February 28, 2001 - Crush your ego again and again at every moment and become little souls.

April 1, 2001- Become children and hold my hands without weighing with human calculation.

August 4, 2001- Completely offer yourselves up.

September 8, 2001- Come closer to Me and become one with My Heart.

September 28, 2001 -Become simpler by becoming innocent children.

October 19, 2001 -Let all the people praise the Father Who is in Heaven.

November 3, 2001 -I love all of you so much.

November 6, 2001 -Remain awake to meet the Lord, your Redeemer.

November 8, 2001- The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near.

November 9, 2001 -There is no more time to procrastinate.

November 24, 2001 -Do your best in carrying out the tasks given to you.

Message on February 28, 2001

At about 2 a.m., I lit candles and began praying the rosary.  At about 3 a.m., Jesus appeared wearing a white garment.  His whole body was stained with Blood, and even His garment was permeated with Blood.  He looked so miserable. While I was so surprised and did not know what to do, Jesus came closer in a loving way and spoke with a kind voice:


“This is My garment made of cotton, which has been soaked in My Blood and torn apart again and again during scourging because of the sins of numerous children. These pieces of My cotton garment have been cut apart with sharp scissors of the greed and selfishness with which people only want to receive without giving to others for their own satisfaction instead of loving others as themselves and also with the scissors of cold-hearted betrayal.” (From Jesus’ message on February 28, 2001)




By the arrangement of Our Lord, Julia divided it into two, enshrined half of it in the attic which was her hiding place, and the other half in the Chapel. A small quantity of powdered cloth stained with the Precious Blood was put into the monstrance. When the monstrance was placed close to the Blessed Mother’s statue of the Chapel, the quantity of the powdered cloth increased and filled the monstrance.

Even though half of the powder of His garment burned down during the Chapel fire (March 22, 2015), the other half could be enshrined at the New Chapel again. More surprisingly, the other half, which was only a little, has significantly increased in its amount.

JESUS: Daughter!  My beloved little soul!  Do not be too surprised.  I am stained with Blood like this even now in order to save the world which is infected with sins, as I do not want even one of the children in the world to be condemned and fall into eternal perdition.  No matter how much love I may give them, most of the children in the world, who have already become extremely corrupt, are filled with self-centered stubbornness caused by pride and are spiritually blind and deaf and are offending God with insult and ingratitude instead of accepting My love which made Me give My whole body (to them).  That is why My Heart has become torn apart into pieces and is bleeding like this day after day.

Look!  My daughter!  They say that they love Me and My Mother, but, without sincere prayer and true repentance, implore Me and My Mother as if holding on to a life buoy only when they suffer pains and, after they receive the graces they have been asking for, have a grateful heart only briefly and, without giving alms to the Heavenly Beggars, return to their miserable life and become thorns that prick the Sacred Heart.

Oh!  How anxiously I have been waiting for the little souls to lower Me from the Cross!  But the numerous children in the world, the great majority of the clergy and religious, and even My children who have been specially called nail Me to the Cross and, instead of lowering Me from the Cross, remain unawake and join forces with the devil and, thereby, lose their sense of direction, become filled with pride and vanity, and, holding sharp scissors of greed and selfishness (in their hands), cut My body and cloth into pieces to own them.  My Heart and My Mother's Heart have burned and burned and have long since become erupting volcanoes.

Julia: Dear Lord!  I am so unworthy and powerless.  What should I do?  Please teach me.


My beloved daughter who has to suffer pains!  You are My little soul.  I have told the Apostle Paul that My power becomes fully manifested in those who are weak.  If you remember that I together with My Mother always dwell in you even while you are weak and graciously offer up at every moment all the pains that befall you for the conversion of sinners, you will be repairing and consoling My torn Heart and the torn Heart of My Mother, who has been imploring you with tears and tears of blood, and also will be mending My garment which has been torn apart into pieces.

Then, the Lord gave me something saying, "Now, My daughter!  Receive this.  I received it with both of my hands and held it in my left hand.


This is My garment made of cotton, which has been soaked in My Blood and torn apart again and again during scourging because of the sins of numerous children.  These pieces of My cotton garment have been cut apart with sharp scissors of the greed and selfishness with which people only want to receive without giving to others for their own satisfaction instead of loving others as themselves and also (with the scissors) of cold-hearted betrayal.

Remembering that My Mother and I become crushed like this every day and with a heart of sincere prayers, repentance and love, at least you, who know that (My Mother and I) are being insulted and experience all kinds of sufferings because of sinners even at this moment, see this powder of cloth  and crush your ego again and again at every moment, become little souls, and turn your lives into prayer. 

Doing that will become pliers that pull out thorns and nails which have been driven deeply into My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother and also become needles that mend the Sacred Hearts and the garment that have been torn apart.  Thus, it will be a great comfort to My Mother and Me.  Therefore, try not to fall into disappointment and despair, and, remembering that when you display the power of love more (vigorously) and offer up your utmost loyalty in heroic ways, the time of purification will be shortened, always remain awake and pray.  Good-bye!  An-nyoung!

After Jesus finished speaking, I resumed praying the rosary in pains.  I did not dare to look at what I was holding in my hand.  Then, I fell asleep.  When I awoke, it was still too early and I did not look at what was in my hand.  About four and a half hours later, at 7:30 a.m., I called my family and others.  Before everyone looking on, I opened my hand, shaking and awestruck.  There were pieces of cloth crushed into powder and stained with Blood.  Everyone was surprised and looked more closely.  A woman, who was knowledgeable in textiles, said, “It looks like a cloth made of very delicate fibers. yes"  All of us were looking at this and promised to ourselves that we would crush our strong egos again and again, turn our lives into prayers at every moment, become simple and little souls, and thus give true consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.


Message on April 1, 2001

At about 7 a.m., when I was praying, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter!  My beloved daughter!  My beloved sons and daughters who have been chosen as my helpers in this age situated in danger!  Make haste to become children and hold my hands without weighing with human calculation.  Firmly holding the hands of me, your Heavenly Mother and the String that ties Heaven and earth together, and without becoming discouraged or disappointed or looking back, hurriedly wake up, pray, do reparations, live a consecrated life, and make a constant effort to turn your whole life into prayers. 

I have so anxiously cried out that the cup of God's wrath has been overflowing and overflowing and, now, there is no more time to procrastinate, but most of the children who say that they know me and even you whom I have chosen are so blind and deaf and are not faithfully following this Heavenly Mamma's words which I have screamed until my throat begins bleeding and are not turning your lives into prayers.  Instead, (you) are filled with human thinking and pride, are unable to discern that evil even hides itself behind innocent appearances, and bring about division by joining forces with the devil.  The Heart of this Mamma who is looking at this suffers pains of becoming torn into pieces. 

However, as it is not too late yet, hurry up and hold my hands.  If at least you, who have been called, distance yourselves from pleasures of the senses, accept the anxious pleas of my Son Jesus and me faithfully, and practice them in your lives, the time of the victory of my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart will be advanced.  Therefore, become like me.  As I want to collect the little flowers and the seeds of martyrdom, which you offer up by making sacrifices at every moment, in my burning Immaculate Heart and offer them up to God, make your best, strenuous efforts.

Then, you will see that the day, when God, Who is Love Itself and loves you so much, will turn the cup of wrath into the cup of blessing and rebuild the place which has been destroyed by Satan, and thus the mouths of those who have been opposing and criticizing will be closed, is not far off. 

My children who have been chosen!  You suffer pains now, but if you keep in mind the place in the Heavenly Kingdom which I have prepared for you, display the power of love so that you may not squander any of the pains that accompany you while following me, persevere in the utmost loyalty in heroic ways, and graciously offer up (your pains), your sighs will turn into joys in the not distant future.


Message on August 4, 2001

At about 5:40 a.m., when I was praying in meditation, I heard the kind and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.


My beloved daughter!  My poor and pitiable daughter who falls and collapses while carrying the heavy and hard Cross but, without looking the other way, staggers forward, suffering the death agony, in order to follow this Mamma in Heaven!  Not forgetting that I become comforted by seeing your blood-and-tears endeavor and am with you and with greater strength and courage, completely offer yourselves up so that even the sinners, who have become arid, may repent.  My Heart is hurting so much, because even my little souls who have been invited to Heaven are frequenting Purgatory and hell.

My beloved children who have been called!  If even you, who are supposed to guide with God's love and words the sheep which have lost their ways and are wandering, do not form unity with love, how overjoyed the devils will be!  That you may accomplish the very important mission that has been entrusted to you before God, realize (the importance of your mission), be more awake, and pray and achieve unity in the love of the Lord and me.  Then, the devil who has been attacking you in order to conquer the world will run away, and the triumph of my Immaculate Heart will be achieved before long.


Message on September 8, 2001

I was stumbling, falling down, and crawling and not fully conscious while doing the Stations of the Cross (on the Blessed Mother's mountain near Naju).  At the 11th Station, the water of mercy was streaming down.  At the 12th Station, I heard the Lord's voice.


My beloved children!  I am comforted by your sacrifices and reparations filled with love.  In this age when empty heads of grain are swarming, I allowed your meeting (Translator's note:  Julia says that, in the vision at the 12th Station, she saw those who have responded to the Blessed Mother's call to help her).  (Therefore) encourage each other with a sincere heart and demolish human walls that keep your hearts closed with unfailing ties and fully-open and generous love in unlimited and total unity.  Now open your hearts widely so that you may learn from each other what is good and welcome advices that can help correct your shortcomings, and come closer to Me and become one with My Heart.

Thus, when you follow Me in greater solidarity and unity in the Holy Trinity, I, Who allowed your meeting, will perform miracles of love, and you will enjoy Heaven together with Me and My Mother in the joy of being in harmony with the Saints at every moment, even where it appears that (everything) has failed and is hopeless.


Message on September 28, 2001


My sons and daughters who have been chosen!  Keep it in your mind that you have been chosen to work for the Lord and me with my daughter whom I have loved and have chosen; and follow me united as one in the Holy Trinity.  

My beloved children! Become simpler by throwing away human thoughts (calculations) and becoming innocent children. I want you to become littler and be embraced tightly in my bosom. It will be difficult to follow me with human calculations, just as you cannot preserve the Heritage of the Faith with theories and reasoning alone.  

Therefore, become humbler and littler souls and help my daughter, who has been chosen; my daughter who is participating in the Lord's Passion by suffering death agonies before delivery and is facing moments of a second death as bloody efforts and sacrifices are necessary.  As she has responded with “Amen?to a great mission that this pure Mother has prepared with an utmost care, you too have been called to be her helpers and responded with “Amen.?  Shouldn’t you now attend to my daughter's wounds and heal them?

As I allowed your meeting, do not forget that you should become interpreters for each other who console each other and protect each other's lives.  And enjoy the exultation, love and peace in the midst of overflowing graces, carrying out your precious mission in your unique role that is irreplaceable.  

As God called Moses to Mt. Sinai to liberate the Israeli people who had been in bondage on the Egyptian lands, you have been called so that my victory may be achieved.  Therefore, tear down human walls with your whole life and with a stronger and warmer heart, and love one another generously.

As I told you before, remember that even though I can make you perfect, I allow you to make mistakes so that you may be humble, and do not waste time with the devils but turn your lives into prayers, have a total faith and trust, achieve unity in the Holy Trinity relying on the divine source, and follow me.  The purpose for doing this is to lead many souls to Heaven in the joy of achieving harmony with the Saints at every moment.

This current age is bringing upon itself the chastisement of fire and blood, but you, who work for the Lord and me, should not worry or fear, but make a fresh start following me. Then, God, Who loves you, will save you, who follow me and work for me, from the dangers which will befall (this world) in this end time with the amazing love with which He saved Daniel by closing the lions?mouths, and let you inherit Heaven. When you do not hesitate or waver but become awake, make strenuous efforts to fully carry out the mission that has been given to you, display the power of love more strongly, and offer up a heroic loyalty, I will always accompany you and sustain you like a person who never falters despite tremendous difficulties. You will share love at the heavenly table with me and enjoy happiness on the last day.


Message on October 19, 2001

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's mountain together with several helpers, feeling much difficulty and pains, streams of the water of mercy began coming down at the Seventh Station.

When we reached the Twelfth Station and were praying prostrate on the ground, I suddenly lost energy in my whole body and fell backward.  I entered an ecstasy and saw a vision.  Numerous people were screaming for help in the midst of terrible pains.  They were trampling each other, struggling to climb higher.  Those who were being trampled were groaning and screaming because of pains.  Some of their screaming was like the sound of wolves, with a long lingering sound.  It was frightful and could send a chill through a person.

At that moment, the devils were going about busily, whispering into people's ears, “You can live only if you go higher.  Those people who were deceived by the devils were trying to go higher with all their strength, ignoring even their parents and brothers and sisters, trampling them in order to save their own lives.  Their desperate efforts, however, were futile.  As soon as they seemed to have reached the top, others under them grabbed and pulled down their feet.  They fell to the bottom and were trampled by others who were frantically trying to go up.  It was a terrible scene that was repeating itself endlessly.  The screaming sounded so ghastly to an indescribable degree that I even felt my hair standing up.  While looking at this terrible scene, I began screaming to the Lord with a trembling voice.

Julia: Oh, Savior Jesus Who is our Redeemer and Love Itself!  These days our human society has accomplished enormous progress through a highly-advanced materialistic civilization, but humans?inner lives has become more desolate, like a desert.  How much pain this must have caused Thee!  The dazzling progress of the materialistic civilization can bring about temporary conveniences, but cannot give humans true happiness.  Instead, it is annihilating love.  Of what use can it be to our souls?

Lord!  Forgive all those children in the world who are so blind and deaf and are rushing toward their permanent ruin, without understanding the Lord's and the Blessed Mother's words.  Save them by liberating them from the devils?cunning temptations.  Wash away their sins completely, heal them, and let them resurrect with the Sacred and Precious Blood from Thy Seven Wounds, shed on the Cross to save the world.  

As I was screaming, Jesus appeared, wearing a white robe and a red mantle.  I was overjoyed and said.

Julia: Oh, my Lord!  Please save those people who have fallen into the devils?temptations because they did not trust the Lord and the Blessed Mother, will You?

JESUS: Haven’t I already told you that there is nothing that can be done if humans refuse to accept love however much love I may give them, as they have been given a free will?

Julia:  Lord!  Didn’t the Lord value the one sheep that had been lost but was found more than the ninety-nine other sheep?  Just one single drop of the Precious Blood that the Lord shed for our sake can save the whole world.

As I continued screaming and begging, the Lord looked with loving and merciful eyes at all of us who were praying, and spoke.

JESUS: My beloved little soul!  If all the children in the world had followed Me with a faith like yours, this world would already have become the New Heaven and the New Earth.  But look at all those numerous people.  Instead of repenting their sins, they are cruelly trampling and abandoning their neighbors, trying to save only their own lives.  How can they expect to live?

Julia:  Lord!  Please give them one more chance to repent.  When they die, their bodies will return to earth, but their souls will not be able to escape from the flames of fire in hell.  Have mercy so that not even one soul may fall into hell.

I cried and implored again.  Then, the Lord said.

JESUS: My loving and obedient daughter!  How can I refuse your earnest request?  I will give one more chance to the children who have lost their sense of direction in the midst of pandemonium and are wandering.  If they accept Me and My Mother, they will repent and be saved.

After Jesus finished speaking, He ascended higher in the sky.  At that moment, the Blessed Mother, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, appeared at the Lord's side.  Saying Now, open your eyes, the Lord together with the Blessed Mother sent down upon people the light of Their Hearts and the light of mercy as well as abundant streams of the water of mercy.  Then, They sent down the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds and the Blessed Mother's tears of blood.  Among the numerous people, an extremely small number of them accepted the Lord and the Blessed Mother, accepted Their love, and were able to escape from the screaming crowds.  However, from those who were not accepting the Lord and the Blessed Mother and were still joining forces with the devils, the light of love and drops of the Blood from the Lord and the Blessed Mother were returning back to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

The Lord and the Blessed Mother came to us and bestowed the light of Their Hearts and the light of mercy, streams of the water of mercy from Their hands, the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds, the Blessed Mother's tears, tears of blood, and fragrant oil on us ?not only on us (who were present on the mountain) but also on all those who are working to help the Blessed Mother of Naju and who come to visit the Blessed Mother of Naju, on their heads, the backs of their heads, their foreheads, their backs and their whole chests.  Then, the Lord resumed speaking.

JESUS: My beloved children!  In this current age, the sounds signaling the end (of an age) are already tolling like a funeral bell through those who work with the devils, and major disasters affecting the whole world have already befallen, but most of the children in the world remain blind and deaf and are complacently not accepting the messages of love from Me and My Mother, starting an active volcano in My Heart, which is flaming up vigorously with the fire of justice.

However, through My Mother Mary's earnest entreaties and the sincere prayers soaked in tears and hidden sacrifices and penances by you, the little souls who have become living sacrificial offerings, I, Who am the Way, the Truth and the Life and am the beginning and the end, will finish the work that I began.

All the children who come to Me through My Mother have experienced and will experience in this world many insults, persecutions, and criticisms with preposterous words in the midst of all kinds of ordeals while making Me and My Mother known.  However, in the next world, they will be given the power and privilege to occupy the tree of eternal life and will enjoy eternal happiness at My table in My Kingdom.  Therefore, do not worry but become little persons with greater humility and go forward courageously in saving the world of misery which is approaching its destruction, and thus let all the people praise the Father in Heaven.  Then, I, the redeeming Lord and the Judge of Justice, will come to you soon atop clouds, wielding power, bringing the rewards promised to you and bringing fire, with My Mother who deserves to be respected as the Queen of Heaven. An-nyoung!

When Jesus finished speaking, I came out of the ecstasy.  My helpers, who were supporting me, were surprised to see me wet from my head to my upper clothes with a copious amount of the water of mercy.  One of them who touched my clothes shouted: It is oil!  On the altar made of rocks in front of the Fifteenth Station for the Lord's Resurrection, streams of the water of mercy came down mixed with colorful oil.  All the helpers who saw this shouted with joy and sang to the glory of the Lord.


Message on November 3, 2001

We were doing the Stations of the Cross early in the morning.  At the Twelfth Station, I was absorbed in deep meditation on the immense Love with which the Lord was cruelly nailed to the Cross for three hours, shedding all His Blood and Water to the last drop for us, sinners, and I implored Him:

“Oh, my Love, my Lord!  It is First Saturday today which the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven and our true Mother, said commemorates the long, long, cruel day of her suffering when she was left alone, having lost the Lord, and is a day when she calls her children to pray with her.

‘I always had sufferings from the day I conceived Jesus my Son, but, on Holy Saturday, I expressed sorrows externally for the first time and cried so miserably all night praying for my Son Jesus and for sinners. 
Those painful hours were also the time for transition from my Son's Death to His Resurrection, a day for going from death to life.  This is the reason why I asked you to pray with me tonight.

With this message (on February 6, 1993), the Blessed Mother called many children to pray together on the First Saturday night.  Those who have responded to her call with an Amen are gathered here and are praying together.  Touch and console every one of them so that they may not be like a broken jar that cannot hold water but may become reborn in the Holy Spirit.  Wash away the sins of all those who seek the Lord and the Blessed Mother with the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds.  Then, as they repent of their sins, they will become healed in both their souls and bodies, become dissolved in the Sacred Heart of the Lord and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother as little souls, experience love and peace in the joy of humbly uniting with the Saints, become one in the Holy Trinity, and give glory to the Lord.

Oh, my Lord! 
My all, my life, and my eternal Beloved!  I love Thee and praise Thee.  With the merits of suffering on the Cross and with the amazing Love with which the Lord conquered death and resurrected, send down a sweet rain on all the souls!

At that moment, the Precious Blood gushed out of the Seven Wounds of the Lord Who was nailed to the Cross, and was poured upon us all.  Then, Jesus spoke very lovingly.

JESUS: My beloved little soul!  I love all of you so much (as to pour down My Blood upon you).

Because I smelled an intense odor of blood, I looked closely at those who were praying with me, but did not see any blood on them.  When the Precious Blood gushed out (of the Lord's Body hanging on the Cross), there also was an intense fragrance of roses.  Streams of the water of mercy poured down behind us, also giving off an intense fragrance of roses.  We were overjoyed, because we saw that the Lord was giving us His Precious Blood in front of us as if to draw us forward, while the Blessed Mother was giving us streams of the water of mercy behind us as if to push us.  We praised the Lord and the Blessed Mother.


Message on November 6, 2001

We were doing the Stations of the Cross, praying and meditating on Jesus carrying the Cross.  At the Eighth Station, where Jesus saw the women of Jerusalem weeping for Him and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem!  Do not weep for Me; weep instead for yourselves and for your children?B> (Luke 23:28), I saw a vision. 

There were a very large number of people gathered together.  Among them were the Holy Father, many clergy, religious and lay people.  A while later it became windy, and most people were being swayed by the wind like reeds.  Those who were following the Lord and the Blessed Mother were striving hard not to be swayed by the wind and continued to stand firm.  It would have been much easier for them to be swayed by the wind together with others, but they were trying hard not to lose their balance.  Because of this, they were considered obstacles by those people who were being swayed by the wind.  These people recklessly pushed and poked from all directions those who were following the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  A small number among those who had been following the Lord and the Blessed Mother were no longer able to withstand pains and joined others who were being swayed by the wind. 

Some time passed.  Jesus and the Blessed Mother came down to us, riding clouds and surrounded by the angels, and looked closely at each and every one in the crowd.  Then, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a kind, loving voice.


My beloved children!   Now, make haste to repent, as before not too long it will be the time of harvest for separating good heads of grain and empty ones.  I have told you so anxiously that there is no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, but . . .  I cannot control sadness, because even most of my children who have been called are not offering up little flowers of self-denials at every moment and are not becoming completely dissolved in my Immaculate Heart by turning their lives into prayers, but are trying to put down the cross, saying that it is too heavy. 

Meditate more deeply on the Words of the Lord, your Redeemer:  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.  Then, you will understand well that the Lord was not just referring to richness in worldly possessions.  Children!  If you do not empty your hearts but remain rich in your hearts with all kinds of covetousness, misguided spirituality, and pride, how can the Lord live there?

In this age which has become urgent, the World of Mystery is being torn down, but bear in mind that the release of the wrath of God the Father is being delayed thanks to your spirit and life of martyrdom by which you try with all your bodies and all your hearts to participate in the death agony which the Lord underwent on Calvary, lamenting with deep love and tears for my sake and for the sake of my Son Jesus, your Redeemer, and also thanks to the fervent prayers, sacrifices and reparations by the little souls who are imploring me.  And multiplying your strenuous efforts to display the power of love, offer up prayers, sacrifices and reparations for those souls who are being swayed by wind like reeds.

As you are now experiencing all kinds of insults and pains for Jesus and me, living among people who are being swayed by wind like reeds in the world, you will be counted as good heads of grain thanks to the universal graces (graces that are made available to everyone) from God.  Even those souls who are now being swayed by wind like reeds will also be counted as good heads of grain, if they repent completely and follow my words.

However, as God allowed free will to humans, if they do not follow my words totally, turn their backs to me, and persist in remaining as empty heads of grain, God will remove their share of the fruits from the tree of eternal life that had been prepared for you.  Then, where will those souls go?

My children who have been chosen!  Always remembering this Mamma's words: God can destroy in one moment iron pillars and bronze walls however solidly they may have been built and can also raise them up, be prepared and remain awake to meet the Lord, your Redeemer, Who will come to you soon, bringing rewards and fire, and (meet) me.

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, Jesus and the Blessed Mother shone the light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the light of mercy upon everyone and returned to Heaven.  At that moment, those who were striving hard not to join forces with others who were being swayed by wind saw that the Lord and the Blessed Mother were shining light upon them, and received that light with open arms and with happy faces, and, with a renewed courage and strength, were able to stand firm.


Message on November 8, 2001

While I was in deep meditation, I saw a vision.  Jesus was bleeding from the wounds caused by the crown of thorns and scourging, but numerous people including many clergy continued to cruelly drive more nails through Him.  Loud sounds of hammering continued, causing pains to my ears.  As I watched Jesus continuously bleeding, I felt extreme pains in my heart as if it were becoming torn into pieces.

“Oh, my Lord, My Beloved!  Thou lovest so much even those souls who continue to push Thee toward death.  How can we fathom Thy immense love?  How much more prayer will be necessary to pull out all these nails driven into Thy body?  We love Thee with all our hearts, even though we are unworthy.  Be consoled by the sacrifices, penances, and earnest prayers that we offer up, even though they are so little like dust.    

Oh, my Love, my Beloved!  Now, we will pull out the nails driven into the Lord's body with the pliers that the Blessed Mother gave us; we will become a handkerchief that wipes away blood and sweat from the Lord's face; we will become tailors who mend the wounds in Thy Sacred Heart; and we will try to live a life of unending gratitude.  Therefore, receive praise, glory and consolation.  

Oh, my Love, my Beloved!  Fill our unworthy souls with the fruits merited by Thy suffering on the Cross; take charge in our lives so that we may feed numerous souls with these fruits.While I was praying earnestly, Jesus began speaking with a soft voice.

JESUS: My love, My little soul!  You have repeatedly said that you are unworthy and your prayers are like dust, but the prayers that you offer with love and earnestness are like sweet water that quenches My thirst and the pliers that pull out nails from My body.

My beloved little baby!  As I told you before, I can make you perfect, but I do not take away your shortcomings which have been given to you as gifts to keep you humble.  Therefore, do not be focused on yourself, but, with more strenuous efforts and through unceasing sacrifices and penances, offer yourself up totally so that all the clergy may obey and form unity with the Pope, who is the successor of Peter, whom I chose, who is My Vicar, and who is the eldest brother in the Church, and that they may convert and accomplish the mission entrusted to them, in compliance with My Will.

Even a large majority of the clergy have alienated themselves from the source of love, have totally forgotten about My Divinity, have become blind and deaf, and, because of face-saving and others?eyes, do not defend the truth against errors which they see and utter criticisms in the back, even though I, Who am the way, the truth, and the life, and My Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption and the Advocate, have been showing signs and screaming until Our throats begin bleeding.  This is why they are incurring God the Father's wrath of justice.

That is not all.  Many of the clergy, whose duty is to lead the herds of sheep to Heaven, are offering Masses and the Divine Office in superficial ways, neglect their sacred duties, and are unfaithful to the tasks given to them, getting involved in golf, Go-Stop (Translator's note:  Go-Stop is a popular card game in Korea played for gambling and fun), and drinking and enjoying pleasure together with the secular world instead of abstaining from associating with women, obsessed with and addicted to all the worldly matters.  Every time they do so, I wear the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown, become nailed to the Cross, and shed blood.

Now, all the clergy, religious, and laity in the world!  The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near.  But as it is not yet too late, make haste to repent and make strenuous efforts to extinguish the fire in My Sacred Heart which has become an active volcano and thus prevent God the Father's chastisement.  And approach Me through My Mother relying on the transcendence of My Love with which I love even the most wicked sinners.  I, Who love you, am still trying to save you by transfusing to you the blood which I shed on the Cross in order to wash away your filthy stains.  However, if you refuse to receive the transfusion, I cannot help.  Those children who rush toward Me through My Mother, who is the Helper in My Work of Salvation, the Mediatrix of Graces, and the Co-Redemptrix, will be counted as good heads of grain at the last judgment and will enjoy eternal happiness at My Table in My Kingdom.


Message on November 9, 2001

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross (on the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju), praying and meditating deeply in my heart on the Lord's receiving the death sentence, becoming covered all over with wounds from cruel beating and scourging, and carrying the Cross toward Mt. Calvary, one Station after another, I was able to participate more intimately in the Lord's sufferings.  I felt my body becoming very heavy and was unable to walk even one more step.  As I was crawling on the ground dragging my feet, I could not open my eyes and was losing consciousness.  At the Sixth Station, I was meditating on St. Veronica courageously approaching the Lord in the midst of many people's ridicules and insults, without paying attention to them, and, with her whole heart, wiping the Lord's face stained with blood and sweat and cleaning His eyes covered with blood and clots of blood from His forehead torn by the crown of thorns, enabling the Lord to barely open His eyes and see.  Then, I saw a vision.

I saw the Lord, covered all over with wounds and bleeding, together with the Blessed Mother, shedding tears of blood at His side.  Jesus was being scourged every time people sinned.  Because of the unceasing scourging, His whole body was becoming torn and split and was bleeding continuously.  The Precious Blood flowing from His forehead because of the crown of thorns was covering His eyes.  He looked so miserable beyond description.  The Blessed Mother began speaking with a very loving and yet anxious voice.


My beloved daughter who has been called as a little soul!  The Lord, Who is your Redeemer and intensely loves even the most wicked sinners, was nailed to the Cross, died, was buried, and resurrected in three days, but He is still shedding blood like this for the conversion of sinners and for the sanctification of priests even now, two thousand years afterwards.

Now, because of the cunning devil's temptation, even most of the children whom I have called, the clergy, and the religious have become blind and deaf, have lost their sense of direction, and are about to enter the wide-open gates of hell, to say nothing of their failure to practice the messages of love which my Son Jesus and I scream, even repeating the same words again and again.  Because of this, the wrath of God is pouring down (upon the world), and, as I am holding the cup (of God's wrath), my Heart also is burning with flames so vigorously that it is becoming an active volcano.  On the other hand, I am also being consoled, because there are little souls like you.

Oh, my loving and obedient daughter who has been trying to become a mop to clean souls!  You have also been trying to become pliers to pull out nails driven into my Son Jesus?body whenever people commit sins.  You have also wanted to become a person who stitches up with love the wounds in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart.  You have also offered up your most valuable time to the Lord and me to become a handkerchief to wipe away my Son Jesus?blood and sweat and my tears and tears of blood.  What would I not want to give you?

You have already heard and know well that my Son Jesus and I are sad when you are sad; we suffer when you feel painful and suffer; and my Son Jesus and I are happy and rejoice with you when you are happy and joyful.  Remembering that I listen attentively to the sounds of fervent prayers which you offer up at the Stations of the Cross on Calvary and that I accompany you, shedding tears of blood at the side of my Son Jesus Who is shedding blood and is with you, become more awake and live a consecrated life for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of the clergy.

All the children in the world!  I have told you so anxiously that God the Father's response of justice will be relentless and a safe tomorrow cannot be promised, but how can you be so negligent of listening to my anxious pleas which I scream, vomiting blood?  I have already implored you anxiously, saying “Do not bring upon yourselves the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood?(February 3, 1994), and warned you several times that the time of the great distress is close at hand.  Even so, if you do not repent, and even most of the clergy sing of peaceful times and fail to remain awake, what will happen to the herds of sheep which are following them?  There is no more time to procrastinate. 

As the time allowed by God is already coming to an end, meditate on the era of Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed because there were not even ten just persons, and make haste to wake up and pray so that you may be saved from the chastisement and disaster of the blazing fire of sulfur which is to fall upon the world.

My beloved children who have been called!  Bear in mind that this world has already fallen into a crisis of turning into ashes because of the extreme sins, but my Son Jesus gave you one more chance thanks to the fervent prayers, sacrifices and reparations by you, the little souls.  At least you should become completely dissolved in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation, and my Immaculate Heart; and, by turning your lives into prayers, bind up the Lord's bleeding wounds, stitch them up, and clean them.    

When the sounds of prayers by you, the little souls united with love in the Holy Trinity, are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the crisis of a Third World War will be averted.  However, if the children in the world fail to the end to accept the messages of love which my Son Jesus and I are giving them, to repent, and to remain awake, I will no longer be able to hold the cup of God's wrath.

My beloved children!  When my Son Jesus sits in the royal throne together with me at His side, surrounded by all the angels in Heaven, and separates the good heads of grain and the empty ones, shouldn’t you be counted as good ones instead of being separated as empty ones?

Therefore, do not hesitate or delay but tightly hold the hands of me, who am the string that ties Heaven and earth together, put the messages of love into practice, and thus participate in the work of saving this world.  By doing this, join in the eternal heavenly banquet in the midst of the cheers by the angels and Saints in Heaven, where there is no death, starving, thirsting, sadness, suffering, or sighs any longer but which is only filled with love; and participate in the glory.

At the Tenth Station, I was still weak and exhausted, unable to open my eyes.  When a man who was praying shouted, " Ah!  It's blood!?I barely managed to open my eyes and saw fresh blood here and there on the ground.  We began looking more closely and found rocks and fallen leaves with blood on them from the Third Station to the Fifteenth where Jesus resurrected.  When I dipped my finger in the blood, my finger became stained with blood which seemed to have been freshly shed.


Message on November 24, 2001

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross at about 7 a.m. (on the Blessed Mother's Mountain), meditating on Jesus suffering the death agony, I suddenly saw powerful and beautiful rays of light radiating from Jesus hanging on the Cross. Then, His Seven Wounds opened, and blood flowed out. The streams of blood promptly converged into one, turned into the Eucharist, and descended into my mouth. At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of Jesus.

JESUS: Now, my beloved little soul! Receive and consume this. It is the Blood of My Covenant which I shed to wash away the sins of the children in the world and My Flesh which nourishes souls. Become completely dissolved in Me so that you may become one with Me; become one with My Heart.

Oh, My pitiable daughter! My little soul! That you, who are seeking Me in order not to leave Me even for a moment but to become one with My fervent Love with which I have wished to be united with you in My Divinity and humanity, are being so thoroughly rejected is because of My extreme Love for you and your extreme love for Me. How can the worldly people even dare to guess that the numerous pains that have befallen you are My extreme Love for you? With total faith, love and trust in Me, you have not complained about or become discouraged by the pains that have befallen you while being obedient to the diocese which has jurisdiction (in your area) and the Pastor. Instead, you have offered them up graciously and received Me through spiritual communions with a joyful heart.  Such little sacrifices of yours quench My boundless thirst and also fill My Mother's anxious Heart.

Therefore, without fearing anything but with the undefeatable weapon (love for everyone) which will enable you to defeat the cunning devil's attacks, have complete reliance on My Mother and Me Who will keep you up as a person who never yields his integrity even in adversity.

My beloved children who have been called! Even in distressing circumstances, be grateful at every moment, worship the Triune God Who is the Father of all mankind and Who lives for all eternity and is with you and reveals His greatness, and praise His most blessed Kingdom. As I have entrusted everything to the Father's Will and My Mother has also completely entrusted herself to the Father's Will, you should also totally entrust yourselves to the Will of My Mother and Me. Keep yourselves completely empty. Only then, My Mother and I can live and work within you.

My beloved little souls! Keeping in mind that increasing pains accompany the approach of a new birth, display the power of love more diligently and offer up loyalty heroically. Then, the darkness of confusion will be defeated. Do not worry at all about the results but do your best in carrying out the tasks given to you. And rush toward Me through My Mother, keeping in the depths of your hearts the eternal life that has been won through the inestimable, infinite Love of God and the Salvation of the Cross.