January 29, 1991- Nobody knows the exact date and hour of the Lord's coming to you.

March 10, 1991 -How sad it will be if the fire falls upon you from the sky! Pray and pray again.

March 25, 1991- As birth comes nearer, pains will intensify.

April 21, 1991- If you live with the Bread from Heaven and follow me, your Mother!

May 8, 1991 -"Mary's Ark of Salvation" this is my bosom of love, greater than the universe.

May 16, 1991-My Mother is the Heavenly Prophetess and My Helper.

May 23, 1991- What you have lost in the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me.

August 27, 1991 (1)- Through you, who think you are unworthy and poor!

August 27, 1991 (2) -The Lord will rebuild upon the destruction by the devil.

September 17, 1991 -From Korea I will make my love and victory spread to the entire world.

October 19, 1991- I am your Mother who has been elevated to Heaven.

November 4, 1991- Offer even those trivial things in your life to me gracefully.

December 5, 1991 -These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation.

Message on January 29, 1991

I had been struggling with pains since last night, but, at about 5:30 this morning, I was called by the Blessed Mother and went to the Chapel. The statue turned into the live Blessed Mother.


Daughter! My daughter who entrusts everything to me even while suffering pains! I want you to follow me with a greater love and without agonizing too much over your unworthiness. This world is decaying with corruption and degradation. The human race is facing a crisis under black clouds and sins are spreading like a horrible cancer. The storm is already becoming violent. This world is exposed to a grave danger, as the storm rages on. How would this Heavenly Mother feel in her Heart, as she watches all this? Follow me with courage even when faced with serious tribulations and threats of violence, wars and destruction. There isn't much time left before incredible punishments will fall even upon those countries which have been protected and intensely cherished so far. Many people are inordinately rejecting God, and the iniquities and corruptions are increasing everyday, causing more violence and more wars.

The darkness is even infiltrating the Church in coldhearted and elaborate ways. Thus, the last hour of bleeding for purification is waiting for you. If you do not live according to the Words of Truth, you will soon suffer calamities and will surely regret it. What is the use of regretting after the justice of God is realized? I am imploring like this to my children, who have been called, as the time permitted for conversion is approaching its end. Be awake and pray without procrastinating. Also become simple as a child. Nobody knows the exact date and hour of the Lord's coming to you. Preparations are in progress to defeat His enemies, destroy them and establish His Kingdom on this earth. He will come to you on clouds displaying His Power to build His glorious Kingdom. Prepare to greet Him with trust, love and faith. He is coming to you through me, your Mother. As He was sent to you by God the Father through my virgin body, Jesus will be using my Immaculate Heart in returning to you as the King.

Therefore, all the children of the world! Open your hearts widely without delay and return to me. Rekindle the fire in your heart that has been extinguished, achieve a unity among all and practice my messages of love. Spread the messages all over the world fervently and filled with hope. When the messages are practiced by the little souls in the form of prayers of a deep love, it will become a fragrant oil washing the bleeding wounds of the Lord. If you do not reject my motherly love and practice love, my Immaculate Heart will achieve a victory in the face of the threat of a new, terrifying war and there will be love and peace in the world. I will stretch and open my mantle and hide and save in the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart all those souls who follow my words even in the midst of a huge darkness. But those who do not accept my words and reject the Lord will be thrown into the sea of an intense fire. Therefore, have trust in me, the Mother of Peace, and rely completely on my Immaculate Heart.


Message on March 10, 1991

I entered an ecstasy while praying in the Chapel. The Blessed Mother appeared shedding tears and spoke sorrowfully, almost as if lamenting.


Daughter! It is too hard to look at the disorder brought about by so many of my dear children in collaboration with our enemy, the Red Dragon, because of their blindness and deafness. The world is like a desert. The big calamities that occur here and there are warnings. I feel so sad and anxious, as I watch human sufferings under the warnings and punishments. Therefore, daughter! I implore you with sorrows in order to protect you from the traps laid by the devils.

Julia:  Mother, please tell me.


Do you want to see how wicked and vicious the devils' violence is?

Julia:  Yes, Mother.

At that moment, the head devil, Lucifer, and the smaller devils, whom I had seen on August 15, 1990, appeared and were eagerly talking with each other. A while later, they were laughing loudly and looking around at the world. They entered one country, spread out in the country and promoted division. Then, they gathered and talked again and entered a different country causing division and fights. They were so delighted and amused. There were flames here and there sometimes turning into seas of fire. They clapped their hands with joy and looked around again to drag more countries into war. I was watching this and began to cry. The Blessed Mother continued weeping and spoke.


All the children of the world! How sad it will be if the fire falls upon you from the sky! Pray and pray again. This current age is extremely important for the whole human race. Shouldn't you find ways to protect yourselves from the many calamities? Your God looks down at your acts and is about to punish you. But He is still forgiving you. Repent hurriedly. Repent sincerely and come back to God Who can save you. You must repent, because the sins of this world have reached an extremely high level. The world is mired in evil habits and delinquency. As order is disturbed, chaos is increasing and the spiritual world is being destroyed. All things are collapsing, provoking the wrath of God.

My beloved children! Become little persons and follow me humbly and with hope and courage. When you follow me wholeheartedly in response to my messages of love, new buds will sprout even from the burnt ground, my love will flame up on the ruins and a cup of blessing instead of a cup of wrath will be bestowed upon you by God.


Message on March 25, 1991

The Blessed Mother's statue had shed tears since February 18 and, this morning, shed much blood from her eyes and nose. Her cheek, dress and the cloth under the statue became very wet. Her voice came from the statue which looked so sorrowful.


Daughter! Pray more. This world should not be left to be destroyed because of the violence by the devil, the enemy of the Cross, as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed despite the fervent wish by Abraham, because there were not even ten just people. Too many children are rejecting my eager pleas made with blood and joining hands with the Red Dragon, enabling him to promote errors and moral slackness among people and make them live in sins. Thus, they destroy human dignity by inducing people to commit murders through so many abortions. I am imploring you, because I cannot look at or listen to these any more.

Accept me warmly with prayers, sacrifices, reparations and the offerings of consecrated hearts and sufferings. Thus, wipe away my tears and tears of blood shed for you by letting me live in your everyday life. By doing so, you will be preparing a place where Jesus, Who will be coming in glory, can reside.      

You must also remember that, as birth comes nearer, pains will intensify. Because governments, peoples and societies are resisting the God of justice, they become surrounded by a huge darkness. Because they are not opening their doors widely to Christ Who is coming, various tribulations and agonies are resulting. Therefore, all the children of the world! Become even lowlier souls and follow me with confidence. As the difficulties intensify, I will stay closer to my little souls and become their strength. When all the children accept me well and put the messages of love into practice, the darkness of disorder will be defeated through the light of God's great mercy. I hope my urgent pleas will reach all the corners of the world through you.

The Blessed Mother continued to weep.


Message on April 21, 1991

The Blessed Mother called me saying, "Daughter, let us pray together." I went to the chapel despite the pains and prayed for the conversion of sinners in front of the weeping statue of the Blessed Mother. A while later, I saw a vision and the Blessed Mother.

There were countless people in a dark world. The earth began shaking as during an earthquake or like a boat in the middle of a storm. There were flames of fire here and there also. People were falling in all directions and the sounds of their screams were reaching the sky.       

I cried with a loud voice, "Oh, God! My Lord! Forgive the poor sinners generously. Save those who call upon Your Name." Then, many people were repenting with tears and anxiously seeking God. There was a bright light in the sky and the extremely beautiful Blessed Mother appeared above the people. She was wearing a shiny crown with twelve stars, a white dress and a blue mantle. The hems of the mantle were sparkling gold. She was holding an ivory-colored rosary in her right hand and a brown scapular in her left hand. Her beauty was beyond human description.


You will be saved, if you live not according to your flesh but with the Bread from Heaven and follow me, your Mother.

At that moment, a shiny, white cross appeared above the Blessed Mother and soon turned into an image of the Holy Eucharist. At the same time, the dark world became bright and the trembling stopped. The Blessed Mother spoke kindly but anxiously.


All the children of the world! Darkness can never defeat light. The evils are trying to topple many of my children who are following me. But do not forget that the Lord does not refuse the pleas of those who call upon His Name with love and follow me.             

Daughter! You cannot win a victory without going through the cross. You must understand the amazing mystery of the Holy Eucharist by which God comes down from Heaven through priests in order to be with you. Therefore, make frequent confessions to receive the Lord more worthily and open your heart widely, keep it clean and organized, and love one another so that it will become a palace and a tabernacle where the Lord can dwell. Then, the Lord will live in you, who are unworthy, and set a fire in you.

My beloved daughter! Tell all the children of the world. I want all of you to wear the scapular with the intention of being with me; pray the rosary fervently with all your body and mind and with love; live a completely consecrated life of prayers, sacrifices, and reparations; renew your life with the spirit of self-renunciation and poverty; and, thus, repel the violence of the devil.

I am imploring you again and again, because I want to save you all from this dangerous world. Therefore, renounce your ego and follow my wishes well. Then, darkness will retreat from this world and the Kingdom of the Lord will come.

All the children of the world! In this age when the life of my beloved priests and my consecrated children is being drained endlessly, return to my warm bosom of love, which is the refuge for sinners, and let us pray with a greater love. May the peace of the Lord be with you always . . . ..

The Blessed Mother smiled kindly and waved her hand. Then, she disappeared together with the light. Her statue was smiling and shedding tears.


Message on May 8, 1991

It was Parents' Day in Korea and I went to the Chapel and pinned a carnation on the Blessed Mother's dress. I said to her, "Mommy, I love you. You have been suffering so much pain to save many souls who are wandering in darkness and walking toward hell. So, have a restful day today. Be comforted and receive admiration and praise from many children. I am offering this flower on behalf of all your children."

The appearance of the Blessed Mother's statue did not change, but she spoke with a kind and friendly voice.


Daughter! Thank you. I rejoice more over a heart filled with love and devotion than over flowers or deeds. Even the smallest thing can become a great good work for you, if it is done with love. Come closer to me so that you can unite more intimately with my burning love. To soften God's anger, become an even lowlier person. Become a more humble person offering sacrifices and reparations of the cross and entrust all your imperfect thoughts, daily life and sufferings to me. Those souls who are accepting me with love and are approaching me will be bathed in my love. Follow without a doubt the wishes of this Mommy who wants to perform miracles of love by using you as an instrument, despite your unworthiness.

Julia:  Yes, Mother! I am always unworthy, but will follow your wishes.


Daughter! Make haste. Should the cup of God's wrath overflow onto this dark world which is like a desert? Events are unreeling already, but there are too few priests who are following me. The whole world is filled with dangers and is going through pains of labor. There are countless souls who need spiritual and physical help. Right now, God's work of salvation stands on nothingness and worthlessness. I want to gather all the children, who are struggling with weakness, poverty and fierce battles with evil, into my burning Immaculate Heart. "Mary's Ark of Salvation" this is my bosom of love, greater than the universe, which will take children from the whole world to the heavenly harbor. Now I intend to embrace children from the whole world in my wide bosom. Therefore, construct a basilica. I will embrace them all in my bosom so that they may be reborn with love and I may pull out all their weeds. This way, I can become the guide for the blind; give energy to the poor and hungry; wipe away tears of the children who are sad, agonizing, and weeping; become a comfort to those who are hungry and thirsty for Truth; and become a refuge for those who are insulted, persecuted and criticized with all kinds of groundless accusations while doing their just work.

Therefore, build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation hurriedly. If you follow my messages of love and put them into practice, great treasures will accumulate for other souls and yours. It will also be the way of saving the souls who would otherwise be lost with certainty. To the burning Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart, it will become a comfort.

Daughter! Now we must make a chain with the souls who are burning with love and make their flames of love known to the whole world. When you follow me without doubting that this is the perfect shortcut with no danger of slipping and falling off the cliff, my flaming Immaculate Heart will burn away all your sins. Thus, even falling into sins can be utilized for a greater good. Now, bring all those things that you think are worthless, miserable and weak and gather around my great banquet which has a sacred value. There will be a great blessing on all the children who are rushing to my bosom of love. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

She finished speaking. Her lips on the statue were open for a while, and then closed.


Message on May 16, 1991

There was a Mass at 6 p.m. in the Naju Parish Church, celebrated by two priests from the Philippines. Some parishioners of Naju and thirty-three pilgrims from the Philippines participated. When I received the Holy Eucharist, I immediately tasted blood in my mouth. When I came back to my pew and showed it to Rufino, who was sitting next to me, he saw the Host on my tongue being of a yellow-to-light brown color at first and, soon, turning into a blood-red color starting from the edge. This was reported to the priests and all the faithful present there were able to see it. They were surprised and began crying. The two priests also prayed and cried in front of the tabernacle. The Host continued bleeding and soon my mouth was filled with Blood.

At that moment, I saw a vision. The weeping Blessed Mother of Naju was wearing a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her right hand and smiling beautifully. With tears in her eyes, she embraced the two priests. Soon there was the merciful but anxious voice of Jesus.


Daughter! Offer up more reparations for the insults by sinners. The world keeps offending, despising, insulting, scourging and bruising Me, but the burning Love of My Sacred Heart bestows the grace of mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation on so many souls, who provoke the just anger of God, through the precious Blood from the Five Wounds opened on the Cross in order to save this sick and dark world from eternal death and to give sinners eternal life. Because I love you so much, I manifest that Love by coming to you in the form of bread hiding My Divinity, dignity and even human appearance. I come to you in person in the form of bread because of My great Love for you. But many souls pay little attention to My Real Presence, insult Me with sacrilegious Communions, and neglect Me with ingratitude.

Daughter! Teach the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist fervently to the children who do not understand it so that the numerous people living in ingratitude may be saved through your bloody sacrifices combined with My Love. However hard I may try to give Love to them, I cannot force them to accept it, as I gave them free will. I, Who am present in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, am a spring that never dries, a medicine that can save the sick souls, and a doctor to the patient. I love even those souls who have become so sordid and distorted because of sins, because I am Love Itself. So, when they come to Me through the Sacrament of Confession, I will wash away their sins that made their souls dirty and allow them to stay in My Love.

My Heart is hurting intensely, because so many people in this world bow to and flatter the worldly rulers, but only extremely few children kneel in front of the Lord of the Heavens and the King of the Universe, adore Him and ask for graces from Him. Time is running out, because there are so many sins in the world.

All the children of the world! You must fear the chastisement that is approaching you, constantly pray, make sacrifices and reparations, and live a consecrated life. By doing so, you can avoid falling into the devils' cunning temptations that allure you to sin, resentment, violence, corruption, and a selfish life; alienate you from God; lead you to hatred, division, delinquency and disrespect; and, thereby, thoroughly control your mind and make you intemperate. In this world which is being covered with errors and darkness, stay close to the Bible which contains the Sacred Truths, lead a life according to the Gospels, and put into practice the words of My Mother who is appearing and imploring with tears at many places in the world in this urgent time. Tell everyone that accepting My Mother's words is the same as accepting Me and that holding her hands and following her is the shortcut to Me.

The time of my Mother Mary's victory is approaching. Make haste in repenting and get on board Mary's Ark of Salvation. My Mother came into this world as the Heavenly Prophetess and My Helper who will lead you to My brilliant and glorious revelations. Follow her words. I will always be with you.


Message on May 23, 1991

At about 4 p.m., I went to the Chapel and began praying together with a priest and a layman who love the Blessed Mother and had decided to consecrate themselves to her. While we were praying, the Blessed Motherís eyes became teary. Suddenly, there was light and the Blessed Mother began speaking with a soft, quiet and loving voice through her statue.


Yes, my dear children!  . . . I have called you as my instruments to give an eternal refuge to those souls who are thirsty and starving for love and are wandering around. Hold my hands more humbly and offer up your sacrifices and reparations, following me for the conversion of sinners.

Now, the time for victory is approaching. Follow me without delay. I will use you, through my beloved little soul, as the guides for the numerous souls who are repaying so much love with insults and are committing sins against the Lord.

When you renounce your ego and follow me completely by practicing my messages of love and by making my Immaculate Heart that is burning with love known to all the children in the world, you will experience pains. But your souls will be purified and made stronger, as gold becomes purified in fire. If you follow me in unity among yourselves, what you have lost in the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me . . .

I wish to accomplish miracles of love through you who are unworthy. With all your strength, strive to realize my love with unity among yourselves. I will always be with you.


Message on August 27, 1991 [morning]

After the morning Mass, I entered the Chapel at about 6:40 a.m. The Blessed Mother's statue looked very sad with her eyes congested with blood. I thought she might begin weeping.

At about 7:40 a.m., when a priest, my husband and a brother* were offering candles, tears began flowing on the statue. The priest held the Blessed Mother's hand and cried loudly. Then, it became bright, as rays of light were coming from the Blessed Mother's crown. A loving voice came from the statue.

(*In Korea, the lay people are often called brothers and sisters.)


My chosen children! Now is the time for purification. Hold my hands of burning mercy tightly. Actually it is not you who are holding my hands, but it is I who have called you and am holding your hands. Now renounce everything, follow me completely and practice and spread my messages of love. Then, through you, who think you are unworthy and poor, great miracles of love beyond anyone's imagination will be accomplished.

Oh, my beloved children! Thank you so much for consecrating yourselves totally. But many children are dispersing. To assemble them again with the love of my Immaculate Heart, you must build the Basilica in a hurry. Make haste with a faithful heart. I, who am the Helper in Redemption, sincerely wish that all the dispersed children repent, become purified and offer themselves up with sacrifices and reparation. Then, I will make you the Lord's glorious garland of flowers.

When she ended these words, the light disappeared and it became quiet.


Message on August 27, 1991 [afternoon]

I was praying with the priest, the brother (both of whom had prayed together with me in the morning) and about twenty other pilgrims. At about 12:30 p.m., the Blessed Mother began admonishing us anxiously?/span>with a soft loving voice.


My beloved children! Listen well. I implore you. Now is the time for purification, but many children are confused because of the words that are not from God. My enemy, the devil, is promoting confusion and division at many places in the world by deceiving people with tricks and even by using phenomena that appear to be supernatural. He performs many unusual tricks that can confuse even the good people. To promptly recognize the devil's violence in his attempts and to come to the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, you must build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation fast. Help me.

You must pray and love more fervently so that everyone may avoid condemnation and be saved. I will help you. Just as Daniel, facing death in the lions' den, was rescued by God as he had sought God's justice and entrusted everything to Him, the devil attempted to topple Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and lead the world to destruction, but he was rescued by God from the devil's hands and the world was saved from the crisis of destruction, because he sought God's justice and walked the just way and because the little souls offered constant prayers and sacrifices.

Do not worry, but follow me with full trust in me. The Lord will rebuild upon the destruction by the devil and will cure the wounds. The world is going against me, but there are faithful little souls who are praying by my side. Therefore, combine your prayers and achieve unity. When fervent prayers of poor souls reach Heaven, God's just anger will be appeased. Pray and pray again.

I came to this world as the Lord's Helper to save you in this age fallen into danger. When you renounce everything and follow me completely, my role as your true Mother and the Lord's Helper in saving the world will soon be manifested clearly.

The reason why I was chosen to be the Lord's Helper was to give the opportunity of salvation to everyone. Keep in mind that you were also chosen to be my helpers. Accept my words well so that all may be saved together. Offer yourselves up completely remembering my Son, Jesus Christ, Who was offered as a living sacrifice. I will give you the garment of my fragrance with the love of my burning Immaculate Heart.

At that moment, there was a strong fragrance of roses and the Blessed Mother's statue was smiling happily.


Message on September 17, 1991

I started praying in the Chapel at about 11 p.m. with brothers and sisters who had experienced a special love from the Blessed Mother. We fervently prayed to the Blessed Mother for the corrupt world, for priests and religious and for the many souls who had fallen into disorder because of their indiscreetness.

Suddenly a black object appeared above us. Then, light radiated from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue and enveloped the statue. At that moment, light emanated from the statue, melted the black object and shone on all those who were praying. The light was so intense that I fell down and heard the soft voice of the Blessed Mother filled with love.


My beloved children! Follow me without worrying. The Lord, Who is listening to you because He wants to help you, will bestow His Love on you. When you follow me believing my words completely, everything will be accomplished. From Korea, which is my youngest child and which I love so much, I will make my love and victory spread to the entire world.

Now is the time. Stay awake and pray. Many souls are walking toward hell because of the cunning violence of the devil, the enemy of the Cross, but I stretch out my mantle and am waiting for their return, because I love them all.

My dear children! Listen to my words well. Look back at history, when people did not listen to the many warnings given by God. What will happen to this age, if people, like those of the past, remain indifferent to or reject the Words of God and my messages of love? Keep in your heart the words of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, and offer up even the pains that cause bleeding inside of you.

In this age of aridity an age of an endless desert, the victory can be won only through love. When you love, you must also shed some tears. Tears will help the seeds to bear good fruit and also help the absorption of heavenly nutrition by the souls who are hungry and have been deprived of vitality because of delinquency.

Children! All the souls reaching the Bosom of God will enjoy eternal love, peace and joy in the Lord's Love. But those who betray the graces, are ungrateful and insult the Holy Spirit will be cut off from the Lord forever.

Satan is striving with all his power to promote a tendency of despising the Holy Laws of the Lord, but my burning Immaculate Heart will achieve victory, when the sounds of little souls?prayers to my Immaculate Heart soar high to Heaven. You will surely see my victory.

Now, daughter! Cry out. The victory of my Immaculate Heart is close at hand. You will soon see the day when I will, through you who are unworthy, convert the children who do not know me, open the eyes of the people who do not believe, and silence those who criticize.

Suddenly, in front of me, it became bright and there was music by a military band. I saw many angels dancing in a circle holding garlands of roses. I heard the music, but couldn't see the band. The angels looked like young girls and had wings on their shoulders. These wings were not like those of birds, but seemed to be made of beautiful, sparkling, blue cloth. The angels' dresses and wings made waves as they moved their shoulders. They looked beautiful beyond description.

Then, I saw a man with an angel on his right and a black, hard-to-recognize, object (devil) on his left. When he prayed sincerely from his heart, the angel offered a fresh rose to Heaven, whereas, when he prayed superficially, the angel offered a wilted rose. The angels stored the fresh roses and the wilted ones separately. When the man made sacrifices and reparations, forgave and reconciled with others and offered all his life with a joyful heart, fresh roses were offered, but when he was only enduring (difficulties) and lacked love, wilted roses were offered. When he did good works, roses accumulated in Heaven, but, when he did evil and criticized others, the devil was overjoyed and threw the roses, which had been accumulated in Heaven, into the flaming fires of hell, one after another.

God can do everything Himself, but He acts through priests and lay people. Likewise, the devil also does his work through humans. Thus, he employs all kinds of ways and means in using people around us to make us angry, resentful, unable to forgive and commit many mistakes.


Daughter! Did you see that? Good and evil always coexist inside you, because your guardian angel and the devil confront each other: the angel helping you to do good works and the devil afflicting you and tempting you to do evil all the time. The guardian angel stores roses one by one in the treasure warehouse in Heaven. Thus, when a soul offers many good works by saying prayers and making sacrifices and reparations, many roses accumulate. When that soul rises to Heaven, all the angels make a garland with the roses and dance holding it. The Saints also welcome the soul with majestic music.

But, even if good works have been accumulated, the devil will burn the roses in the fire of hell by taking the roses out of the treasure warehouse, when evil deeds are committed. Because one goes to hell only when there are no roses left at all, the devil strives with all the available methods to win even one more soul over to his side and, thereby, to form his army.

Therefore, daughter! Do not give chance to the devil. Arm yourself with love and win the victory. Do not forget my bloody merits and the power of the Lord's Sacred Blood, and knock at the door whenever your cross is too heavy. I will open the door for you with joy.

The souls, who are elevated high on the Cross and offer themselves graciously as victims to the Lord, are truly the souls who glorify the Lord and are the little soul who are closest to me. I want all the children to become completely humble and to be tightly embraced in my bosom of love like the Baby Jesus. I will make you spread the strong fragrance of my Motherhood to all the corners of the world.


Message on October 19, 1991

There was an overnight prayer service commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears of blood. At about 10:50 p.m., I saw a vision. There was a large crowd swarming in one direction, as a man dressed in white and riding a white horse was chasing after them holding a sword about 25 inches long in his hand. The sword looked like a white feather. As he wielded the sword among the crowd, everyone hit by the sword fell down. They struggled to stand up, but couldn't. There were some people who did not fall. They had a mark of the cross on their back resembling the letter "T." Angels appeared and led them to a beautiful church-like place decorated with roses. At that moment, there was the beautiful and kind voice of the Blessed Mother from the statue.


I am your Mother who has been elevated to Heaven. Because the devil knows well that I came to this world to help you, he is becoming more active employing all the available methods to alienate you from me, the Mother of Love, and attacking you fanatically using all kinds of cunning schemes. But the Lord intends to advance the date of purification to separate good and evil in response to the prayers by the little souls who are working for the Lord and following me. Soon it will become the Age of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart. At that time, there will be many people who will regret and wail. Therefore, make haste. The souls who follow the Lord carrying the Cross, spread and practice the Gospels and accept the messages of my burning love will be saved and receive and enjoy eternal life.

It became quiet, when she finished her words.


Message on November 4, 1991

We (Fr. Aloysius Chang, three helpers and myself) visited Father Raymond Spies in Anyang. We had long talks and offered Mass. (Throughout the talks and the Mass, we smelled a strong fragrance of roses. Fr. Spies later told us that the fragrance continued there for three days.) After Mass, I sang a hymn: Mary's Ark of Salvation, with Father Spies?accompaniment on the organ.

As soon as the hymn was over, I fell down. I could not see anybody, but heard the head devil, Lucifer, whom I had heard before: We cannot leave this one alive who is interfering with our activities. Let's hurry and kill her. Do not leave any visible scars on her. Do you understand? Then, there were many voices in response: Yes, sir. Right away, they began striking, kicking, trampling and strangling me and I was struggling and screaming.

"Lord! I am offering up my suffering. Be glorified through this suffering and may the Blessed Mother be comforted, too." Before I completed these words, the devil lifted me up and threw me down saying, "A stubborn one! I am not going to let you get away this time." He strangled me again and hit me all over my body. I was bleeding much and felt extremely cold.

Lucifer said, "I will give you a chance. What are you going to do?" I was near death and could not even speak, but prayed inside. "Lord! I am Yours whether I am alive or dead. I only want the Lord to be glorified." So many devils attacked, struck and trampled me that I lost consciousness. Soon there was a light from Heaven like the sunlight warming me. There also was the warm, kind and anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter! You won a victory over the devil by gathering the seeds of martyrdom and growing them into blossoming beautiful flowers in your just heart. Now is the time for a struggle between Good and Evil. The evil forces will soon perform enormous wonders seducing numerous people. For this reason, I selected a priest (Fr. Aloysius Chang) who is a humble soul, and called him to work in unity with Father Spies. I intend to save many children from the desert of evil and sin through my priests, whom I can put into my eyes without hurting my eyes. Therefore, I am holding your hands today. With confidence, display the power of love more vigorously and offer a totally dedicated service heroically.

Let's brighten the road ahead together with this Mother of Love for the souls who are falling into temptations. For that purpose, build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation by joining hands together. There, I will reveal the secrets of my Immaculate Heart to you so that it may become a sign of joy, love and peace to everyone who visits it.

Let even those who are in despair, depressed, full of wounds and in tribulations suffering under the heavy pressures from their arid hearts, sins, hatred, violence and impure habits come aboard the Ark of Salvation of my Love. I will wrap them with my warm mantle and help them even in the midst of a bitterly cold snowstorm.   

My beloved children! Now offer even those trivial things in your life to me graciously. I will give you the power to transcend even the most trivial things. When you offer up everything and drink the painful cups of the cross and martyrdom with love, even those who are deserted in the middle of the pains of death will repent and see the light in darkness.

From this small land, a land made fertile with the blood of so many martyrs, the light will shine upon the whole world through my little, poor souls. My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph in the midst of the glorious victory by Christ.

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, the light disappeared and it became quiet.


Message on December 5, 1991

The Blessed Mother wanted a Mass at the site for the Basilica at noon today. Ten people went to the mountain, but we were all looking at the miracle of the sun from noon and began the Mass fifteen minutes late.

The sun was radiating many colors upon us and upon the site for the Basilica. The sun turned into an image of the Host and was spinning with many colors around it: red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, light green, violet, and so on. Then, there was a column of strong light emitting different colors and connecting heaven and earth. After the priest's blessing, the Blessed Mother, holding the Baby Jesus, appeared near the sun. It was so amazing, because it looked as if the column of light connecting heaven and earth was erected there by the hands of the Baby Jesus and the Blessed Mother. At that moment, there was the kind and soft voice of the Blessed Mother from the sky.


My beloved little souls! The sun is light. The Lord Who came as Light is shedding light on you by opening Heaven. These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation. They also mean that the Lord is with you and is blessing you and this land. It means that my victory is being accomplished in you, who obey me in a simple way, on this land of love illuminated by the Lord's Light according to God's Will. This way, the darkness of evil permeated with errors, with selfishness that prevents your self-renunciation, with passions and with all kinds of sins and uncleanness will be driven out.

My dear children! The glorious day of victory for my Son Jesus is approaching in the midst of the Sacred Love of Mercy. For this reason, the heavenly light will become brighter day by day through you who have responded to me. Trust me completely and unite with each other to save the world.

The light continued radiating upon us, even after the Blessed Mother ended her words. The miracle continued until sunset. "Lord! Glory, praise and thanksgiving to You!"