March 1, 2008 -Worries bound up in religious precepts are but a waste of time. 

June 30, 2008 -The rosary prayers accompanied with sacrifices...on the Way of the                             Cross...those who offer up these prayers with utmost love and devotion                             will receive a plenary indulgence

August 2, 2008 -If you, who believe in the Comm union of the Saints, continue the prayers of                               utmost devotion ...

Message on March 1, 2008

Together with the pilgrims who came to the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, I prayed the rosary for the realization of the Will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother combined with my own intentions including the conversion of sinners, gracefully offering up the cold early spring weather, holding a candlelight in one hand and the rosary in the other, and walking on the Way of the Cross.  While we were praying the Second Sorrowful Mystery, we were at (the replica of) Mt.Calvary and stood before the image of Jesus on the Crucifix.  When we finished the Second Sorrowful Mystery and were about to say the Glory Be, a bright light from the sky suddenly flashed on the image of Jesus on the Crucifix, which then turned into the live Jesus, came down on the ground and gave a blessing to all the pilgrims.  This light also shone on me like a strong wind, and I fell down on the ground.  At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of Jesus.


"My extremely beloved little soul who wishes only for the conversion of the human race, which is surrounded by total darkness and is rushing on the way of perdition, and gracefully offers up the extreme pains!  The Heavenly Father is sending down a benediction of boundless blessing through Me instead of the cup of just wrath, because there is a little soul like you who prays earnestly for the conversion of those who judge and insult you with groundless, vicious rumors, putting the blame on yourself only.

My beloved children!  Even Solomon, who enjoyed all kinds of prosperity, did not receive these immeasurably valuable graces that you have received and still are receiving here.  If God clothes beautifully the wildflowers that blossom today and will be thrown into the fireplace tomorrow, will He not much better clothe you who are working to help my little soul for My sake and My Mother's?

Therefore, I tell you clearly.  Worries bound up in religious precepts are but a waste of time.  Those who obstruct the truths and spread errors will surely beat their breasts and wail on the last day, but, if you put into practice the messages of love that I and My Mother have given you, arm yourselves by turning everything in your life into a prayer, and gracefully offer it up, you will not only enjoy eternal happiness in the next world but receive everything in this world as well.”

When I stood up supported by others, I did not see the live Jesus any longer but only saw the image of Jesus on the Crucifix looking down at us.  We came down from the Way of the Cross and entered the area where the little stones stained with the Precious Blood of the Lord are preserved.  While praying there, we looked up, as the area around the Crucifix became bright as the daytime, and saw the fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus on His statue vigorously flaming up.  At that moment, I heard the gentle and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.


"My beloved daughter!  My beloved daughter who jumps with joy whenever a sinner repents even in the midst of suffering extreme pains!  Also, my beloved children who rushed here responding with 'Amen' to My Son Jesus Christ's and my call even in the midst of cruel persecutions!  Thank you.  How can God see your devotion and love and still send down the chastisement on this world?

Even though all things in this world change as clothes and buildings change, the Lord Who loves you is eternally immortal.  Some of the children are wondering why the Lord is delaying (to finish His work), as He already said, ‘The day when I will finish the work that I started is not far off.  In fact, it is because the Lord wishes that no one will perish but everyone will repent.  Therefore, offer up even more graciously your entire life as prayers.

My beloved children!  Even if the heavens and the earth are no more, the Lord's words will never be nullified but will be accomplished as they are.  Therefore, if you open the doors of your hearts widely and draw closer (to the Lord), the fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus will vigorously flame up and remove thoroughly the stains that have made your souls and bodies dirty.  Even if this world passes away, you who follow your Lord and me will surely be protected and will be led to the Heavenly Kingdom on the last day, which is filled only with joy, love, peace, and happiness."

When I raised my head, the pilgrims had just finished the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery and the Glory Be.  I could no longer see the fire that had been vigorously flaming up from the Sacred Heart on the statue of Jesus but only saw His statue. 

(The fire that vigorously flamed up from the Sacred Heart on the statue of Jesus was also witnessed by several pilgrims.)      

June 30, 2008 — The 23
rd anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first
                                    shedding tears in Naju, Korea

Message on June 30, 2008

At about 8 p.m., we began praying the rosary holding candlelights and walking on the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother's Mountain.  After completing one round on the Way of the Cross, we stood before the area where the little stones stained with the Precious Blood are preserved and resumed praying looking at the statue of the Blessed Mother on the Mountain. While we were praying, I saw the Blessed Mother's statue turning into the live Blessed Mother.  She stretched out her hands holding up her blue mantle, and all the pilgrims to Naju became like children, entered beneath the mantle, and joyfully shared love with one another.  The Blessed Mother looked at them lovingly and embraced all of them warmly under her mantle.  However, there were some pilgrims who were hesitating to get closer to the Blessed Mother.  I cried out inside myself:

Oh, dear Mommy!  Thank you for bringing us up with your utmost love despite our unworthiness and embracing us under your mantle as a hen gathers her chicks under its wings.  Please also embrace the children who hesitate to get closer to Mommy and all those who wish to be here at this hour but are unable to, and thus become a refuge for all of them.”

At that moment, I looked in the direction of the statue of Jesus on Mt.Calvary because bright light was flashing from there.  I saw the light descending from above and, then, beautiful light radiating several times making sounds and pouring down upon the pilgrims.  It was an indescribably brilliant and beautiful scene.

"Lord Who came as the light to repel the darkness!  I thank Thee sincerely.  How can we, who are so unworthy, dare fathom the most sublime, pure and ineffable Love of Thee Who is the Lord of heaven and earth and the origin of all things?  I wish that the Lord would send down the light of grace, which the Lord sent down on us today to repel the darkness, equally on the children who wish to be here but are unable to as well as the opponents so that the Kingdom of the Lord may be established in this world with the grace of repentance.

In this age of persecution when the dignity of human beings is being thrown away like worn-out shoes and great importance is attached to face-saving and self-esteem while not fearing God, let the pains that we suffer despite our unworthiness be truly joined to the Lord's inestimable sufferings on the Cross, become consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and flow into all the people in the world as graces.  Let the pains that we suffer in persecution become the fragrant oil that is totally offered up to Thee.

I eagerly wish that we would never fall before any attacks but go forward ardently and humbly toward the Lord and the Blessed Mother, walk on the way of little ones’ love, faithfully carry out the role of the apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, and thus manifest the glory of the Lord.  I sincerely pray that the Lord's Will alone be done through us despite our unworthiness . . . . .

At that moment, I heard the voice of Jesus, so kind and filled with love.


"My most beloved and lovely little soul whom I have selected and chosen from the multitude of people as numerous as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the seashore!  You have been totally subordinating even your free will to Me and offering up extreme pains as sacrifices and reparations to participate in My work of salvation for saving the world.  Nevertheless, you do not consider yourself worthy of any merit.

As Moses gave up the royal power and Abraham gave up Isaac, you have been totally offering up yourself to give nourishment to numerous souls.  How can I refuse your entreaty filled with such love of yours?  The rosary prayers accompanied with sacrifices that you offer up together with the numerous children on the Way of the Cross in order to participate in My great plan of salvation for saving the world give joy to Me and to My Mother, who is also your mother.  Therefore, those who offer up these prayers with utmost love and devotion will receive a plenary indulgence, as they are the prayers that fill again and again the abyss that lies between My greatness and your lowliness.

My beloved and lovely children!  My words: ‘Whoever seeks his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it,'will be surely and exactly realized to all of you who are following Me and My Mother.  Therefore, do not have any worry or fear, but, together with My little soul who has been called to a great role, entrust everything to Me and My Mother and faithfully follow (Us) in a childlike and upright manner.

You, who are not abandoning your faith or trust even in the midst of the cruel persecution but are rushing toward Me through My Mother, are blessed, because, you, who remain awake and pray with My precious little soul at this time when the violent Satan is rampantly trying to gain control over the humans by making use of the humans' power, will inherit eternal happiness before My throne in the Heavenly Kingdom on the last day."


Message on August 2, 2008 - First Saturday


 To observe this First Saturday, we began praying the rosary at about 8 p.m., walking on the Way of the Cross, where Jesus and the Blessed Mother walk with us.  After completing a round, we came down to the area where little stones stained with the Precious Blood are preserved and continued praying.  At that time, all of the angels, all of the Saints, and all of the martyrs appeared and prayed together at the side of the image of Jesus on the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary.  They were extremely many to the extent that I could not clearly see their faces.

When we said, "Precious Blood of Christ!" while praying the Litany of the Saints, light radiated from the Precious Blood on the little stones; when we said, "Most Sacred and Precious Blood of Jesus!" powerful light radiated from both of Jesus’ hands on His image on Mt. Calvary; when we said, "Immaculate Heart of Mary!" powerful light radiated from the Blessed Mother's statue above the miraculous spring; and when we said, "Blessed Mother of Naju who pleaded with us shedding tears and tears of blood and exuded fragrant oil by squeezing all of herself!" powerful light radiated from the statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju which still continues exuding fragrant oil.  Also when we called out the names of the Saints while praying the Litany of the Saints, each Saint whose name was called stretched out his or her hands and flashed light upon us.  When we said, "All the Saints in Heaven!" all of the Saints flashed light upon us; when we said, "All the martyrs!" all the Saints and martyrs together flashed light upon us; and when we said, "All the angels!" all the angels together flashed light upon us.  These scenes seemed to be a feast of light shining upon every corner of this dark world and the signs of joy that foretell the coming of the new Pentecost.  It is not possible for me to describe them adequately. 

While I was enraptured by these scenes, the beautiful Blessed Mother appeared, radiating light, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, and carrying the Baby Jesus wearing a royal crown in her left arm.  She began speaking lovingly and kindly.    


My most beloved children!  You, who have responded with Amen to this Mommy's request that you pray with me at this hour of My Son Jesus’ passing from Death to Resurrection and in this night of crossing from death to life and are praying with the utmost love and devotion accompanied by sacrifices, are truly my lovely babies.  The reason for this is that you are fulfilling my Son Jesus’ and my wish for the repentance of all the children in this world by participating in the prayers of this Mommy who has wished to appease the just wrath of God and to replace the cup of chastisement with the cup of blessing.

At this grave hour when a fierce battle is being waged against the devil, Satan, who is trying to conquer the world, even those children who say that they love me are turning their faces away from the Lord who bleeds and walks with you and this Mommy who cries out shedding tears of blood, for fear of being wounded from the brandishing of the swords of persecution, and are relishing the pleasure of going on vacation under the cool air conditioner, you rejoice over the persecutions and insults that you receive and offer up sacrifices together with my daughter whom I have chosen.  What will be there that I cannot lay down for you? 

That is why I sent all the angels and Saints in Heaven so that they may come down from Heaven, rejoice in high spirits and pray with you, and radiate the light of blessing so that they may infuse the spirit of the Saints into all of you.  If you, who believe in the Communion of the Saints, continue the prayers of utmost devotion following the Will of the Lord and me to save the world, this blessing filled with the love that connects Heaven and earth together will also continue. 

My beloved children who have been called and responded with Amen!  Today I intend to thoroughly wash you, wipe you, and open up what has been clogged in you by sending down the streams of the water of mercy upon your souls and bodies as if pouring down from a tall waterfall, as you have responded with Amen to my call like a child and come to the Lord and me, and are praying with your utmost devotion.

If even the high-ranking shepherds in the Church, who have been called and are supposed to guide the herds of sheep on the right way, keep the doors of their minds closed and locked without repenting and, for the sake of saving their faces before others’ eyes and ears and for their own safety and security, consent to the injustice that blocks the way of my little souls, who have been called, and remain silent so that they may not be able to offer up their sublime prayers for the repentance of sinners, and only scourge them, grave calamities in the sky, on the ground, and in the seas will occur here and there.  

If, even so, they do not accept the most sublime and pure love of the Lord and me, misuse their free will, insist only on their own self-contradictory faith based on human calculation, refuse to the end to accept the unprecedented miracles that have been bestowed with the inestimable mercy of the Lord and me for the conversion of sinners and the fruit from them, and continue to instigate the innocent souls to walk toward Hell, which is a behavior that I cannot bear to look at, they will be thrown as dry grass and fallen leaves  into the sulfuric fire that flames up vigorously at the time of the Last Judgment.  At that time, even I would not be able to do anything.

Therefore, at least you, who have been called, should always remain awake and arm yourselves with the prayers of life lest you should fall into the traps set by the devils of division, who fill the earth and the sky and are vigilantly seeking the opportunity to destroy the world.  Because the prayers of life are the most sublime and pure prayers that give birth to the holy virtues and help you make progress toward perfection, practice them every day and at every moment and, thus, faithfully carry out your role as the instrument that has been called to help numerous souls become freed from the way to hell and inherit Heaven. 

My extremely beloved babies who have been called to a great role and have responded with Amen!  My enemy, Satan, even mobilizes the numerous church leaders to shun the Lord and me, who are unfolding the economy of love, as heretical, but because you, whom I have prepared and nurtured for the Order of Mary's Ark of Salvation, have responded with Amen, you will be doing your share of the work of saving the world.  Therefore, settle yourselves in my bosom of love, as lowlier, humbler, and littler souls.  Through you, who think you are unworthy, Satan who harasses the world will retreat, unprecedented miracles of love will be worked, and, before long, you will see the dawn of the new era.

Now, I want all of you to become totally little by the power of the Precious Blood of the Lord who loves you deeply and the merit of this bleeding Mommy to be tightly embraced in my bosom of love like the Baby Jesus.  Thus, be nurtured by my little soul who is always with me and make a new start.

That you have responded with Amen to the invitation together with my little soul who has been called to a great role, which this pure Mommy has prepared with my utmost effort, and responded with Amen means that you have been called as her helpers for the purpose of strengthening the foundation stones for the great role.  Also, that you have been called as her helpers means that you have been called as my helpers.       

My dear sons and daughters!  When you clearly realize the simple truth that even light feathers amassed together in large numbers can sink a boat, display the power of love more energetically, and heroically offer up your utmost loyalty, the time of purification will be shortened, and, before long, it will be revealed that the opponents’ self-contradicting behaviors, which have blocked all the graces, have been merely shallow deceptions.  Therefore, increase your courage hundredfold and offer up your utmost loyalty. 

When you remain in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart, become completely dissolved in them, and work in unity, this Mommy's Heart will beat forcefully together with the Divinity of my Son Jesus and with your human hearts and you will become more intimate with me and receive more abundant strength.  Thus, when you accomplish the most sublime task that I have given you for the work of salvation, the just wrath of God will turn into a blessing and the Lord's Kingdom will come.  Therefore, invite the numerous children in the world to the banquet in Heaven so that they may inherit the tree of eternal life.

I have totally trusted that you will follow the Lord, Who is Love Itself and wishes even those children who have been ungrateful and disloyal by violating the dignity and sanctity of God to return, and (follow) me, who am the shining dawn of the Church and the ark of the new covenant, to carry out the extremely important task of converting the sinners, abandoning the comfortable life guaranteed to you and becoming a grain of wheat that dies so that you may become the foundation stones of the Order of Mary’s Ark of Salvation.  Then, new buds will sprout even on the burnt ground and the light of new graces will radiate upon you, the gates of Heaven will open widely to welcome you on the last day, and you will receive the glorious crown for enjoying eternal happiness and stand at my side together with my little soul.”