January 18, 1995- Pride can ruin not only individuals but the whole world.

February 2, 1995- There is no time to waste by hesitating. March ahead bravely.

May 9, 1995- Try to become signs of my love filled with my Motherhood.

June 11, 1995- How would it be possible that many people receive graces except through pains?

June 16, 1995 -Go to the world in a hurry and cry out.

June 18, 1995 -You must not waste any precious time.

June 19, 1995 -This book that I want will richly fill the hearts of the arid souls.

June 21, 1995 (1) -I will cover you with my heavenly mantle.

June 21, 1995 (2)- When you live according to the rules of love!

June 30, 1995 (1)- I, who am God's servant, will enwrap you all with my mantle and bless you.

June 30, 1995 (2) -Receive and worship Me with a most sincere heart.

July 1, 1995 -I am giving you today My Flesh and My Blood in a special way for all of you.

July 2, 1995 -This great power was not given even to Cherubim and Seraphim.

July 5, 1995 -Entrust yourselves totally to me with faith, trust and fidelity.

September 7, 1995 -Offer up little flowers of constant prayers and self-denial.

September 22, 1995- Do reparations for the most abominable sins of blasphemy.

October 27, 1995 -All of you must become people who are closest to the Pope's heart.

October 31, 1995 -Perpetuate the gift of Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and Resurrection.

November 21, 1995 -When you follow me believing, trusting and relying on me!

Message on January 18, 1995

While I was suffering pains, I strongly felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel supported by a helper, as I was not able to walk alone. As soon as we opened the door of the Chapel, we smelled a fresh, sweet and powerful fragrance of roses filling the Chapel. Light was also radiating from the Blessed Mother's statue. I offered up a candlelight to her and began praying. Then, I heard the beautiful and friendly voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue.


My beloved daughter! Even in this current age, my Son Jesus is suffering on the Cross shedding much Blood and covered with Blood to save this world permeated with sins. This Mother who watches this is also bleeding from her torn Heart.

Offer up your current pains of delivery graciously so that all the children may repent soon. I feel so anxious when I look at you suffering pains while following me. But come closer to me, filled with the hope that the joy of birth will surely come. Do you know how I am comforted by your effort to prevent even one soul from perishing? Have no fear and try harder to help all the children come aboard the Ark of Salvation.

Now is the best opportunity for you (plural) to repent. When God sends a warning, sufferings accompany, too. But if you repent and comply with my requests, the cup of God's blessings will be bestowed upon you. So, do not waste this precious time and opportunity. I have already indicated several times through Fr. Gobbi and you, who (Julia) are unworthy, that this current age is extremely urgent.

My most beloved daughter! How can I be unaware of your heart that agonizes with sufferings, even though you have asked for them! I am anxious, too. I could let you stand up right away, but you continue suffering extreme pains, because too many children in the world are falling into sins and I need souls who offer sacrifices in order to save even one more soul. The lotus flower does not blossom when the water is changed repeatedly, but it blossoms beautifully in a dirty pond. Likewise, remember that you can arrive at glory only through sufferings. Offer them up well for the conversion of the children in the world.

All the children in the world! I ask all the souls not to listen to the sounds of evil. The devils rejoice so much when they take away joy from you. They cause division among people and press down their hearts with darkness and sorrows. So, be watchful all the time and carry your cross well, even when it feels too heavy. If you lay down the cross thinking that it is too heavy, evil, which has been waiting for that moment, may enter you right away. I implore you ardently.

As water flows to lower and lower places, my Son Jesus went down to lower places again and again. All of you must imitate my Son Jesus and become lower and lower. The bodily matters belong to the world, while the spiritual matters belong to Heaven. Following this Mother's wish that you pursue the heavenly matters only, offer up your sufferings totally and graciously.

After a brief pause, the Blessed Mother continued, weeping.

Now, look! They said, "The Shinkansen (the bullet-train railway in Japan) has been built so solidly that it will withstand any natural disaster." (Note: There was a devastating earthquate in the Kobe area in Japan on January 17, 1995.) What was the use of saying that? I love that country and that nation so much that I have given them an opportunity to repent, imploring them with tears. But most of them have closed their hearts, have failed to live according to God's Will and have not accepted me, who is their Heavenly Mother. Pride can ruin not only individuals but the whole world. God broke their pride with which they trusted human power without realizing that God can destroy iron pillars and brass walls so solidly built by humans in one moment and He can erect them in one moment, too. But I love that country and that nation so much that, in response to the prayers of the little souls who are practicing my messages of love and following me, I will gather them under my mantle and help them to be saved by returning to God, repenting their sins truthfully and living a sincere life with all their hearts.

Do not think that all these were random accidents, but wake up hurriedly, throw away pride and selfishness and come closer to me with a humble heart. Then, I will offer you up to the Lord; the Lord's blessing instead of His chastisement will come down upon you and my Immaculate Heart will surely triumph, which will give you a great joy, love and peace and fill your faces with happy smiles.

My dear children! Many children were sacrificed, not because they were at fault, but because there only were extremely few children who were accepting the Lord's Words and me. Do not think complacently of this as a matter of people far away, but pray. If you do not live according to God's Words and do not go to the Lord with me, there may be more and more natural disasters, depletion of natural resources, wars, communicable diseases, many kinds of environmental pollution, and other calamities. Therefore, you must stay awake, pray and live a life of conversion and, thereby, enter my Immaculate Heart.

All the children in the world! It is not too late yet. Accept my messages of love that I give you through my little soul and come back to my bosom which will be your refuge. As I told you before, I will let the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and the light of mercy spread to the entire world from Korea. Let all the children in the world know this so that they may wake up and pray.


Message on February 2, 1995

For some time, I had been staying at a relative's house because of severe pains. So, on New Year's Day (according to the lunar calendar), I was not able to be with my family or the Blessed Mother('s statue). But I was so anxious to see the Blessed Mother on this Feast Day of Presentation that I went to the Chapel. There I grasped the feet of the Blessed Mother whom I had been so ardently longing to see and prayed, "Mother! You told us, 'I will help you with my power that can crush the serpent.' Please help this endangered world to be saved with your power that can crush the serpent . . ." At that moment, I heard the loving and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue.


My beloved daughter! This is the day when I presented my Son Jesus to God the Father and also the day when it was foretold by Simeon that I would experience the pains of my Heart being pierced with a sharp sword. As Simeon predicted, I have received numerous pains from my beloved children, but, at the same time, I am being comforted by souls like you who are participating in my sufferings.

My daugher who is so exhausted! With renewed courage and energy, march ahead bravely. There is no time to waste by hesitating. Do not worry even when you hear all kinds of insults. Know that all the insults that you hear are actually insults to me and offer them up well. Numerous children, who have gone far away from my Son Jesus and me, have been swept away by storms and have fallen into errors and, because of the resulting lack of faith, are not able to accept the Dogmas and are causing a great disorder in the Liturgy and the Church Laws. Even many shepherds have fallen into this disorder and are walking along the way to hell. The gate of hell is wide open to receive them.

I have already told you again and again what the remedies are against the many disasters that are striking many places in the world . . .

The Blessed Mother continued with a voice filled with sorrows and almost crying.

As I told you before, daughter, fire can fall from the sky upon the souls who are blind and deaf and are wandering without knowing the way. But there are not enough little souls yet who can soften the just anger of God. Therefore, help me by moving to the place which I have prepared (the mountain where the new basilica will be built) holding hands with the priests whom I have chosen with love.

Remember that, with a great thirst and anxiousness, I am inviting all the children in the world to come aboard my Ark of Salvation so that I can take them (to Heaven). And prepare a most joyful place with the pure love from my Immaculate Heart. Hurriedly spread my messages of love to my children who do not know the way to Heaven and, by doing so, comply with the wish of this Mother who wants to save them from danger.

All my beloved children in the world! My messages of love will be the brake that suppresses disorder. All the children in the world must hurriedly understand my messages of love and accept them. If the children in the world do not follow the Will of God and do not accept my words, God will respond with severity and they will not be able to escape from the fire of justice. A safe tomorrow cannot be promised.

But if you comply with the wish of this Mother who wants to carry out through you the Plan of Love and Salvation that God of the Most Holy Trinity has entrusted to me and answer with an "Amen", the blazing flames of the Holy Spirit will renew this world and make it shine and you will be saved in that light.


Message on May 9, 1995

I attended the 7:30 p.m. Mass at the Parish Church. While I was in deep meditation during Mass in order to be united with the Heart of the Lord, I saw a vision. The Holy Father was celebrating Mass together with many priests. Jesus, Who was wearing an ivory-colored mantle, was standing by the Holy Father; the Blessed Mother, who was wearing a blue mantle and was so beautiful, was also there. She began speaking with an anxious voice.


My beloved daugher! I am so anxious, because even the shepherds who have responded to God's Call are not following God the Father's Will completely and are unable to enrich the souls who are thirsting for Love . . . The Lord wishes to perform miracles of love through the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests who have responded to my call, but the clergy who are following my Son Jesus are so few.

“Now, look,?said the Blessed Mother. I saw that the clergy who are truly following the Lord were so few. Many priests were compromising with the world and were becoming demoralized. Some, including even a Cardinal and a Bishop, were deserting their vocation. The Blessed Mother was watching this and was shedding tears.


Daughter! My enemy's fury is increasing rapidly and he is crying out with joy and victoriously over the fall of many priests. This Mother of Heaven cannot help crying continuously because of the heretics who have deviated from the true and traditional Church. Many priests, who should look after the sheep which have been lost and are wandering about, are facing the danger of losing true faith. They even sometimes forget about the Resurrection of Jesus, because they are immersed in the spirit of the world which is permeated with disbelief and errors. Thus, the tide of a great apostasy is spreading extensively inside the Catholic Church. Therefore, try to become signs of my love filled with my Motherhood . . .

Even if the land has dried up, I will become like the sea with powerful tides, if you become united and practice my words. I will always be in the deepest corners of your souls, if you do not fear anything but trust me completely. Pains of delivery may be great, but they are signs of a great joy that is approaching. If you believe my words and put them into practice, you will be singing joyfully in the garden of God's Kingdom where there is not even a trace of darkness.

Sons and daughters who have been called because you are so dearly loved! This Mother, who is the Mediatrix of Graces and the Co-Redemptrix, will transform you through the little soul whom I have chosen. So, do not fear but settle down. Today, this Mother in Heaven is accepting your little hearts into my Immaculate Heart. Bravely become apostles of my Immaculate Heart in unity so that my Plan may be realized well. When you follow me walking a little person's way of love with humility, faith, reliance and trust, I will enwrap you with the armor of the Holy Spirit so that even the arrows of fire that the devil throws at you may not dare hurt you.

After the Blessed Mother ended her words, I saw the Holy Father and many priests celebrating Mass together with huge crowds of people from all over the world.


Message on June 11, 1995

I was in bed because of extreme pains. I could not open my eyes or move my body. The nails from close helpers go deeper and cause greater pains. They must be hurting the Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother even more. I wept thinking about my unworthiness. I had so earnestly wanted to lead a hidden life. I cried, because my heart was being torn with overflowing sorrows over the criticisms and judgment that the Blessed Mother receives because of my unworthiness and sinfulness. What should I do? What should I do? Suddenly, I heard the warm and yet sorrowful and anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter!  Today is the great Feast Day of the Holy Trinity. I feel sadness in my Heart when I see you lying down exhausted, while praying for unity in the whole world. I can raise you up right away and liberate you from pains. But, the world is unable to achieve unity and is filled with darkness because of many sins. The devil has laid traps with thorns, venom and cruelty. That is why your sufferings are necessary. Offer them up well.

Do your best in everything and prepare a book with testimonies from many children who have received love from the Lord through me so that you may not fall into the grave events filled with pains. If they give testimony on the graces they have received, they will receive more blessings. How would it be possible that many people receive graces except through pains? Why are you hesitating and trying to give it up? Execute it without reservation. Do you understand this? The current age demands miracles. That is why I prepared a plan. Why are you trying to give it up with your own thinking? Do not follow the wishes of the enemies, but obey this Mother's words in a simple way.

Through the mercy of God the Father, new days are being prepared for you. In this early stage, there are many priests who persecute you, alienate you and even call you, my little soul, an insane woman. But do not forget that there also are my beloved priests who are following me and supporting you. Proceed as I told you without worrying. Then, your doubts will go away, your faith will increase and the lost children of the world will be comforted.

Numerous people are spiritually blind and deaf and are rejecting my presence, because their hearts are so dried up in extreme poverty and lack of understanding. That is why I am asking your spiritual director and you to publish a book with testimonies on the graces that many children have received. Do not worry about the consequences, but march ahead bravely . . .

This Heavenly Mother will take care of the results and accomplish amazing fruits. Those who are walking the way of ruin and destruction, judging and criticizing (me), will come back as simple and good children following this Mother thanks to the book. Some of those who are alienating me now may still refuse to accept me (despite the book). A day will come when they will beat their chests because of shame.  

Make haste. I am asking you, because I want to protect the numerous children who are walking toward hell. Stay alert remembering that my enemy is active, violent and dangerous and is trying to topple you. Nobody knows the hour, but God can take your soul early for the salvation of many children. But when the prayers of numerous souls are combined together and soar high into Heaven, your life on earth will be extended and my burning Immaculate Heart will triumph. Brace yourself with more strength, because my enemy is mobilizing all the available means to block you, beat you up, and destroy you. He is using all his power to discourage you and intimidate you so that you may give up the work and my plan may be delayed.

I will always be with you and perform miracles of love.


Message on June 16, 1995

I offered up indescribably severe pains that had lasted for several days for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of priests and religious. On June 30, it will be the tenth annivesary of the Blessed Mother's first tears. During the past ten year period, she has revealed her presence by shedding tears, tears of blood and fragrant oil for the salvation of all the children in the world. She has allowed miracles directly or indirectly to numerous people on countless occasions. Despite all these, she has not yet been approved. Instead, she has been receiving misunderstanding, criticism, and accusations. I felt so sad, when I thought about the Blessed Mother who had been suffering so much.

I had an appointment to see Fr. Spies in Anyang. It was difficult to keep that appointment because of my pains, but I went to Fr. Spies praying to the Lord, “I am Yours, if I am dead. I am Yours, if I am alive. I am Yours always. Your Will be done.?I attended Mass celebrated by Fr. Spies. During Mass, I was lying down because of pains. Soon, I entered an ecstasy and began trembling at the sight of people who were being purified by the fire in Purgatory. Then, I heard the voice of Jesus.


Are you hesitating and trying to lay down the cross saying that you are unworthy and unqualified? But you promised to suffer pains and I saved you from death several times in order to make use of you.

I was surprised and looked around.


You make frequent Confessions and do much penance. But you have frequently faltered despite your promise of martyrdom. Will you walk through the fire in order to purify your soul even more?

I was scared, but said, “Yes,?and walked through the fire. The heat and pain were beyond human description.


Now your soul has been purified. Go to the Kingdom of God.

Right away, angels took me to Heaven which I had seen before (July 24, 1988). God the Father was sitting on a high throne. The Blessed Mother was also there surrounded by angels.


Child . . . (after a pause) Do you want Me to chastise the world now?

Julia:  No, please wait a while longer. More souls will repent according to the Blessed Mother's words. There already are many who are repenting.


Then, will you return to the world and spread (the messages) more diligently?

Julia: But . . . I am not qualified. It is beyond my power. I am so unworthy. So many people do not realize that the end times are approaching.


That is right. If the people in the world knew that the end times are approaching, they would repent . . . If they do not repent until the end, there will only be ruins. You must go and tell them that I, Who am God and Father, will soon speak with a stern voice. You must protect yourselves with prayers.

If priests, who are ministers of Jesus and were chosen by Me through My Son, do not listen to My Words and continue to judge and criticize them, the sheep who are following them will also continue to walk toward hell. They must keep in mind that My judgment will be fierce. They are blocking the Gate of Heaven with their knowledge, leaving numerous souls to loiter and wander outside. I cannot tolerate this any longer.

When one priest is ruined, it is not just he who is ruined. Many souls fall together with him. This gives Me extreme sorrows.

My beloved daughter! Many priests, religious and lay people are commiting sins with their tongues. Can you suffer the pains of the fire in Purgatory so that they may repent?

Julia: Yes. If they can repent, I will suffer the pains.

I stuck out my tongue and received the pains of fire on it. Even after the suffering, my tongue remained charred and black. One side of my tongue was red and cracked. I had no saliva in my mouth and felt so painful.


I feel so painful in My Heart and this world truly needs to be chastised. But I see your earnest wish and your loving heart offering up sufferings to save even one more soul. Go to the world in a hurry and cry out.

At that moment, the Blessed Mother who was wearing a blue mantle came to me as if she was flying and embraced me.


Now, receive the Holy Eucharist in a hurry which is Heavenly Food and will fill your soul.

I woke up and saw that Fr. Spies was about to give me Communion. Because my tongue was hardened, I could not swallow the Sacred Host. I made gestures asking for water. Fr. Spies gave me the Precious Blood and I could swallow the Host. At that moment, I saw a vision. The Blessed Mother was sitting wearing a shiny royal crown and was carrying the Baby Jesus. She had a beautiful, peaceful and bright smile. In her front were the Holy Father, the Apostolic Pro Nuncio, Fr. Spies, other priests and lay people who love the Blessed Mother, playing joyfully like children.

After the Mass, I made a Confession to Fr. Spies, while still lying down. The Blessed Mother was sitting nearby. Jesus was standing just behind the priest. While hearing the Confession, Fr. Spies was not aware that the Blessed Mother was sitting beside him. When Fr. Spies touched the place where the Blessed Mother was sitting with his left hand, it slipped because that place was slippery with much fragrant oil. Soon, the fragrant oil dried up. We were so amazed.


Message on June 18, 1995

Today was the Feast of Corpus Christi. Because of severe pains, I could not even open my eyes or go to Mass. On June 5, 1988, which was also the Feast of Corpus Christi, I attended Mass after suffering for two weeks and witnessed the Sacred Host becoming larger and bleeding (in my mouth). I also received messages from Jesus Who was bleeding. Today also I saw Jesus Who was bleeding more than before. But the Blessed Mother was feeling more pains in her Heart, because the children who receive transfusions from Jesus were diminishing. She spoke sorrowfully.


My beloved and poor daughter! Your bloody sufferings will not be fruitless. Offer them up well in reparation for the sins of sacrilegious Communions. Do not panic even when you face difficulties in the course of your life. Your sufferings have been allowed by God. Tolerate even misunderstanding, criticism, contempt and slander. Even when some people intend to do evil to you, they will not be able to harm you. Instead, there will be God's mercy. That is because all the deceptions and slanders will dissipate like fog under the shining sun.

You have frequently said that you are unworthy, weak and unqualified and have nothing to offer to God except your shamefulness. You have asked me why I chose you, who are filled with shortcomings and, thus, let many people, including even some priests commit sins of judging. But your shortcomings are what I want. Why would I have chosen you, if you did not have many shortcomings? To prevent you from becoming proud, the Lord even took away much of your knowledge. All your sacrifices and sufferings will not be vain. Even if you are not in this world, the messages you have received and the works will remain forever. The Lord, Whom you call Abba, Father, has nurtured you and guided you spiritually. This Mother has also nurtured you and trained your soul. Am I not guiding you now together with your spiritual director?

My daughter! Where do you find souls with good will? Mary Magdalene and Zacchaeus were among them. Also, the thief who was dying on a cross screamed, filled with trust, “Lord, remember me when You enter Your Kingdom.?How did the Lord respond? He saw the truly repenting eyes of the thief and said, “Amen I say to you, this day you shall be with Me in Paradise.?You make progress when you realize your poverty. You capture my Heart, when you say you are not qualified. You have complained repeatedly that you are not up to the work, realizing your immense poverty. But I have never left you.

Julia: I am even feeling dizzy. It's not too late yet. I have wanted to live an ordinary and hidden life like a wild flower that has no name. But why me? . . . I have thought it over again and again, but I am not worthy to do this work. I have not done anything to deserve rewards, either.


Child! Haven’t I told you that I chose you because of that? Don’t be stubborn, but entrust everything to the Lord and follow Him. He needs your help, because He is being scorned more and more everyday. That is why He saved you from death again and sent you back to the world. In consultation with your spiritual director, spread my messages of love all over the world in a hurry and more courageously and wisely so that people may not commit sacrileges against the Lord hidden in the Holy Eucharist. You must not waste any precious time, in order to prevent everyone from destruction.  Do not be discouraged, but make haste to quench the Lord's thirst.

The time when God the Father will speak with a stern voice of judgment is approaching. You must protect yourselves with prayers, sacrifices, penance and consecration. My Heart has already been torn apart into pieces and my bloody tears and bloody sweat are pouring down on the earth. I have already told you that the terrifying judgment of God will come down. As you know, that day will come like a thief at night. Destruction will come suddenly, when people are singing of peaceful and secure times. It will be like the pains of delivery to a pregnant woman, which are sudden and yet certain and cannot be avoided. The souls who accept my messages that you are spreading are accepting me. Those who reject them reject me and reject the Father in Heaven.

Little soul! Be more courageous. Become a light in this dangerous world and offer up reparations so that all may come aboard the Ark of Salvation that I have prepared and may not commit sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist. An-nyoung!


Message on June 19, 1995

The Blessed Mother has helped many people bear the fruits of her messages and has desired the publication of a book on these fruits so that many people may be able to have the book on the tenth anniversary of her first tears in Naju. But because this work was so difficult, I became worried and, together with several helpers, went to the Chapel and prayed before the Blessed Mother's statue. I entered an ecstasy near the end of the Third Glorious Mystery and heard the Blessed Mother's anxious voice. She was shedding tears of blood.


My beloved daughter! How could I be unaware of your agonizing heart? Do not be troubled. Do not be sad. Do not cry. What the Lord and this Mother want is that even one more sinner who has been lost repents. When a sinner repents, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, together with all of God's Saints and Angels in Heaven, will rejoice. Doesn’t the Bible tell you about a father throwing a big banquet when one of his sons who had been lost returned?

Let's compare this to a gold coin. If the gold coin is wrapped and stored, it will be of no use. Likewise, precious writings will be of no use, unless made known. Those who have ears will hear and follow this Mother. Make them known in a hurry. Then, you will harvest richly and numerous sheep will return to the Bosom of the Lord.

Listen well. Those who give to others will receive more, and those who hide (what they have) from others will be deprived of what they have. Who can possibly obstruct God's Will? Do not hesitate, as the time left is short. Also, I am the one who is doing the work.

My dear children. On the day when it will have been ten years since the beginning of my crying out shedding tears, with what are you going to wipe away my tears of blood?  

Already, the time for preparation is over and, now, you are entering the decisive time of battle. The human race will face the time of a great bloody chastisement. Shouldn’t you rescue (people) hurriedly? Do not delay, but hurry up. This Mother in Heaven is trying to save even one more soul. Why are you calculating and thinking in human ways?

This book that I want will richly fill the hearts of the arid souls. And, because of this book, the practice of the messages will multiply. It will be a precious gift that will help open people's closed hearts and make them seek me. Therefore, do not worry, but comply with the wishes of this Mother who is undergoing a death agony. God has sent angels to His servants in order to show them what is about to happen.

Now, do not delay, but hurry up. I will guard and protect you. What will be written in that book are fruits and living testimonies. Those who walk in the daytime do not fall, because there is light. But those who walk at night can fall easily, because there is no light.


Message on June 21, 1995 10 a.m.

The Blessed Mother speaks to the priests whom she has chosen.


My beloved sons, my priests who are so lovely that I can put you in my eyes without feeling any pain! It is my motherly duty in this age of severe purification to train you, whom I love and cherish, to suffer pains. Therefore, offer everything up well . . .

Keep in mind that all the large and small pains that you experience in this difficult time may not be in vain but may turn into gifts of perfect love, because I, your Mother, am helping you. Do not worry or feel lonesome. Instead, push my work ahead with courage and tenacity.

Priests who have received my love and my special graces! Know that, as I did for Jesus, I always stand under your cross, do not leave you even for a moment, and watch you with my eyes filled with motherly love and mercy. I will help you so that you may blossom in all virtues and exude fragrance. Therefore, trust my words like a child and follow them. When you encounter difficulties, I will cover you with my heavenly mantle which has been prepared specially for you and will protect you. The Heavenly Father will also bless you at that time.


Message on June 21, 1995 3 p.m.

I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel where she wept through her statue. The Blessed Mother had a very sad expression, as she knew well about my sorrowful heart. Because she could not go to the place (the mountain, the site for the new Basilica) where she had wanted to go, she was so anxious and sad, almost crying, as she was looking in the direction of that place. A while later, she spoke with a sorrowful and yet warm and kind voice.


I ask all the children who work for the Lord and help me. For the conversion of sinners, pray, offer sacrifices, do penance and live a consecrated life. Turn your life into prayers. The human race has already come to the brink of a cliff of destruction because of its degradation. The ongoing battles are the signs of the approaching great chastisement that will befall the human race. From now on, how many countries will be turned upside down and how many people will have to be sacrificed . . . If those who pursue evil persist in contradicting God the Father's Will, how can I continue preventing His Hand of Justice (from striking)?

The thorns in this end time are particularly hurting. How can those who denounce and disobey God understand anything but the preposterous fury! I am now tired of those who do not try to learn the truth but oppose me unconditionally. This age when pride and lack of love among the pessimists and the disobedient are surging is a time of misery and, to the Church, a time of painful delivery.

Whatever traps laid by the forces of evil you may face on your way, you must follow me, your Mother, who is the shield that will protect you from all kinds of attacks in my battle. Then, this Mother will rescue you from any trap and protect you.

My beloved children! The Freemasons have already laid plots of darkness and are paralyzing even key activities in the Church through their followers. So, the Church should recognize my messages fast, but it is indifferent. If, as a result, even my children for whom I took great pains to rescue from the marsh fall back into the whirlpool, what will happen to them at the end of the world and who will be responsible for that? What will be the use of regretting and beating one's chest at that time? Ah! I am sad. All the roads are becoming blocked.  

At that time, the Blessed Mother looked extremely sad and continued with a choked voice.


My beloved children! To console me and help the messages be spread and practiced, offer up your sufferings graciously. All the children in the world who are helping me! Entrust all the difficulties that you encounter to me. Your peace should not be shaken. The devotion in a burning heart manifests itself as unlimited love and a firm and courageous determination. When you live according to the rules of love, you will not be taken over by fear, nor will your spirit be broken by despair. Now, with one ray of hope, I again ask you, whom I love. It is not too late yet. Make haste and give me a hand so that all my children who are in sins may repent. If they only repent, many sheep who are following them will obtain Heaven . . . (after a pause)

Obedience is the precious key that opens the gate of Heaven widely. What my little soul is doing may sometimes not make any sense to you, but can be precious examples. Follow my words which I give you through my little soul. I will open the gate of Heaven to all of you who are following me and will prepare special places for you. I will always be with you.

Sometimes we cannot do certain things that you and I wish to do, in order to be obedient to the Church. Even so, I will gather you into this poor cradle in order to fill the gap and arm you spiritually. Become flawless, beautiful flowers and enter my Immaculate Heart hurriedly and drink the spiritual milk that I give you. Then, you will receive the blessing of enjoying happiness in the eternal heavenly Paradise as children. Good bye! I pray for peace. An-nyoung!


Message on June 30, 1995 (1)

It was the tenth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping. I was so anxious and sad, because I was unable even to see visitors. How much greater the pains in the Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother must be! There were also priests from abroad, but they were not allowed to celebrate Mass even in the Parish Church. I felt so sorry to the pilgrims from abroad. Several of the priests from abroad already had returned home, because they could not even celebrate Mass.

From about 3 p.m., the shape of the sun was changing gradually. By about 3:30 p.m.., it became a clear image of the Eucharist. It was also spinning and pulsating like a heart. It was radiating different colors?/font>blue, green, purple, yellow, red and gold. These colors were reflected on people's clothes. Many who witnessed this were screaming with joy and some were crying. The light was shining upon the roof of the Chapel and upon the people on the ground. I saw Jesus and the Blessed Mother near the image of the Eucharist in the sky. There also were angels. The Blessed Mother began speaking in a most merciful, loving, kind and soft manner. She was extremely beautiful and looked like her statue in Naju?/font>the Mother of Mercy.

My beloved children! I bless you in a special way today, bestowing all the light from Heaven on you so that you may now live in the light of the Lord and myself and may become the apostles of the light that radiates from my Immaculate Heart.

If you follow me completely, you will soon see the day when the darkness that is covering the Church will disappear. The light of love from the most merciful and loving Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart is bestowed upon you so that peace instead of suffering and anxiety may be given to you. In this desolate world, the danger of a new war is turning into a reality. But the power of God's Love cannot be blocked.

You came to me, because it is the tenth anniversary of my first weeping. I, who am God's servant, will enwrap you all with my mantle and bless you. So, follow my words well.

Those who say that they are being neutral are blocking my way with a fragile cover-up and cruelty and are walking toward hell. They are leading themselves toward perdition, but do not realize this and still talk about love without practicing it.

My children! You should not refuse this Mother's request that you reconcile with each other so that violence and fear may cease.

Now, all my children! Do not approach me because of curiosity and as spectators, but follow me with complete trust. You may not understand my words well now, but will some day. If you refuse to believe and follow my words, however, you will surely regret it.

All my beloved children in the world! It is not too late yet. If you believe, follow and trust my words as true messages originating from God, you will enjoy eternal happiness. I bestow heavenly blessings on all of you. An-nyoung!


Message on June 30, 1995 (2)

There was Mass at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Church concelebrated by the Pastor and seven priests from abroad. Tears kept flowing from my eyes. There have been several events recently that have saddened the Lord and the Blessed Mother. The priests and pilgrims from abroad were attending Mass celebrated in Korean, which they could not understand. I felt so sorry and cried a lot.

After receiving Communion, I went back to my seat. As I was about to begin meditation, I smelled blood from the Eucharist and asked a lady beside me to take a look. People around me also saw this and began shouting, “It's blood!?A priest from Japan (92 years old), who was holding my hand, also saw it. Pilgrims were totally amazed and some began crying. The Pastor, unaware of what was going on, asked people to be quiet and the Mass continued. Fr. Louis Bosmans from Canada continued videotaping. At that moment, I heard the warm and loving voice of Jesus from the direction of the tabernacle.


My beloved sons and daughters! I will bestow a special blessing on you, because you came here to comfort My Mother despite the long distance.

If you have insulted Me by receiving Communion sacrilegiously, see the signs that I am giving you today and receive and worship Me with a most sincere heart. Then, I will heal your deep wounds, cure your illnesses and give you a generous heart that can love everyone. I will give you the power to liberate yourselves from the powerful army of the devil, I will give you special graces that will be used as undefeatable and secure weapons, and I will give you a strong and tenacious power to practice goodness that can trigger a chain reaction more powerful than a nuclear reaction. Therefore, hurriedly receive Me Who loves you to the extent of becoming your Food. Today I bestow special graces and blessings on all of you.


Message on July 1, 1995 3:40 a.m.

We had been planning celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping, but, instead, were praying quietly as pilgrims in front of the Blessed Mother's statue. During the prayer, there were flashing lights from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue. Then, the wooden image of Jesus turned into the live Jesus. He was on the Cross, bleeding. Blood was flowing from His forehead, which was being pressed down by a crown of thorns, His side, two hands, two feet and Heart. Jesus spoke sorrowfully.


My beloved soul! It has been ten years since My Mother Mary began shedding tears and imploring you in order to bring to Me all the children in the world who are filled with pride and hastening on their way toward hell. The Heavenly Mother, who deserves to be respected, is receiving extreme insults and pains instead of respect from the numerous children in the world. Offer up to the Heavenly Mother all of your suffering heart that has desired to comfort her.

My little soul! You know well that the spiritualism that secretly calls on the power of Satan is not from God. Satan can certainly weaken people's free will, but cannot destroy it unless people cooperate with him. I am watching the insults, ridicule, scourging, and humiliation by the enemies, the opponents of My Love, in the past, at present and in the future. You know well what will happen to those who are dragged into eternal perdition and also that the devils can be active in many different ways and to different degrees, as they can mobilize whatever means that are available to them. So, make haste so that the numerous children in this world may return to Me, and quench their thirst in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which is a Mystery of Love, in which I give up all of Myself.  

Julia:  Lord! I am not able. I am filled with shortcomings and unworthiness.


Yes. I dwell in your heart that feels your unworthiness and littleness. Do not focus on yourself. I will not take away your shortcomings from you. I can make all of your soul and body perfect in one moment. But, I am leaving your shortcomings as gifts to you so that you may lower yourself further and further and come to me as a little soul. So, you will experience many pains and misunderstandings in following Me and My Mother, but these will not be stumbling blocks.

Julia:  Thank you, Lord. I am not worthy, but will follow Your Will.


Yes. Thank you, my little soul! This world has become one which is swarming with heretics. In this age which is placed in the middle of a danger, try to imitate Me.

My real, personal and physical Presence in the Mystery of the Eucharist is an indisputable fact. I have repeatedly shown the Eucharist turning into visible Blood and Flesh so that all may believe that the Eucharist, which is a Mystery of the Infinite Love, Humility, Power and Wisdom, is My Living Presence. If certain priests do not believe in this Personal Presence of Mine in the Church, they certainly do not qualify as co-redeemers. When they ignore Me, Who is Christ, true God and true Man, they will be publicly denying My Divinity while acknowledging My human nature. That is because they have lost the ability to discern between good and evil and between authentic and unauthentic.

My beloved little soul! Never be discouraged. I will always be with you. Entrust everything to Me without worrying. I will send angels to protect you.

Now, look at Me clearly. Today I will give you a Sign of Love, while all of you are looking, with the same love that I had when I gave you the Seven Sacraments and gave up all of Myself. Help Me, all of you, in saving this world, which is becoming sicker and sicker, by uniting with each other and practicing love.

Jesus raised His hand, which was bleeding, and blessed all of us. Then, the Blood that was flowing from the Seven Wounds of Jesus gradually turned into Sacred Hosts and were falling down. I had been listening to the reading of the Lord's message holding hands with Fr. Su from Malaysia. I was surprised and jumped up and tried to receive the Hosts. But the Hosts fell so forcefully that they passed by my hands. I was standing speechless. Everyone in the Chapel heard the sounds of the Hosts falling on the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue. At that moment, Jesus resumed speaking.


My Mother has repeatedly asked for a tabernacle to be prepared (in the Chapel). But because it has not been prepared yet, I am giving you today My Flesh and My Blood in a special way for all of you.

When Jesus ended speaking, His appearance returned to that of His wooden image on the Crucifix.


Message on July 2, 1995

The Archbishop (of the Kwangju Archdiocese covering Naju) instructed us to consume the seven Sacred Hosts that came down at 3:45 a.m. yesterday. In obedience, two priests who witnessed the falling Hosts yesterday and five lay people, including me, were selected to receive the Hosts. I could not help crying a lot, because we had to consume the Sacred Hosts that Jesus Himself gave us while bleeding on the Cross instead of preserving Them. I was the last to receive Communion. When I received the Host, I smelled a powerful fragrance of roses from the inside of my mouth and felt that the Sacred Host was becoming larger. Someone sitting nearby asked me to open my mouth. When I did, those around me were so surprised and shouted, “The Host turned into Blood!?Many began crying loudly.

A while later, I entered an ecstasy. I was walking with the Blessed Mother. She was extremely beautiful, wearing a white dress, a blue mantle and a blue sash around her waist. She spoke in a soft, kind and pleasant manner.


Daughter! More and more children are falling into the sweet temptations by the devil, who tried to compete against God with a preposterously big ambition. They do not realize in what kind of a situation they are and receive Communion sacrilegiously. They are earning more and more of God the Father's just anger. Do you want to see?

Julia:  Yes, Mother!

As soon as I replied, I saw a place crowded with numerous people. The Holy Father and many other clergy were celebrating Mass. Many priests were offering Mass while they were in sins. Many religious and the majority of lay people were receiving Communion while they were in sins, without realizing their sinfulness. They were eating up the Eucharist without any hesitation. The Blessed Mother felt so much pain in her Heart and spoke.


My beloved daughter! In this manner, they get lost and are wandering in darkness. They cannot even recognize themselves. How can they understand themselves, when they have lost even the sense of direction? First, they walk in fog, then, in darkness, and, then, far away from the source of love, totally forgetful of the Lord's Divine Nature and blind and deaf spiritually. Where would they be going? This Heavenly Mother desires to save all the children who have gotten lost with your help.

Daughter! My messages of love that I am giving through you, who are unworthy, can be a guide for all the souls. But because only very few are following them, big calamities that Satan wanted and caused are occurring repeatedly. God has not taken away the devil's abilities that they were created with. That is why they proudly came to the world and are reigning. They lead people to sins, instigate them to disobey God, infuse pride, which is a terrible vice, into them and constantly plan evil schemes.

Their hypocrisy and malice become combined together and become like a mixture of explosive gases making the spiritual warfare more fierce. You will not even be able to discern, unless you remain awake.

My daughter who suffers willingly! To save this world which is decaying under the dark curtain of death, it is necessary that priests respect and fear God, lead a holy life following my Son Jesus, and lead the numerous sheep to Heaven. That is why signs were given today so that these priests, who have responded with an “Amen?to the invitation to become little souls, may testify.

My beloved priests! My priests whom I love so dearly that I can put you in my eyes without feeling any pain! You were given the power to change bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord in the Church. You were also given the power to forgive sins. Therefore, hurriedly teach the Mystery of the Eucharist to all so that they may make sincere Confessions and receive the Eucharist with clean hearts. Help them follow the Lord.

The Lord gave up all of Himself for your sake. He not only shed Blood two thousand years ago but even now is squeezing all of Himself on the Cross for you, is coming to you in the form of bread and is consumed by you. If people knew this, they would not have joined forces with the devil.

This great power (to change bread and wine into Jesus) in the Blessed Sacrament, a Mystery of Salvation, was not given even to Cherubim and Seraphim but was given to priests. How many of them are truly paying attention and are coming to me?

I ask my beloved priests to help all those who thirst and crave for worldly things to truly repent and return to the Lord through the Eucharistic Signs that have been given through the little soul who professes to be unworthy and unqualified. All these should be for God's glory and for the salvation of souls. Entrust all the rest to me. When you follow me entrusting everything to me, your union with God through His Incarnation will continue in the Mystery of the Eucharist. This union is unprecedented and beyond human description.

Now, entrust the remainder of your life to me with complete trust, pursuing the highest good and walking a little person's way of love. Come to me humbly. Then, you will be removing the thorns of rose bushes for me and will be applying fragrant balsam to my wounds.

Receive the special blessings that God the Father and God the Son in Heaven are bestowing on all of you today. All the children! I relay to you the greetings from all the angels and Saints and also send you my deep love! Then, an-nyoung!

The Blessed Mother finished speaking and disappeared. I opened my eyes at the sound of many people crying. It was the inside of the Chapel.


Message on July 5, 1995

While suffering extreme pains, I offered up myself to the Lord. I was praying and crying, because I was not able to do all the work that I set out to do. At that moment, I heard the warm, loving voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter! My beloved daughter! Offer up your pains contemplating more deeply on the Lord's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart that have been torn apart. . .

My sons and daughters! Know that the Light of the Lord's Love is penetrating your lives, souls, hearts and being. Do not fall into despair or lose your hearts. Now is a very important time. If you follow me offering up all your sufferings graciously, the Lord's help and protection will be bestowed upon you accordingly in your work and hardships. If you humbly live according to my wish, the pains of my daughter whom the Lord has chosen will lighten every moment through your sincere prayers.

My beloved children! Regardless of what happens, do not stop or hesitate but go forward courageously. God has allowed free will to humans. Therefore, if people do not follow God's will, they cannot be forced. But today I offered up my daughter who has been suffering death agonies, those priests who have been called to work for me, and other children who have responded to my call to God on the altar of my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, remember this offering and follow me, throwing away everything and as more and more humble and little persons. Then, you will become the light that dispels darkness.

Now that I have called you to the Heavenly Garden, entrust yourselves totally to me with faith, trust and fidelity instead of reasoning and theorizing. Respond to me saying "Amen" and achieve unity. Nobody will be able to take you out of this place. Therefore, become givers of comfort and joy for me. As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you should also become one. Through the prayers that you little souls offer up fervently and united as one, my burning Immaculate Heart will surely triumph.


Message on September 7, 1995


We gathered in the Chapel for the Holy Hours Devotion to offer reparations for the insults Jesus has received. As we began to pray the rosary, I saw a vision. Many people wearing red uniforms were marching in lines toward us, aiming their rifles at us in a frightening way. However, because of the fervent prayers we were offering, they were losing their power and lowering their hands with which they were holding the rifles. The color of their uniforms also was changing from red to light grey. They were soon turning back. There were tens of thousands of them?/font>no, more than that?/font>they were countless. The color of their uniforms continued to change to light blue. At that moment, light was shining from the sky. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her beautiful voice.


My beloved daughter! As you just saw, my enemy's red army can lose power and be turned back by the fervent prayers you offer together during the Holy Hours. Right now, God's just anger is overflowing and God the Father is about to strike (the world) with His right hand that has been raised. But, thanks to the fervent prayers by you, little souls, He is delaying the hour. Therefore, stay awake and pray more fervently. From here (Heaven), I join myself with you, as you offer up ardent and strong responses and fervent and persevering prayers in sincere love and generosity.

All my beloved children in the world! In this urgent time, observe the Holy Hours every Thursday well which can compensate for the sins and ingratitude that have transgressed the Solemn Dignity of God. About two years ago (on February 18, 1993), I already told you in detail about the Thursday Holy Hours Devotion. Put it into practice by staying awake and praying. The decisive time that can determine the fate of the whole human race is being prepared. Therefore, hurriedly wake up from sleep and listen to the voice of this Heavenly Mother who is imploring you so ardently.      

My beloved children! Wake up and come to me, as I will take you all to Jesus, Who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and is silently waiting for you during the Sacrifice of the Mass. Offer up little flowers of constant prayers and self-denial for the sake of my numerous children who walk the way of world-shaking events (crimes, scandals, wars, etc.), persecutions, fratricidal strifes, and unrestricted selfishness and who are addicted to the things they like and wish to possess, the comforts and the pleasures of senses. Then, the children who have joined the red army will return to the Bosom of the Lord, the Kingdom of the Lord will be established in this world, and my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I send the blessings from the Lord and my love to all who are gathered here. Good-bye. An-nyoung.

When the rosary prayer ended, the vision ended, too. It became very quiet.


Message on September 22, 1995

His Excellency (Bishop) Roman Danylak from Toronto, Canada, celebrated Mass on the mountain (near Naju) together with Fr. Joseph Peter Finn from Ontario, Canada, and a Korean priest. Sixteen lay people attended the Mass. We received Communion in both species. When I received Communion, the Sacred Host in my mouth turned into a mixture of Flesh and Blood and became larger. I smelled a strong odor of blood. The Sacred Host also began moving. One of the laymen saw this and reported to Bishop Danylak. The bishop witnessed this phenomenon followed by other people. A while later, Bishop Danylak instructed me to swallow the Host. I swallowed the Host with much difficulty, because it had become a lump of Flesh and larger. While we were in meditation, crying, I saw light radiating from the sky and heard the voice of Jesus which was dignified, majestic and yet loving, even though I could not see Him.


My beloved little soul! The greatest treasure in My Church is My Mother Mary who is most holy. My Mother is the Queen of the Universe, the Queen of Heaven and your Mother. Therefore, My Mother Mary can love you, as I loved you, and can do anything that I can do through the grace from Me. Today My Mother, who is the Queen of Heaven and your Mother, is opening and showing My Heart through my little and unworthy soul to the Bishop who is trying to follow Me and My Mother like an infant so that he can make it known more widely that I am truly present in the Eucharist which is a sublime mystery of Faith and Love.  

If my priests, who celebrate Mass everyday, truly believe and feel My Real Presence and live the sublime and amazing Divine Reality, numerous souls will be purified and live in the grace from My merciful Heart beyond expectations through this Real Presence of Mine. Make My Physical Presence known hurriedly. This world is now on the brink of destruction because of human degradation, apostasy and infidelity, but too many of my ministers are asleep. Thus, even my ministers are being misled by false prophets. The present disorders are tormenting Me and keep tearing apart My Heart. This also becomes a whip and keeps tearing apart My Mother's Immaculate Heart.      

My little souls who have been called! You will experience misunderstanding and persecution in the Church which has been wounded and divided. But I will always dwell in you and encourage and help you at your side. Therefore, do not fear but make known with trust My living Presence in the Holy Eucharist. I have shown signs several times through my little soul to enlighten the many priests and numerous other children who say that they know My Real Presence and My breathing in the Eucharist with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and yet do not really know it. But only very few children follow Me. Even many priests forget about the sublime simplicity of the Holy Eucharist, which is My Physical Presence, and of the Gospels which I teach, and they are trying to spread Me with deceptive talk and complicated reasoning. This is like throwing mud at simple people.

My beloved children! Do not reject My pleas which I make in this manner while being truly present in the Eucharist. If people do not want to acquire true understanding, do not follow My Will to bestow Love upon them, deny the Divinity and deny the Divine Origin (of God's revelations), then, they will face the anger of God the Father.

Because My Mother's loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point, even within the Church. Hurriedly live a consecrated life, praying and offering up sacrifices and penance so that you may be connected to the power that is indispensable for the eventual victory and, thus, do reparations for the most abominable sins of blasphemy that have been committed since early times. And if you follow My Mother Mary in order to restore My honor that has been trampled upon, you will not get lost, even in the dark maze of life in this world. My Mother Mary is the shortcut to Me, a shining dawn of My renewed Church, and the ark of a new covenant.

My children who are following Me and making Me known! Do not worry about what those who criticize you may be thinking, but pray, pray and spread (My messages). When God's Hands are upon you, the thoughts of those who criticize will change quickly like the clouds which dissipate in the sky. I bless you and all those who are dear to you.


Message on October 27, 1995
—Rome, Italy

I do not remember the exact hour, but, from the middle of night, I could not sleep because of the devil's attacks. While I was struggling with extreme pains, light was shining from above. At that moment, I heard the warm, loving voice of the Blessed Mother.


My beloved daughter! . . . Pray in a hurry, because the devils are being extremely violent to strike you down. The Pope, who is the Vicar of my Son, the first son of the Church, and my beloved son whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain, is now exhausted with internal and external pains. But ask him not to worry, but to entrust everything to this Heavenly Mother, as I am shining the light that emanates from my Immaculate Heart upon him.

I have already clothed him with a garment of virtues and protected and nurtured him so that everything he does in his life may be attracted to my fragrance. The purpose is to protect him and become his shield, armor and iron covering at every decisive moment so that I may lead him to the Heavenly Paradise. Therefore, all of you must become people who are closest to the Pope's heart. Listen carefully to the words he says while walking on the difficult road of the cross of Calvary and put his teachings into practice and spread them. Also help everyone to love the Pope with a filial love so that all may carry his painful cross with him.

How many priests are willing to walk with the Pope on the road from Bethlehem to Calvary that my Son Jesus walked? Many priests are studying the teachings of the Church superficially, without depth, and behave accordingly. That is why my son, the Pope, is suffering even more.

My beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain! The Pope, who is the Vicar of Jesus, the first son of the Church and the successor of Peter! I have been imploring shedding tears and tears of blood and screaming until my throat begins bleeding, but the blind and deaf leaders do not understand.

I feel so anxious that I wish to spread the messages of love from my burning Immaculate Heart all over the world through the Pope, who is the first son and head of the Church. Help me in a hurry. Take numerous souls, who have lost their way and are rushing toward hell, on board Mary's Ark of Salvation, which I have prepared, and guide them to Heaven.

My son whom I love extremely! The hours of apostasy and disloyalty are afflicting you. But, if you (plural) meditate more deeply on the Lord's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart, which have been torn apart, and if the messages that I give you through the little soul are spread and put into practice in the world, you (plural) will be guided through me to the high pinnacle of sanctification, offering yourselves up as living sacrifices with a heart of a martyr everyday and will experience your Father's Love on the way.

It is in my Plan for God's Work of Salvation that I prepared this meeting of yours. Trust and rely on this Plan of mine like a child and help me in a hurry so that my messages of love which I give you through the little soul may be approved and spread all over the world.

On that road, you (plural) will meet the Divine Person of my Son Jesus. And the powerful action of the Holy Spirit, my Spouse of Love, will proceed actively inside you so that all those who have lost their way and are wandering because of errors and sins may repent and that this world may face the time of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart that will blossom like a fragrant flower.

Together with my Son Jesus, I bless you all. An-nyoung!


Message on October 31, 1995
—Rome, Italy

Today I attended the private Mass celebrated by the Holy Father. I was sitting in the front and noticed the shaking of the Holy Father's left arm. I could not control my tears, as I was thinking that, despite so much suffering, the Holy Father could not rest while looking after numerous sheep.

When I received Communion, there was a strong fragrance of roses and a strong smell of blood. The Sacred Host in my mouth was becoming larger, too. Monsignor Paik, who was also attending the Mass, saw this and instructed me to go to the back and wait. While I was meditating in the back, I saw bright light shining upon the Holy Father and the area around him. I also saw baby angels in the light, dancing and guarding the Holy Father. At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.


My beloved son, the Pope who is the first son of God's Holy Church! Do you know how much I, together with Jesus, your elder Brother, have loved you and love you?

Jesus loved you (plural) so much that He came to you in person as your Food, but, as in the past, He is still being denied, deserted and betrayed by so many children today. For this reason, the hour of bloody ordeals and purification is drawing near and I came to you to rescue the children in the world.

Hurriedly and with a simple heart like a child, accept the gift (the change of the Eucharist) that God the Father has prepared and make it known to all. Teach the importance of the Mass, the importance of the Sacrament of Confession and the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist to all the children in the world who do not know them and, thereby, perpetually continue the gift of Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and Resurrection. The visible change of the Eucharist today was to show that Jesus came to you through the Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, which is a repetition of the Sacrifice completed on Calvary, Golgotha, to wash away all the sins in the world with His Precious Blood.

How numerous are the clergy who do not defend truth but keep silent for fear and remain as spectators because of face-saving and the eyes of others, even when they see errors and despite my messages of love that I have been screaming (to you) until my throat bleeds! Let all know the Sacred Real Presence of the Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where He comes as the Transfuser; help Him wash away the filthy dirt from their souls, and give eternal adoration and praise to the Lord.

My beloved Son! Thanks to your faithful love with which you have responded to this Heavenly Mother saying “Amen, no one will be able to separate you from the Love of God or take you away from Him. Your name has already been written in my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, be happy even in the middle of misunderstanding and persecution. Whenever you were in difficulties of various kinds, I defended and helped you and encouraged and consoled you in the refuge of my mantle.

You are my beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain. You are my beloved first son of the Church and younger brother of Jesus. I have led you to participate in the eternal priesthood together with Jesus. Therefore, sing of the Resurrection, living a life of intimacy with Him. Then, you will become the Light of Jesus Christ that comes down through you (plural) shining brightly upon the world, penetrating the curtain of darkness that surrounds the world, and you will face the Second Pentecost.

I pray that the Divine Grace and bright Light will be with you always. An-nyoung!

When she ended her words, the light and angels became invisible.


Message on November 21, 1995

I attended the Mass celebrated by Fr. Spies. While I was in meditation after Communion, there was a powerful fragrance of roses. Light was also radiating from the sky. I heard the beautiful and loving voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.


My beloved daughter! . . . I wish to let the Church know through the Pope, the first son of the Church, about the protection by this Mother and about the great breadth of my Motherly Love for my children.

Hurriedly pray and pray. As the Apostles gathered and prayed together with me in the cenacle in Jerusalem in preparation for the Descent of the Holy Spirit, you, too, should pray with me in my Immaculate Heart as the Apostles of these end times.

In this period of purification, the devils, my enemies, are mobilizing all kinds of deceptions even showing many phenomena that appear to be supernatural and miracle-like occurrences. This way, they are misleading not only the innocent and good-willed souls, but also some priests and religious by instigating their curiosity and making them believe (the deceptions) bringing about confusion.

Therefore, in union with the Pope, who is the first son of the Church and has been nurtured by me, and under the guidance of this Heavenly Mother, bring the numerous souls, who are walking toward hell, to the Lord Who shed His Blood for the salvation of the world.

When you follow me believing, trusting and relying on me, I will carry out my Plan at your side through amazing methods; God the Son, Who is my Son, will establish a Kingdom of Glory filled with Love, Peace and Joy through you; and, through Him, there will be a Resurrection and a new Pentecost in this world.

When she ended speaking, the light disappeared, too.