January 21, 1994- Though both Peter and Judas were the Lord's Apostles!

February 3, 1994 -Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you.

February 16, 1994- Do not expect from each other, but give to each other.

August 12, 1994 - So many people are rushing toward their perdition.

August 15, 1994 - I will build where Satan has destroyed.

September 24, 1994 - I placed you in the refuge of the Mary's Ark of Salvation.

October 23, 1994 -The hour of apostasy and betrayal in the Church is seriously approaching.

November 2, 1994- Only My Mother can turn the just anger of God the Father away from you.

November 24, 1994 (1)- The Holy Eucharist is the center of all the supernatural events.

November 24, 1994 (2) -Sow the seeds of the Holy Spirit.

Message on January 21, 1994

I was violently attacked by the devil for two hours from about 11:30 p.m. I could not see him clearly, but it was the black devil who said, "We cannot let you live any longer. We are going to kill you, because you are our enemy who takes away armies from our side which we have raised with much toil." Then, he said, "Come quickly and beat her up!" The devils began beating, trampling on and strangling me. While I was struggling with the devils, it was impossible for me to get away and my whole body was stiffening. I rolled about in the small room, suffering from extreme pains in my head and chest as if they were breaking apart. Blood was flowing out of my throat and nose. I offered up the indescribably severe pains for the conversion and salvation of the numerous poor souls who have been so contaminated with sins and are rushing toward their perdition. I prayed, "Lord! If You need my body, I entrust it to You so that it may be used according to Your Will." At that moment, with a bright light, the Blessed Mother appeared and the devils ran away in a panic. I was totally exhausted and almost unconscious, but began feeling more comfortable when I saw the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother was wearing a crown of twelve stars, a white dress and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her right hand. The light from her was so strong that I could not continue looking at her. She began speaking with a friendly, kind, soft and yet anxious voice.


My beloved daughter! Thank you. You offered the extreme pains for the conversion of sinners well. The devil afflicts you, but do not forget that I am always protecting you at your side.

My dear children! In this age, so many children are being enveloped in a huge storm, while walking toward their perdition. Now is a precious time for your repentance. Do not ignore, but accept well my earnest appeals that I send to you in many different ways, while you are in the middle of an extreme danger. Even among the children I love so dearly, only a very few respond to my call in a genuine way, saying, "Amen".

In this time of purification, so many children forget about the graces they have received, listen to the false testimonies concocted by Satan, are sidetracked from my way, and judge, criticize and condemn it. Because Satan is employing all the available means like false testimonies and even some phenomena that appear to be supernatural, even many innocent people are being misled.

At this time when the devils are trying to conquer the whole world, I am calling you so that we can confront them together. So, I want you to offer yourselves up well. When you help my little soul who works for me, you are helping me.

My beloved children! Even if you suffer from persecutions and pains that are beyond imagination, I will help you at your side by amazing methods and will carry through my plan to the end and accomplish it. The devil will afflict you with violent and persistent attacks, but I am protecting you at your side from the devil in an invisible way to accomplish my plan. I will protect you; so, stay awake. When you confront the devil and lead many souls to my Immaculate Heart, you are leading them to my Son Jesus. This will become the most beautiful floral crown of glory in my Immaculate Heart.

Children! I chose you for my plan. Therefore, carry out your mission in obedience and as a martyr. The time has come when you must accomplish your mission.

Remember the Apostles, because you are like them who were gathered in the cenacle before they carried out their mission until martyrdom. Do not imitate Judas. Both Peter and Judas were the Lord's Apostles. But Judas went the way of perdition, because he betrayed the Lord and did not repent. Peter denied the Lord three times, but repented with tears, earning Heaven after testifying for the Truth following the footsteps of the Lord.

In this dangerous age, so corrupt with many kinds of sins and permeated with errors, you must spread my messages of love courageously to the entire world. Console me by combining your strengths and achieving a closer unity in love among all of you and with your spiritual directors. In this age when numerous children are mired in errors and being swept away by the tides of evil without even knowing it, hurriedly bring the herds of sheep, which have been trampled upon and scattered around, to my side. I will guide them to my Son Jesus. However heinous their sins may have been, my Son Jesus will become a wonder medicine of balsam for all their wounds that have been caused by hatred, anger and sins and will save them, if they open their hearts widely and rush to Him.

Courageously and hurriedly spread my messages of love to the whole world so that all my children may respond to the words I give them shedding tears and tears of blood and that they may repent. If you accept my words without reservation and follow Jesus Christ in this world which is becoming more and more miserable, you will experience my presence filled with motherly love in this age of dangerous trials; this world will become purified resulting in the softening of God's just anger; the victory of my Immaculate Heart will certainly be achieved, bringing the Lord's Kingdom into this world; and you, who are working for me, will surely stand by my side. Good-bye!

The Blessed Mother made the Sign of the Cross after finishing these words. She disappeared, as I was also making the Sign of the Cross. When I woke up from the ecstasy, my helpers were weeping at my side. It was about 3:30 a.m. on January 22, 1994.


Message on February 3, 1994

At about 2:30 p.m. in my room, I began feeling severe pains in my whole body from the head to the toes. Offering up these pains to the Lord, I entered deep meditation on the messages that the Blessed Mother gave us recently. A while later, when I was still suffering and weeping, it suddenly became bright and an image of the Blessed Mother's weeping statue appeared above the clothes chest, where she had begun weeping in 1985. Then, the image of the Blessed Mother's statue became larger and turned into the live Blessed Mother. She stepped down from the top of the clothes chest. She was wearing a shiny crown, a white dress, and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her right hand. She was also wearing a blue sash around her waist. She was so beautiful. She began speaking with a warm, loving and somewhat anxious voice.


My most beloved daughter! Tell the children in the world that they should respond to the Lord's call in a hurry, if they want to be saved. How blind and deaf they are and how stubbornly they are refusing to follow me! I have been screaming until my throat bleeds, asking them to repent quickly before the cup of God's wrath, which is already filled, starts overflowing. But because so many children in the world are not listening to my words and are ignoring them, the cup of God's wrath is now beginning to overflow little by little.

Therefore, all the children in the world! Come hurriedly to me so that we can go to the Lord together. Do not think that the many disasters that are occurring all over the world are just random accidents. You must wake up quickly and divert God's wrath from you.

As I told you before, the natural order is now being disturbed and abnormalities are occurring frequently. Thousands and thousands of people are dying because of floods, fires, famines, earthquakes, droughts, tidal waves, traffic accidents, large-scale destructions, many kinds of environmental disasters, and unusual weather. Also, many people are dying because of wars, incurable illnesses and contagious diseases. When snow falls and cold wind blows, you know winter is beginning. When new buds sprout, you know it is spring. Then, why do you still not understand that these disasters are the signs of the beginning of great calamities? Through these many signs, you should know that the time of great calamities is close at hand. Those who suffer most in this world are the innocent babies who are being killed in their mothers' wombs. Why should there be such cruel, inhuman evils?

All the children in the world! My beloved sons and daughters! Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you. People were eating, drinking and marrying until the very day Noah was entering the Ark. They were all swept away by the flood. If you do not listen to my voice with which I am imploring you so ardently, you will be putting yourselves in the same situation.

Depending on whether you accept my words well or reject them, the time of the Second Pentecost and Purification can be advanced or delayed. Therefore, become simple and innocent infants, listening to your Mother and rushing to her. Then, you will be saved through a New Resurrection and a New Birth and this world will surely be saved through the Lord's Resurrection.

My beloved children! Didn't I tell you that, when the sounds of prayers by little souls are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the cup of blessing instead of chastisement will be bestowed upon you? Now, I want to combine all of your prayers, sacrifices, penance, consecration, self-denial, poverty and sufferings together, put them in the cup of my Immaculate Heart, and offer them up to God's Justice that demands reparations.

Therefore, all the children in the world! Hurry up and vigorously spread to the entire world my words which are based on love. You must not hesitate.

(You have already seen) internecine conflicts and major events that have changed the world drastically. Freemasonry is leading this cruel world to destruction and, by spreading heresies in the Church, is causing division and confusion and is promoting a major apostasy in the Church. Meanwhile, some Bishops, priests, religious and many lay people are leading sinful lives, having been trapped in the snares laid by the cunning and wicked Satan, and yet do not realize that they are in sins. They are walking toward hell, thinking that what they are doing is good and of a true value. They are totally ignorant about this, because they are not awake. This is why my Heart has been burning so intensely that it is gushing out blood.

In this age, I am going through the hours of death on the Cross in Gethsemane and Calvary together with Jesus again. My little soul! You are participating in the Lord's Passion together with me. So, have no fear and be strong. And have courage.

There have already been numerous warnings, but (my children are not responding). Therefore, daughter! You need to offer up your bloody sufferings for the sake of the children in the world, contemplating on the Mystery of the Passion of my Son, Jesus Christ. You have already been invited to Calvary; so, contemplate on the life of Job and unite your tears, sighs, sweat and every drop of blood with the Lord's sufferings and mine and offer them up so that they may not be in vain.

My beloved daughter! My burning Immaculate Heart is being pressed down hard by extreme pains caused by the people in the world who have betrayed God and are being controlled by the wicked devil. Daughter! You are taking part in saving this world through your severe sufferings. Therefore, offer them up well. Leave all your worries and concerns to me, your Heavenly Mother. Then, I will become the mark that indicates my working within you together with Jesus.

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, she disappeared and the light was gone, too.


Message on February 16, 1994

While I was suffering pains, I felt the Blessed Mother's call at about 8 a.m. and went to the Chapel and began praying. Soon, it became bright around the Blessed Mother's statue and I heard the kind, gentle and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother. There also was a strong fragrance of roses.


My dear little souls! Walk with me in the light of holy virtues by holding each other's hands tightly in the Love of the Lord and me. Then, you will become the light that repels all the darkness of evil and sins. Now, look at me with the eyes that are not just human.

In this age, my Immaculate Heart is covered with a crown of thorns, which are so sharp and hurting. Make me known hurriedly with greater love and sacrifices. This Mother feels extreme pains in her Heart, as she looks at more and more souls who fall victim to Satan's temptations every day.

Support and give courage to my little poor soul (Julia) who has to suffer pains all the time and is hated so intensely by the devil, because she has to testify for the Lord. She is now offering up her pains in reparation for the sins in the world, while being pressed down hard by a crown of thorns and covered with wounds all over herself. Isn't she a piece of live flesh torn off the human nature?

My dear sons and daughters! When you help her, you are helping me and consoling my Immaculate Heart. The Lord will bestow graces whenever needed. So, support her so that she may spread my messages of love all over the world courageously and completely.

She has little knowledge of this world, because it has been taken away from her so that she may participate better in the Lord's Work of Salvation and may work in me only. She often feels helpless because of this.

When you help my little soul well and achieve unity, I will pour down fragrant balsam on you. It is a symbol of humility, faith and reliance. Do not expect from each other, but give to each other.

And stay awake all the time. The devils fear and hate you so much now. They will try furiously to topple you with all kinds of wicked schemes, but do not forget that I am always at your side guarding and protecting you. Become simple like a child and live a consecrated life. Then, I will breathe my spirit into you so that you may be nurtured with my life and become my sons and daughters who manifest the Heavenly Mother's presence. Also, you will receive floral crowns of glory in Heaven and enjoy eternal happiness at my side.

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, the light disappeared and more fragrant oil flowed down from the Blessed Mother's forehead, making her whole statue wet.


Message on August 12, 1994

At about 8:20 A.M., I strongly felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel and began praying in front of her statue. Soon, I saw a vision. The sky was clear and bright. Then, suddenly, clouds came and blocked the sun. The whole sky was rapidly being covered with clouds turning the world into a darkness. I began screaming with a choked voice:

We are going to perish, unless we repent. Hurry up! Let's repent, amend our lives, pray properly and follow the Lord through the Blessed Mother!

Then, many people came from different parts of the world and began praying together. Soon, the clouds that had been covering the whole sky disappeared and Our Lady of Victory appeared radiating a bright light of beautiful colors. This light from the Blessed Mother was so strong that it was reaching and warming the ground. On the ground, there were Fr. Raymond Spies, other priests, Sisters and many lay people. A while later, I saw them walking into the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel) while receiving the light from the Blessed Mother. Even inside the Chapel, the light of different colors was penetrating the roof and brightly shining upon everyone. The light was especially strong upon Fr. Spies and Fr. Aloysius Jang who were tightly holding each other's hands. At that moment, Our Lady of Victory turned into the weeping Blessed Mother and began speaking with a loving, gentle and kind voice.


My beloved priests! My beloved children! Listen to the loud screams from the world. So many people are rushing toward their perdition . . . How numerous are the children who have become blind and deaf because of the darkness that is spreading all over the world!

Severe typhoons were prevented, as I anxiously implored my Son Jesus to remove them in response to your prayers and little sacrifices. How can the blind and deaf people understand that this was a warning? (Note: Julia says that the Blessed Mother was referring to the two typhoons that caused severe damages in some areas in the Western Pacific and were approaching Korea in early August. To everyone's surprise, these typhoons suddenly lost strength and only brought rain to Korea, which had been suffering from a drought.)

If the children in this world do not wake up and do not accept my earnest requests, God can take away His favors from them, as He did from King Saul when he misused his free will. However, I prayed to God not to remove His Love from those who have responded to my call and are following me. So, follow me without worrying. As God did not forsake Moses, He will not abandon you.

My priests and children who have been invited to my love! As I will help you with my power of crushing the serpent, spread my messages of love to the entire world with a hundredfold increase in your courage so that the messages may be practiced in everyone's life.

God can pluck, tear down, demolish and destroy (what stands in this world), but wills to shorten this time of internal death agony by using you as His instruments chosen by me to apply fragrant oil to the wounds of those who need your help while wandering on their sinful roads in this dangerous age.

Therefore, come closer to me and help me with your united strength. How numerous are the poor children who have fallen into the devil's wicked temptations even after experiencing my love. You will be encountering many difficulties while spreading my messages of love for the purpose of helping people to follow the Lord. However, by spreading my messages, you will be following me and applying fragrant oil to the wounds of those who are crying and screaming in the middle of the swamps of sins. So, hurry up! I will always be at your side and rescue you from dangers. Even when you are persecuted while following my words and spreading them, do not forget that a great reward is being prepared for you in Heaven.

Priests and children whom I have chosen! Today I will build you up like a well-defended castle and like iron pillars and brass walls. So, rapidly spread my messages of love to all the children so that they may live according to the messages. When my messages of love are practiced properly, I will bring back even those who have been taken away by the devil to the end of the earth and will sustain them forever. Then, you will be embraced and fondled in my Bosom of Love and will regain the spiritual and physical vitality by drinking my milk.

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, she smiled beautifully and then disappeared.


Message on August 15, 1994

While attending Mass from 10 A.M. at the Naju Parish Church celebrating the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, I saw a vision after Communion. I was so astonished, because fire balls were falling from the sky upon people and burning them. Fr. Spies was shouting and trying to rescue people and he was being helped by Fr. Aloysius Jang. Soon, fire was spreading and endangering the priests. Suddenly, there was a bright light from the sky and the Blessed Mother came with her blue mantle widely stretched. She rescued the two priests covering them with her mantle. She said to the two priests.


My sons who have been nurtured to become my apostles! Today I bestow upon you the light of my mercy and love. Even when darkness covers everything, you, who are following me with trust, will receive light and help from me. Even when my enemy seems victorious, I am protecting you from the devil by means of my presence, which is invisible to you, for the purpose of accomplishing my Plan.

This world, filled with sins and covered with darkness, is approaching a destruction through many kinds of disasters and loss of faith. The activities of the Church also are becoming paralized because of the Freemasons. Many children and even the majority of the shepherds who set out to work for the Lord are not awake, see the things of this world from a human standpoint, and carry out their activities in a superficial way. How great the harms to the sheep who are following them will be! I am trying to warn you, who are responding to my call, that the moment of death is drawing near because of their apostasy and disloyalty and to ask for your help.

Send my little soul to the world so that she can spread my intentions in a hurry and correctly. I will turn my messages of love that are being spread through my little soul into fragrant oil for the wounds of the children whose souls are sick.

As I said before, I will build where Satan has destroyed; I will heal where Satan has hurt; and will achieve victory where Satan seems to have won. This word of mine will surely be accomplished. For that purpose, I need your help so urgently.

In this age of the most extreme divisions, Satan wishes that fire fall upon this world. He is even employing the means that transcend time and space in order to destroy the world as his last attempt. Thus, his battle against me has begun already. But I will prepare an armor for you, who are my soldiers, so that you may wear it during the war and will protect you with my shield. Therefore, follow me with a greater trust in me and fight courageously and loyally with the spirit of a martyr.

My beloved priests! My most beloved priests! You are my babies. Babies recognize their mother's voice promptly and follow her joyfully. Console this Mommy by applying the fragrant oil of love to the wounds in her sorrowful Immaculate Heart.

After she ended her words, she embraced the two priests tightly and held their hands lovingly. She smiled and disappeared.


Message on September 24, 1994

Fr. Jerry Orbos from the Philippines celebrated Mass at the Naju Parish Church from about 11:40 A.M. About 40 pilgrims from the Philippines, 20 from the U.S.A. and 10 Koreans attended the Mass. During the Elevation of the Eucharist, I saw the merciful and smiling Jesus in the Sacred Host and felt an indescribable joy in my heart. I offered up an earnest prayer:

Oh, Lord! The King of Love, Our Savior, Who truly came to us by lowering Himself to the extent of becoming our Food in order to save us! Have mercy on Your children so that they may repent hurriedly and be able to avoid the approaching calamity of fire.

After receiving Holy Communion, I came back to the pew and began meditation. At that moment, I clearly smelled Blood in my mouth and asked Rufino and Andrew sitting next to me to take a look. They were surprised and hastily informed the priest. Fr. Orbos and others gathered around me and some began crying loudly after witnessing what was happening. They saw the Sacred Host becoming yellowish brown from the edge and, then, thin blood veins appearing all over the Host. The blood was filling my mouth. After a while, Fr. Orbos told me to swallow the Host, which I did. Soon, I entered an ecstasy and saw a vision.

Numerous people were on board several large ships which were sailing in the ocean. I was in one of them. The ship I was on board was simpler than others, but had a large image of a dove at the head of the ship and, a little behind it, two banners. The banner on the right had the image of the Eucharist and a Chalice and the other on the left had a large "M" on it. Between the two banners was Our Mother of Mercy wearing a blue mantle. She was so beautiful and filled with love. She was guiding the ship.

Other ships, on the other hand, had an image of the Red Dragon erected on board and were brightly and luxuriously decorated in different colors: red, green, yellow and so on. There were large crowds of people in those ships eating, drinking and noisily enjoying themselves. At that moment, several people in our ship looked at the people in other ships with envious eyes. Immediately, those in other ships noticed this and helped them cross over to their ships. The Blessed Mother implored them not to go, but they ignored her and left. The Blessed Mother was weeping silently and sadly.

Some time passed. A big storm was approaching and the sky was turning black. Soon, fireballs were falling from the sky. The Blessed Mother promptly stretched out her mantle and covered us. We were safe. But those in other ships were burning and screaming. They fell into the sea and drowned after some struggle. It was a terrible scene that one could not even look at with open eyes. The Blessed Mother was watching this shedding tears and with so much anxiety. She rescued several people who were approaching our ship, calling the Lord and asking for the Blessed Mother's help. They were people who had been blind and fallen into the devil's deception, but repented and sought the Lord at the last moment. When the Blessed Mother finished rescuing them, the storm ended and the ocean became calm. The sky became clear and blue again and a bright light was shining upon us. There were sounds of the angels singing: Ave, Ave, Ave Maria . . . At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking to all of us with a kind and gentle voice.


My most beloved children! In these end times, I called you to be my apostles and placed you in the refuge of the Mary's Ark of Salvation which I prepared for you, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. Keep this in mind and do not look back or get off the Ark. I clearly tell you that, in this age of purification, I love not only your soul but also your body and walk with you holding your hands on the perilous road. This place is the shortcut to Heaven where you can fully participate in the glory of my Son Jesus. I guide you all with my love so that you may become children and little souls. That is the only way my Son Jesus and I can converse with you and live together.

In this time of purification, numerous children on vast continents join hands with the devil, think and speak with an adult's mind, mobilize all the human knowledge and wisdom and, as a result, make wrong judgments and behave accordingly. Because of this, they loiter around outside the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart and do not understand the words of their Heavenly Mother. This gives me much pain in my Heart.

These days the devil's deceptions are so cunning as to even involve tricks that not only good souls but also many of the shepherds are being misled. Should the many sheep which follow them be left alone to inadvertently make mistakes and perish because of many kinds of disasters? I ask you, whom I have called, to spread my messages of love to them and, thus, wake them up so that they may truly understand the Lord, as they are now blind and deaf spiritually and are inviting their own chastisement and walking toward their perdition. My Son Jesus spread the Good News of Salvation saving numerous souls and performing many miracles of love during His short public life. Likewise, I have prepared you for this extremely important moment. So, help all others convert, heal their illnesses, treat their deep wounds, spread the graces, peace and love, and forgive them regardless of their offenses.    

If all my children in this world transcend national boundaries, racial barriers and factional differences, form a unity and harmony with each other, and display the power of love, the Church will be revitalized, a shining new Pentecost will be realized and this world will be saved through the Lord Who is present in the Eucharist.

Martin Luther tried the Reformation, but he, too, was a beloved son of mine just like yourselves. Humans can make mistakes, but remember that the Lord can turn evil into good and use even our mistakes. Therefore, do not ever judge and criticize others in human ways. The smaller separated churches have not accepted me, but will gradually accept me as the Mother of the Church. My beloved little souls! As I was together with the Apostles in the cenacle in Jerusalem, I will always be with you who are following me. So, spread my words of love not only to Catholics but also to all my children in the world. You, who are spreading the words that the Lord and I give you, may experience internal death agonies, but remember that your Heavenly Mother has prepared a refuge where you can relax forever. Continue your strenuous efforts, spreading the truth about the Lord Who is truly present in the Eucharist.

How ardently has the Lord desired to share this Mystery of Passover with you! My Son Jesus, Who shed His Precious Blood through the Five Wounds on the Cross for the salvation of His children in the world, is still coming to you as the Transfuser through the Blessed Sacrament administered by priests and will stay with you and live among you always. As I told you before, keep your hearts wide open all the time and make frequent Confessions so that you may receive the Lord with a clean heart. Meditate deeply on the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and stay awake. Then, instead of the terrifying chastisement of blood and fire which is to fall upon this world, the Lord's infinite mercy and blessings of salvation will be bestowed upon you.  

When she finished speaking, the vision ended, too.


Message on October 23, 1994

At about 8:30 a.m., I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel. Her statue was smiling and looked especially beautiful. While I was in deep meditation before the statue, it suddenly became bright around the statue and two beautiful angels appeared?/font>one standing on the right side of Our Lady and another on the left. The statue turned into the live Blessed Mother. She began speaking in a friendly and kind manner.


My beloved daughter! As I shed tears and tears of blood for the conversion of sinners for 700 days, I have given you fragrant oil for 700 days until today by squeezing all of myself with all my love, for the salvation of the children in the world, after preparing and showing the fragrant oil on my head for 400 days. But how many children have returned to my bosom so far?

Daughter! I could wash myself or have angels wash me, but want you to wash me with the water that I have prepared for you. I, who am your lonesome Heavenly Mother deserted by many people, wish to receive a deep filial love, devotion and comfort from all my children.

But daughter! The world is being placed in a grave danger because of the escalating sins. In this extremely important age when the cup of God's just anger is overflowing, you must display the spirit of martyrdom and hurriedly inform all the children in the world of the wishes of this anxious Mother as the final effort to save this world. The human race is going through agonizing moments at many places around the world. Members of the same family are striking each other, nations are confronting one another, and people in the same nation are cruelly killing each other. Isn't this a time of terrible sufferings?

As the pains of labor continue at many places in the world, I will call the representative of the Pope (the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea) through your spiritual director. I called you (plural), who are experiencing spiritual and internal difficulties and to the decisive battle between me and Satan. Therefore, increase your courage and cry out loudly the messages of love from the Lord and me. I will always be with you. I am going to call him (the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio) so that you may work with him to prevent the human race, which is living in a barren wilderness and facing a crisis, from building a second Tower of Babel and being destroyed as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Hurriedly and more vigorously spread my messages of love to the entire world. Shouldn't we rescue all the people who are bringing about their own chastisement and bloodshed?

My beloved children! The hour of apostasy and betrayal in the Church is seriously approaching due to the work of the Freemasons, but even many of the clergy and religious are spiritually blind and deaf, are not faithful to their vocations, become corrupt internally, and do not recognize my words. This Mother feels so anxious.

The Pope, who is the Vicar of my Son Jesus and the first son of the Church, is groaning under the death agony at Gethsemane at this time. His heart is being pressed down with deep sorrows, as he climbs Mt. Calvary carrying a cross of cruel pains. As he is human, he suffers from the weakening of his body and the pains and fatigue in his body. But he feels more pains and a deep loneliness, because many, who used to support him and love him dearly, are betraying him like Judas, disobeying him, blocking him and not supporting him any more. However, I am always supporting him at his side with my motherly love. Therefore, you must remain loyal to him, support and protect him, listen to his words, be united with him and pray for him continuously with a loving heart.

When all of you, who are following me, live a consecrated life, offering up your sacrifices and penance for the conversion and salvation of sinners, I will guide you all on the road that surely leads to Heaven. When you say "Yes" to my words and follow me completely, you will see a new daybreak upon a new world that has been purified.

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, the two angels, as well as the light, disappeared. The appearance of the Blessed Mother returned to that of her statue.


Message on November 2, 1994

There was a Mass celebrated by Fr. Martin Lucia at St. Anthony's in Kailua, Hawaii. Fr. Lucia has been promoting Eucharistic devotion all over the world. During Mass, I saw an image of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. He was nailed to the Cross and bleeding. When I received Communion, I heard the voice of Jesus, filled with dignity and love.


My little soul, who humbles herself constantly, thinking that she is unworthy! Today My Mother arranged your meeting with the priest who is spreading the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist so that I, Who came down from Heaven to shed Blood and become a sacrificial offering for the salvation of all the children in the world, may spread My burning Love to all of you.

As Fr. Jerry (of The Philippines) responded to My Mother's call, My beloved priest here also responded to her. So, all the priests, religious and lay people who have accepted My Mother's call must unite with each other and with your spiritual director, forming a chain of love, and unceasingly spread all over the world the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and the intentions of My Mother who is imploring you shedding tears and tears of blood to save the whole human race.

Many shepherds may appear to have faith in Me, but their souls are closed and locked and do not truly accept Me. When they celebrate Mass in a superficial way, they are closing the door to God, while opening it to the devil. Thus, the devil is causing confusion even among the shepherds and is making them become insensitive to and unaware of their sins and become defenseless. Because of this, numerous children who say they are believers are treating the Eucharist carelessly. How can I work in them?

I wish to work miracles of love for all My children through the Eucharist because of My boundless Love for them, but they do not prepare themselves for receiving Me, do not realize My True Presence, insult Me with sacrilegious communions, and, thus, neglect and betray Me. Because of this, I am deserted by numerous children and left alone in the tabernacles, waiting anxiously for them to return to Me and give love to Me.

My beloved children! Clearly tell everyone that the Mystery of Salvation is being realized through Me Who is present in the Holy Eucharist.

Also have complete trust in and reliance on My Mother who is also your Heavenly Mother. My Mother, who is united to the sufferings of My Sacred Heart and is weeping tears and tears of blood and praying constantly so that all the children in this world may leave their sinful ways and return to My Bosom of Love, is the only one who can turn the just anger of God the Father away from you.

When Jesus ended speaking, the Sacred Host in my mouth was melting and was giving off a strong smell of blood. The Sacred Host turned into visible Flesh and Blood. Those who were at the Mass saw the Blood and the live and moving Flesh. They were shedding tears and praising the Lord Who is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

"Oh, Lord! Praise, gratitude, glory and adoration to You. Amen."


Message on November 24, 1994 (1)


The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea, who represents the Holy Father in Korea and whom the Blessed Mother had called (See her message on October 23, 1994), came with Monsignor Peter (his secretary) and Fr. Raymond Spies. Fr. Sang-Cheol Oh, other priests and lay people were also there. We placed a queen's crown on the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel and began praying at about 10:20 a.m.  

It was about 11 a.m. when I saw a bright light from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue. I said to Fr. Spies, "Father, there is a bright light radiating down from the Crucifix." Shortly afterwards, the Blessed Mother told me, "Receive blessings from the Pope's representative and your spiritual director so that your hands may become clean."

Immediately, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies blessed me. They blessed me for the second time on my forehead and hands with the fragrant oil (from a small bottle) that I had given to Fr. Spies about two years ago. Then, I got closer to the Blessed Mother's statue and began praying on my knees. The statue was also radiating a bright light. The Blessed Mother spoke with a kind, loving, soft and yet anxious voice.


My beloved daughter! I have a request to the representative of the Pope, my son, whom I love so dearly that I can put him in my eyes without hurting them. Ask him that a tabernacle be prepared beside me.

I feel so lonely, because many leaders are ignoring me for the sake of face-saving and the eyes of the world, paying no attention to my ardent request to look after numerous sheep that are walking toward hell . . .
Now, look! . . . Some of the souls who used to be flower gardens for God are falling into the devil's mire that covers everything with thick mud and corrupts it.

So many priests are offering Mass unfaithfully. As a result, the Lord is unable to perform miracles of love in them through His Real Presence. He is suffering pains and is unceasingly calling the priests who are in sins to be faithful to their duties and become united with the Lord's Love.

Nowadays, errors are being taught even by some of my priests and are spreading all over the world. The Gospels are being promulgated by false prophets in such a way that the Gospels will become more acceptable to modern society under the pretext of civilization and innovation. But these are being promoted unfaithfully and are not the Gospels of my Son Jesus. While many kinds of sins multiply, they are being justified as if sewage water could be claimed to be pure water. Many blind people are believing such claims. The devil, who has led them into such deceptions, is overjoyed.

My beloved sons! Today I called you, whom I love most dearly, in a special way to this place where you will experience the Lord's Presence and mine as heroic and faithful witnesses so that the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist may be made known all over the world. So, help me hurriedly to save the sheep that have been lost.

I have said repeatedly that the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, which is the Bread of Life from Heaven, is a spring that never dries and a medicine that gives you salvation. But only very few are making preparations before receiving Him. If my numerous children only knew that the Eucharist is truly the Life, the Everlasting Spring, the Manna and a continuing miracle that is no less than the miracles of the Creation of the Universe and of the Redemption, they would not be walking toward hell . . .

The Holy Eucharist is the center of all the supernatural events, but is being trampled upon by so many children through sacrilege, insult and humiliation. Therefore, my messages of love must be spread all over the world more vigorously so that the time of the Lord, Who is present in the Eucharist, and of the New Pentecost may be advanced.

My beloved priests! When you spread my messages of love which I give you shedding tears and tears of blood, you will experience pains, too. But I will elevate you, who have been called from all over the world, to a high level of sanctity so that you may reveal the true identity of the errors and promote the Truth with your mouths that will be like two-edged swords and thus may spread the fragrance of Christ. All the falsehood, plots, tricks and cunning slanders will disappear in the presence of the light from God the Father, just as fog clears under the sun. Therefore, do not worry, but have complete trust in and reliance on me. As you are now staying in my Immaculate Heart, no one will be able to harm you. As I will clothe you with garments of all the virtues, you will be living as little souls who are being led by my fragrance at every moment of your lives.  

My beloved daughter! A certain priest living in sin was about to receive the Eucharist, but the Lord was not able to live in him and is having St. Michael the Archangel bring that Eucharist to my beloved Papal Representative and your spiritual director through you. So, stretch out your hands.

I was hesitant because of awe, but the Blessed Mother said, “Do not worry. Hurry up and receive the Eucharist. “Yes, Mother.?

As I stretched out my hands, St. Michael the Archangel, who was not visible, brought the Holy Eucharist in the middle of a powerful light. When I received the Eucharist, I fell down to the floor because of the strong light. When I regained consciousness and got up, I saw the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, the Monsignor, Fr. Spies, my husband and others around me.

The Sacred Host in my hands had the images of a cross and the letters "A" and "Ω" on it and was already broken into two. One was in my left hand and the other in my right hand. I gave the Eucharist in my right hand to the Apostolic Pro Nuncio and the one in my left hand to Fr. Spies. The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies gave Communion to other priests and about 70 lay people who were in the Chapel. Fr. Spies placed a piece of the Sacred Host in a pyx.


Message on November 24, 1994 (2)

At about noon, I stood up to go home next door. I walked supported by Julio, my husband, and Rufino, as I had fallen down on the floor because of the strong light from above and was feeling tired. When I was about to open the Chapel door, the Blessed Mother called me in a hurry.


Julia! Hold the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and your spiritual director and come to me in a hurry!

I immediately held the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies, went to the Blessed Mother together with them and knelt before her. The Blessed Mother continued with a kind, pleasant and loving voice.


Giovanni! Thank you for responding to my call. You are truly my beloved son who received special graces. You had such a perfect faith as to completely trust my merciful Immaculate Heart and respond to me. Today you are specially invited to this place as the representative of the Pope who is the first son of mine and of the Church.

My beloved son, Giovanni! Be united with my poor daughter who is weak and in pains and who considers herself the most unworthy and least qualified person in the world and, thus, help save the children in the world who live in sins . . .

My Heart is burning so much that I am throwing up blood, because I wish to spread my voice to the world through my daughter in this urgent time, but this is being blocked because of narrow-minded insistence on habitual ways by human thinking. I cannot wait any longer, because a total disaster is possible due to the schemes of the Freemasons.

My most beloved priest! Even many of the leaders in the Church are rejecting my messages of love and committing the sins of sacrilege by concocting many lies for the simple reason that my messages have not yet been approved. How great the damage will be to the sheep that are following them! Help me so that my messages of love may be approved soon. By doing so, you will be comforting the Lord Who is present in the Holy Eucharist.

In this current age, numerous children are hastening on their way to hell, making this world like Sodom and Gomorrah. The cup of God's just anger is full and the chastisement is so close. That is why I gave special graces to my unworthy daughter so that she may go out to the world and spread my messages of love, but even this is being criticized. Hurriedly arrange a meeting between the Pope and my daughter who has offered up everything to spread the Lord's Words and mine. I will surely be in that meeting. Therefore, do not worry about possible reactions, but sow the seeds of the Holy Spirit. If even one tiny seed falls on fertile soil, you will be rewarded in Heaven and give joy to Heaven. You will be showing the way to Heaven to all peoples and giving a great joy and comfort to me who am in pains.

My beloved sons! I will be with you so that you may spread the messages courageously and wisely. Therefore, hurry up! Now, together with the Lord, I bestow upon all of you the light of my boundless love and mercy. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

When I said, "Amen," a small Eucharist came down enwrapped in light. The Blessed Mother said, "Receive the Eucharist in a hurry." As I was using both of my hands to hold the hands of the Apostolic Nuncio and Fr. Spies, I hurriedly received the Eucharist with my tongue, because I was afraid It might fall on the floor. Seven priests and about 70 lay people in the Chapel witnessed this.