February 28, 2010 -Meditate well on (the meaning of) Omega and put it into practice.

March 1st, 2010 - I wish that thePope, who is the head of the Church and My Vicar
                             whom I specially called and installed, recognize Naju, Korea,

March 3rd, 2010 - Completely subject even your free wills to me and, thus,

March 20, 2010 - Through your extreme sufferings in atonement for others'sins,
                               many people are waking up from their sleep.

March 28, 2010 - This Mommy is being comforted, however, when I see the sacrifices
                             by those children who are following you and working in unity with you

Marcht 31, 2010 -Will you participate in my sufferings so that my tears and tears of blood
                             will not be wasted, ...?

December 8, 2010 - Grace from My Sacred Heart, will flow into the numerous souls like a river

 Message on February 28, 2010


In obedience to the Blessed Mother’s instruction on November 24, 2009: Visit Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis? I arrived in Rome in the night of February 26, 2010 together with Fr. Aloysius Chang and four other companions.  In the morning of the next day, February 27, Saturday, we and Mrs. C?ilia Pohl from Germany visited His Excellency Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis at his official residence.  His Excellency told us that he had received a response from the Blessed Mother while he was praying two days earlier: You will hear some words from Julia.  On November 24, 1994, you received the Eucharist through Julia, but this time you should give the Eucharist to her.  His Excellency invited us to the Sunday Mass the next day, February 28.  

The Mass, concelebrated by Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis and Fr. Aloysius Chang, began at 10 a.m. on February 28 in the chapel at His Excellency’s official residence.  While I was meditating after receiving Communion, I felt that the Eucharist in my mouth was becoming larger and asked Peter Kim sitting next to me to take a look.  Peter was surprised and reported what he saw to His Excellency.  His Excellency, Fr. Chang, four Sisters, and the visitors from Korea and Germany all saw the miracle of love in which the Eucharist changed into flesh and blood. 


After observing the changed species of the Eucharist, His Excellency instructed me to swallow the Eucharist.  I had some hope that the Eucharist could be preserved, but swallowed the Eucharist in obedience to His Excellency’s instruction.  At that moment, Jesus and the Blessed Mother appeared and blessed all the persons in the chapel.  Then, the Blessed Mother began speaking.


The Blessed Mother:

" Giovanni, my extremely beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without any pain!  Together with my Son Jesus, I love you so much.  You were called (to Naju in 1994) as the representative of the Pope and I have always been with you in your every move.  Sometimes I protected you from the crisis of death and have looked after you. 


My beloved son who has been specially called !

The Lord, who has the keys to death, hell, and Heaven, is also Alpha and Omega, that is, the beginning and the end, isn’t He?  The Lord died, but is alive and breathing in the Eucharist like this and will be present in all eternity.  The Lord began working the miracles of the Eucharist descending from above through you in Naju, and today is the last day when the Eucharistic miracles through you end.  Do not worry, but meditate well on (the meaning of) Omega and put it into practice.


The division in the Church continues becoming more serious and numerous souls have fallen into a swamp and are floundering, but even the shepherds, who are supposed to make the Lord known, are spiritually blind and deaf and are singing the times of peace even while witnessing the disasters that are occurring at different places in the world and are criticizing others?faults while remaining blind to their own faults.  That is why this Mommy’s Heart has become so anxious and worried that I have arranged your meeting like this.  Therefore, make haste to help Naju be approved as soon as possible so that the numerous souls may repent and be saved.     


My Son Jesus, Who possesses the Divine Nature, should receive all the power, honor, glory, and worship, but the children who accept that He comes in the appearance of bread, hiding all His power, solemn dignity, divinity, and humanity, to save all the poor children in the world who have lost their ways and are wandering are very few.  That is why my Son Jesus wears the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown even today and allowed your meeting, with His Love, in order to save even those souls who have human faces but brutal minds.


Giovanni, my extremely beloved son!  As there is no time to hesitate or procrastinate, make haste, with a most sublime mind, to pass on to the Pope and Cardinal Ivan Dias Jesus? Substance present in the Eucharist and the messages so that (the messages) may be put into practice. 


All of you, whom I have chosen and who know well that God can make you prosperous and successful but can also exterminate you and wipe you out, must become united with much greater love and perpetuate the Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and the Resurrection, as your situation is the same as that of the Apostles, who had been personally chosen by the Lord for the salvation of the world, gathered in the Cenacle before they completed their mission through their martyrdom. 


Through my invisible presence, I will build anew the places destroyed by Satan, with your help, so that the triumph may be achieved in the fierce battle in these end times.  Thus, you will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, and, when my Son Jesus returns to this world, you who have followed me and made me known will also stand with Christ in His glory.


  Message on March 1st, 2010

On March 1, 2010, at about 8 a.m., while I was praying the Second Glorious Mystery of the Holy Rosary in my hotel room, a cold wind suddenly blew and I heard a voice:  “We must kill this wretched woman, who is an obstacle to our work, before she sees the Archbishop.  Kill her quickly without making any noise!”  Immediately, a large number of devils jumped on me and attacked, ruthlessly striking me down on the floor.   

As soon as I heard:  “Stab her in the main arteries in her neck with this knife to make it look like a suicide!” one of the devils picked up the knife and jumped on me to stab my neck.  I immediately prayed in my heart: “If I can offer up my life to help the Blessed Mother of Naju be approved and the Lord’s Will be realized, I will gladly do so.”  At that moment, the Blessed Mother of Naju wearing a blue mantle and radiating light flew to me like lightning and struck down the knife, and the devils ran away.

The place where I was lying down after the attack was just inside the door of the room about 3 meters from the desk at which I had been sitting.  On the floor, close to my head, was a fruit knife with which the devil tried to stab me.  There also were two overturned chairs on the floor.  It was a messy scene.  I felt dizzy and painful in my head as if it were bursting.  My whole body felt as if it had been beaten up with something blunt and heavy.   

Peter Suh, one of my companions from Korea, came to me with a worried look and cautiously asked me if I thought I would be able to go to the Archbishop who had invited me to come to see him in the morning.  I felt it very difficult, but began getting ready for the visit meditating on the Love of the Lord Who was covered all over with wounds but climbed the hill of Golgotha.  While changing my clothes, I found a drop of the Precious Blood on my undergarment covering my left knee.

When we arrived at the official residence of the Archbishop, the Sisters joyfully welcomed us and guided us to the Archbishop’s office.  When all seven of us sat down, His Excellency began by mentioning the Eucharistic miracle of the previous day.  He said that, because this miracle occurred in an official building under the jurisdiction of the Holy See in the Vatican, neither the Ordinary of the Kwangju Archdiocese nor anyone else in the whole world has the authority to discern this miracle officially and that such authority totally belongs to the Holy Father and the Holy See.  His Excellency emphasized this point several times.   

While listening to the Archbishop, I began suffering the pains of the Crown of Thorns, and Peter Kim, sitting next to me, saw me and was greatly surprised and was about to cry.  Blood was flowing down from the right side of my forehead.  His Excellency saw this and telephoned the Sisters who work in the building to come and see.  

Mrs. Cacilia Pohl from Germany, who was attentively examining my scalp, suddenly screamed loudly, when she saw my scalp covered with the blood from many little wounds caused by the thorns.  The blood from the right side of my forehead flowed down to my cheeks, chin, and neck.  The blood entered my right eye making it impossible to open it.  The Archbishop prayed and meditated for a while and, then, moistened his handkerchief with holy water and wiped the blood off my face.  

While we were conversing, more blood came down from the left side of my forehead and entered my left eye, which I could not open.  This time, His Excellency asked Sister Agatha, one of the Sisters assisting him, to wipe off the blood.  While she did so, His Excellency commented that she looked like St. Veronica wiping off blood and sweat from the Lord’s Face.

While we were conversing further with His Excellency, many more wounds from the thorns appeared on the front of my head causing the blood to flow down from there.  The Archbishop continued observing my suffering the pains from the Crown of Thorns and praying with a look full of pity.

Most of the witnesses were sobbing over my suffering the pains from the Crown of Thorns, but I felt joyful.  I could feel the joy and give praise to the Lord, because I was able to offer up this suffering for all the clergy and religious and, especially, for Archbishop Bulaitis, Cardinal Dias, and the Holy Father who have been specially called by the Lord.

Message from Jesus:

“Giovanni, My beloved Representative of the Pope, who has responded with ‘Amen!’ to the calling by My Mother Mary!  As I intend to wash away the filthy stains from you (plural) and transfuse (My Blood into) you (plural) so that the pains and bleeding from the Crown of Thorns that I showed you today through the little soul whom I have specially prepared and cultivated may not be wasted, take the lead in saving the world by all of you loving one another with the transcendence of My Love with which I shed Blood on the Cross because of My love for even the most wicked sinners.

As my little soul was unable to open her eyes because of her suffering from the Crown of Thorns, the sins in this world are so gruesome and miserable that My Mother and I cannot even look at them with open eyes, have gravely offended God and contradicted His Will, and have reached the point of eternal destruction.  I wish that the Pope, who is the head of the Church and My Vicar whom I specially called and installed, recognize Naju, Korea, soon so that My glory and light may shine upon the entire world through him.  

There is no time to hesitate and procrastinate in this dangerous age when the violence of the cunning devil continues to increase with a terrifying and powerful force; spreads errors to make even the fervent souls reject My Mother and Me; causes even the shepherds to degenerate into heretics making a state of extreme disorder prevail; and, thus, drags along the numerous herds of sheep who follow them on the road to hell.

When you accomplish the most sublime mission through the plan of salvation that My Mother and I have given you in Naju, Korea, the just wrath of God the Father will turn into a blessing and My Kingdom will come.  Therefore, invite the numerous children in the world to the Heavenly Banquet that they may also possess the Tree of Eternal Life.  As it also means that they should put into practice the Messages of Love, which are the keys to the shortcut to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, Naju must be approved quickly.

Remembering again the truth that you can resurrect only by dying, at least you, who have responded to My calling, follow My Mother and Me in a simple and righteous way in unity among yourselves and imitating the faith of the martyrs.  Then, you will possess the Tree of Eternal Life, receive the radiant royal crowns escorted by the angels, and enjoy eternal happiness at My side.

What happened while I was writing down the message (1)

At about 8:40 a.m. on March 2, I was remembering and writing down the message that the Lord gave me on the previous day, also remembering how violent the cunning Satan was.  Incidentally, Angela who assists me went to the bathroom.  At that moment, I heard the angry screaming of Satan: “Now is the chance.  Kill her quickly so that she may not be able to spread the message that she received yesterday!”

Immediately, a large number of devils jumped on me and began attacking me.  Again, I was violently thrown on the floor together with a chair on which I was sitting.  At the moment one of the devils picked up a pair of scissors to cut the main arteries in my neck, I saw the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her very clearly, come like lightning and strike down the scissors.  When the Blessed Mother appeared, Satan and his devils ran away grinding their teeth and cursing.

At that moment, Fr. Chang and others came back from their breakfast, and sprinkled holy water and offered the prayers of exorcism.  Fr. Chang said, "The message received yesterday must be extremely important, as the devils are so desperate to kill Julia.  Julia must surely write down this message and spread it.  Let us all gain the victory!"  We all together said ‘Amen’ loudly and laughed with joy.

In the room, a wastebasket and a chair were left turned over, and, on the notebook in which I was writing the message, there was a black stain caused by the devils’ attack.  Under my left eye, there were three lines of scratch marks caused by the devils.

What happened while I was writing down the message (2)

After the attack by the devils, I rested in the hotel during the morning, because I felt very dizzy and painful in my head and all over my body.  Then, I ate lunch with others and, at about 1:50 p.m., sat before the desk again to finish writing the message of yesterday.  Because I felt that this message was very important considering the persistent attacks by the devils since yesterday, I sprinkled holy water on and around the desk.  But I forgot to sprinkle it in the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and, at the moment I flushed the toilet before coming out of the bathroom, I again heard the voice of the head devil: “Now there really is no more time to hesitate.  Kill this obstinate woman before she goes out.  This time, we must kill her at one stroke without mistake!”   

As soon as the order was given, I felt as though someone forcefully pushed me from behind.  I was shocked and momentarily lost consciousness.  Then, I felt someone was waking me up and opened my eyes with much difficulty.  I saw it was Angela.  She said that she had heard a loud noise of someone falling in the bathroom after I had entered there, and rushed to me holding a bottle of holy water in her hand.  She sprinkled holy water around me lying on the bathroom floor and said the prayers of exorcism.

Hearing the sounds of the commotion, Fr. Chang and others who were in their rooms rushed to my room.  They saw the miserable scene of my upper garment torn into pieces and shuddered.  One of them said that there might be some wounds on me and checked my right shoulder.  Cacilia Pohl from Germany saw a round wound on my shoulder and said that it appeared to have been caused by the devil’s biting.  She said that she had only learned about the devils’ attacks in some books, but now saw them with her own eyes.  Filled with amazement, she said that she would make more fervent efforts to spread the Messages of Love from the Blessed Mother of Naju and also make known the reality of the cunning devils.

While conversing with others about the cunning devils, I felt a smarting pain on the back of my neck.  Cacilia took a look and screamed loudly.  There were six lines of wounds, looking as if caused by a razor, on the back of my neck.  They had not been noticeable at first, but gradually more blood flowed out.  

I pray that these little pains that I have suffered will give more glory to my Lord, my Beloved, give more consolation to the Blessed Mother, and encourage more humble love together with endless thanksgiving among all the people in the world.


  Message on March 3rd, 2010

My appointment with His Eminence Cardinal Ivan Dias was for 5 p.m. today, and His Excellency Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis informed me that I should be ready to be picked up at my hotel at 4:15 p.m.  So, Fr. Aloysius Chang celebrated Mass for the visit at 3:30 p.m. at the hotel.  After receiving Communion, I meditated, “Jesus!  I pray that the meeting with Cardinal Ivan Dias today be done according to not our will but Thy Will”, and I heard the Blessed Mother’s voice.  

The Blessed Mother:  “My beloved daughter!  Thank you.  As you are graciously offering up your pains praying only for the accomplishment of the Lord’s Will despite your difficulties and fatigue, this Mommy’s Heart is filled with boundless joy.  As you go to visit my son Ivan, whom I have specially nourished and brought up, together with Giovanni, I will accompany you.  Will you receive sufferings for their sake?” 

Julia:    “Yes, of course, I will.  I am willing to suffer any pains.  As this unworthy and lowly daughter belongs totally to the Lord, I will lay down and offer up my whole body and heart.”

The Blessed Mother:  “I knew that you would.  In this age when grave calamities are occurring in the sky, on the ground, and in the seas at different places in the world, if you (plural), whom I have selected and chosen out of many people who are more numerous than the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beach, completely subject even your free wills to me and, thus, sink deeply into and become dissolved in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart, and work in unity (with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart), this Mommy’s Heart will throb in unison with my Son Jesus’ Divinity as well as your human hearts, and, because of this, you will become more intimate with me and receive more abundant energy.”

Julia:  “A—MEN!”

Even before the sound of my “Amen” was completed, the pains on my head from the Crown of Thorns began and blood flowed down.  I was told that it was about 4 p.m.  Oh, Lord!  Receive glory.  What a happy pain it would be, if it can be even of a smallest help for the accomplishment of the Lord’s Will!

The Blessed Mother:  “Yes, that is it.  My beloved daughter who rejoices even while suffering pains!  As Moses renounced his royal power and Abraham gave up Isaac, you (plural) also totally laid down yourselves in order to supply nourishment to numerous souls.  So, how can I not be with you (plural)?  The time that I spend with you (plural) is a time of pleasant rest for me.” 

Julia:  “Oh, Mommy!  I am only ashamed of myself.  I thank you for granting the little prayers of this sinful and shameful woman.  I only wish to follow the Lord’s Words that those who wish to follow the Lord must renounce their own selves and follow Him carrying their crosses.” 

The Blessed Mother:  “Yes, thank you.  This unchanging fervor of yours toward the Lord always gives joy to the Lord and me.” 

Julia:  “Mommy!  As I offer up my pains as numerous as the thorns that pierced my head and the drops of blood that shed from these wounds for the intention of the meeting among Cardinal Ivan Dias, Archbishop Bulaitis, and myself who is so unworthy, grant that the Sacred Heart of the Lord and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother wounded by the sinners be comforted and glorified and that we may offer up gratitude that does not dry up.  Amen!” 

The Blessed Mother:  “Yes, my lovely daughter!  As you offer up praise and glory to the Lord and me through the fellowship of love every day and at every moment, your meeting will make the flower of love bloom on the banquet table of the Love from the Lord and me.”

Julia:  “Amen!  I, who am an unworthy, sinful woman, only give thanks to Thee.  As the whole sky and all the lands are filled with the most sublime and purest Love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, I will continue making efforts despite my unworthiness.”


During the meeting at His Eminence Ivan Cardinal Dias’ official
residence on
March 3, 2010

In the middle of the conversation at Cardinal Ivan Dias’ official residence, I heard the voice of the Blessed Mother. 

The Blessed Mother:  “Are you willing to suffer pains again for my beloved sons whom I can put into my eyes without feeling any pain?”

Julia:  “Mommy!  Please allow me to suffer pains even without asking me.  I am the Lord’s if I die and I am the Lord’s if I live.  As I only wish that the Lord’s Will be done, the pains that I suffer are a cause of my joy.  Therefore, through the suffering of this sinful and unworthy woman, sublimate this meeting between His Eminence, His Excellency, and this sinful woman into a blessing that can reveal the Lord’s glory, and let them (the Cardinal and the Archbishop) rise to the heavenly thrones.  A—men!”

Again, even before my “Amen” ended, I began suffering the pains from the Crown of Thorns on my head.  More blood flowed down from the right side of my head.  Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis gave me his handkerchief so that I might wipe away the blood.  Archbishop Bulaitis said to His Eminence Cardinal Dias, “Julia offers up her pains for the glory of the Lord.” 

We resumed the pleasant conversation in a congenial atmosphere.  When I asked the Cardinal to give me a blessing, he said, “Let’s go to the chapel.”  So, in the chapel at the Cardinal’s official residence, we first prayed together and I received a blessing from the Cardinal.  Then, while His Eminence was offering the prayer of thanksgiving, I suffered the pains of being pierced by the Crown of Thorns and bled again.      

This time, the Cardinal gave me his handkerchief to wipe away the blood from the wounds caused by the Crown of Thorns.  He also gave me two extra handkerchiefs.  As I felt overwhelmed with joy over the thoughtful kindness and favor of the Cardinal and the Archbishop and offered up a prayer of thanksgiving, the Blessed Mother was looking upon us joyfully and with a very happy expression.


Messages on March 20, 2010


I suffered extreme pains as if my neck was being strangled and my head was being crushed. I could not move my body at all because of the pains all over as if I had been beaten with a sledgehammer.  My mouth was as bitter as sumac bark.  Shivering with cold, I asked earnestly that, through my suffering pains so severe that I felt I was dying, the Lord receive glory, the Blessed Mother be comforted, and the sinners who are rushing on the road to hell receive the grace of repentance. 


I said, Lord!  How much pain did You suffer when You were carrying the Cross and the evil people were flogging and whipping You?  Then, You were stripped of Your clothes and were given vinegar mixed with gall to drink, but You only tasted it.  Was it not more bitter and disgusting than the taste now in my mouth? At that moment, I heard the loving voice of the Blessed Mother


The Blessed Mother:  "My lovely daughter whom I love!  My Son Jesus and this Mother are comforted, because you have not grumbled about your suffering pains of live flesh being torn off but have willingly accepted them offering up prayers that are so ardent as if you were tearing off the very flesh of your human nature for the sake of the Lord and me and for the repentance of the sinners so that your suffering may not be vain.


When I got up after the pains ended, I did not see any wounds on myself butsaw blood on the towel under me. I was meditating on the message of love that the Blessed Mother had given us on March 20, 2010 and also on the pains that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are suffering.  While I was offering up pains for the repentance of sinners, Satan, who could not just watch me and do nothing, began attacking me.  I thought some black object whizzed past me.Satan:  Look!  If God had been comforted by your suffering pains, He would have sent down a reward for you rather than leaving you like this suffering pains so severely.  Even so, do you think God really loves you?


Julia:  " Of course, He loves me. . . He loves me immensely.


Satan : " Is that so?  Such a fool and a stupid one!  Right now, you have so much pain in your body and are close to death, and yet you still pray for sinners, tut, tut, tut.  You are saying so, because you do not realize how much pain you have already suffered and how much more pain you are going to suffer.  Wake up quickly.  Even now, ask God to take away your pains.  Then, not only you but also all your family will become rich, and all your concern and worry will disappear.  You will enjoy wealth and honor.  Why are you hesitating ?


Julia: " order you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!  Satan, shut your mouth and go away!  Go to Jesus Christ!


Satan suddenly grabbed my hair, lifted me up high, and flung me away.  I became stuck in the narrow space between the bed, the computer, and the desk.  Satan exclaimed.


Satan:  "Hey, you all!  Quickly kill this wretched woman.  Don’t let her live until Easter. Shoot her with the poisoned arrow that we brought so that she may never come to life again.


A large number of the devils jumped on me, beat me, and clasped me forcefully so that I could not move at all.


Satan:  "That's good.  Now, shoot!


Even before his order was completed, I screamed silently, Lord, I entrust my soul completely to You.  May the Kingdom of the Lord come, the Lord receive the glory, and the Blessed Mother receive the consolation!


At that moment, Jesus flew in like lightning, radiated light, and poured down His Precious Blood, and the devils were terrified and fled.  Not a single drop of the Precious Blood landed on the devils.  Unable to free myself from the narrow crevice, I offered up my pain for the intentions of Jesus and the Blessed Mother and for the repentance of sinners.


Julia :  Lord!  Again, You rescued me from the crisis of death.


Jesus :  "Yes.  Satan tried to kill you, because he considers you, who work for Me, to be his mortal enemy.  However, I rescued you who obey with utmost joy and sincerity.    


My most beloved little soul!  I and My Mother are comforted, because you only wish earnestly the glory for Me and My Mother, because you totally offered up even your free will granted to mankind by God, because you have become a sacrificial offering for Me, laying down even your life, and because you have considered it a joy to suffer pains for the repentance of sinners.


Julia :  Lord!  I feel so shameful, because I am so unworthy.  Many people are committing sins because of me.  Why do You love me so much, who am such a shameful sinner?


Jesus :  "The sins committed by the sinners are so many and are becoming sharp daggers that stab deeply into My Sacred Heart.  Even so, when the wickedest sinners come to Me, I accept them.  Then, how can I not love you who confess that you are a shameful sinner and become lower?


Do not mind too much what those people, who recklessly misuse their free will and commit the sins of blasphemy, are saying.  Because they are blind and deaf, they cannot see or hear, even when I and My Mother scream and scream again repeating the same words through you, and are instead committing the sins of blasphemy.  What can I do, as I have allowed them the free will?


Julia :  "Even so, Lord, please forgive them and let them walk on the way of salvation. Because I am too unworthy, I am unable to fulfill all of the Lord’s and the Blessed Mother’s wishes. I am so anxious.


Jesus :  " My beloved little soul!  If you thought that you did not have even little imperfections, I and My Mother would not have come to you.  But you have always lowered yourself and, not only for yourself but also for the repentance of other people, you have suffered pains in atonement for their sins and have asked that their sins be forgiven.  For this reason, I have supplied nourishment to many souls spiritually and physically as you have wished.


Julia :  " Oh, Lord!


Jesus :  " My beloved baby!  When you rush to Me, confessing that you are an unworthy sinner, I cannot see your imperfections but can only see your love and humility.  So, I forget about the sins in the world and whisper love smiling with satisfaction.


Julia :  Lord, I wish that even those who pour down malicious words upon me may surely repent during this Lent.?


Jesus :  " Your profound love with which you even worry about the souls of those who torment you is grounded in My boundless Mercy.  That is how you can graciously offer up the prayers of love for them despite their perverseness.  This gives joy to My Heart.


Julia :  "I feel shameful before the Lord and am becoming endlessly littler.  That is because the prayer offered by me, who am so unworthy, only looks like a drop of water.


Jesus :  "It is not so.  Through your extreme sufferings in atonement for others? sins, many people are waking up from their sleep.  As there aren’t many days left before I will rebuild the places destroyed by Satan, with the help from you, the little souls who have responded to My call with Amen, fill the cup of the suffering just a little further.  I and My Mother cannot help loving you, as you know well the depth of My boundless Love and Mercy and are always in unity with My suffering Sacred Heart by making reparations to satisfy My justice.


Julia :  Lord!  Because the numerous people in the world have sunk into pleasure and are only seeking what is sweet, they are unable to feel the Love of the Lord with which the Lord has saved (the human race) even by being nailed to the Cross and shedding Blood and dying.  However, those children who have responded with Amen to the call by the Blessed Mother of Naju are practicing and spreading the messages of love to follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother despite many persecutions and difficulties. Please send down even more abundant grace upon them.


Jesus :  "Yes, My kindhearted, little soul!  When God the Father personally sent down sulfuric fire from the sky upon Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying not only these cities but also all other cities in the basin, He remembered Abraham and rescued Lot from destruction.  Likewise, all those children who rush to Me through My Mother Mary and pray in unity with you will surely be saved as you wish.


After I received the message, I stood up supported by the sister who was assisting me and saw that the Precious Blood had landed on my clothes and the quilt beside me.  I also saw bloodstains on my face that must have been shed while a pack of devils were attacking me to kill me, but I could not see any wounds.  

Lord and Blessed Mother!  Praise, gratitude, and glory to You forever and ever.  Amen!



Messages on March 28, 2010


 The fierce attacks on me by the devils yesterday continued today, March 28, the last Sunday of Lent and only one week before Easter.   Yesterday, March 27, at about 2 p.m., when I entered the bathroom, the devils suddenly twined a shower hose around my neck and yanked on it to strangle and kill me.  I struggled fiercely not to be dragged, but the toilet seat warmer which I was holding on to separated from the toilet and I fell backward on the floor.


Hearing my scream and the thud from my falling on the floor, the sister who assists me rushed in and chased away the devils by sprinkling holy water.  She saw the shower hose twined in a double cord around my neck and head.  Because the devils had been strangling and pulling me hard, I was lying on a spot on the floor farther away than the usual length of the shower hose.


The helpers tried to untie the hose around my neck, but succeeded only after much effort because it was tied so tightly.  They were perplexed, because the devils tied the hose, which was not very pliable, and strangled me in just a few seconds after I entered the bathroom. 


Because I had much difficulty moving myself because of the extreme pains and the repeated attacks by Satan to kill me during Lent, I just remained in bed, meditating and not moving.  On March 28, at about 3 a.m., it suddenly became bright before me, and the Blessed Mother, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, came and appealed sadly, shedding tears of blood.


The Blessed Mother :  "Ah?  I am sad.  This is the time when my Son Jesus was accomplishing the great work of salvation and can be called the climax of the Church’s Liturgy.  On this day, which is Palm Sunday when the acclamation and the suffering intersect with each other, how good it would be if at least the clergy and the children, who have been called, truly repent in their hearts and meditate on Jesus Christ entering Jerusalem to accomplish the Paschal Mysteries, and make a new start . . . . (silence for a short while).  


My beloved daughter, look!  The shepherds in the Church and the children who have been called are not trying to fill each other’s shortcomings and learn from each other’s strong points, but are only seeing a speck in their neighbors? eyes, while failing to see the beam in their own eyes, and condemning them as sinners, and are not accepting even a little advice, admitting their own fault, but are resenting the wound made to their self-respect and are getting angry.  How delighted the devils would be!


They say that they love God, but are speaking with emphasis, opening and holding difficult books in their hands, having lost their humility.  They are trying to become higher than others, are criticizing and rejecting others with insults, are blaming others while being blind to their own faults, and thus are irritating my Son Jesus?eyes and this Mommy’s eyes and wounding Our Hearts.  What difference is there between them and the secular people?  (Tears of blood fell in drops from the Blessed Mother’s eyes.)


My beloved daughter!  This Mommy is being comforted, however, when I see the sacrifices by those children who are following you and working in unity with you who are joyfully offering up your sufferings saying that they are the sufferings of hope and even are suffering pains in atonement for others?sins for their repentance and are shedding tears of reparation. 


This world is now so filled with sins that even my priests and children who have been called have become blind and deaf and are playing the role of Judas and Cain in a proud and imposing manner, ignoring the various forms of warning rather than looking for remedial measures against the disasters that are occurring continually.  Which place will they really end up going to and what will happen to the sheep that have been following them?


The sins in this world, which are gravely offensive to God, have reached the level where it is impossible to look at them with open eyes, but, at least, those children who follow you and are supposed to know my Son Jesus and me should unite their efforts and meditate on and participate in the silent outcries of my Son Jesus Christ (carrying the Cross) from Jerusalem to Golgotha which He has revealed through you for the purpose of completing the Paschal Mysteries.  This will be a consolation to the Lord’s wounded Heart and will wipe the tears of blood from my Son Jesus and me, which We cannot help shedding while looking at the sins in the world.


My beloved children!  I wish that, in this grace-filled Holy Week, which is an excellent opportunity to make reparations while waiting for Easter, you accept the words from the Lord and me and put them into practice as they are.  Then, you will be victorious over the cunning Devil, who wants to turn the world upside down, and you will soon see the day when the mouths of those who have been criticizing will be closed and your names together with all the details will be recorded in the shining book of life in the Heavenly Kingdom and you will become rich with the grace from God.


Furthermore, the Lord, Who is the Redeemer as well as the Judge of Justice, will soon come to you, riding on the clouds in the sky, displaying His power, and bringing the rewards and fire that He promised to you, together with this Mother, the Queen of Heaven.  As I will be on the side of you who have always wanted to be with me, all of you, welcome Easter with a clean heart through repentance in this Holy Week during which preparations are made for Easter so that the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper and the Paschal Mystery of the Resurrection may be perpetuated.


While suffering the pains, I offered them up as the prayers of life, not neglecting even a sound of my breath, in order to continue wiping the Blessed Mother’s tears of blood and giving consolation to the wounded Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.  While I was lying down in my bed because of extreme pains and meditating on the Blessed Mother’s messages, I shed tears.  A sister, who was helping me, was startled and said, “Oh, no!  Blood is coming out of your eyes!


I stood up, looked at me in the mirror, and was surprised myself, because I was feeling that tears were continuously flowing down from my eyes causing so much pain that I had difficulty opening my eyes, but when I looked at me in the mirror, I only saw blood around my eyes, which was not flowing down.  Lord!  I offer up these sufferings despite my unworthiness for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother.  Praise and glory to the Lord, Amen!



Messages on March 31, 2010


At about 2:40 p.m., I was called by the Blessed Mother and went to the Chapel where the Blessed Mother’s statue was placed.  I made a deep bow three times to the Blessed Mother, knelt, and looked at the Blessed Mother.  She began speaking, while shedding streams of tears of blood on her face.


The Blessed Mother :  "My beloved daughter!  I do not shed tears and tears of blood in vain.  If all the children who come to visit me open their hearts widely and plead with me, I will present them to my Son Jesus so that their souls and bodies will be washed clean and thus healed with the Blood that my Son Jesus shed for the repentance of sinners and the tears and tears of blood that I shed.


If you do not ignore the tears and tears of blood that I have shed and the unprecedented miracles that my Son Jesus has revealed, accept well the messages of love that my Son Jesus and I have given you, and thus lead a life based on the Gospel teachings, you will surely be saved even if grave disasters continue to occur in the skies, on the ground, and in the seas. 


My extremely beloved daughter who is making efforts to the extent of bleeding to imitate my Son Jesus and this Mommy!  Will you participate in my sufferings so that my tears and tears of blood will not be wasted, as you know best that this Mommy is suffering extreme pains because of the stupefying sins of the children in the world?


I answered immediately.  " Yes, Mother!  Of course, I will participate in them.  In anything, everything . . .  Even before I finished speaking, tears streamed down from my eyes.  At that moment everyone looked at me and screamed loudly.  They saw me also shedding tears of blood.  A while later, more tears of blood streamed down.  From about 3:30 p.m., no more tears came out of either of my eyes.  My eyes, which had been blurry and painful, instantaneously became clear and completely healed.  Lord, receive glory, and, Blessed Mother, receive consolation.  Amen!


    Messages on December 8, 2010

On the Solemnity of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of the Catholic Church in Korea, I prayed fervently in the Chapel and on the Blessed Mother's Mountain to console the Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother; for the Holy Father, Cardinal Levada, Cardinal Ivan Dias, Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, and all those who work for the Blessed Mother of Naju inside and outside Korea; for the pilgrims, who were participating in the celebration, so that they might receive grace and not be attacked by the devils; and for the conversion of the clergy, religious, and lay people. 


 I exerted myself to the utmost, as it was a prayer offered while suffering pains that were so extreme that I could hardly make one step forward.  At the place where little rocks stained with the Precious Blood were preserved, a large quantity of the golden-color fragrant oil came down.  Every time I offered up a prayer, different kinds of fragrance filled the air the fragrance of roses, the fragrance of lilies, the scent of burning for the purification of the souls, the smell of alcohol, and more.


 While I was praying before the Crucifix at Mt. Calvary, light suddenly radiated from the Seven Wounds of Jesus and I felt the light instantaneously piercing my head and going through it.  I screamed unwittingly, because I felt as if my whole head was being pierced. Bleeding continued from the wounds on my head caused by the Crown of Thorns and I received the blood in my hands.


As lots of blood continued flowing down, I received the blood with a handkerchief.  The blood also dripped on the scarf around my neck.


When I opened and lifted up the scarf to confirm the stains of the blood on it, the Precious Blood suddenly dripped down on the scarf. Meanwhile, the priests, the Sisters, and the volunteer helpers (altogether more than ten people) were constantly looking at the bleeding from the wounds on my head, anxiously exclaiming, Oh, no!  Oh, no!? shedding tears, and feeling pain in their hearts.


The pain was extreme as if the whole head was pierced, but I said, Oh, Lord, thank You!  Please make use of these pains that this sinful one is suffering according to Your Will.  Amen ! At that moment, Jesus began speaking with a low voice.


 Jesus :   My little soul whom I love so dearly! 
Thank you.
  Due to the most sublime and pure love that you have toward Me, I am able forget even for a little while the pains that I receive from the souls who are ungrateful for My Love and gravely offend Me.  Nevertheless, the pains that you have been suffering will not be fruitless at all.  That is because every drop of the blood that you shed will be combined with the Light, Love, and Grace from My Sacred Heart, will flow into the numerous souls like a river, and their souls and bodies will be healed.


 As I receive much consolation together with My Mother through your gracious sacrifices and reparations and many souls will receive the grace of repentance through your suffering which you offer up graciously, I will send down great blessing on the children gathered at My huge banquet.  To all my precious children who came with you seeking Me and My Mother, We will open widely Our combined Sacred Hearts that are flaming up with Love and will send down unlimited blessing so that the Love and Peace may be with them.


 Then, I heard the beautiful and kind voice of the Blessed Mother.


 The Blessed Mother : 

 My beloved clergy, religious, and all the children who have been called and responded with Amen!  Now, as you, who have been called for the smooth accomplishment of my Plan, have courageously become the apostles of the Sacred Hearts in constant unity with my little soul, and remain in my Immaculate Heart, no one will be able to violate you.  Also as I will let you wear the garments of all virtues, your every movement will be led by my fragrance and you will be living as the souls of little persons.


 When you spread my messages of love, which I gave you shedding tears and tears of blood and exuding the fragrant oil by squeezing my whole body in order to wash away the dirty stains from the children of the whole world, you will experience pains, but I will lead you, who have been called from all over the world, to a lofty sanctity so that you may throw off the mask of errors with your mouth as with a double-edged sword, spread the truth, and give off the fragrance of Christ.