January 4, 1998- Follow me without worry or fear.

February 2, 1998- There is nothing that the Lord cannot do, if He wills it.

April 12, 1998- Know that now is the time to separate empty heads of grain from good ones.

August 2, 1998 -Do not despair, become frustrated or give up.

October 7, 1998 -Always think of me and become one with me.

Message on January 4, 1998

The Blessed Mother spoke with an anxious voice.


My beloved children!  Follow me without worry or fear.  As God, Who performs miracles by manifesting signs in the sky and on earth, rescued Daniel by sealing lions?mouths, I will surely rescue you, who are following me and trying to make me known, from the swamp of evil and help you achieve victory in the intense battle of this end time.  As what had been written about the Lord in Moses? Laws, the Prophecies, and the Psalms were realized, the Words of the Lord and this Heavenly Mother will certainly be realized.  Therefore, do not be concerned about what those who are self-contradictory are saying but cope with (difficulties) wisely with firm faith, trust, hope, and courage, as humble and little souls and with loving hearts.

If the children in the world do not accept but despite my words that I give them shedding tears and tears of blood and sing of a peaceful and care-free time, destruction will befall them like a thief at night.  I want at least you, who say that you know me, to remain awake and pray, not compromise with the world, follow this Mother's words, and hurriedly repair and console this Mother's torn Immaculate Heart with sacrifices and reparations so that evil may turn into good.  Even if Satan appears to have successfully brought about ruin, you will see my Immaculate Heart surely achieving victory by rebuilding the place which was destroyed by Satan, through my invisible presence and with help from you who are my helpers.  When Christ comes again to this world, you who are following me and making me known will appear in glory with Christ.


Message on February 2, 1998

I was praying, offering up the Holy Father, the clergy, religious, laity, all the people in the world including myself, who am unworthy, to Jesus through the Blessed Mother. At about 9:45 a.m., bright light began radiating from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue which had wept and I heard the beautiful and loving voice of the Blessed Mother.


My beloved daughter! My little souls who have responded with "Amen" to my call and are suffering pains!

Today is the Feast of the Lord's Presentation as well as the day when I, the Heavenly Mother, was foretold of my suffering.

Do not be sad, agonize or despair, but come to this Mother's bosom hurriedly, following the messages of love that I have been giving you. A refuge where I can shelter you has been prepared.

Even if a feeling of contempt and humiliation enwraps you, who work for the Lord and me, because you were condemned with many kinds of insults, criticisms, and judgments, offer up those pains graciously for the conversion of sinners. Haven't I already told you that the insults that you, who work for me, receive are not your lot but mine?

If all the children in the world believe, trust and totally rely on the messages of love that the Lord and I have been giving them and rush toward me, they will receive a great enlightenment, overcoming all the anxieties and doubts, but too many children are compromising with the world, making the wrath of God overflow and the Heart of this Mother become filled with sorrows.

So many of my children cling to me only when they suffer pains, as if trying to grab a life buoy. Once they receive the grace they have been asking for, they not only become ungrateful but also fall into confusion and become shaken because of the words of big liars, like reeds shaken by wind. How delighted the devils would be!

Who determined the movements of heavenly bodies and who made the laws of nature? There is nothing that the Lord cannot do, if He wills it. If at least you who know me entrust yourselves completely to me and follow me, you will be the light that repels darkness.

"Because they did not keep their covenant with Me, I did not look after them, either." If these words of God fall upon the world, because you have not passed on to others what you have received, you will be responsible, too. Therefore, manage well what you have received and do not deplore or resent the wrongs in the world.

Even a farmer with little education takes good care of his crops from seeding to harvesting. How much more will I, the Heavenly Mother, not do to protect you, who are working for the Lord and me, offering up sacrifices and penance, in my Immaculate Heart and to lead you to Heaven? Therefore, with a joyful and loving heart, praise, worship and give glory to the Lord Who came to save the children in the world and gave them a new Commandment. Then, you will achieve victory over the devil who wants to overturn the world, and will soon see the day when the mouths of those who are criticizing will be closed. Therefore, I want you to remain awake and pray with greater love. An-nyoung.

Julia's note:

While I was writing down the messages, the devils interference began. They pulled my head and arms. They pulled and shook my hand wildly with which I was writing down the messages. I sprayed holy water and continued writing. Then, the devil said, "Actually you have done enough of the work that has been given to you. But what has been the result? You have only become an object of ridicule. If you discontinue this work, I will give you wealth and fame while you live on earth. You will not have to worry about your children, either." But because I did not pay attention to what he was saying, he said loudly, "Why, you are still not giving up? You like suffering so much? What a spiteful woman! Let's sweep away and overturn everything!" The devils turned over the desk and jumped at me. They threw me off the bed, pressed me down and tried to kill me.

Some time passed. The Blessed Mother appeared radiating bright light, and the devils ran away. The Blessed Mother smiled lovingly and said kindly, "You won a victory over the devil again today." When I answered with "Amen" and opened my eyes, I saw several people looking at me. There were black marks on the floor which were made by the devils. These marks were still visible the next morning.


Message on April 12, 1998

I attended Mass at the Naju Parish Church, but could not even remain sitting because of intense pains. So, I came home after receiving Communion and went to the Blessed Mother in the Chapel, whom I had not visited for a long time. Because of the pains, I was lying on the floor in the Chapel and said, "Mother, you understand, donít you?" Suddenly, a powerful light radiated from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue, and I saw a vision. Many people were violently fighting against each other. There even were some priests and religious. While fighting against each other, they even tried to throw away the Blessed Mother's statue which had been weeping.

Seeing this, the devils, who had been instigating the fight, became overjoyed and were dancing. Jesus?and the Blessed Mother's beautiful clothes became stained with blood. At that moment, Jesus began speaking earnestly and sorrowfully with a very sad voice.


My beloved little soul! This world is now so filled with sins that I cannot even look at it with open eyes. People, who had been welcoming Me, crying out "Hosanna!" just a few days before My execution on the Cross, were saying, "He is a criminal who deserves to die. Crucify him!" But I resurrected in three days to manifest God's glory. Even at this moment, many clergy, religious and other children are celebrating My Resurrection, but how many of them are truly remembering and consoling Me?

Together with My Mother Mary, who gave birth to Me and raised Me, I have been giving many messages of love and signs in Naju, Korea, but even many of my children who experienced the miracles of love are dispersing in all directions because of the devil's temptations. How sad and deplorable!

All My beloved children in the world! It is not too late yet; hurriedly come to Me, following My Mother who is imploring sorrowfully, shedding tears and tears of blood. You should not face the approaching destruction unprepared. Remembering that God the Father's wrath has reached an extreme and a chastisement is inevitable but that He is still delaying the time because of the prayers of the little souls, wake up from sleep and pray. Hurriedly and humbly respond to My Mother's pleas by making your best, strenuous efforts so that the miracles of love may be fully realized.

Of what use will it be to regret after the destruction comes? The proud people dislike the humble ones. When a rich person falters, his friends support him. But when a powerless person is in difficulty, people turn their faces away from him. You now feel much sadness in your hearts, but remember that I and My Mother are always at your side, and work in unity with each other, with high spirits, courage and hope. There isnít much time. Hurriedly and more graciously offer up your current sufferings and achieve victory over the devil.

Two thousand years ago, I could have come down from the Cross. However, without dying, there could be no Resurrection. Even at this moment, I can perfect everything. However, because I allowed free will to humans, sacrifices by little souls, including even death agony, are necessary. Remembering anew the truth that one must die to arrive at resurrection, at least you, who have responded to My call, should follow Me in unity and with a simple and upright mind, imitating the faith of the martyrs.

Know that now is the time to separate empty heads of grain from good ones. Therefore, the prayers and sacrifices by My children who will gain the Kingdom of Heaven are so urgently needed. The so-called leaders are moving away from the truth and yet look so strong and overpowering. But the Kingdom of Heaven does not belong to them but to you who are working for Me. I have given up everything for your sake. As you recognize My voice and rush to Me and My Mother, you experience much difficulty and pain. But you who work for My Mother and Me will surely share love at My dining table in My Kingdom where there is no sorrow, pain, or suffering. The tears that you shed now will be completely wiped away before the throne in Heaven, where there is no thirst or hunger. You will be given a hundred-fold reward. Happiness will be yours. Won't it? However, there will be nothing I and My Mother can do at the time of the Last Judgment for those who turn their faces away from Me and My Mother and reject Us to the end.

My little souls! The prayers of my little children who are not shaken under any circumstances will wipe away the stains of blood on My clothes and My Mother's. They are the comforts and fragrant oil that wipe away the bloody sweat and bloody tears.

The world which is in such a shocking condition, the world which will be reduced to ashes, this age which will be destroyed by the devil's attacks However, when there are more little souls, My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart will surely triumph. Do not fear, but hurriedly perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of Resurrection. I will help you. An-nyoung.


Message on August 2, 1998

I was attending the 6 a.m. Mass at Naju Parish Church.  While I was praying in preparation for the Holy Communion, I began hearing some whispering noises around me.  Then, suddenly, I heard a voice: "There isn't much time left.  Let's kill this wretched woman.  Immediately, I began feeling prickling pains all over my body. Then, suddenly, a large object appeared to my left and crawled on my legs and arms, as if it were wrapping around them.  At the moment it was trying to bite me on my neck and head, I struck it forcefully with my right arm, praying: "Lord, have mercy and save the sinners.? (A woman sitting next to me was hit hard by me on her right arm, but said that she did not feel any pain.)  At that moment, a powerful light radiated from the direction of the altar and the object which had been holding on to me tightly to avoid falling off lost power and fell off as if it were curling backward.  At the same time, small worm-like objects that had been crawling all over my body also disappeared. At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.


Daughter! My beloved daughter!

It is now deep into night.  Doesn't the deepness of night mean that the dawn is drawing near? Therefore, do not despair, become frustrated or give up. Because the day when the new heaven and the new earth will be accomplished is not far, Satan, my enemy, who is trying to cover this world with darkness, is making his last desperate effort.  

Thus, in the eyes of the world, you may look like a person who was killed twice and is in darkness. However, even if the world goes the wrong way making the customs corrupt and the public opinion is in consensus, I, your Heavenly Mother, will guard and protect you, who are following me and have trust in me, with my power that crushes the serpent and will lead you to the Heavenly Paradise.

The Lord, the Lamb, Who was killed for the salvation of the whole human race, is sitting in the shining royal throne in the Heavenly Kingdom and receives power, honor, glory and adoration for all eternity.  Martyrs are enjoying happiness at His side.

Therefore, my children who have been called!  Hurried wake up and pray.  If even you, whom I have chosen with love, despair and become frustrated,  how overjoyed Satan will be, who is trying to drive this world into darkness!

Even if you receive many kinds of groundless accusations and preposterous criticisms as you work for the Lord and me, offer them up graciously to console the wounded Heart of God Who was in the past, is now, and will come in the future and also to prevent the calamities that are to come because of the sins in the world.

Those who follow me, your Heavenly Mother, and humbly approach the Lord as little souls will enjoy happiness in the Kingdom of the Lord Who is the Alpha and the Omega.  However, remembering that those who reject me to the end, do not make the Lord known in sincere ways, get involved in vain talks, and thus become tricked by the deformed Satan and follow him may fall into fire and burning sulfur, hurriedly offer up prayers in unity among you at least, whom I have chosen, that the numerous souls who have lost their sense of direction and are joining forces with Satan may wake up from sleep.

While I was writing down this message, the devil lifted me up, toppled me, struck me, tramped upon me, and poked me at many places on my body.  Because of much bleeding, it was difficult for me to walk or even remain sitting.


Message on October 7, 1998

I was weeping and awake all night because of severe pains.  I offered up my sufferings and all of myself to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for the conversion of sinners. At about 5:50 a.m., a stream of powerful light came down from the Crucifix and shone upon me.  At that moment, I heard the sorrowful yet kind and loving voice of the Blessed Mother.


My beloved daughter!  My beloved children who have been called!

As the hen gathers her chicks under her wings, I have called and gathered numerous children and embraced them in my mantle, but the majority of them are not grateful and are getting dispersed in all directions and joining forces with the devil instead of becoming the light for this world which has become dark.  I am filled with sorrows.

In this present age, not only those who are outside the Church but also the numerous children who say that they love God are alienating themselves from God and are becoming like murderers in their hearts, making this world no less miserable than when Cain killed Abel.

Corruption has spread not only in society and families but also even in the Church, making the world become enveloped in a curtain of darkness, but the majority of the political leaders and the superiors in the Church, whose duty is to correct the problems, are unable to form unity, blaming each other, fighting with each other, being conceited and throwing false accusations at others, while proudly displaying their learning.  What is the matter with them?

They are like the owners of ships sailing in the sea who have become blind, deaf and lame spiritually. How could God not be angry?  If they regret, beating their chests, weeping and screaming at the time when God's chastisement for all the sins of this age which has become so corrupt comes down upon the world, of what use will it be?  Because I will not be able to do anything at that time, I am so anxiously pleading with you, speaking the same words repeatedly.

All the children in the world!  It is not too late yet.  Hurriedly empty your hearts, repent, and return to me, your Heavenly Mother.  Then, the Lord, Who has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation to save you, will see that you are asking for forgiveness and will rebuild what Satan has destroyed and heal the wounds that Satan has caused.  Therefore, pray and plead with love even for those who are rejoicing over others miseries.  That is because only through love can you achieve victory over the devil.

Know that God is still holding the cup of wrath because of the prayers, sacrifices, and reparations by the little souls who have been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  At least you, who have been called, become apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart and arm yourselves with love, remain awake and pray to prevent the chastisement that God has to send down.

My extremely beloved children!  My children who have been called as the apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart!  Always think of me and become one with me.

Your work for the Lord and me will be accompanied with numerous pains.  However, know that the more pains you suffer, the more you will receive and the greater the reward in Heaven will be, and offer up those bleeding pains graciously.  Now, there is no more time to hold back or hesitate.

I want all of you to display the power of love more courageously in unity and be totally and heroically faithful so that the burning love and anxious pleas from my Immaculate Heart may be made known all over the world.  Even when you groan on a dangerously-sloped hill while making me known, it will only be for a while.  That is because I will shield you inside my mantle which is always ready for you and will guide you to Heaven.

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, the light disappeared and my extreme pains eased also.