May 8, 1990- Many children seek me only during hard times as if trying to grab a life buoy.

June 30, 1990- Do not forget that I am always close to you at your side.

July 30, 1990 -Display the power of love.

August 15, 1990- Evils hide even behind innocent-looking appearances.

October 4, 1990- It is not too late yet. Come to me in a hurry.

November 11, 1990 -God will surely save those who seek His justice.

Message on May 8, 1990

It was Parents' Day, but I could not go to the Blessed Mother because of intense pains all over my body.  When even a hair touched me, I felt as if I was pricked with a needle.  So, my husband, Julio, went to the Chapel alone and pinned a carnation to the Blessed Mother's dress. I felt so sorry.  I was offering pains in bed saying, "Mother!  I am sorry.  I will send you a bouquet of my heart and prayer."

At about 10:40 p.m., I heard the distant voice of the Blessed Mother.


Daughter!  I feel frustrated.  Aren't you anxious to see me?

I listened eagerly, but couldn't hear her any more.  So, I got up despite the pains and went to the Blessed Mother.  When I stepped into the Chapel, I smelled a strong, indescribable fragrance filling the whole Chapel. There was also a fragrance of lilies.  The Blessed Mother was shedding tears and her face looked pale.

As I was praying and asking for forgiveness, the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother came from the statue.


Daughter!  It is Parents' Day, but there hardly are any children looking for their Heavenly Mother. I feel lonely, because even you, whom I chose, do not seek me because of pains. Please do not leave me as a lonesome Mother.  I have called and saved so many souls with my tears of mercy, but how many have followed me in gratitude for that love?

I am sad.  So many of my poor children, who are usually forgetful of me, seek me only during hard times as if trying to grab a life buoy . . . how can I work in such changeable hearts?

Once they receive the grace they have asked for, they return to their miserable lives, forget about my love and live in a despicable, ungrateful way. But, my daughter, my mercy prompts me to call them again.  I am shedding tears of blood like this because of the poor children who are ungrateful for the blessings they received, do not give love to others, and think that the graces they received are their own and something that they were going to receive anyhow for their own merit. Comfort my Immaculate Heart that is suffering.

This Mother of yours, who has not been approved yet, is indeed above all creatures and all heretics. A fast approval is necessary to save the poor souls who are even insulting God with their pride and sacrileges and are joining hands with the devils.

What a dear price has to be paid to defeat the devil!  I feel anxious when I see you. Daughter! Take courage and offer up your sufferings more graciously. Also pray harder for unity. As my messages are spreading to the world and are being put into practice, the devils are becoming more and more active. The Red Dragon is employing all kinds of means to promote division even among priests. Make our enemy, Satan, powerless, with your faith and love. By doing so, help me save many souls. Offer to me even what you think are miserable things. My motherly Heart gets wounded, as I watch all this.

Daughter! You must become strong by opening the door of your heart widely to God the Father, Who is coming to you. I will stay with you so that you can fight the devil and achieve unity in the deep and mysterious Love of God. Isn't unity a truly beautiful fruit? As there are many souls who fall into the cunning traps of the enemy, I must ask you for extreme sacrifices to the extent of offering your life.

Daughter! Follow me, the Mother and the Helper in Redemption, entrusting everything to my immensely wide Immaculate Heart. Do not forget that I, Mother Mary, am preparing a home where you can relax. Follow me without being discouraged. I bestow the same merciful grace on all the souls who trust and follow me and testify for me. My Son Jesus will bestow the cup of blessing on you through the loving benevolence of me, who is the string that ties Heaven and earth together. Good bye!  An-nyoung!

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, someone was touching me gently.  I was wondering if it was the Blessed Mother comforting me in my sufferings, but, when I looked, it was my husband, Julio. "Julia! The Blessed Mother is shedding tears of blood."  At Julio's pressing words, I looked at the Blessed Mother's statue and saw her shedding tears of blood profusely.  She also had much blood under her nose.  It was about 11:20 p.m.  She continued shedding tears of blood until about 1:20 a.m., when the tears of blood began to dry.  After that, she was shedding some tears only.

"Mother Mary!  Forgive this poor and miserable sinner and may the Mother's will be accomplished victoriously on this earth. Amen."


Message on June 30, 1990

During the overnight prayer service commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears, I received pains in my ribs and entered an ecstasy.  With a bright light, the Blessed Mother appeared.  She looked more beautiful, kinder, friendlier, and more graceful than before. She was wearing a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her left hand, and, was radiating light from her right hand on all those who were present at the prayer service.  

At that time, Jesus appeared in the sky wearing a red mantle, looking down at us lovingly and kindly, and pouring light upon us with His open arms.  This light was spreading like sunlight over all the people attending the prayer service.  At that moment, the Saints and angels were also seen praying in great joy. The Angels were also dancing and praying with us. The Blessed Mother began speaking with a very soft and kind voice.


Daughter!  Thank you.

My Son Jesus bestows special blessings by shining light on all those who came to this meeting remembering me. Also through the pains and love you have experienced, many children will receive the grace of conversion today.

Love leads us to victory. Strive for it with all your heart. Then, the precious grace will be allowed for the salvation of many souls. Because the sins of the world are excessive, the love of my Immaculate Heart alone is not sufficient and that is why I am calling you. Even at this time, I am also showing signs at other places to spread the messages of my love so that the Lord will be praised.

As God is Three Persons in One, I am the one Mother of Heaven for all of you. As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you must all become one also.

I am asking you, because there are many children who come here for curiosity and are seeking miracles and signs. Offer more sacrifices and reparations so that all the children, upon hearing my eager voice of love, may live the messages actively and follow me with confidence. Bring them to me and, when they follow me completely, I will embrace them with love and let them receive the heavenly joy.

Daughter!  Do not forget that I am always close to you at your side.

Julia:  Oh, Lord and my Mother Mary! You have called all of us. May Your Will alone be done on earth. Let all of us approach Your altar with the gifts of thanksgiving and the offerings of sacrifices.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit appeared from Heaven in the shape of a dove and shed light on all those who were attending the prayer service.  Soon, the Blessed Mother and the light disappeared. Jesus also disappeared with the Saints and angels.


Message on July 30, 1990

At about 10 a.m. on July 27, the Blessed Mother's statue was moved to the video room because of the construction work in the Chapel.  She began shedding tears at about 10:15 a.m. on that day.  From about 11 a.m., the tears began to dry.  Father Spies asked me to find out why she was shedding tears.  I kept asking her, but she did not say anything.  At 9 a.m. today, after she had shed tears for three days, I heard her voice from the statue while I was meditating after praying the rosary.


Display the power of love more vigorously and give devoted service in a heroic manner.

I was waiting for her to speak further, but she did not say any more.  She looked very sad.

"Oh, Mother of love! I will serve you loyally and heroically."


Message on August 15, 1990

While offering the devotion and love of a little soul to the Blessed Mother and crying and praying with him, I entered an ecstasy at about 4:15 p.m. The Blessed Mother appeared wearing a sparkling crown and a blue mantle and holding a rosary in one hand.  She looked so beautiful, but her face was filled with anxiety.


Daughter!  I am suffering even today, because there are too many sins in this world.

It was heartbreaking to hear the Blessed Mother say these words.  She needs to be comforted and praised by her children on this great feast day of her Assumption, but she is suffering pains even today.  I felt so sorry.


Daughter!  How wonderful it would be, if all the children think the way you think. Now many children are following me superficially by compromising with the corruptible flesh and the world permeated with errors. I am very sad, because there are only very few children who are following me truly with their hearts.

As she sounded choked with tears, I looked at her and saw her weeping. I said to her eagerly.

Julia:  Mother, I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  I have been unworthy.  I will try harder to follow Mother's will.


Right now, the devil is using all kinds of methods to defeat you and to topple priests and many children whom I have chosen so that the messages may not spread. The flowers of evil look pretty on the exterior and confuse and seize even innocent souls in cunning ways. Such evils hide even behind innocent-looking appearances. This can be discerned only by the souls who are in the state of grace. Can you offer sufferings, if these sufferings are needed for the proud and selfish souls who claim to know the ways of Heaven and sound very knowledgeable, but do not put what they know into practice?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. I will do anything, if you help me.


Thank you, my daughter!

At that moment, there was a loud noise like an earthquake and a strange object appeared before me. Its upper body looked like a grey horse and its lower body like a human. It was the devil of division. He was promoting division among many countries and, as a result, a war broke out among three of them. I saw one of them running away after fighting for a while. The devil was laughing gleefully at this scene.

The head devil dispatched the small devils to the world and was looking for more countries to drag into wars. While he was smiling with an ugly appearance, I said to him that he had better stop now what he had been doing. The devil said to me in a friendly way that, if I joined him, he would give me one country. When I refused flatly, he attacked me and said, "If I get rid of you and Father Spies, my work will develop better. You are our big enemy. So, we'd better get rid of you." While attacking me, he demanded my surrender. But, when I refused, he called other devils and said they should kill me. The head devil that looked like a horse knocked me down and pressed me on my neck. The small devils grabbed my legs and tried to break them. I entrusted everything to the Blessed Mother. I prayed that there would be peace in the whole world, even if I got killed. Suddenly, it became completely dark and I thought I was dying. But suddenly the pressure on my neck eased and it became bright. Someone was holding my hand warmly and softly. At that moment, I heard a kind, friendly, and yet sorrowful voice.


Daughter! My beloved and sweet daughter! I feel sorry that I always give you pains, but this Mother is suffering greater pains because of the extreme insults. Now it is an age of sins and disorder. As you saw, this world is overflowing with disorder and, as a result, a great calamity is looming over the the entire human race. Even if I try to hold it off, what use will it be, if the world does not repent? There has never been another age when so many children of the world strayed so far away from repentance and brought ruin upon themselves in cooperation with the devils and under the control of the devils as now. All of them must listen to my voice of love. But, instead of listening to my earnest voice burning with love, they revolt against me with insults, criticisms and judgments causing great damage to their souls. Because of this, my beloved little souls are suffering pains for their sake.

Julia:  Mother! I am offering up my pains so that they may convert as soon as possible.


Thank you, my little soul! Their sins are many, but I have pity on them and wait for their return. But, if they persist in being indifferent to me and rejecting me, God's arm of justice will soon be raised and the cup of His wrath will overflow. What will be the use of regretting at that time?

My daughter who follows me suffering pains! Even today, I call together, through your sufferings, my little and tender souls who have to fight a difficult fight against the evil forces that cause afflictions and temptations day and night. Offer your sufferings up more graciously.  Know that, as high protein causes more foul smell when it decomposes, the rewards will also be greater when the road slopes more sharply.  I intend to collect the seeds of martyrdom from your sufferings and plant them in the flower garden of my Immaculate Heart so that flowers may blossom from the seeds of goodness. Therefore, prepare many good seeds. They will be used for saving many countries and human race at the decisive time of tribulation

My daughter who follows me suffering pains! Even today, I am calling, through your sufferings, my little and weak souls who will fight a difficult fight against the evil force that causes afflictions and temptations day and night. Offer your sufferings more graciously. I intend to collect the seeds of martyrdom from the sufferings of my little souls, plant them in the Garden of my Immaculate Heart, so that flowers will blossom from these seeds of goodness. Therefore, prepare many good seeds. They will be used in saving many humans and countries at the decisive time of tribulation.

My beloved little souls! Offer up yourselves completely with your faithfulness toward me for the sake of your brethren who are severely insulting and resisting my love and also for the sake of the priests and religious who are going through the pains of labor. You must walk straight forward on the path that the Saints walked entrusting themselves completely to me with love. There has never been a Saint who has not followed me closely. You were chosen by me for an important mission. Do not have any doubt about my protection and my love. Trust and rely on me and, thus, turn the cup of divine wrath into a cup of blessing with the intense flames of love burning in my Immaculate Heart.

Daughter! Even when all the people of this world desert you, do not forget that I am always at your side and remember the reward in Heaven. Good bye! An-nyoung!

As the Blessed Mother disappeared and the light was gone, my sufferings started. When I opened my eyes, my body was aching so much that I could not even move. I was carried on a stretcher to my home (which is next door to the Chapel). I felt so much pain in my legs and I had trouble breathing. People who were present there were surprised at the sudden bleeding of my toes. They said, while I was suffering, my legs were raised again and again and the women present there lowered them. At that moment, my toes suddenly began bleeding.


Message on October 4, 1990

The Blessed Mother's statue continued to weep. My husband, Julio, and I prayed the rosary from about 10:40 p.m. followed by meditation. As the meditation continued, it turned into crying and lamentation. I felt heartbroken at the thought of the Blessed Mother's anguish over the poor souls who are following the false prophets because of their blindness and deafness. In addition, my many current difficulties and physical pains also were making me feel anxious and weakening my soul.

When I looked at the Blessed Mother's statue saying, "Mother, what should I do?" the statue began radiating a beautiful light and turned into the live Mother Mary. She began speaking with a very anxious voice.


Daughter! Do not worry too much. Your body and soul are now weaker than ever. It is a difficult task to save the world from destruction and misery. I understand well that it is very hard to spread the messages in a way they can be understood easily by all. But follow me even in the midst of your extreme pains. You are participating in my sufferings, because my Son Jesus earned life for the human race through His Blood of extreme pains and, through this Blood, those who are living in the misery of sins will be led to life. God gave you a garment of eternal life that has been made clean by the Blood of the Lamb. Even so, do you feel so weak? I chose you for an important mission and you must become stronger.

Daughter! When I was on earth, many people called me the mother of a mad man. I should be respected as the Queen of Heaven, but have to implore with many sacrifices, pains, and tears because of the division and disorder among the children on earth. Help me.

Major calamities are about to fall upon the world, but there are too many people who are self-centered. Those who love God and make me known will receive eternal life and will stand by the side of this Mother of Love. The world will change, but the Laws of God will not. Pray and pray again. Prayers of a deep love are needed now more than ever for the Holy Catholic Church. This current age is extremely important for the whole human race.

The Blessed Mother was silent for a while and resumed speaking while shedding large drops of tears.

Oh, all the children of the world! It is not too late yet. Come to me in a hurry. Come to me without delay and suck the spiritual milk from my breast that is flowing out like a spring. I will make a flower garden where you can grow beautiful souls. I have left my Heart wide open to accept your pleas and requests.

When you return to me renouncing yourselves, you will find the happiness that you have been longing for, but have not been able to find, in the bosom of this Mother of Peace, who can embrace all of you. Come to me, all of you, and let me not shed tears and tears of blood in vain. Be a comfort to my wounded Heart. By doing so, sinners will recognize my voice of love and seek the justice of God by repenting their sins in my bosom. However corrupt the souls may be, they will be forgiven with powerful flames of love when they repent. But those who sin against the Holy Spirit will not be able to avoid the fires of justice at the time of judgment.

After she completed these words, her appearance returned to that of the statue, but more tears were flowing.

Julia:  Oh, Mother Mary! I am sorry and thank you. May Mother, who is love itself, bring the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and your Immaculate Heart to this world with your immense love. Amen.


Message on November 11, 1990

I was crying because of my unworthiness. How can I better fill the Hearts of Jesus, Who anguishes over sinners, and the Blessed Mother, who is weeping? While I was experiencing great waves of agony in the depths of my heart, I began hearing the sorrowful voice of the Blessed Mother. Her voice was also very warm, soft and filled with love.


Daughter! My beloved daughter! Daniel was put into a lions' den, but was rescued by God's angel and prophets. Likewise, God will surely save those who seek His justice. Therefore, do not worry or feel too anxious. God is attentive to the sacrifices and reparations by those who were saved from death and He will not ignore their deep lamentations. But the bloody sacrifices and reparations by my little souls are necessary to save those who persist in their betrayal, as God leaves them in ruins. Even the most fertile soil turns into a wilderness, if neglected. Likewise, the water in a pond decays, if it stays there. You understand this well. Therefore, remove the stones from your heart, pull out all the weeds from it and arm yourself with conversion, prayers and the Words. In this age, the devils corrupt numerous peoples' consciences making them commit sins of impurity even leading to murders; destroy human dignity by abortions; drag them into errors and all kinds of sins such as corruption, injustice, curses, violent words, hatred and revenge; and make them walk the way of selfishness. How sorrowful my Son Jesus feels when He sees all these children!

Now, come closer to me with love and entrusting everything to me. Spread my messages of love vigorously to all the children so that the lost Love of God can be restored in every corner of the world. The storm is already becoming violent. I want to rescue this world into my Immaculate Heart, as it is facing a grave danger of being swept away by the storm and being destroyed.

My dear children! Come back in a hurry to this refuge, which is I, Mother Mary, your shield. I call you and call you until my throat bleeds, but only very few of my children respond. So, my Heart is hurting intensely and I am calling you with tears without ceasing .     

Therefore, my daughter! I, Mother of Love, will become the ark sailing toward Heaven. Help me by forming the Order of Mary's Ark of Salvation so that all the children may come aboard. I am your comforter and refuge. I am the Ark of Salvation that sails toward Heaven. To those souls who follow me holding my hands, accept me and put the messages of love into practice, I will become the Ark of Salvation for safe arrival at the heavenly harbor. I will hold their hands in all their tribulations, poverty and adversities.

Now, all my children! Come aboard this Ark which I made for you and let's sail toward Heaven sharing love.

Oh, my daughter! Tell my dear son, the Bishop. He has such a deep filial love for me. Now is the time to announce Mother's will without any delay. Since I put your hands together, form a unity now. There will be many sufferings in gathering my numerous children together, but, through your sufferings, the sorrows and lamentations of so many children will turn into a joyful dance, and the tears shed at night will turn into joys in the morning as the souls who have been falling into the deep pit will be rescued.