January 6, 1996- Even if darkness worsens and sins spread everywhere!

June 27, 1996- Even the slightest sin casts a shadow upon the innocence of the soul.

June 30, 1996- Become innocent infants wrapped in swaddling clothes and rely on me completely.

July 1, 1996 -The salvation that has been won through My immeasurable pains on the Cross!

July 2, 1996 -Let your souls become dissolved in me.

July 9, 1996 -With love, you can lift up even the world.

September 17, 1996- You have been called to make the Lordís Real Presence known.

October 19, 1996 (1)- Despair does not come from me but from the devil.

October 19, 1996 (2)- I am not the God of bondage but Love Itself.

November 21, 1996 -I will always walk with you who are following me and making me known.

November 24, 1996- If you repent your sins, you will live forever because of my Son Jesus Christ.

November 25, 1996 -You must all become one with Christ as the head.

Message on January 6, 1996

At about 10:30 p.m., while praying the rosary during an overnight prayer service in observance of the First Saturday, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue in the Chapel.


Dear children who have been called by me! Pray with a greater sincerity and with love. Through the prayers that you offer together tonight, which has been set aside (for you) to be with me, the devil, who is afflicting you and is causing confusion through deceptions so that even the children who have been called by me may become alienated from by love, can be repelled.

The devil, the enemy, is confident that he has already won the victory in the Church. But, as I am always with you, I, your Heavenly Mother, will offer up the Pope, who is the first son of the Church, and you (plural) to the Lordís temple as (I did to) my Baby Jesus and will pour down the fragrant oil of balsam upon your heads so that you may be saved, if you walk the way of spiritual childhood and reform your lives humbly and as little persons according to the teachings in the Gospels and my messages of love.

The priests and children whom I have called! If you always follow me, who am your Heavenly Mother and the string that ties Heaven and earth together, I will accept you, protect you and prepare a refuge for you which will make you stronger and firmer. Therefore, hurriedly spread my messages of love to the numerous children who are wandering in darkness.

My Son Jesus is in Heaven, but is also present on earth with His Body, His Blood, His Soul, and His Divinity, while hiding His Dignity, Humanity, and Divinity. Jesus in the Holy Eucharist will lead you to the pinnacle of prayer.

Children! My beloved children! Realize that the Love of my Son Jesus and me, your Heavenly Mother, is penetrating your souls, hearts, and beings and rely (on Us) completely with faith and trust. Your bloody sacrifices, reparations, and prayers of love are necessary for the victory of My Son Jesus and my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, pray and follow my wishes hurriedly. Even if darkness worsens and sins spread everywhere, my burning Immaculate Heart will radiate light more brightly and you will be saved through graces and earn Heaven, if you practice my messages of love.


Message on June 27, 1996

During the Holy Hour prayer meeting in reparation for the insults that Jesus has received, I heard the Blessed Motherís kind, loving and beautiful voice.


Children who have responded to my call!  Thank you.  I bless all of you who are gathered tonight to do reparations for the insults that my Son Jesus has received.  You may not yet understand how important the grace that you have received is, but you will understand it later.

Children!  My beloved babies!  This is an age of a great degradation, more corrupt than at the time of Noah and the Deluge and at the age of Sodom and Gomorrah.  For this reason, a great disaster lies ahead, but the release of Godís wrath is being delayed because you gather and pray together like this.  Open your hearts widely and accept the grace humbly and meekly.  However much grace I bestow on you, you cannot receive it unless you open your hearts.  There may be souls near you who had received graces but turned against them.  See to it that nobody is forgotten or given up, because they have to overcome temptations that entail deceptions and refuse all the compromises that are being made in the secular spirit.

Even the slightest sin, that is, a venial sin, casts a shadow upon the innocence of the soul and damages it by dimming its pure light.  But numerous children in this world are neglecting to make Confession even when they are in the state of moral sin.  For this reason, the world (= the human race in the world) is cascading down by corruption like a tidal wave and is about to be conquered by the ferocious one.

I have called all to become innocent children, but they forget (about my call) and become adults again as soon as they move away even a little from me.  Become innocent children again and entrust everything to me with a greater confidence and rely on me completely.  Entrust to me today your sorrows, agonies, conflicts, ordeals, physical pains, numerous spiritual wounds and everything that can be a cause of affliction to you.  Then, your inner darkness will retreat and a new bright light  from Heaven will shine upon you.

After the Blessed Mother ended speaking, she showed me a vision of her having rescued me from the traffic accident on May 8, by coming to me as if flying and holding me, and also from the electric shock yesterday, by coming to me as if flying and striking the electricity off me.


Daughter!  Did you see that?  The devil always tries so hard to topple you.  While you were suffering pains because of the traffic accident and the electric shock, you did not complain but offered up the pains graciously for the Pope.  That is why my Son Jesus, Who is covered with Blood on the Cross, and this Heavenly Mother always stay close to you, apply fragrant balsam to your countless wounds, protect you and look after you.  But, daughter!  You must be vigilant.  Know that the devil even thinks that toppling you is his most urgent objective.  Behave yourself wisely.

I said to the Blessed Mother. "I am so unworthy.  I pray that Mother may be approved by the Church as soon as possible, this work may be done by the Church, and I may lead a hidden life."  I kept asking, but she did not answer.


Message on June 30, 1996

There were many pilgrims from different countries in the world and from different parts of Korea in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the Blessed Motherís first tears in Naju.  We were praying in the Chapel.  When it was almost 3 a.m. (on July 1), I saw the Precious Blood flowing from the Seven Wounds of Jesus:  the head, the Sacred Heart, both hands, both feet and the side.  At the same time, light was radiating (from the Wounds).  Then, Jesus?Blood turned white, solidified, and began moving around together with the light. The light was gradually shining upon people in the Chapel and, then, as streams of thick fog spread out, was shining through the windows upon those who were outside the Chapel.  After everyone received the light, there was the loud voice of Jesus, filled with dignity.

JESUS:  Receive My Light.

At that moment, I saw that the Sacred Hosts enwrapped in the light were coming down, and I tried to receive them.  Suddenly, a very powerful light came down from the Crucifix, and I felt extreme pains on my head, heart, both hands, both feet and side as if the light was penetrating them and as if many needles were going through them.  Because of the pains, I screamed loudly and fell down. While my mouth was open because of the screaming, I felt my mouth becoming full of something. Those who were near me shouted, ďIt is the Holy Eucharist!?and gathered around me.  The sad expression of the Blessed Mother on her statue changed to a joyful and smiling one.  I heard the Blessed Motherís loving, kind and beautiful voice from her statue.


My beloved priests and children!  Today is the 11th anniversary of the beginning of my calling you with tears and also the 1st anniversary of the amazing Eucharistic miracle that the Lord, Who will save you, personally bestowed (upon you) with His Precious Blood so that it may become a starting engine for revitalizing your hearts.  The priests and you, whom I have selected, have responded to my call to participate in these manifestations of love and, thus, are applying fragrant liquid to the wounds in the bleeding Immaculate Heart of this Mother, who is suffering pains for the numerous children in this world. In appreciation of your sacrifices and love, my Son Jesus bestowed special graces and love upon you.

He bestowed His light of love upon all of of you like a morning dew by opening up His bleeding wounds so that He is able to wash away all your faults, eradicate your sins, heal your souls and bodies, treat all your wounds, raise up those who have fallen, free those who have been imprisoned, and rescue those who have lost their way and are still wandering, with His own  precious blood flowing out of His Five Wounds and Crown of thorns and out of His Sacred Heart.  The light that the Lord just bestowed on you personally transcends locations and space and was given to you in the hope that all those who are praying with me become one in the Holy Trinity.

My beloved priests and children!  When you remember me and come to me to praise the Lord and honor me, I am comforted while suffering extreme pains in my Immaculate Heart because of the erosions in the Church caused by apostasy, and my tears and tears of blood turn into smiles.  

The number of the souls who fall into Satanís temptations and walk toward their perdition continues to grow.  But you have responded with ďAmen to this Motherís wish to rescue the souls who have lost their way and are wandering by combining and offering up my love and the love and sacrifices of the little souls.  Therefore, stay awake and pray as the apostles of my burning Immaculate Heart.

The violent whirlpool of errors is becoming more severe, and heresies, scandals, and bad examples are spreading even in the Church.  My most beloved priests should lead all back to the Lord, but are keeping silence, and the sheep entrusted to their care are being threatened and tempted by the terrifying wolves. That is why I have asked that the Mass be celebrated here so that many priests and numerous souls may receive special graces.  The Hearts of my Son Jesus and me are hurting so much, because neither has the Mass been celebrated, nor has the tabernacle been prepared yet.

The Blessed Mother shed tears and continued speaking a while later.


My little soul!  Jesus bled from His hands, Feet and Forehead for three hours.  Was that all?  When the Roman soldier pierced His body with a sharp spear, Jesus gave you Himself completely, even the little quantity of Blood and Water that was remaining in His body. With the Blood that Jesus shed and my tears of love, I wish to wash and wipe the Pope, who is the first son of the Church and is suffering pains and groaning, carrying an excessively large and heavy cross, and all those who follow him, so that they may not lose courage but carry their crosses well and climb Mt. Calvary.

Offer up your sufferings totally for the Pope, who has given up all of himself as a sacrifice of atonement and is trying to live the hour of the sacrifice in a holy way. If all of you offer up sacrifices and reparations through self-denial so that they may become the heart of the Church which will be born anew through the victory of my burning Immaculate Heart, the weight of the cunning scheme of the devil, my enemy, will be overcome.

All of my beloved children in the world!  By following this Mother, who lightens your way as the Heavenly Prophetess, do not fall into disappointment and despair, be freed from attachments to yourselves with a special awakening, and, thus, be reborn with the supernatural love. Even if you face the hour of bloody persecution, you will be guarded and protected by the love which was bestowed upon you today, and you will find refuge inside my mantle.  Therefore, offer yourselves up genuinely and totally and, thus, face the new Resurrection. Whenever you come to my poor house (= the Chapel), which you call a bathhouse for your souls and the house of salvation, and express your filial love, I will open my Immaculate Heart to the children from all over the world, bestow all my love and graces upon them, comfort them, encourage them and nurture them.

Now, do not look back but become innocent infants wrapped in swaddling clothes and rely on me completely, following the messages that I have given you. Carry joy, love and peace to your homes and pass on to everyone the encouragement of my presence.  An-nyoung!


Message on July 1, 1996

At about 1 p.m., I received the extreme pains that Jesus suffered on the Cross.  While I was weeping and agonizing over my unworthiness, I heard the loud voice of Jesus, filled with love and dignity.


My little soul! When you feel incapable and unworthy, look at Me who was hung on the Cross making so many sacrifices and receiving all the hatred, insults and contempt but could not do anything to comfort those who were weeping, especially My weeping Mother, in order to be obedient to the Fatherís Will. When you weep, I, too, become choked with sorrow; when you rejoice, I also become so delighted. Do not be complacent about anything, but stay awake always. With the love that rises above the mundane world, come closer to Me and kiss Me. Do not forget that Satan always lays traps to cut you off from My Love and to topple you.  Even though Satan attacks you more violently than before in order to destroy even the genuineness of your intention to follow me in humility, do not despair or fall into fear but stand up more vigorously and courageously and spread hurriedly the combined Love of the burning Hearts of Me and My Mother. Always remember and practice these words:  My Father, not as I will, but as You will.  

Also, tell my priests who have been specially chosen and have responded to My call. When you make Me known, follow Me, and make My Mother known, you may experience pains. But you must lighten the dark world by hurriedly propagating to everyone the salvation that has been won through My immeasurable pains on the Cross. When I was a baby, Herod tried to attack Me. But the Father protected and rescued Me. Likewise, I will always stay with you who are working for Me and following Me. Entrust to Me even your spiritual thirst that cannot be filled in this world. I have called you to rescue this world which has been jeopardized by the volcanic craters of hatred, formidable great storms, and so on. Therefore, do not neglect to meditate on My Sacred Wounds. For your sake, I received all kinds of ridicules, scourgings and beatings.  I shed blood and sweat and wore a crown of thorns instead of a royal crown. I suffered all kinds of pains, was nailed to the Cross and died on it.

My dying on the Cross was not the end. Even at this moment, I come to you shedding blood in order to be with you, hoping that all - even those who crucified Me and even the most wicked sinners as well as the innocent ones - may repent, be saved and become one in the Holy Trinity. What would I spare for you who are praying to comfort Me and trying to achieve unity?  If you understand that My Heart is throbbing together with Divinity and with your human hearts, you will become more intimate with Me. When you settle down in Me by meditating deeply and more humbly on My Wounds, you will receive more abundant energy. Carry out the sublime task that I have entrusted to you.

Fr. Spies, Fr. Francis Su and several lay people were with me.


Message on July 2, 1996

At about 1 p.m., I went to the Chapel where the Blessed Motherís statue was.  Fr. Spies, a pilgrim from abroad and Rufino were standing before the Blessed Motherís statue.  There also were other pilgrims praying in the Chapel.  I gave many postcards to Fr. Spies for those who were working for the Blessed Mother of Naju all over the world. At that moment, light came down from the Crucifix and I fell down screaming in pain.  The pain was the same as yesterday.  Some time passed.  Then, I heard the Blessed Motherís beautiful voice through her statue delivering her loving and kind words.


My beloved daughter! Completely offer up the pains in your wounds for the Pope. As water is added to wine, becomes mixed with wine, and becomes one with wine during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, let your souls become dissolved in me so that Divinity and humanity may be united and become one. Pray that the Popeís representatives, Cardinals, Bishops, and all the priests and religious who are always loyal to the Pope may become one in the Holy Trinity.  If they all wake up, the scheme of Satan, my enemy, to lead you to eternal perdition, deprive you of the Sanctifying Grace and enslave you can be defeated. Then, the darkness in this world will retreat, and you will face the bright splendor of God Who wills to save you.

While writing down the messages, I spoke to Rufino about some of the contents of the messages. At the moment we were talking about the Blessed Motherís request for a tabernacle and celebration of Mass in the Chapel and about her great sorrows because her request was not complied with yet, Satan, who was not visible at that moment, lifted up a water pail in the room and struck me on the head with it.  He also turned the table upside down and threw away the sheets of paper on which I was writing down the messages.  I fell down and got hurt on my right hand.  The hand became swollen.  Rufino and I laughed together, thinking about the devilís anger over my writing down the messages and about his despicable act.

ďLord!  Glory and praise to you.  Have mercy on the Holy Father who is in pains.  I offer up my pains for the Holy Father.  Amen.?/font>


Message on July 9, 1996

Some time after I collapsed because of high blood pressure, I saw a vision.  I was lying down in darkness and saw the Blessed Mother appear, wearing a blue mantle and radiating bright light together with the angels.  Weeping sorrowfully, the Blessed Mother said, "It is not the time yet.  You must make haste to go out to the world and cry out," and helped me sit up holding my hands.  She saved me from death.  Looking at me anxiously, she kindly gave a message for many children.


Dear children! . . .   Getting angry, judging, and condemning paralyze all the acts that could be virtuous; and being unable to trust and doubting destroy faith.  Respond promptly with a "Yes" with a heart that trusts the graces from me.  Shouldn't you console my Son Jesus Who has been insulted countless times until now?  Make sure that the Lord is not humiliated any longer. 

My beloved children!  Nothing can be accomplished without faith or love.  With faith, you can move a high mountain, but, with love, you can lift up even the world.  When hatred gains a ferocious upper hand over love, evil promptly enters the heart and promotes joining hands with the devil who is anxious to cut out the new buds of love sprouting in the heart.  Thus, people can join the ranks of those who neglect to practice the theological virtues (of faith, hope, and charity) and become servile, which will lead them to inner slavery in the midst of inner destitution caused by deserting their own dignity.  Now, help my daughter with a generous and compassionate heart, being more careful about the spirit of criticism, pride, and what are derived from them.  This would be the same as helping me. 

Children!  My children!  There is so much to harvest, but there aren't enough workers. 

The Blessed Mother was weeping sorrowfully, and resumed speaking as if she were entreating sorrowfully and earnestly.


You must love one another while working, but, in this urgent time, should you waste time, not listening to the messages of love that I am giving you?  As your rewards have been prepared in Heaven, you must not seek rewards in this world.  Now, as the remaining time is short, make haste to open your hearts and enter the Immaculate Heart of this Mother who is working for your sake.  If you heed well the advices of this Mamma who loves you, you will become lowlier with greater humility.

Now, children!  Let's become lowlier and littler.  Do you understand why Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God the Father, was placed in a shabby manger?  He was God, but did not want to be served by men.  Now you, who are supposed to protect many souls from the attacks by the wolves which disguise themselves as innocent and gentle lambs and plunder, must not seek to be served.  Therefore, lower yourselves humbly, saying, "I only did what I was supposed to do," about everything that you have done for me.

Many people are following false prophets and become alienated from the truths of the Gospels and are pursuing evils and sins as if they were good, causing so much pain to this Mamma's Heart.  Always remembering this Mother's words that even mistakes are allowed to promote humility, totally offer up to me the wounds that you say you have received and always respond to me with "Yes" or "Amen".  When you follow me, not judging anything with your own thoughts, I will be working within you, and you will enjoy eternal happiness in the next world.  Therefore, my children, make a new start.  As I have already chosen you, do not put your hearts into this place and that place but have trust in the messages of my love and swiftly spread the messages of my burning love with which I implore you shedding tears so that the herds of numerous sheep, which are wandering in darkness, may return to the Lord's bosom. 

Now, quickly stand up and offer up your utmost loyalty with love and confront the forces of evil that sweep over the world with heresies.

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, I heard the voice of Fr. Spies and those of several other people and opened my eyes.  As the devil's attacks continued, the Blessed Mother wept, anxiously looking at us.  I said to all, "The Blessed Mother is now weeping very sorrowfully."


Message on September 17, 1996

I attended the 7:30 p.m. Mass in the Cathedral at Sibu City in Malaysia. When I received Holy Communion and began meditation in my seat after Communion, I smelled a strong odor of wine. The man next to me said that he also smelled the same odor. A while later, I smelled the odor of blood. Fr. Francis Su, who came near me, and a woman sitting next to me said that they smelled a strong odor of blood, too. The Sacred Host that I received already turned into visible blood and flesh, and this was witnessed by Fr. Francis Su, who gave me Communion, His Excellency Dominic Su, who was the main celebrant of the Mass, other priests and lay people.  While I continued deep meditation, light came down from Heaven and shone upon everyone, and I heard a loving, kind voice from above.  It was the Blessed Mother.


Daughter! What are you so worried about? My Son Jesus is in glory in Heaven, but comes to you in Love even today as the Sacrificial Victim for the children in the world. You have been called to make the Lordís Real Presence known and, thereby, to help many souls to repent. Therefore, do not hesitate but spread it in a hurry. Many of the clergy are accepting me, but are hesitating (to help me) because of  face-saving and others?eyes. But the bishop here is accepting me courageously. This is why the Lord is showing a sign of Love here.  

As my Son Jesus is present everywhere and is with everyone, transcending national differences and boundaries, time and space, I am also with you wherever you may be. Especially, the amazing Work that the Lord wishes to accomplish through my bishop and priest, who trust and follow me completely, will be accomplished, and they will be walking the way of spiritual childhood. I will give them more energy and fill their weaknesses by applying fragrant balsam to their wounds and will help them observe the Commandments that the Lord entrusted to His Apostle, Peter, and, thus, perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of Priesthood.


Message on October 19, 1996 (1)

Priests and pilgrims from Korea and other countries gathered in the Naju Parish Church for the 5:00 p.m. Mass. The main celebrant was Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia.  

I received Holy Communion in both species and began meditation. I suddenly smelled a strong odor of blood and felt that the Sacred Host in my mouth was becoming larger. Other people around me saw the Eucharist in my mouth turning into visible Blood and Flesh. My husband, sitting next to me, asked me to close my mouth and asked others to remain quiet. Other people, however, insisted that I open my mouth. I did not know what to do. I felt that I was about to enter an ecstasy and hoped that Fr. Spies would come to me. Fr. Spies came and saw (what was happening). Then, I immediately entered an ecstasy and saw this world filled with darkness.  

Because the world was so dark, many people lost their sense of direction. They wandered around, struggled, and recklessly trampled others for their own survival. Many collapsed to the gound, struggling and shouting.  In the darkness, sexual abuses were being committed among both the old and the young.  I also saw some people killing others, even their family, for their own survival.

I also saw priests. Some of them were trying hard to save many sheep.  Other priests were just watching and ignoring what was going on.

While many souls were scratching, tearing apart, thrashing, kneading, smashing and fighting against each other like hungry devils, there appeared a point of light in the dark sky becoming brighter and brighter. Together with the light, the Blessed Mother was coming down, clothed with the sun and wearing a blue mantle and a crown of twelve stars. She was opening her arms toward the herds of many sheep. People who were even a little awake were following the light, but many people did not pay any attention to the light or did not notice it, but continued fighting. The Blessed Mother was weeping very sorrowfully looking at them. A while later, the Blessed Mother began speaking anxiously, kindly and lovingly.


Daughter! My daughter who has been called by my love. Did you see the world covered with darkness? You, who are unworthy, have been chosen to spread the messages of my burning love. So, hurriedly spread them to the children in the world who are living in darkness.  

Julia: Mother, I am too unworthy.  I am so unworthy that I am not qualified to make the Lord and the Blessed Mother known.  Now, please let me live a hidden life, will you?

I cried.


Who said you were qualified? If you thought you were qualified, I would not have called you.  I have prepared you so that you may graciously offer up pains as reparations for the sake of many souls. But if you think so (= that you are not able to spread my messages), this Heavenly Mother becomes sad. Despair does not come from me but from the devil. Therefore, do not ever become disappointed or disheartened. Didnít I already tell you that I could raise you up or lower you and could turn your imperfection into perfection? The humiliations and disgraces that you receive are the cup of death agony that has to be offered up in reparation for the sins of the children in the world. Offer them up well and do not agonize over your imperfection. Without me, any work or any effort will only be difficult.

Daughter! My beloved daughter! You are my beloved daughter regardless of what others say. However painful and difficult it may be in this world, you will stand by me, sharing the love and enjoying eternal happiness in Heaven in the next world. Therefore, do not have any fear but go forward courageously. Even the souls who are walking in darkness and going toward hell are all my beloved children. Therefore, help them in a hurry so that they may all return to this Mother, who is your refuge that will take you to Heaven.  

The fight between the Red Dragon and me, who is the Woman clothed with the sun, will intensify. But, if all of you believe and trust my messages completely and follow me, flowers will blossom even in the desert and all of the creation will become beautiful before long. My messages of love are the refreshing rain of love that falls upon the world that has become dark and dry. If you only practice the messages that the Lord and I give you, your dry souls will become wet and bountiful with graces; you will live a life of reparation for the ingratitude of others; and you will obtain Heaven.

All my dear priests and children in the world!  Listen to the Words of the Lord, Who has offered up all of Himself for you, not even sparing the last drop of His Blood; respond to Him with ďAmen?and be obedient to Him in a simple way.


Message on October 19, 1996 (2)

I saw Jesus hung on the Cross, shedding Blood. He looked so miserable. His Body was covered with Precious Blood not only from the Seven Wounds but also because of the scourging. At that moment, I heard the sorrowful and loving voice of Jesus.


I am the Bread that came down from Heaven. I have repeatedly emphasized to you with signs that, if all of you open your hearts widely and accept Me, My Life and My Love will overflow to all of you. But My Heart is so distressed that It is bleeding, because only very few of the children are truly accepting Me. I showed a sign again today so that my children from various places in the world may believe in My Real Presence and spread It. Therefore, hurriedly let the importance of the Holy Eucharist be known in this urgent time. My Love prompted Me to want to be united with you by drawing all of My Life from My Essence Itself. If you, whom I love so dearly, do not accept this profound Love, what can I do?  My Sacred Heart is burning vigorously, because I wish to save you with My Body, My Blood, My Soul and My Divinity, but there only are very few children who open their hearts widely and come near Me.  

As I first took My Body in the womb of Mary, My Holy Mother, My Heart began beating for you in unison with hers. Therefore, love Mary, My Mother, and follow her words. You must know that, loving and following her is loving and following Me.  

Didnít I, Who am God, give you all of My Life?  My dear priests, who are my ministers, and children!  Remembering that I am not the God of bondage but Love Itself and that I am always with you, have no fear; but follow Me with love. In order to follow Me, you must die to yourself.  

Now, through the schemes of the Freemasons, the world is being covered with darkness and even the holy organizations are being wounded by divisions and permeated by seeds of confusion. As a result, many souls are being tempted by deceptive theories. Even so, you, who have been called by My Love, should form chains of love in unity with each other by ceaselessly offering up prayers and reparations for ingratitude so that the poor souls may return to My Bosom in the Love of My Mother.

Many people swarm to the places of pleasure, but only very few are loyal and come to the holy place which has been prepared by My Mother, where they can receive the gifts of peace, joy and love and where the wishes of My Sacred Heart can be fulfilled. Therefore, you, who have been called, should respond with ďAmen?to the messages of love that I and My Mother give you so imploringly and guide all the numerous souls, who have lost their way, to Heaven so that you may enjoy eternal happiness in the Heavenly Home. An-nyoung!

When I woke up from ecstasy, I saw that the distribution of the Holy Communion was almost over.


Message on November 21, 1996

I saw a vision, while praying the rosary during the Holy Hour prayer meeting in reparation for  the insults that Jesus has received. (I saw) Fr. Spies was sitting on the floor among many other people and looking weary. A while later, Fr. Spies was startled at loud screams by many people and stood up. He held my hands and worked hard to spread the Blessed Motherís messages to many people. The Blessed Mother, wearing a blue mantle and wrapped in bright light, was watching this. Then, she came to Fr. Spies and me and held our hands. Fr. Spies, who had been looking weary, became happy and joyful. The Blessed Mother began speaking very lovingly, kindly and softly.  


My beloved son! Thank you for complying with this Heavenly Motherís wishes. What a great joy you are giving the Heavenly Father by offering up yourself completely with humility, meekness and patience and by accepting with generous love the soul who has been entrusted to you!  My Immaculate Heart is also filled with gratitude to your heart for offering itself up.  

My beloved son!  Many people have become too big to be embraced in my bosom of love. You must become smaller and humbler, and be tightly embraced in my bosom of love and always act in concert with me. If you conduct yourselves following the orbit of the light that emanates from my burning Immaculate Heart, I will let the spirit of joy, love, consolation and peace dwell in you.  

Therefore, do not have fear of anything any longer but arm yourselves with the highest goodness and humility that has been entrusted to you and make me known and follow me.  I will always walk with you and bless you who are following me and making me known.  An-nyoung!


Message on November 24, 1996

I saw a vision while meditating during the overnight prayer service commemorating the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the fragrant oil from the Blessed Motherís statue and also the second anniversary of the Holy Eucharist coming down from Heaven.

The Lord was shining light upon people attending the prayer service and, through angels, gave them white bowls ?/span> one to each. Those who opened their hearts widely and repented their sins before the Lord received large bowls filled with jewels sparkling like crystals, whereas those who emptied their hearts only a little received small bowls and jewels. I saw that people were receiving (the bowls and jewels) according to how much they had done. At that moment, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother through her statue from which she had shed tears and fragrant oil.


My beloved children!  I bestow boundless blessings on all of you who are gathered here to celebrate the holy anniversary of the Lordís coming down to you in the form of bread because of His intense Love for you.  

Children!  Do not forget that you are breathing, moving around, and living your lives in the Lord, and do not delay giving Him gratitude, praise, glory and adoration. All humans are destined to die because of Adam, but if you repent (your sins) now, you will live forever because of my Son Jesus Christ.


Message on November 25, 1996

I saw a vision while meditating during the second part of the overnight prayer service. I saw a large Crucifix.  Jesus on the Cross was alive. He instantly became covered with Blood, because people were scourging Him, nailing Him to the Cross, throwing arrows at Him, piercing Him with sharp swords, and pressing a crown of thorns on His Head whenever they sinned.  

The Mother of Mercy, wearing a blue mantle, came closer to the right side of Jesus, Who was covered with Blood. As the Blessed Mother embraced Jesus, weeping sorrowfully, she also became covered with Blood. She was overwhelmed with sorrows and choked with sobbing. I was also stretching out my arms and crying. The Blood was also dripping on my hands. Many people were passing by Jesus, Who was bleeding, without paying any attention to Him or noticing Him. The Blessed Mother watched this and wept sorrowfully. She began speaking with much sadness.


My beloved priests and children!  The Lord, Who loves you so much, continues bleeding like this. My Heart becomes torn apart for pain, while I watch this. Shouldnít you wipe away His Blood and sweat?  

In this current age, how numerous are heretics and false prophets who are using my Son Jesus?name and mine in trying to lead even the Holy Church into a whirlpool of disorder and confusion with cunning temptations and deceptions?Therefore, dear priests and children who have been called by me! Work hard hurriedly to help the numerous children, who are swaying in stormy seas of clever but false teachings and are swarming to this place and to that place, come aboard the Maryís Ark of Salvation. Harvest is so plentiful, but workers are scarce. That is why I have called and healed many children just before their death so that they may work as instruments of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my burning Immaculate Heart. But ?/font>

The Blessed Mother paused, weeping sadly.  She continued with a choked voice.


There are so few children who are making me known and following me. There should be unity in the Church, with Christ as her head and with all the parts connected to each other. But, because many insist on their own (ego) and are mired in pride, they are unable to form one body and properly perform their functions.

All the priests and children in the world whom I love! You must all become one with Christ as the head. Then, every part will become precious. How painful it would be, if even one of the parts in the body is torn apart from it! The parts have different forms and different functions, but, if they perform their functions well and cherish each other more dearly, the devil, who has been afflicting you, will perish by himself and your names will be recorded in the book of eternal life in Heaven.  Therefore, always remind yourselves that my Son Jesus is not sparing even the last drop of His Blood in atonement for your sins in order to save you all.  

Now, as you see the many signs that the Lord is giving you through me, if you believe my pleas and accept and practice well the messages of love that I have been giving you, you will soon see the dawn of the new era.  Good-bye!  An-nyoung!