniversary of Eucharistic miracle that experienced former pro-nuncio Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis. during the time big Host came down and Julia received the Host actually from St. Michael the Archangel it was from the priest who was about to consume, already consecrated , but because of sinfulness he was not well disposed so St. Michael the Archangel took away from him and gave it to Julia Kim.

This big Host already broken two halves one is Alpha and the other one is Omega. Alpha was given Raymond Spies who is a spiritual director and Omega to Archbishop Bulaitis

It was first Priest to help Julia and also to spread the message of love, Omega given to Archbishop Bulaitis, it means he has continue to end this phenomena of Naju.

Now Archbishop Bulaitis is in the Vatican in Rome together with former Pro-nuncio of Korea that is Cardinal Ivan Dias. Both of them, both former Pro-nuncio of Korea are working for Naju very hard in the Vatican in Rome.

So do not worry at all Because God is control of every situations and it allows so many things happen to all of us.

Let us persevere continue to come together and to pray together for the triumph of Immaculate Heart of Mary and the reign of the Eucharist Heart of Jesus. That's why we are here in the mountain in Naju.


Julia's testimony will be on here soonest.

My beloved children!  Now, on the threshing floor, the good grains and the empty heads of grain are being thoroughly separated.  The good grains will be gathered into the Kingdom of Life where they will enjoy eternal happiness.  Thus, My beloved children who follow Me and My Mother and accept and practice the messages of love will possess the tree of eternal life, calling Me “Abba, Father” as My sons and daughters.

My beloved children who are being insulted, persecuted, and criticized with all kinds of groundless accusations for My sake!  Do not be frustrated or disappointed but be glad and rejoice.  A great reward has been prepared for you in Heaven. ( Message from Jesus on Nov 24,2007)