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The Messages from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju

while editing the book on the Five Spiritualities

(From June~ September



June 23, 2017 Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Since January 25, 2017, I was devoted toediting the new version of the book on the Five Spiritualities. When the devil of division realized what I was doing, he created so much confusion in this work, that we failed to meet the deadline for publishing the new version of the former edition in June.

We then planned to publish it by October at the latest, but as soon as some people volunteered to work on the project, things went on an unexpected, chaotic path as if we were in a situation akin to the proverb, “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth”. Then I thought, ‘If we go on like this, it would be impossible to publish the new edition by October.’

I decided to do the final editing by myself, even though it was grueling for me, as too many people working on the manuscript can lead to misinterpretations. Since then, the devils that are filling the sky and the earth (滿乾坤: meaning that they are many) began attacking me in indescribable ways in order to kill me. As I did not surrender to them, Satan sought to negotiate with me.

Satan: You came here to recuperate your health, but instead of resting, why are you making fuss over the publishing of the book, that gives you no benefit whatsoever, while risking even your own life?

Now, just get some rest instead, and you will be cured. Only then, can you work more efficiently with sanity, and your helpers will also feel more comfortable. Why are you attempting to work to the point of death?

If you stop working on the book of the Five Spiritualities of Naju, I will give you back the statue of Mary, which I know you are yearning with love-sickness and anxiety to have it returned to you. I can also set you free from sickness, restore your dying mother back to health, and…”

Even before the Satan could have his last words, I sprinkled the holy water of Naju towards him and said a prayer to chase the devil away in order to stop him from speaking any further, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Satan, to go away from me now and go under the feet of Jesus.“ This made Satan blench and run away. He started speaking to the devils very quietly as if whispering, but I could hear him.

Satan: Hey, all of you, Even the prelates joined forces with the Masons, and they were won over to our side, but this wretched woman is eccentric, really eccentric! Things like Five Spiritualities? If the book is published, many souls whom we have gathered with so much effort to bring to hell will be released by it. We must get rid of her without fail.

(A few months ago) when her blood potassium level elevated up to 12.5, we should have quietly killed her. It’s regrettable and infuriating that we didn’t. Now, she has cardiac failure as well. Besides that, her immunity, oxygen saturation level, and even her autonomic nervous system have completely dropped to the bottom. And further more…Now, we can easily kill her. If this wretched woman dies, our work will succeed. Let’s just throw a fatal blow on her!

A large gathering of devils pounced upon me and threw me around. They kept jumping on me one group after the other, strangling me. Even though I was dying from suffocation, I cried out in my heart, “Lord! As my life is Yours, I offer it to You alone.” At the very moment before I ceased breathing, Our Lord appeared and He shone His light onto me. Satan ran away with all the other devils, saying, “I am going to make your book editing a complete failure. You will see!”

When the Lord put His mighty breath into me, I was saved from the brink of death.

When I regained consciousness, I found my entire body covered with blood and bruises. I had to receive the Sacrament of the Sick several times expecting to die from the after-effects of the devils’ attacks. I offered my excruciating pains for those souls who would receive graces through the book of the Five Spiritualities.

While I barely managed to survive in that manner, I began to proofread the texts one by one, staying up every night for three consecutive months. Concurrently, the devils’ attacks became more severe than ever before.

For example, even though I had proofread the text, some strange words and sentences were mysteriously added when I reviewed them, distorting all the sentences on that page. Some completed reviewed chapters were found to have disappeared subsequently. Therefore, I had to make tremendous sacrifices in the midst of my battle against the devils. The battle was beyond imagination.

Bearing the excruciating pain in my head, from which the golden-colored fragrant oil continuously exuded, I did my best to complete it in time for publication before the 31st anniversary of Our Lady’s first weeping tears of blood by staying up every night working on it, as if I had sufficient sleep. (The Spirituality of ‘Semchigo’)


Message from Jesus on Sep 26, 2017


On September 23, I finished putting final touches over the texts of the book and sent the manuscript to a printing shop. Even after that, Satan and the devils ceaselessly attacked me as they had asserted before, “I am going to make your book editing a complete failure. You will see.” Thus, I had to offer up my horrendous pain which pushed me to the threshold of death even while the publication was in printing.

On September 26, 2017, at 1 o’clock A.M., as I was in severe pain, a Sister, my helper asked the Father to anoint me spiritually from afar with “faith of Centurion”, because she thought that I would die before the Father arrives.  As the Father anointed me in hurry and blessed me from afar, Golden color fragrant oil burst forth from my head with intense fragrance.

At the dawn of September 26, 2017, I prayed, “Lord! Nothing is impossible with You. I completely entrust the trouble-free publication of the book on the Five Spiritualities to You.” Then I heard the silent voice of Jesus.

Jesus: “My beloved little soul!  It was hard for you, wasn’t it? But now ask your printer to stop printing the book and proofread it again.”

The following day, we called the printing shop to stop the printing, and to our relief, the printing process was only 50% completed. So I asked the printing shop to stop printing the other 50%, adding that we would compensate for those that were already printed including other inconveniences caused to the printer.  As I checked the manuscript again, I was appalled to find that the devils had messed up the texts of the book. For example, the word “consecration” became “conse-fuzzbuzz-cratifon”. Many other errors were discovered, and I was unnerved by all these.


Message from Jesus on September 29, 2017


The book on the Five Spiritualities came very close to fail. But, Our Lord Himself thoughtfully informed me the need to re-edit the book, so that we could correct its content; I was ecstatic for his notification and for Him to grant us a chance to get it right: “Oh My love, My Beloved! How could you show me, a sinner, Your wondrous and profound love again! I am Yours only. Use me as You wish. May You alone receive Glory!”



“My little soul who attributes allGlory to Me! It was so grueling for you, was it not? Through your recent work without sleep nor rest (不眠不休), graces will be multiplied abundantly. That is why Satan is so preoccupied with the idea of killing you. However, since you offered up all the ordeals graciously, you finally won the battle over him. Thank you.

In this age of the most extreme divisions, Satan wishes the fire to fall upon this world. So, Satan is making his last desperate attempts to kill you, even by transcending time and space, but I saved you, who were fighting against Satan to the end with your indomitable spirit (百折不撓).

Many of My Children, trapped in the snares laid by cunning and wicked Satan are walking towards hell by leading sinful lives. Yet they still do not realize that they are living in sin because Satan is leading them to think that what they are doing is good and of true values. Any soul who does not remain awake would not be able to discern it at all. Therefore, spread to everyone with haste the Five Spiritualities that I completed through you.

All the children in the world whom I love extremely!

There is no time to procrastinate or hesitate. Even those shepherds who would like to reign over people must wake up in haste and accept humbly the messages of love that I gave you, by unceasingly performing the unprecedented miracles in Naju and putting them into practice.  These shepherds must be able to provide spiritual nourishment to the herds of sheep entrusted to them, so that they may practice the Five Spiritualities.

Then, those crowds of sheep who trust and follow the shepherds will be able to reach Heaven by practicing the Five Spiritualties and possess the Tree of Eternal Life on the last day.  Even if the leaders of the Church do not accept My messages of love and result in raging waves that threaten to sweep away this world, those children who follow Me and My Mother to the end by arming yourselves with the Five Spiritualities will receive enthusiastic welcome from all the Saints (in Heaven) and will enjoy the eternal happiness with my little soul at the place I had prepared for them, by My side and My Mother’s."


Julia gave birth to four children, two of which caused her enormous difficulties and pain, between life and death. Yet, she didn’t let a single moan of agony escape her lips. In the last three months while Julia was editing the book of Five Spiritualities, she suffered severe pain that was incomparable with pains of childbirth she experienced previously. She offered them up graciously for the repentance of those who would read that book.

Her mouth and tongue peeled off, got chapped and cracked, and she offered up all these pains for the conversion of those who judge, condemn, speak ill of others, and cause division.

Especially the pain in reparation for thesins of obscenity, abortion and homosexuality committed by others made her bleed profusely, with her anus awfully protruded, leaving her unable to sit. Even when she had the urge to release her discharge, it caused her to bleed in her private parts and anuswith intense pain.

These pain did not stop and made her scream. It was theloudest cry that she ever let out in her entire life. Tears flowed down profusely from her eyes while she was writhing in agony. In the midst of this wrecking pain, she offered them up following Semchigo, as if she was loved, and prayed, “Lord, remove all the bad habits from those who would read this book,”

When the devils knocked her down to her oblivion, she still did not forget to say the prayer to chase them away. She stood up again and continued to work, offering up all her pain graciously for the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother and for the conversion of sinners.

The devil’s physical attacks and disturbances continued with many other pains. Two ligaments on her right wrist were torn. Thus, typing became exceedingly difficult.

Despite these, she handwrote the title of the book (in Korean) by hand – “The Five Spiritualities given through the little soul”, and its chapters, namely:

1. Turning our lives into prayers, 2.Semchigo, 3. Offering Up,  4. Amen, 
5. It’s my fault.

Her oxygen saturation was as low as 87% even on 24-hour supplemental oxygen; she needed to breathe with labor using abdominal muscles while editing the book in the middle of humid summer.  Abdominal breathing added more pressure to her head and heart, producing severe pain to the brink of unconsciousness. This exhibits Julia’s willingness to offer up even her life for the Glory of God.

To everyone’s astonishment, when the printed copies arrived in Naju securely, all her pain and bleeding in both her private parts and anus stopped. (*The bleeding was so severe and drenched her underpants, although her uterus had been removed decades ago.) Seeing these endless and utmost love and sacrifices offered up by Julia, a little soul, Our Lord promised to save the children, who accept the Five Spiritualities and put them into practice regardless of their past.



Message of Lovefrom the Blessed Mother

on Oct 22, 2017, Memorial of St. Pope John Paul II


My pain became intensified since I attended prayer meetings one after another. I full-heartily participated in the Naju prayer meeting held in Dae-jeon City inKorea, while wholly offering up deathly suffering and praying to the Lord, “I belong to You whether I live or die on the way to the venue! Thy will be done only!” At around 7 P.M., Fr. Francis Su celebrated Mass with Fr. Jang and Fr. Alex.

Due to excruciating pain, I watched the mass on live TV in the waiting room. To my amazement, I saw the figure of St. Pope John Paul II, instead of Fr. Su’s. Even though the voice was Fr Su’s, St. Pope John Paul II was adorned in papal miter and white vestments, with the papal pastoral staff at his right side.

For a moment, I couldn’t believe what I saw, but the figure was still visible. I wondered, “Is it only visible to my eyes?” So, I asked Sr. Catherine and Philip who were there with me if they could also see the figure of the Holy Father. They affirmed that they also could see him. “Oh, how can this be?” The three of us were so surprised that we looked at him over and over again. All of a sudden, I heard the voice of the Blessed Mother whispering to me.


The Blessed Mother:

“My beloved little soul, My adorable baby! You offer up extreme pain that feels like tearing and digging into your live flesh. The pain pushes you to the verge of death for the repentance of even one extra soul, but you still radiate joy to everyone with your beaming smile, hiding your pain. Your mind is imbued with the intent of ‘sacrificing oneself to achieve goodness’(殺身成仁)! Thank you. This is why you are a flower of consolation to My Son and Me.

My beloved daughter!

My adorable son, St. Pope John Paul II, whom I can *put in my eyes without feeling any pain (*This is an idiom of utmost love in Korea used sometimes by parents regarding their children) is interceding for Naju beside me. He strived to recognize Naju during his reign to completely follow the Will of My Son and Mine, who appeared and are present in Naju to save even the most wicked sinners. He could not complete it as he was hindered by those who were like “beasts with human faces (人面獸心)”.

Therefore, today he comes down with other Saints to this place proclaiming, ‘Let us arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities’ to be with you all, during Mass, becoming one with Fr. Francis Su, whom I have personally chosen.

Now the clergy, who are appointed shepherds of the church must be aware that the calamities and incidents occurring all over the world are signs. This means that the time of great tribulation is near, and the clergy should remain awake.

There are many shepherds, who are supposed to lead the flocks of sheep to the right path, but they are dismissing those disasters as accidental occurrences. They are care-free and complicit. They are leading care-free lives, convinced that the times are peaceful and secure. They also turn their faces away from the truths by merely watching and pretending not to know about the vicious rumours (circulating about Naju), brutally and cruelly slashing the Hearts of My Son Jesus and Me.

Oh! I am sad! Because my numerous innocent children have become blind and deaf, being deceived by malignant rumors fabricated by those who tell lies by distorting the truth (魚目燕石), covering their faults, and even scolding others (責人則明). Thus, I feel extreme pain in my heart as if it is torn into tens of thousand pieces.

(My children!) In this current age, even the church that My Son Jesus established through Peter on the rock is being infected with falsehood, and the world has already come to the edge of destruction. Thus, this Mommy, who is the Heavenly Prophetess, personally prepared and nurtured the little soul(Julia), together with My Son Jesus for the salvation of the human race and this world. Therefore, become like her by being nurtured by her.

She is always dying on the Cross on Mt. Calvary with My Son Jesus, screaming in her agonies of death throes. However, she graciously offers up even the suffering of double deaths with a joyful heart, saying that it is the pain that brings hope for the healing and repentance of sinners, who are bringing upon themselves the chastisement of darkness, fire, and blood. It is because God the Father cannot help but send down chastisement upon the world at any time due to the sins of the world, which are overflowing with great degradation, offending God.

My extremely beloved children!

I hope at least you, who say you know Me, will not worry in human thinking or be concerned about the future, but accomplish the mission entrusted to you in your unique role that is irreplaceable.

If the number of souls who are nurtured by the little soul (Julia) increase exponentially by arming themselves with the Five Spiritualities, 1. sufferings of the little soul will be relieved and 2. “the devils who fill the sky and the earth,” who are always alert for an opportunity to kill the little soul in order to ruin the world, will be defeated and will decamp. This world will be purified, and God the Father will send down the cup of blessings instead of the cup of wrath.”

Later, I came to realize that this day was the Feast day of St. Pope John Paul II.



Message of Love from Jesus

received by Julia Kim of Naju, on Nov 5, 2017


Since I had made up my mind to compile the ‘Five Spiritualities’ book, I was besieged with insurmountable suffering that I was always exhausted and couldn’t even keep my eyes open.  I collapsed in total exhaustion beset with indescribable hardships by the time I completed the book. I almost died on several occasions while working on it. The pain intensified to an unbearable level, rendering my body impossible to work. So, I went for a medical check-up.  To everyone’s surprise, my potassium level was 12.5 (normal level: 3.5-5), which is seen in a dead human body. My oxygen saturation dropped to 82% (normal range: 95-100%). The autonomic nervous system that controls all the organs of my body was dysfunctional too. I was at my worst state of health.

Furthermore, I developed heart failure, asthma, and other symptoms. My anus became excessively protruded, and the skin on my private parts were peeled off, torn, and bled (in reparation for the sins of obscenity and homosexuality committed by others), making it extremely difficult to move my body even a little.

Moreover, my body temperature dropped to 22.3 degrees Celsius, which was medically impossible to explain. In the meanwhile, Satan and the devils continued to attack me in indescribable ways.

 While preparing for November’s First Saturday Prayer meeting, severe pain continued. I offered up the horrible aches from my ripped private parts and from my torn bleeding anus, in reparation for the sins of obscenity, abortion, and homosexuality committed by others. But my heart was filled with joy, believing that the pilgrims who came to Naju would repent and be healed through my suffering. How happy I was!

During the First Saturday prayer meeting on Nov, 4, I was deluged with so much pain that I received the anointing for the sick in the anteroom. As I was ready to walk out of the room to give a talk to the pilgrims, I felt an excruciating chest pain from heart attack. Immediately, I had difficulty breathing; I felt like I was about to die. But I turned it into a prayer, ‘Lord, please heal the pilgrims who are suffering from severe heart disease (through my sufferings) today!’ I took nitroglycerin to relieve my chest pain by dissolving it under my tongue and proceeded to the stage, praying, ‘Lord! I completely offer myself to You whether I die or live as I am Yours!’

I was semiconscious due to excruciating pain and felt like passing out. Nevertheless, as soon as the drug under my tongue melted, I commenced speaking to the pilgrims with all my might. After finishing the talk, I got a severe pounding headache, as if it was about to explode anytime. So, I received the anointing the second time. However, my body felt like it was disintegrating due to pain, so the priest anointed me again.

Around 3 A.M., I cried out to the Lord from the depths of my heart, ‘O my Love, my Beloved! My Everything! Now, I feel like I am going to die soon, but I willingly offer all these countless pains that I suffered since the Book of The Five Spiritualities was set to be compiled. Therefore, please grant the grace of repentance to your children who are gathered here today. This is the Month of Souls in Purgatory. Could you send the souls of those who are related to the pilgrims to Heaven – especially the ones in the purgatory, for whom the pilgrims are praying for? If so, I will make reparations for all of them, instead.’

At that moment, Jesus, wearing a white mantle, came to my side with a benevolent look. I tried to stand up in amazement, but fell; Jesus looked at me with kind eyes and said,


“My little soul, who loves your neighborsmore than yourself! Aren’t you scared or distressed by the pains that you suffer, that drives you to the brink of death(命在朝夕)?”

Julia: “Because of the hope that even a single soul would repent, I am happy to suffer from these pain. Of course, there are times when I wish to be healthy as well. When I am in pain, I unfortunately have to get help from others, but I often find it hard to ask for help. There is also so much work to be done in your Name that I am unable to do.

Jesus: “I see. If they collaborate with you on the work you are doing with their whole hearts and devotions, they also will receive the same reward as yours and share equal joy with you beside My Mother and Me on the last day. As I have said before, helping My little soul is the same as helping Me and My Mother. Therefore, those who offer their helping hands can also enjoy eternal happiness with you beside My Mother and Me on the last day.

My poor daughter, My beloved baby! How hard must it have been for you to watch those who are as stubborn as the Israelites! But, they will finally wake up and join you with whole open hearts. On the other hand, if they still don’t wake up, it will be their loss. So, do not be sad any more. Didn’t God the Father tell you that even when you merely breathing, you are playing a significant role in saving numerous souls?”

Julia: “I am just an unworthy sinner. But my beloved Jesus, my everything! This unworthy sinner is anxiously pleading with you again. Through these pain that push me to the brink of death with profuse bleeding and weakening consciousness, I wish that you will allow those souls of the family and relatives of these children gathering here, and other souls in purgatory for whom they are praying for, despite the persecution they receive for being here during this month to finally go up to Heaven from Purgatory.”

Jesus: In this current world, even the majority of clergy and children, who have been specially called, keep the doors of their hearts closed, blocking the entry with their own worldly knowledge; they are also being swept away by the raging waves of distorted love. And yet, they say they are making Me known, being preoccupied with sham spiritualities and hiding their hypocrisy and greed. All the while they persecute you, who is proving to Me the utmost allegiance that cannot be compared with anything in the world(萬古忠節) , in a way of under-the-table work (浸潤之), and block salvation, thus, making this world becomes atrocious and miserable.

Nonetheless, you accepted even extremely unfair obstacles (擧措失當) as a gift of accumulating holy virtues and willingly offered up the pains of double death, which you suffer moment after moment for their salvation, advancing bravely with a dashing spirit (勇往邁進).

Therefore, how can I refuse your entreaty? As your pain united with My Pain became so intense, I will deliver 10,003 souls from Purgatory as you wished today. Now look!”

Jesus showed me the countless graves, and I saw black sticks erected beside the graves. Then He said to me:

Jesus: “Blow your breath onto the graves”

Julia: “What? Me?”

Jesus: “Yes, you have always done well for everything that I have told you to do. Now, blow your breath again. You've done it before, haven’t you? At that time, you were able to fly well, right? It’s because you did exactly as I told you. On your way up, there were so many graves, and I said to you ‘blow your breath onto the graves.’

When you blew your breath as you were told,the graves opened. When you blew again, the bones came together, bone joining another bone with a big sound. After that, when you blew your breath into them, flesh grew over them, lastly, when you blew again, the breath entered them; they came to life and I granted them salvation, and they went up to Heaven. Do you remember?”

Julia: “Of course, I clearly remember as if it just happened yesterday. But why did You entrust this great work to me, an unworthy sinner?”

 Jesus: “Didn’t I tell you that I prepared you? Although I have tested you many times. But, you remained steadfast and have never disappointed Me, not even for one moment. Now, blow your breath, go ahead!”

I blew my breath energetically towards the countless graves. Then all the black sticks erected beside the graves disappeared, instead, bright crosses appeared. At that moment, Jesus lifted up His hands and gave a blessing toward the graves, saying,

Jesus: “Today, I will give you complete absolution from your unfinished reparations through the little soul’s entreaty. You have been delivered from Purgatory, today!”

Julia: “My Lord, Jesus, I know they’ve been delivered, but I did not see with my eyes whether their tombs were opened nor their souls were elevated to Heaven.”

Jesus: “I granted pardon for their unfinished penances through your bloody entreaty, so their souls became purified and the radiant Crosses erected, didn’t it? They were already elevated to Heaven escorted by angels. Even so, do you really still want to see it with your very eyes?”

Julia: “Yes, I do. Could you show me?”

Jesus: “Oh, What a cute and adorable child, my baby! Shall I show it to you by replaying it?”

Julia: “Yes. I’d love it.”

As soon as I replied, those numerous tombs opened again, and a great number of souls emerged from their tombs. I broke into exclamation enraptured by the scene. They were going up to Heaven like white butterflies, escorted by angels. They were too many to count.

“O my Love, my Everything! Who am I, but a sinner, that you love me this much! Even in the agony of pain, my heart towards you is so joyful, what more would I desire in this life? Even if suffering weighs heavily on me, my heart reaches out for you in full happiness. That is the desired rest and peace of this sinner. Your precious grace is bestowed on us so timely, meeting our precise needs for all that we wished for. You are the eternal love of us all.”

Only after I met Jesus, I could come to my consciousness and was able to meet pilgrims at the meeting time and shared the love of God with all of them.

The pains that Julia Kim suffered while she was writing the messages.