Our Lady exuding golden-color fragrant oil



The following are excerpts from the minutes of a general session of the diocesan conference in Masan, Korea, held in early November 19, 2008 and attended by the Ordinary of the Masan Diocese in Korea, Bishop Myung-Ok Ahn, and the priests of the diocese.

His Excellency Bishop Myung-Ok Ahn said during this meeting:

1. Individual priests should not impose penalties or sanctions on the faithful who make pilgrimages to Naju simply based on their private judgments. If the priests present reports on such cases to the Ordinary, he will formally make appropriate decisions.

2. When the faithful make appeals regarding the penalties or sanctions imposed on them, the penalties or sanctions cannot be applied to them before the final court rulings regarding their appeals. (Comment: As in the secular courts, up to two appeals are allowed in each case in the ecclesiastical courts, the highest court being the Apostolic court in the Holy See.)

3. The Holy See recently informed the Bishops in Korea with an official letter that, from now on, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith would handle the Naju case. (Comment: This decision in the Holy See that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith would handle the Naju case was a 180 degree reversal of what the Kwangju Archdiocese and a few other dioceses in Korea had been repeatedly insisting. For many years already, they had been saying that there would be no re-investigation of Naju and that the Declaration and the Decree of the Kwangju Archbishop would never be reversed.)



 Extraordinary phenomena in the sun above the Blessed Mother' Chapel(December 6, 2008)


The fragrant oil that had come down on the acrylic dome turned into
golden-color fragrant oil.


  Before doing the Stations of the Cross.




 Many of the pilgrims did the Stations of the Cross barefooted despite
the snow on the ground and cold weather.














 While Julia and the pilgrims were praying the rosary, the Lord and the Blessed Mother, together with many Saints and angels, poured down light at the same time.  The light was so strong and warm.  When they were praying "The Glory Be", Julia was overwhelmed by the light and fell on the ground

 Eucharistic Benediction


Near the end of the Mass celebrating the First Saturday on December 6, 2008, a Sacred Host came down from above.


  A Sacred Host came down from above.

    The Sacred Host that came down during the Mass on December 6, 2008 was slightly larger and harder than the hosts that are normally made in the convents in Korea and used in the churches in Korea.  There was an image of the cross in the middle.  Some thought that this Sacred Host was not made by humans but was formed directly by Jesus. 

  Julia Kim giving testimony about  her life with God despite her enormous suffering.