January 23, 1993- How numerous are false prophets these days!

January 26, 1993 - The Pope is My Father's beloved son and Peter's successor.

February 6, 1993 -The reason for observing the First Saturdays.

February 18, 1993 -Offer the Holy Hours devotion sincerely as sacrifices and penance.

April 8, 1993- The Last Supper is a feast of love and sharing.

April 14, 1993- Now is the designated hour for you and the time to enter the battle.

May 27, 1993- I will wash numerous souls who are walking toward hell.

June 27, 1993 -Pray and offer sacrifices for the Pope. Support and protect him.

Message on January 23, 1993

I had much pain, but went to the Chapel to pray before the Blessed Mother's statue and to offer New Year's Day greetings to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. I offered my greetings in union with the loving hearts of the Holy Father, Bishops, priests, religious and all the helpers in the world for the Blessed Mother in Naju. Suddenly, it became bright around the statue and the statue turned into the beautiful, living Blessed Mother. She spoke with a warm, friendly and yet anxious voice.


My beloved daughter! Thank you for your loving hearts and offerings. I bless all of you. I want you all to stay in my peace and become instruments of peace among all your neighbors.

How numerous are false prophets these days! They have fallen into the devil's deception and are spreading all kinds of untrue information as messages from me. That way, they are confusing my children and promoting disorder to neutralize and dilute my messages. This causes me much pain. You are also being persecuted and criticized with so many preposterous accusations. Despite such misunderstanding, have no fear, but follow me entrusting everything to me.

Daughter! I am always with you. Why are you so worried? The devil is so violent that he is even mobilizing some of my priests in driving my messages into a whirlpool of confusion. For this reason, a terrible danger is pressing down upon the world and the hour of apostasy and betrayal is drawing near. The degradation of the human race is worsening everyday and the world is standing on the edge of a cliff. Humans are bringing about their own destruction. Because they are not following the Lord's Words and my messages of love, many chastising warnings are falling upon them: earthquakes, floods, droughts, traffic accidents, fires, hunger, disease, major destructions, many kinds of ecological disasters, abnormal climates . . . Even so, they do not wake up, making my Heart burn and burn so much that I shed tears of blood.

Daughter! Let's pray more fervently for the human race which is bringing about its own destruction and for the Church and the Pope. The whole human race must convert in a hurry, before it cries out in fear.

There will be persecutions, as the Church gets wounded and divided, but offer up this hour of death agony well. I want all of you to stay in warm kindness to each other and in prayers of deep silence. Respect the dignity of humans and practice true love by helping those who have nothing instead of helping the lofty, and by finding and giving love to those who are poor, hungry and sick and becoming their friends. Prepare a place where you can welcome those who wander around and suffer; give clothes to those who have no clothes; give a warm and merciful parental care to the handicapped; and give comfort to those who have been hurt.

Your inner suffering and bleeding is severe, but follow me, remembering that the Lord of Love is preparing a place of sacred joy and satisfaction for you in the Heavenly Garden. I will always be at your side and encourage and help you. So, do not lose hope, but entrust everything to me. Good bye! An-nyoung!

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the light disappeared, too. Her appearance returned to that of the statue, but the fragrant oil streamed down the statue. The fragrant oil had been flowing since November 24, 1992.

May the fragrant oil that Mother gives us wash away dirt from the whole world and make it clean!


Message on January 26, 1993

At about 5 p.m., I was in deep meditation about the Holy Father under the Crucifix in my room. A while later, I was startled at hot air suddenly blowing at me. My body became hot and was sweating very much. At that moment, the room became filled with the fragrance of roses. I was wondering if the Blessed Mother was coming. But there was the warm voice of Jesus! It was a voice overflowing with a warm, merciful Love.


Daughter! I feel the love of a little soul in your heart, as you think you are poor, unworthy and weak. That is why I have entrusted the work to you. So, do not worry too much.

My little soul! I will embrace you in My Heart of burning Love, as you cry out for having nothing but your shamefulness and for being so unworthy and unqualified.

Who can save this world where the devils are spreading so many errors and sins? I can. Then, who am I? I am Power to the little and weak and the King of Love. Can you understand this?

My beloved little soul! I do not forsake your praying heart. Didn't I guide Peter's small boat to safety? Do not trust human power in trying to accomplish anything. You will suffer much amidst numerous hidden rocks and enemies traps, but will achieve the final victory in My burning Sacred Heart.

When you feel humble and weak, you resemble My Mother. Now, pray harder for the Pope. He always stands alone on Calvary, tired and lonesome. He is My Father's beloved son, Peter's successor and my Vicar whom I have chosen. My enemies are becoming more active by employing all the available means to topple him. All of you must display the power of love by following him and uniting with him in prayer and loyalty and sharing his cross, as the devil is planning violent attacks on him by deceiving humans in cunning ways through those who are close to them and, thereby, making them disobey the Pope, who is the Shepherd of the whole world.

If you live according to the Father's Will, live a life based on the Gospels, and put My Mother Mary's messages of love into practice, My beloved Vicar, the Pope, chosen from the whole world, will be safe and peace will come to the world. Listen to My Words and keep them in your hearts. If you refuse to live a life based on the Gospels and reject the messages of love that My Mother gives you so anxiously imploring with tears of blood, this desert-like world will experience a crisis.

It is not too late yet. Come to My Bosom of Love in a hurry. Didn't My Mother Mary also remind you that if you repent hurriedly and come back to me saying "Yes", I will not question your past, but will embrace you in My Sacred Heart burning with Love and will bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?


Message on February 6, 1993


I had much pain today, but went to the Chapel to attend the overnight prayer service in observance of the First Saturday. At about 10:30 p.m., we began praying the rosary. When we reached the Fifth Joyful Mystery, it became bright around the Blessed Mother's statue and I heard a baby sucking its mother's breast. Even though I could not see the scene, it was evident that the Blessed Mother was feeding a certain soul spiritual milk. This sound continued until the end of the rosary prayer. When the prayer was over, the Blessed Mother's face looked very wet with tears. She began speaking with an anxious and sorrowful voice.


My dear children! There are many children who observe First Saturdays and yet do not know the reason for doing it. Therefore, I want to tell you today the reason for observing First Saturdays.

It was a day of cruel suffering for me a long, long day when I was left alone, having lost my Son Jesus. I always had sufferings from the day I conceived Jesus my Son, but, on that Holy Saturday, I expressed sorrows externally for the first time and cried so miserably all night praying for my Son Jesus and for sinners. Those painful hours were also the time for transition from my Son's Death to His Resurrection, a day for going from death to life. This is the reason why I asked you to pray with me tonight.

Didn't the Lord say, "Come to Me, all who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you??I will help you so that all of you may find rest in the Holy Spirit and live in the Mystery of the Passover, singing the Lord's Passover with me, who is the Mother of Passion and Agony and the Mother who entered the glory of her Son's Resurrection.

This Mother, who loves you all and loves especially those children who pray with me on First Saturdays, will stay with you always, as I was with the Apostles, praying with them in the Cenacle in Jerusalem, and will feed you my spiritual milk of love. Those of my children who accept me and drink the spiritual milk will receive the grace of repentance and will find peace and a great comfort in my love, and, thus, will be able to withstand any difficulties.

If you continue observing First Saturdays well and put what I have requested of you into practice, this Mother, who is the Mediatrix, will acquire all the graces for you that you ask for, will give you a special protection and the grace needed for eternal salvation at the time of your death, take you to the Heavenly Harbor in Mary's Ark of Salvation and offer you to the Lord.

So, on First Saturdays, unite with the Lord by making a sincere Confession, attending Holy Mass and receiving Holy Communion; approach the Sacred Bible and contemplate on the Gospels; with love, do reparations for the betrayals that have hurt the Lord's Heart; consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart; pray the rosary sincerely and fervently, contemplating on its Mysteries; accept everything with complete trust, humility and meekness; and live as a little person in my burning Immaculate Heart.

My beloved children! Believe like a child my words that I give you through my little soul who thinks that she is the poorest and least qualified in the world. I give these words to all of you.

There has never been another time when the world was so filled with Satan's temptations and with sins, and afflicted so much pain on the Lord's Heart as now. Look! Even at this moment, people are dying because of droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In so many other ways, numerous people are dying. As nobody knows the time of the Lord's Coming, no one knows when God will take your soul. Therefore, stay awake with love, praying with me. If you accept the Lord's Words and me well, you will see even greater miracles in my garden and enjoy eternal life in the Lord's Kingdom of Love.


Message on February 18, 1993

At about 11 p.m., near the end of the Holy Hours prayer meeting (held every Thursday evening in the Chapel), I fell down on the floor because of a sudden bright light pouring down from above. With the light, the Blessed Mother appeared as the beautiful Mother of Mercy. She was wearing a white dress and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her left hand. With her right hand, she touched everyone in the prayer meeting. Her beauty was beyond human description. After touching everyone, she began speaking with a friendly and yet anxious voice.


My beloved children! Thank you for responding joyfully to my call. Do not be concerned about how many of you are gathered here. What is important is that you become sanctified in the Lord and offer up your prayers with a sincere heart. I came down from Heaven as the Queen of the Universe enwrapped in a brilliant immaculate light in order to nurture you.

Become children. Know clearly that Satan leads you to judge with your own ideas and behave as adults, feeling self-confident, and, thereby, make you fall into a trap. You must gain Heaven by offering yourselves up with a child's heart.

I will be with you every time you gather together to observe the Holy Hours so that your prayers and sacrifices may be united with mine and offered to the Lord. You must combine your little devotions and offer them up together with mine so that they may soothe the Lord's Wounds.

A multitude of souls are moving farther away from God and rushing toward perdition and the whole human race is faced with an unprecedented danger to their lives and freedom. My Son Jesus is looking down at this poor human race, lamenting over the sinners' indifference and betrayals, and aspiring that all of you would offer the Holy Hours devotion sincerely as sacrifices and penance.

The Holy Hours prayers that you offer compensate for the indifference, sacrileges and insults committed against the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ, Who loved the whole human race so much that He became their Food. These prayers console the pains of death He experienced at Gethsemane and the sorrows He felt because of His disciples' desertion. They also make up for numerous children's sins of violating God's Sacred Dignity and for their ingratitude and betrayals. The prayers, sacrifices and devotions offered for the conversion of sinners during the Holy Hours become reparations for their sins and sacrificial offerings to God's Justice. This will soften God the Father's just anger. For this reason, the Lord is pleased to accept the reparations and devotions offered during the Holy Hours.

My children, whom I love so dearly! Do not try to calculate the outcome in human ways and out of curiosity. You must know that the Lord's ways are so different from human ways. Do not view anything with human eyes or think in human ways, but keep and follow the Lord's Laws faithfully. The new light of grace will be bestowed and a Resurrection and Pentecost filled with joy will come down upon all the souls who pray in the Lord's name and observe the Holy Hours before the great storm begins, wherever they may be in the world.

After finishing these words, the Blessed Mother became invisible and the light also disappeared.


Message on April 8, 1993

At about 7:40 a.m., I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel. The fragrant oil continued flowing on her statue. Her expression was particularly beautiful today. As the area around the statue became bright, the Blessed Mother began speaking through her statue.




My children, whom I love so intensely! Today is the day for priests whom I love most. Pray for them. It is a blessed day when my Son Jesus offered all of Himself and made a covenant by establishing the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders. It is a day when priests received the precious task of baptizing you, forgiving your sins through the Sacrament of Confession, teaching you the Gospels, celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and, in doing so, renewing the Sacrifice on Mt. Calvary and ministering graces through the Sacraments instituted by Jesus. Also, Bishops bless oil today.

What is the Last Supper? It is a feast of love and sharing. In order to give the totality of my love, which is so high, deep and wide, to my beloved Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and all my children in the world together with my Son Jesus, I am squeezing all of myself and giving you fragrance and oil. The fragrance and oil that I give to all are gifts from God. They represent my presence, love and friendship for you.

If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit. But if it does not die, it remains just a grain of wheat. Salvation came to this world, only because there was the painful Sacrifice of Calvary by my Son Jesus. Repent hurriedly and become a floral crown of joy for Him.

I make a special request to all priests. Imitate Jesus, the Teacher, Who sacrificed all of Himself, and give all the children in the world the Love He showed to the disciples at the Last Supper. Do not look to the world, but to Jesus Who suffered the agony of death on the Cross. Then, you will become faithful priests.

All the children in the world! As John did together with me, all of you must stand at the foot of the Cross with all your love, contemplating on those hours when Jesus offered sacrifices. You must help priests so that they may carry their heavy crosses well. Do not fear the world, even if it does not understand or accept you when you try to practice justice. My burning Immaculate Heart will always be your home and your refuge.


Message on April 14, 1993

At about 7:20 a.m., I went to the Chapel in response to the Blessed Mother's call. She spoke with a warm and kind voice from her statue.


My dear daughter! Today I will give you a special sign for my beloved priests who have responded to my call.

My little soul! . . . I am Mother to all of you and the Queen of Heaven. I have called many priests in order to save the souls who are wandering in darkness. But they have neglected me and distanced me because of the eyes of the world and face-saving . . .

My beloved priests! Get closer together and hold each other's hands hurriedly. And achieve unity in total love. The devil will cause more confusion employing many different methods, but do not fall into his cunning schemes and stop spreading the messages. If you do not help me, I cannot do anything, either. Hurry up and bring those numerous sheep, which have been lost and are wandering, to the refuge of my Immaculate Heart. I need you, because I want to save all the children through you.

What will be the use of regretting at the time of chastisement?  Now is the designated hour for you and the time to enter the battle. Do not worry about tomorrow or be concerned about the future in human ways. The place that I have prepared for you, the irreplaceable place for you . . . it is the great task that the love of my Immaculate Heart has chosen for you. I want you to understand this and to respond to my call without reservations. When you humbly walk a little person's way of love toward holy virtues according to my wishes and follow me in obedience, the Lord's miracles of love will be wrought through you.

Now the plans of my Immaculate Heart are about to be realized. Therefore, help the little, unworthy soul (=Julia) whom I have chosen and spread my wishes to the whole world so that they may be put into practice. When the messages of love that my Son Jesus and I give you are realized in this world, the greatest victory of establishing the glorious Kingdom of Christ will be won and you will see the glory by my side.

When her words ended, drops of fragrant oil streamed down from the forehead of the Blessed Mother's statue. I took several photographs and also did some videotaping. Clear images of the Holy Eucharist appeared on the Blessed Mother's hands in the photographs and video.


Message on May 27, 1993

Fr. Raymond Spies, who loves the Blessed Mother, came to Naju and was praying in front of the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel. I was also standing before the statue. At about 11:30 a.m., I almost fell down because of a strong light from the Immaculate Heart of Mary and knelt. At that moment, the Blessed Mother, who was shedding fragrant oil, began speaking softly with a very friendly and kind voice.


My beloved daughter! Why do you hesitate at this hour when you should enter the battle? God's mercy will take root at this fertile place, which will be prepared with love, and accomplish miracles of love through you, my children. Therefore, hurriedly invite Fr. Spies and Fr. Chang, who have accepted my call, to the mountain chosen through you. Following the Will of God, Who gave you free will, I am going to make that place a shrine of mine and wash numerous souls who are walking toward hell.

Because the light was so strong, I fell down on the floor. Then, I heard some whispering sounds. There was something that I could not see clearly, but it looked like the devil. Suddenly, he began attacking me and pressing me down hard on my chest many times until it became badly bruised. It was difficult for me to breathe. Soon, the Blessed Mother appeared and the pain and tension on my chest eased. She was wearing a blue mantle as usual. She opened her arms and looked down. A bright light was surrounding her and shining upon the people below. Everyone whom I saw in the vision received the light from the Blessed Mother. Nearby, there was the stream of water that the Blessed Mother gave us. She resumed speaking with a kind voice.


My beloved priests! Do not forget my wish to bestow upon all of you the combined love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart that are burning, but follow me energetically and courageously, united in complete trust and love and with the faith that has been entrusted to you.

All the priests in the world! How corrupt and polluted this world is! Promotion of dissensions through intrigues and contradictions, sacrilegious activities, irresponsible behaviors, slanders because of jealousy, greed the desire to possess all instead of sharing with others, corruption through avarice, and the attempt to justify all kinds of moral disorders through pride all these are the cunning enemies that make souls decay.

Because people join forces with the devil through their pride, they, even without realizing themselves, become wolves that wear sheepskin and plunder habitually and drive numerous sheep mercilessly into a whirlpool of confusion.

For this reason, I want to call the souls who have been contaminated with these evils and are walking toward hell to my bosom of love and fill all their deficiencies. When you forsake yourselves totally and follow me trusting my words that I give you through the little, poor soul whom I have chosen, God of the Blessed Trinity will give His bright light to all through you, who are His little workers, and there will be a new Pentecost.

When Fr. Spies heard about the Blessed Mother's call and was leaving the Chapel for the mountain, a rainbow-like circle of light appeared around the sun. This light became stronger when we arrived at the mountain. The Blessed Mother appeared in the sky above the Miraculous Spring. She looked the same as in the vision I saw in the Chapel. She said with a beautiful voice, "The bright light that surrounds the sun represents my love and my presence." Soon, she disappeared.


Message on June 27, 1993

At the Blessed Mother's call, I went to her statue which was exuding fragrant oil and prayed together with pilgrims. At 3 p.m., the Blessed Mother's statue seemed to be completely wet with the fragrant oil and the area around the statue became bright. I heard her loving and kind voice.


Daughter! My Son Jesus gave Peter the Keys of Heaven. Isn't the Pope the successor of Peter? Pray and offer sacrifices for the Pope. Support and protect him. As the Vicar of My Son Jesus, he is carrying a heavy cross. He has been consecrated to me, loves me so much and accepts me so well . . . He already understands my words that I am giving to all with tears and tears of blood in Korea.

To the Pope, who is my son, whom I love without limit and whom I can put in my eyes without hurting them, I will give a special love and sign.

So many children in the world are mired in the secular spirit. They continue committing sins, driving more nails on the Lord, pressing down the crown of thorns harder on His Head, and, thus, making Him shed more Blood. However, the Lord does not bleed in vain, but drops His Blood into a chalice and gives It to all His children through the priests whom He has called. But how many of the children are accepting Him?

The Lord saved you through His Passion and Death on the Cross. He saved all of you with His Precious Blood, Wounds, and painful Death and is leading you to the Life of Resurrection through His Body and Blood in the Blessed Sacrament. Now all priests must teach the importance of the Holy Eucharist to all the children in the world, as they celebrate the Sacred Mass with true love and sincere participation. Thus, today I make this request to my beloved son, the Pope.

I have manifested the images of the Holy Eucharist in various ways so that all my children may understand the importance of the Holy Eucharist. Hurriedly become blazing flames of love, reparation and adoration toward the Lord Who is in the Holy Eucharist.

I will always stay close to the Pope, help him, protect him from dangers, and be with him in the Heavenly Garden. If my words are well accepted and practiced, the chastisement which is to fall upon all of you will turn into a Second Pentecost and the Church will be renewed by the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit and Love.

When she finished speaking, the light disappeared, too. Some of the pilgrims and I took some photographs of the Blessed Mother's statue. We were amazed, because all of us present there saw the statue move to the left. Images of the Sacred Host and a Chalice appeared in the photographs.

May the Lord bestow His Infinite Love and Mercy on the Holy Father! Amen.