February 11, 1992- Do not worry about results, but follow me like a child.

May 27, 1992 -Wipe away my blood and sweat with your life.

May 31, 1992- If you unite with each other in love and follow me!

June 1, 1992 -When you come to Me through My Mother, you will receive the light of blessing.

June 2, 1992 -I intend to repel the darkness from this world that is turning into a vast desert.

August 27, 1992 - The Spring of Mary's Ark of Salvation

December 8, 1992- Come to Me hurriedly through My Mother, who is the shortcut to Me.

December 14, 1992 -Come closer to me, overcoming different nationalities and national borders.

Message on February 11, 1992

There was a message from the Blessed Mother after the evening Mass in the Sacramento Church in Manila. I had arrived there on February 7 to spread the Blessed Mother's messages in the Philippines. The Mass was celebrated by the Pastor in a most fervent way. I received Holy Communion and began meditation. At that time, I smelled a strong fragrance of roses and incense and heard a kind, loving and soft voice of the Blessed Mother from Heaven.


Achieve unity in love among all of you.

I looked in the direction of her voice, but could not see her.

Julia:  Yes, Mother! We are children of one God and one Mother. We speak different languages, but surely are brothers and sisters loving each other. We are now close brethren.


Yes. You have become brethren through the Lord's Precious Blood. I, your Heavenly Mother, will always be with you to help you love one another more deeply like dry land thirsting for rain. Do not worry about results, but follow me like a child. Then, I will embrace each one of you in my Immaculate Heart and bless you by pouring down fragrant oil of love upon you.

The Blessed Mother ended her words and it became quiet. People said that there had been some fragrance of roses in the church since that morning.

Julia:  Mother of Love who is everywhere in the world! I pray that the Lord's Kingdom will come and the triumph of your Immaculate Heart will be achieved soon.


Message on May 27, 1992
In the Holy Land

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross at the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem carrying a cross, my heart was aching so much as if it were about to burst.

Jesus was suffering not only because of the weight of the Cross, but because of the pains and exhaustion from so many scourgings and the crown of thorns. When He fell, He had to stand up again for the conversion of sinners. He carried the Cross to the end in love, shedding blood and sweat.

Jesus loved us so much that He became our Food and stays with us even at this time.

I was carrying the cross in order to comfort Jesus even a little. My face was covered with sweat and tears. I wept so much that I did not know which Station we were at. Someone gave me Kleenex tissues and I wiped my face with them. Suddenly, my husband and others shouted, "It’s blood!" and began crying. When I looked at the tissues, there was blood.

Somebody gave me a handkerchief, with which I wiped my face again. There was blood on the handkerchief, too. I asked others if they could see any blood on my face. They said they only saw sweat and tears. The blood marks on the handkerchief were spreading like tree branches. It was the Sixth Station (where Veronica wiped the Face of Jesus with a cloth). When we reached the Twelfth Station, I heard the voice of Jesus.


My beloved children! I am Love. Didn't I give you all of Me? If you know that I am shedding blood, sweat and bloody tears for you even at this moment, wipe away my blood and sweat with your life. Your life should be one of conversion. There was Judas, too, who insulted Me. But, like Mary Magdalene, all of you must convert and walk toward Me holding the hands of Mary, My Mother, tightly in this dangerous world.

When Jesus finished His words, I noticed that my side was swollen a lot, which others could see, too. There also were bruises all over my body.

Glory and praise to the Lord! Amen. Alleluia.


Message on May 31, 1992
In Lourdes, France

Together with the Korean and Filipino pilgrims who accompanied me on the trip, I attended Mass celebrated by Father Jerry Orbos from the Philippines at 3 p.m. in a small chapel at the Cathedral in Lourdes. While I was in meditation after receiving Holy Communion, I heard a loving, kind, and yet sorrowful voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter! Look at those numerous children. The children who try to wipe away tears that flow from my merciful eyes in order to soften the just anger of God are so few. Tears cannot dry in my eyes, because so many compromise with their selfishness and not with the holy heavenly matters.

That is why I called all of you specially, asking for your prayers and reparation for the conversion of sinners. If you unite with each other in love and follow me, you will become a large net of love. The Lord will use you as a net that catches people and, thus, will accomplish salvation.

My beloved daughter! Spread my messages of love courageously in all the corners of the world. You will experience many difficulties, but do not forget that I am with you always. Offer up sacrifices and reparations without ceasing for the sake of my poor children. Your pains that cause bleeding inside will certainly not be fruitless. An-nyoung!


Message on June 1, 1992
In Rome

I could not even stand up today because of severe pains since yesterday. They were pains of pregnancy, pains that paralyzed one side of my whole body and pains that made me unable to lift or turn my head. I offered up these pains for the conversion of sinners.

The Mass had been scheduled in a church, so, I thought I would not be able to go to Mass today. But I had a strong desire to attend Mass and thought, "How wonderful it would be, if Mass could be celebrated in the hotel." What a surprise! Someone told me that Mass would be celebrated in the hotel.

So, I attended the Mass, supported by others. When I received Holy Communion, I smelled blood. My husband, Julio, the priest and others saw the Host bleeding in my mouth. I heard the gentle and merciful voice of Jesus at that time.


Do not worry. Follow Me with complete trust in Me. I will be with you all as I am with you now wherever you may be. When you come to Me always through Mary, My Mother, you will receive the light of blessing.

When Jesus finished speaking, all the pains in my body were gone. Everyone was clapping hands in joy and praised the Lord.


Message on June 2, 1992
In Lanciano, Italy

We attended Mass in the church in Lanciano, where a miracle of the Blessed Sacrament had occurred during a Mass about 1,300 years ago. The Host changed to heart muscles and the Blood of Jesus in the chalice in the form of wine also changed to the form of human blood. They are being preserved in that church.

When Father Orbos consecrated bread and wine and lifted them up to God the Father, there was light pouring down upon him and, then, upon me and everyone else attending the Mass. I prayed after receiving the Eucharist.

"Too many people are committing sins with their tongues, causing wounds to each other. Give special blessings on their tongues so that they may praise the Lord . . . "

Then, I swallowed the Host. But a tiny piece of the Host remained on my tongue and was becoming larger. I was so surprised that I showed it to my husband, Julio. Other people also came and saw the small piece of the Host growing bigger and becoming bloody. They were crying loudly. At that moment, there was the warm but stern voice of Jesus from heaven.


I am Light. I am the Light of Love that chases away all the darkness. I intend to let all of you receive my Light of Love and, thus, to repel the darkness from this world that is turning into a vast desert.


Message on August 27, 1992

On August 26, 1992, while praying, I (Julia) saw a vision of the Blessed Mother climbing up a mountain, carrying several large bundles of soiled clothes and linens, one on her head, two in her hands, and another pushed forward with her feet.  She stopped near a large creek where crystal-clear water was flowing and began washing the clothes and linens.

Down the stream not far from where the Blessed Mother was, many people were pleasantly playing like innocent children, washing their hands and feet and even their whole bodies, fluttering in the water, and drinking the water when they became thirsty.  It was a happy scene.     

The next day (August 27), I went with Fr. Chang and several volunteer helpers to find the place which I had seen in the vision.  We found it at Sin-Gwang-Ri, Dashi-Myun in Naju City.  When we reached that place, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother filled with joy and love:  

The Blessed Mother:

“My extremely beloved daughter! As I prepared at this place through you, a little soul, the spring of Mary’s Ark of Salvation so that all the children in the world may drink it, dip themselves in it, and wash themselves with it, dig the spring without delay.  This Mother of yours will call all the children in the world to this place and will wash away dirt from them and wipe them clean who have been molested by the secular world and enslaved by pride and evil habits, and their souls and bodies have become sick.  Thus, I will even penetrate what have been clogged and open them so that they can lead a new life of resurrection.

As I do not want even a single soul to be condemned and go to hell, I will let even the wickedest sinners come to the spring of Mary’s Ark of Salvation and drink the water, dip themselves in the water, and wash themselves with it repenting their sins.  Thus, I will heal their sick souls and bodies.  

My beloved daughter!  Because God the Father has allowed free will to humans, I cannot help them if they do not accept the opportunity to earn eternal merits that can be stored in the treasure warehouse in the Heavenly Kingdom which this Mother has offered them so anxiously imploring them shedding tears of blood.

Nevertheless, as my Immaculate Heart loves not only your souls but also your bodies, I want to realize the Lord’s promise through you at this place today thanks to your unconditional sacrifices and love.

Thus, as your bleeding sacrifices and help are needed to make even the wickedest sinners return to my Bosom of Love, offer up more sacrifices and reparations so that the amazing miracle of love performed by the Lord, Who turned water into wine at the wedding banquet in Cana, may be repeated through the miraculous water from the spring here which is a crystallization of my love and will become an amazingly effective medicine for souls and bodies.”

After hearing the Blessed Mother’s words, I began digging the ground with bare hands.  Every time I dug the ground, a stream of water gushed out, and this was repeated until there were seven streams of water.  When I dug for the eighth time, the seven streams merged into one large stream gushing out forcefully.  Thus, the Words of Jesus on January 18, 1990: “Before long, I will give you a miraculous spring at a location not far from your place so that love and grace will overflow and souls and bodies will be healed,” were fulfilled.  




Message on December 8, 1992

We were praying the rosary during the overnight prayer service. During the Fifth Decade of the Joyful Mysteries, it suddenly became bright around the Blessed Mother's statue. The statue turned into the living, beautiful Blessed Mother. The time was about 11 p.m. A while later, I entered an ecstasy and saw the Blessed Mother shedding tears and tears of blood. At that moment, I began hearing the kind, loving and yet solemn voice of Jesus, although I was not able to see Him.


My beloved children! Today is the Feast commemorating My Mother Mary's Immaculate Conception in preparation for My Incarnation into this world. It was part of My Father's plan of salvation. But, as I said before, if she did not say, " I am the servant of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say,? My Father could not have done anything about it, as He gave her a free will. Therefore, all of you must also say a humble "Yes" following the example of My Mother Mary. Admit your sins in a simple and humble way and aspire ever more strongly the little person's way of Love, loving and trusting My Mother. Then, your attachment to pleasures, reputation, social status, power, material goods, pride and face-saving will be replaced by heroic deeds.

Do not lay down your cross, even when it feels too heavy. If you lay it down, evil will enter your heart right away and take control of it with an explosion of passions. Wake up in a hurry and pray.

Too many of My children loiter around outside the door and are unable to meet Me, because they do not accept My Mother's Messages of Love, while insisting upon their own way of faith that they have inherited and are giving to others.

My dear children! Listen well. Keep in mind that My Mother only leads you to a life of intense love inside My noble Heart. Come to Me hurriedly through My Mother, who is the shortcut to Me. My Heart suffers intensely, because she receives so much pain for you and calls you again and again to spread My Love even until her throat begins to bleed, but she is not respected by her children in the world even on this great Feast of hers. Wipe away her tears of blood in a hurry with your life, consoling her with love and respecting her.

My Mother prepares a safe refuge in her Immaculate Heart for all of you and leads you to Me. The hour of the pains and chastisement of Gethsemane and Calvary is approaching the children of the world. But the gate to Heaven will open through the prayers, graceful consecrations and bloody efforts by you, My little children. Do not fear. Entrust everything to Me with faith and trust. I will be with you always.

When Jesus finished these words, the light disappeared and the live Blessed Mother turned back into the statue.  Later during the prayer service, oil began flowing from the statue. The fragrance from the oil filled the Chapel.


Message on December 14, 1992

From 6:30 p.m., I relayed the Blessed Mother's messages to those who gathered in the Greenbelt Church in Manila, the Philippines. In the middle of the prayers, there was a bright light from above. When I looked, I saw it coming from a picture of Jesus, Who was opening His arms. The light was radiating like sunlight and shone upon all those who were in the church. At that moment, the Blessed Mother appeared near the Crucifix, smiling warmly and wearing a white dress and a blue mantle. When she opened her arms, a strong fragrance of roses filled the church. The Blessed Mother spoke in a very friendly and soft manner.


My beloved children! Come to me in a hurry and entrust yourselves to me completely with faith and trust. I, your Heavenly Mother, will be with you always.

I am Mother to all of you. Come closer to me, overcoming different nationalities and national borders. When you believe my words and follow me totally, my protection and love will be with you and great blessings by God will be bestowed upon you.

Then, the Blessed Mother dropped some roses on us. Almost all the people present there, except some who were closing their eyes, saw the light and the Blessed Mother. Even those with closed eyes testified that they felt the light and the presence of the Blessed Mother. Some people picked up the fresh rose petals.