January 8, 1989 -Superficial prayers, visitations, and service must be revitalized.

January 15, 1989 -Get up and let's pray for priests.

January 29, 1989 -Is there anyone who can lower Me from the Cross?

February 23, 1989 -Prepare a tabernacle in the Chapel so that we can pray with my Son Jesus.

July 5, 1989 -My sweet priests whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes.

August 26, 1989- Now is the time for a huge battle between me and my enemy.

August 29, 1989 -In order to avoid the approaching calamities!

October 14, 1989 -Keep to your heart my words spoken with tears of blood.

November 26, 1989 -The gate to Heaven is small and, therefore, little children enter it.

November 27, 1989- You must not turn your eyes away from me, your Mother.

Message on January 8, 1989

I was still in bed, without having slept at all during the night because of pains, when my mother told me by intercom that the Blessed Mother's statue was shedding tears of blood. First, I telephoned the Pastor, but could not reach Father Spies. When I went to the Chapel, there were several people praying. They told me what had happened.

When they arrived at the Chapel at about 7:30 a.m., there were no tears on the statue. But, when they looked again after some prayers, she was shedding tears of blood. It was about 7:40 a.m. The tears of blood continued flowing until 8:30 a.m. When I got to the Chapel, it was 8:50 a.m. I saw that the blood was already dry, but there were threads of clear tears still flowing.

We started praying the rosary together, but, after one decade, I lost energy and fell down, even though I tried to hold on to the altar. I entered an ecstasy. I was so surprised at the scene I saw. There was a big riot among so many people screaming and trying to kill each other. Then, the beautiful Lady of the Stars, the Blessed Mother, appeared with a bright light.

She was wearing a laurel crown with twelve sparkling stars. Her dress was the same as before, but her face was filled with sorrows. She was shedding tears, as she spoke to me while I was praying the rosary.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter, look. Those numerous children are mired in sins and are provoking the just anger of God the Father. More prayers are needed. Greater sacrifices and atonement are necessary. There are too few consecrated children. Superficial prayers, visitations out of habit, service without heart, lukewarm Legio Marie activities, and so on . . . all these must be revitalized.

You must meet your neighbors as you would meet Jesus?with true love and a praying heart. Tell everyone. I give my love to all my children. But my Heart is hurting so much, because too many of them reject and insult my love. My ears are hurting very much because of the evil words that are so hard to listen to.

At this time, my ears also began hurting intensely because of so many people's criticisms, accusations, judgments, insults, flattery, sacrileges, pride, resentment, anger, slanders, and extremely loud screams.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: I should be respected as the Queen of Heaven, but I am suffering constantly because of the children on earth.

Daughter! Do not feel sad. All your sufferings make you participate in the Passion of Jesus and, together with mine, are being offered for the conversion of sinners.

I do not want to remove this fierce battle that afflicts you, because this battle involves prayers, sacrifices and penance and your fierce battle will turn them into graces and blessings for many souls. It is an intense fighting planned by God to sanctify souls.

Do you know about the Deluge in the time of Noah and the Tower of Babel? Who can say that the sins now are less than in those times?

You must not ignore the wrath of God. But the Lord does not wish that you avoid sins for fear of punishments. What He wants is love. I pray and suffer pains constantly for the children who have fallen into evil habits and corruption so that fire may not fall upon the earth from Heaven.

But, if they do not accept my messages and continue accommodating to the world instead of the heavenly matters, it will be too late to regret.

I implore you, because punishment can come from human beings themselves (meaning a Third World War). Hell is a place of terrifying and irreversible punishments, a pit of death and ruin, and a place of inextinguishable fire and maggots that will not die.

Let's pray that these souls may not be condemned and all may be saved. An-nyoung!

The Blessed Mother was tilting her head a little to the left as she was saying "An-nyoung!". She was also waving her right hand gently. I have never seen a more beautiful appearance. I felt as if I was being soaked into her.


Message on January 15, 1989

It was the Blessed Mother who woke me from a deep sleep.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Wake up and let's pray. Julia, get up and let's pray for priests.

I woke up and saw the Blessed Mother above my dresser where she had shed tears of blood before. She continued with a beautiful voice.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Oh, my beloved daughter! My little soul who follows me happily even while suffering. Often you groan and get depressed under the pressure of pains, fall down with the heavy cross, and struggle to get up but cannot. Instead of getting help, a heavy rock is placed upon the cross. How painful you must be feeling! I am comforted in your mind, which anguishes even over small mistakes.

Daughter! Everyone has shortcomings and imperfections. But when one tries to overcome them and, if she fails again, promptly repents, asks for the Lord's forgiveness and, renews the sincere resolution to amend the life, my Son Jesus and I will rejoice and help.

Daughter! Who cares about me as you do? The loyal and little souls do. Pray with them.

The children who are called to the state of God's grace will experience many sufferings and temptations. But those who live according to my messages will be rewarded with a victory crown of flowers in the next world.

Offer sacrifices and reparations without ceasing for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. They, too, must accept my messages, but many don't. In order to prevent the chastisement, my beloved priests must accept the messages quickly. I wouldn't spare anything for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all the priests...

My priests whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes . . . I am praying and offering sufferings in their place today as always.

As you approach God more fervently in order to bear fruit, devils will intensify their attacks on you and become more active to prevent you from bearing fruit. My Son Jesus comes to you through priests to give you His Blood. So, pray much that priests, who should be holy, may not fall into temptations; that they may become holier priests and worthily carry out their duty of giving His Blood to people so that they (priests) may not have anything to be ashamed of as the givers of the Blood of Jesus in His place; and that the Church, families and the society may become united as one, as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One.

My beloved priests will work heroically for God and people, if they respond to this sacred mission by receiving the grace of suffering through our little sacrifices and reparations. The whole world is rushing toward its ruin and devils are employing all the available means to destroy it. But there will be a certain victory, if unity is achieved.

I wish to rescue the world by the victory of my mercy and love. Therefore, if you pray with me, with confidence in me, and holding my hands, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. It will surely triumph. Daughter! I will see you again. Good-bye! An-nyoung!


Message on January 29, 1989

Exhausted from the pains in the morning, I could not get up by myself and was carried to another room in a convent. There I received pains of the crown of thorns, crucifixion, piercing with the spear, the burning Sacred Heart, seven arrows penetrating the heart, and the martyrdom of Father Andrew Kim.

Jesus was crucified on the Cross and the extremely beautiful Blessed Mother was standing beside Him, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her hand and weeping sorrowfully. In the surroundings, there was a large crowd making noises of fighting and screaming. Jesus was shedding blood and sweat, as He continued to be hit by the arrows thrown by sinners.

JESUS: Is there anyone who can lower Me from the Cross?

He cried out to the crowd, but only a few came near Him. They were not able to lower Him. Whenever people sinned, the crown of thorns pressed deeper on His head causing more pains. The Blessed Mother became broken-hearted watching all this. She was saying, "No! No!" It was an unbearably sorrowful scene.

Pains lasted for about an hour and there was the gentle and warm voice of the Blessed Mother.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: My daughter who has to suffer pains. My Son Jesus and I are comforted, because the souls hardened like a rock are melting by your sufferings and reparations.

The devils' violence is becoming more severe everyday. They are mobilizing all kinds of methods to topple even the fervent souls. Today you saw clearly in what manner Satan makes contact with humans. You must know that my dear Saints also were subjected to severe temptations.

Julia! Today you won a victory in my Immaculate Heart. Satan wants to overthrow my Church and destroy life in the souls. But, when you fight against him holding a shield of love, his true character will be revealed.

Julia:  Yes, Mother. Please continue to help us.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Look. This world is decaying with errors. My Son Jesus is being crucified unceasingly because of the proud and cowardly pessimists and the self-righteous egoists who are habitually involved in corrupt activities and hypocritical lies. I implore you again, because the punishment can come through a Third World War.

Daughter! Can you receive more pains?

Julia:  Yes, Mother! I will take any pains.

I asked for more pains with two arms raised.


She pointed at a large crowd. There were loud noises of wars and skirmishes.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Because love has been destroyed, there is no unity among people. As a result, the outcries of the human beings in the midst of their sins are turning into noises of wars, which, in turn, are reaching Heaven and provoking God's anger.

Through the pains of the crown of thorns and the crucifixion which you have suffered and also the pains of Father Andrew Kim's martyrdom that you are about to suffer now, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious will form a unity and climb Mt. Calvary carrying the cross of love together with my Son Jesus.

You must pray together constantly for world peace and the conversion of sinners.

Then, I received the pains of Father Kim's martyrdom. Father Kim lifted his head and exposed his neck courageously. He did the same for the second time despite the extreme pains and bleeding for the glory of God. (The executioners did not use full force with the sword to make the pains greater and longer.) He did the same for the third time. He hardly was able to move his neck for the fourth time. His head fell at the eighth time. After these pains, Jesus shined light on all and I was relieved of the pains.

Julia:  Receive the light of Jesus!

I opened my eyes while crying out. There were Father Spies, Father Chung, another priest, sisters and lay people watching me. I felt shy. I sweat so much that my clothes were very wet.


Message on February 23, 1989

I was not able to fall asleep because of thoughts about the cunning violence of the devil. I suffered because of all kinds of attacks by the devil coming through people, but entrusted everything to God with a deep love and prayed to Him with a trusting heart.

I was trying to sleep. It was a while later. I was not sure if I was sleeping or not. Suddenly I heard a voice.

Voice:  Julia! Lately you have been suffering too much. Take a break now. Even Jesus rested between prayers.

I was wondering if it was the Blessed Mother and if she was going to give me some rest, as she knew well about all my sufferings so far. But it was a little strange that she would give me a break during this Lenten season of fasting and penance. I was also remembering the Blessed Mother having asked that I offer graciously all the numerous pains given to me—even those terrible ones that twist arms and legs and grind the heart.

Voice of Satan:  You have accumulated lots of treasures in Heaven so far by sacrificing yourself for sinners. These treasures are yours. Now, God will be very pleased, even if you rest comfortably and lead a life without pains. Let others take care of the work in the Chapel. You don't have to spread the messages any longer. I will take care of everything.

Julia:  What should I do then?

Voice of Satan:  Now my will is about to be realized. You can return to your family. If you focus on taking good care of your family, I will give you all the happiness, wealth and fame. So, listen to me. You don't have to worry about your husband's success in the world or your children's future. Do you understand?

Julia:  No, I don't.

It was hard to understand what I was hearing. Happiness, wealth and fame?

Voice of Satan:  Now I will let you live a comfortable life. Don't you like it?

I kept feeling suspicious.

Julia:  Who are you? Show me yourself.

Voice of Satan:  I am Mother Mary whom you love. Listen to my words carefully. Now you must sever yourself from Father Spies. You are a Korean. Why do you work with a foreigner? Now obey me only. I will direct you myself.

Julia:  It was my Mother Mary who led me to hold hands with Father Spies. My life belongs to God. God will lead me. I have never wanted happiness, wealth and fame. I only wish that the Lord's Will be done on this earth.

Voice of Satan:  You, a stubborn one! If you don't value your life, I will take it today. I cannot stand you taking away souls from me. If I only get rid of you, I will feel relief. I am also going to incapacitate the priests.

From that moment on, I had to suffer without even being able to say a word. I thought I was dying—unable to resist under a heavy pressure. After a while, I opened my eyes without full consciousness. There was the Blessed Mother not speaking but looking at me compassionately. Her appearance was that of the weeping Blessed Mother of Naju. Her expression was one of a mother watching her children in pains and wishing to suffer in their place.

I was trying to say, "Mother!" and start talking to her, but could not speak. I struggled and kept calling her, but could not make any sound come with my mouth. Finally, I called, "Mother!" loudly and woke up. It was 5 a.m. My small desk was left turned over. I felt that Mother had something to tell me and, so, washed myself and went to the Chapel. When I opened the door of the Chapel, there was a strong fragrance of roses and lilies. As I was walking in, the Blessed Mother was walking toward me. When I stopped, she stopped also. She was within a reaching distance from me.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Thank you.

Julia:  Mother, why do you love this sinner so much, who is so ignorant and incapable?

THE BLESSED MOTHER: I give my messages of love to the simple and little ones. Little ones give admiration, honor and glory to the Lord and do not take away anything from me. Certain things that can be shortcomings to the big souls are not shortcomings to the little ones. You are a little soul. You have many shortcomings, but these shortcomings can turn into good through sacrifices and reparations and can keep you humble. Offer everything, as I love within you, turning everything you do into a prayer of love. As you do not refuse anything to me, I will not refuse anything to you.

Julia:  Mother! I am an unqualified person unable to do anything. I am only a poor and unworthy sinner who should remain hidden.


Yes. I called you, because you are poor and unworthy. I wish to spread my messages of love through you who wants to work hidden.

Julia:  Mother! That is difficult because of my unworthiness.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Do not fear. When you feel uneasy, the devils will intensify their attacks and work harder to achieve their victory. They are becoming more active employing all kinds of methods to defeat you, as many souls get to see the light, thanks to the grace of conversion through your sacrifices and sufferings.

Look. Aren't they persecuting you through many people under the guise of good? I do not give up any single soul. Nobody can take away even one soul from me, but, because God gave humans free will, they run away, betray and deny the Lord and follow Satan, blinded by their stubbornness. There are too many children who lack trust in me and hurt my Immaculate Heart. Daughter! I implore you.

Julia:  Mother! Please tell me. I will not spare even my life for the sake of the realization of the Lord's Will. Let your will be done.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Yes. Thank you. People know well that the Lord did not create them to become one team with the devils and, yet, they do become one and provoke God's anger. They should be sharing joy with each other in eternal love, instead. Therefore, my messages of love must spread fast for their amendment of life.

For this purpose, the approval is necessary. Talk to the Bishop again. My beloved Bishop, my dearest priest. He has devoted his whole life to the Lord and has always taken good care of the children as their parent in the Lord's place despite many wounds, pains and sufferings. I am comforted by his many sacrifices and reparations. I will let him shine with the light of the Lord's glory. Offer Masses in the Chapel so that the arrows of fire thrown by the devils may be stopped.

My Son Jesus is shedding blood and sweat. Too many souls are joining their forces with the devils. Therefore, prepare a tabernacle in the Chapel so that we can pray with my Son Jesus. Then, there will certainly be a victory. Help me. Invite my Son Jesus in Who will shine brightly in this dark world.

Julia:  Mother! What should I do?

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Consult with the Bishop, my son, together with the Pastor and Father Spies. Help me save many souls.

Julia:  What kind of method should we use?

She did not answer. I asked again and again, but she was silent and weeping. It was 7 a.m.


Message on July 5, 1989


I had been in pains for five days. The pains were so severe that I could not open my eyes or stretch my back. I felt so bitter in my mouth, as if I had drunk bile. I also had an intense headache and felt so cold that I had to cover myself with a thick cotton blanket, normally used in winter, and turned on an electric heating pad. I was thinking, offering pains for the sanctification of priests, conversion of sinners, and world peace:

Our Blessed Mother must be suffering so much pain, because many children are being controlled by the devils because of their division and confrontation and walk in darkness. My pains seemed to become lighter and more bearable with these thoughts.

At that moment, Rufino, the Chapel administrator, came and informed me that the Blessed Mother's statue was shedding tears of blood. It was 3:15 p.m. I wanted to go to the Chapel, but could not move myself at all. At 3:50 p.m., the Pastor came and conversed with me with great difficulty for one hour. Then, he blessed me and I was able to sit up. I was sweating and able to stretch my back. The bitter taste in my mouth was also gone and I felt refreshed and was able to walk. So, I went to the Chapel with the Pastor and saw the statue weeping. It was about 6:30 p.m.

After the Pastor left, I began praying the rosary and entered an ecstasy. I saw Father Andrew Kim blessing all the children in the world.

In spite of this, many children continue to be controlled by devils. The devils influence people's minds, making them criticize each other with jealousy and resentment; making them justify their actions by speaking ill of and cheating others and by pride, hatred and selfishness; and making them confront each other with anger and indignation. They also make people live in disorder through lust and obscenity and make them accommodate to evil through hatred and the inability to forgive each other. I saw the vicious rampage of the devils leading people to evil under the guise of good.

The Blessed Mother had told me about this many times in the past, but today she showed me the viciousness of the devil. The devil had a black shape, but was controlling people while hiding himself. In contrast, Father Andrew Kim was praying the rosary with us while chasing away the devils with palm tree leaves together with many other martyred Saints.

As Father Kim was blessing and embracing all of us, I got out of the ecstasy. The time was about 7:50 p.m. I felt that the Blessed Mother would be giving me messages in the upper room and had myself carried by someone there. After I prayed for a while, the Blessed Mother appeared in front of the dresser. She was wearing a queen's crown and a blue mantle. She was very beautiful, but looked sad.

Her appearance was as usual. It was somewhat foggy between the lower edge of her dress and her feet. I could see some roses near her feet not very clearly, though, because of the fog. Her crown and whole body were so bright that I could not look at her closely. The crown looked similar to the one given to her by Father Matthias Park. The Blessed Mother was so bright that I could not look at her directly and listened to her while bowing my head and kneeling on the floor.

The message was for all the priests.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Oh, my beloved priests, my sons! Today, I bestow streams of mercy on you out of my immaculate love. Your High Priest, my Son Jesus, also bestows the cup of blessing on you today.

Thank you for fighting in the world of darkness where many souls have lost faith and are revolting against God and blaspheming Him because of their selfishness.

My dear sons! I know well that you are experiencing many pains, fatigue, loneliness, sadness, and, sometimes, blasphemies and insults in following my Son Jesus.

But that is unavoidable. Think of all the scourgings that my Son received. He was the Son of God, but, because He was Jesus with a human nature, He suffered pains when He was ridiculed and crucified. Then, for the salvation of the human race, He asked His Father to forgive those who were hurting Him. He did not drink the bitter chalice, because He wanted it, did He? He said, "Father, if You will, remove this chalice from Me; but not My Will, but Yours be done."

Oh, my beloved priests! My sweet priests whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes. Give me all your pains and sufferings.

Come to me and spread my messages of love courageously so that people may be freed from the Red Dragon and that the Kingdom of the Lord may come. In union with the Pope and all the bishops, let the victory of the resurrection reach the whole world. In this age, the devil is becoming more active to control humans by means of human powers. My numerous poor children are following the Red Dragon and walking toward the deep darkness, hell, in their extreme pride. They are working in many different cunning ways to confuse people about the messages that I give.

Oh, my poor children. My priests, hold the hands of so many of my children who are recklessly walking into darkness.

There are some priests who broke away from me and do not follow the Will of Jesus. But, through my priests and on this soil made fertile by the blood of so many martyrs, many souls are growing under the light from my Son and me. On the other hand, the Red Dragon is becoming more violent. So, tell people to be awake and pray.

Oh, my dear priests! I want even the most corrupt souls to receive the light from me. Therefore, be loyal to Jesus so that they may convert. Also do not let my tears and blood flow in vain. I want my beloved priests to become sacrificial victims for the conversion of sinners.

Now, the devils are influencing people in the guise of all kinds of good. Oh, my sons! Shouldn't you discern (what the devils are doing) and defeat the devils? That is what is called for in my messages. Pray the rosary fervently. Offer sacrifices and reparations and consecrate yourselves totally to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Trust more and follow me with confidence. Let all my children offer five more decades of the rosary for world peace, as prayers of love and unity.

Oh, my beloved priests! My precious ones who perform the amazing miracle of the Sacrament! Do not turn your eyes away from my messages, but have complete trust in my Immaculate Heart and entrust everything to my guidance. Rely totally on my Immaculate Heart through unending sacrifices and penances in order to crush the devils who are trying to afflict you by all kinds of cunning methods.

My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph. You will certainly see the victory, if you accept my words. I will help you with my power that crushes the head of the serpent and I will be with you. But, if you do not accept my words, many people will not be able to avoid the chastisement from God.

Now, come back to me and work together with me. Oh, the littlepriests of my Jesus! Sacred ministers of Jesus! Hold my hands. I ask each of you, who are my most precious and beloved little Jesus. Please put into practice the messages I give through Julia, who is so little and poor.

After these words, the Blessed Mother and the light disappeared. Actually, I was going to ask the Blessed Mother to tell the priests directly, as I was so incapable. But she left before I had a chance to say this. I felt sorry that I could not say anything. I only murmured. "Lord, Thy Will alone be done."


Message on August 26, 1989

The Blessed Mother shed tears of blood. I was praying the rosary with Father Raymond Spies, who came for a three-day prayer; three Sisters, who came with Father Spies; other pilgrims; and my family. I entered an ecstasy during the Fourth Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries. It was 11:38 a.m. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her warm, soft and eager voice.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Now is the time for a huge battle between me and my enemy. Our enemy is the army of the Red Dragon, who looks like a terrible animal. All the devils are out to conquer this earth from hell. They are challenging to corrupt many souls of this world by making them reject God, commit sins with all kinds of selfishness and defile everything. Thereby, they are trying to form an army. Daughter! See how they allure people into the traps of hell.

The Blessed Mother had hardly finished her words when the black animal figures of the devils began appearing with their carts. The carts were well decorated but were black. The devils looked somewhat like eagles. They were snatching many souls and loading them into the carts. Around the carts were the black devils and many souls attracted to the carts. In order to make the souls join them, the devils were chattering in an inscrutable manner. Many souls were giggling and having fun with the devils without knowing that it was the road to hell and without running away from or rejecting it. Soon these souls, too, were turning black. I was so sad.

As I was trying to pray for these poor souls and rescue them, the devils, looking like eagles, began hitting me violently with their wings and scratched and pecked on my head with their claws and teeth. Despite the attacks, I did not retreat. As I was no match for them with physical force, I took out my rosary and struck them with it and this made them run away. They were pulling away the carts filled with the poor souls. I chased after them and began pulling out the souls one by one, with the rosary in one hand. When I hit the devils with the rosary again, they hurriedly overturned the carts and ran away. The people thrown on the ground were getting up, repenting their sins with tears and praising God.

At that moment, I began hearing the Blessed Mother again.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Did you see that? A huge battle has begun like this already. Since it is a spiritual war, arm yourselves with me by entrusting everything to my Immaculate Heart. Also practice the messages of my love. Then, you will be able to escape from the terrible chastisement approaching the human race and the Church.

When I got out of the ecstasy, it was 1:38 p.m. I suffered pains during the two-hour ecstasy, but the remaining pains made me unable to move myself for a total of five hours.

Oh, Lord! Glory and praise to You.


Message on August 29, 1989

The Blessed Mother was weeping from early morning. I went to the Chapel to be with her at about 10:30 p.m. I fell asleep while praying, contemplating and suffering pains. At 3 a.m., I woke up at the sound of someone being there. I felt that the inside of the Chapel was bright, but when I looked in the direction of the statue, there was no statue. Instead, there was the live Blessed Mother carrying the Baby Jesus and shedding tears. The Baby Jesus was not wearing any clothes and His eyes were also sparkling with tears.

She was not wearing the crown on her head, but was wearing a white mantle. Her appearance was as usual, but she was sitting in a chair looking tired and pale in her face and was surrounded by bright light. Momentarily, I knelt and prostrated myself. As I was trying to say something, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a beautiful voice.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Look. In order to save the children who are wandering in a worsening darkness, I continue pouring down the light from my Immaculate Heart upon them. But even my closest children are not renouncing themselves and are hurting my Heart intensely!

Daughter! The vicious devils are even penetrating the inside of the Church causing division, confusion and darkness. How serious the harms to the sheep will be! Therefore, daughter, pray, make sacrifices and do penance with a greater love in this time of darkness.

In order to avoid the approaching calamities, the children who have been called must climb Mt. Calvary in a deep, silent love without sighs or lamentations, even if they are ruthlessly despised and are insulted under the heavy burden of pains. Thus, they are being crucified together with my Son Jesus for the conversion of sinners. Daughter! Can you receive pains for the suffering priests and for the conversion of sinners?

Julia:  Yes, Mother.

I immediately fell down and suffered the pains of crucifixion. When I got out of the pains, the Blessed Mother spoke to me again with a very kind voice filled with love.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Do not lose courage. The love, sacrifices and penance being offered by the little souls who follow me may even include the terrible pains of Calvary. But it is the Will of my Son Jesus and me that the little souls are called to help purify the world. Therefore, follow my sorrowful and wounded will with great love. Good bye!  An-nyoung!

The Blessed Mother disappeared with her light. I had so many things to tell her, but she left.

Julia:  Oh, Mother of love and mercy! Let your will be realized through the light of the wounded Sacred Heart of Jesus and the pierced Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also let us offer an unending gratitude. Amen.

I prayed loudly. It was 4 a.m.


Message on October 14, 1989

While I was in bed in the upper room because of intense pains, Father Raymond Spies and Father Louis Bosmans from Canada came and spoke to me. "Julia, the Blessed Mother is shedding more tears today than ever. We will help you. Let's go and see the Blessed Mother." Then, they blessed me. After the blessing, we went to the Chapel and saw that the Blessed Mother had shed tears of blood copiously, making the cloth under the statue very wet.

I was crying and started praying the rosary with the priests. When we reached the Fifth Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries and said, "Let us meditate on the Crucifixion of Jesus," I fell down and entered an ecstasy. It was 1:10 p.m. I heard the extremely beautiful, soft and, yet, anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Can you receive pains for the Holy Father?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. I will receive pains.

I tried to speak, but could not make any sound. The Blessed Mother understood.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Thank you. The International Eucharistic Congress (held in Seoul and presided over by Pope John Paul II) ended safely thanks to your sacrifices, reparations and sufferings. But the cunning devils continue their attempts to hurt the Pope and are organizing assassination squads. Offer more sacrifices and sufferings for his safety.

As she ended speaking, I began receiving pains. They were pains of crucifixion, the heart being penetrated by an arrow and the chest flaming up after being hit by the arrows of fire that sinners dipped in oil and threw. I also received the pains that I had not even imagined those suffered by the Korean martyrs?/span>the pains of leg screws and of pouring rancid sewer water and human excrement into my mouth. It was so painful and hard to endure.

I was happy despite the pains, as I saw the devils collapse and run away whenever I suffered the pains of martyrdom. Again, I heard the anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Leave everything to me and do not be anxious to know the end results. Pray and offer sacrifices and reparations constantly for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. Those who are being controlled by the devils are trying hard to strike down the Holy Father and lead the Church to destruction. But all the devils will lose power, when my tears and blood are combined with your sacrifices and reparations.

But, today, even my children in the Church are experiencing confusion because of the false prophets. The priests, who represent my Son, Jesus Christ, must be discreet and do their best to lead a life based on the teachings in the Gospels and within the orders of the Church.

You must understand well what kind of sacrifice my Son Jesus made for you and through what kind of pains your salvation has been won.

Display the power of love. My Heart is hurting so much because of the deafness and blindness of the children who do not love. Because they do not repent and, therefore, sink deeper into sins, my Heart is burning and burning so much that it bleeds. The blood gets mixed with tears and flows out of my eyes. Even so, they do not accept my words and, because of this, the anger of God is flaming up very vehemently.

Daughter! Look at the condition of many children in this world. Because people complain even about small pains like headaches, bruises and scratches, the devils are laying traps of thorns, venom and atrocities. The human feet should be used for rushing to adore God, but are, instead, being used for running toward evil things. Their mouths should be used for praising and admiring the Son of God, but are being used for blaspheming and judging God. As a result, the whole world is being covered with darkness and is provoking the anger of God. The punishment is imminent.

You will be saved, if you do not ignore my tears and tears of blood, accept my words well and live a life based on the Gospels. But, if you do not, major calamities from the sky, on the ground, and in the seas will continue to happen. The world will experience all kinds of disasters. There will be moments of incredible distress in the near future. Therefore, do not think these are accidental happenings. Be awake and pray.

Children! I beg you. Like the Israelites who crossed the Red Sea and entered the fertile land of Canaan after the slavery in Egypt, you must also leave evil, practice my messages, and, thereby, walk toward Heaven. If not, you will not be able to escape the crisis of the Third World War. It will be too late to regret.

You must not forget that, as God called Moses to Mt. Sinai to save the Israelites, I am calling you without ceasing, imploring with tears in order to save you.

What might have happened, if Noah did not say "Yes" and obey, when Yahweh told him to build a ship to save him? Keep to your heart my words spoken with tears of blood. How can you be so blind and deaf? My Heart is flaming up intensely, my children, because families, the Church and society are becoming corrupt and the politicians are unable to achieve unity. Quickly renounce yourselves and come to me.

The Blessed Mother was sobbing and weeping, almost like lamenting.

Julia:  Mother! Mother!! Please tell the Bishop and priests what needs to be done. I am so incapable and unqualified.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Do not worry. God loved the lowliness of His handmaid and worked in the heart that felt its weakness. Because many souls are being saved through your sufferings, the devils are afflicting you. Offer up your sufferings well.

Julia:  Mother! It is too hard because of my unworthiness. Help me.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: If I did not help you, the world would have become seas of fire already. But I will never leave you. Therefore, open your ears when you hear precious words and close your ears when you hear slanders. Even when you walk in darkness, follow me with confidence. Your sighs will turn into joys, if you accept my messages well and practice them.

When she finished these words, Jesus appeared with a bright light, wearing a white cloak and a red mantle. He blessed us and disappeared. The ecstasy ended at 4:10 p.m.


Message on November 26, 1989

The Blessed Mother had been shedding tears and tears of blood since October 13, 1989. At around 9:40 p.m. today, the Feast of Christ the King, she wept so much.

My pains began soon after 11 p.m. I prayed fervently that I could endure them. First, I had pains in my chest and felt as if it was going to burst, followed by pains of the crown of thorns and nailing of the hands and feet. My helpers carried me from the Chapel to my room. I wanted to receive pains alone and asked them to return home. But, as I was struggling with intense pains, they stayed and had a hard time holding me.

Because of so much pain in my chest, blood was coming up to my throat. While I was struggling with pains, one of the toe nails on my left foot came off. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! My chest is hurting so much because of many children who live in sins. My chest is burning so much that blood is coming up to my throat. Many souls will convert, because you offer your sufferings well. Sacrifices are necessary, because my burning Immaculate Heart does not want sinners to die, but to amend their lives. Events that no one can even imagine are waiting for you. But my Immaculate Heart is comforted by the prayers of the obedient children, the pains and hidden agonies of the innocent children, and the tears and earnest pleas of yourself who has become a living sacrifice.

Deeply sorrowful lamentations, silent prayers, and crying out to Heaven because of betrayals, ingratitude and enormously heavy pressures; the pains of death experienced by my Divine Son for the salvation of the whole human race . . . your participation in these pains will bring about the conversion of many sinners. Therefore, do not be troubled, but carry the cross further. My daughter!

My dear daughter who finds joy in receiving pains. Think of my urgent calls to the world and become like me.

How can the worldly people understand that the agonies befallen on you are coming from the Lord's love? You must tell people that holy virtues cannot be attained without going through the cross. Also tell them that, only through numerous sacrifices, will the messages of my love spread to the entire world and guide all the people and peace of mind be achieved.

Nothing can be achieved without sacrifices. The road to Heaven is difficult. But know that there are joyful relaxing places there. I also experienced the same kind of weaknesses that you have and my human nature went through terrifying pains. That is why I love and nurture you who are so poor.

My daughter! I could make you perfect, but I want you to walk the way of a humble and little person and to confess to God always as an unworthy sinner. Be more faithful to your duties of love.

All of you must know well that the refuge in my bosom is always ready for the souls who have been lost but are turning themselves to me.

Since I chose you for the conversion of many souls, do not worry, and walk the little person's way of love more humbly and straightforward. The gate to Heaven is small and, therefore, little children enter it. For this reason, little souls must unite with each other more solidly and follow me in order to save the world.

The numerous souls who have brought about an imbalance in the universe because of their excessive pride will convert and world peace will be achieved through my fervent calls and tears and through the prayers, sacrifices and reparations by the little souls.

Thus, the walls of East Germany collapsed, the pagans will repent, the atheists will return, the Communist countries will convert, the barbed wires between South and North Korea will be cut, the devils will collapse, and a terrestrial paradise will be established on this earth. But if you do not accept my words and reject the Lord, the world will become seas of fire and perish through the Third World War. The God of Love can also be a God of wrath. Pray harder and offer sufferings.

The sounds of this world become inaudible to me during my suffering. But I can hear the voice of the Blessed Mother despite the pains. The pains were too severe and my throat was too dry. It was hard to say anything, but I finished the prayers with a song, "Lord, glory and praise to you . . ." and the Glory Be.

How could I spare my life, if these pains give even the smallest comfort to Jesus and the Blessed Mother? Glory be to the Lord and let this unworthy sinner give unending thanks to Thee. Amen.


Message on November 27, 1989

From yesterday evening until 1:30 a.m., I received many kinds of pains. I got up at 7:30 a.m. and was called by the Blessed Mother to the Chapel. At about 8:30 a.m., the statue began moving. I shouted, "The Blessed Mother is moving!" to those who had been praying before the statue. The statue became the live and beautiful Blessed Mother surrounded by a bright light.

She spoke with an extremely beautiful and kind voice. Not daring to look at her, I prostrated myself on the floor.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Thank you.
Your suffering is like tearing off a piece of live flesh from the human nature. I am comforted, because you have offered your life for the glory of the Lord and have been willing to suffer all the pains for the conversion of sinners.

Daughter! See the Bishop. He knows how much I love him. But how could he fully understand my Heart that so anxiously longs for him? My beloved Bishop! Tell my son, the Bishop, of whom I am proud and who loves me. With his whole life devoted to the Lord and for the purpose of following the Lord's Will, he has been climbing Mt. Calvary and praying and making sacrificial offerings at Gethsemane together with my Son Jesus for the conversion of sinners.

But, because I felt incapable of doing it, I said to the Blessed Mother.

Julia:  Mother! I am so incapable of doing this work.

I was feeling so anxious and weeping loudly, because I thought how much easier it would be if the Blessed Mother told the Bishop directly.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Do not worry too much. My Son Jesus uses an unworthy person like you and pulls you out of nothingness for His glory. Your humility in thinking that you are ignorant and unqualified is what I want. Entrust yourself completely to that grace.

Julia:  Mother! I am sorry. I only hurt your Heart all the time. I will do anything for the glory of the Lord. Please tell me.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: My Son Jesus chose the Bishop. My most beloved child, my sweet son, whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes. I have been with him and held his hands always and wherever he has been.

There have been so many crises for him until now. In all those difficult times, I have been his shield and his interpreter guarding his life. Thus, I want to receive the approval through him whom I love lavishly so that my messages of love may spread to the world. Since the world is still far from the truth and conversion, my voice can spread more forcefully to the world, sinners can repent, the chained people can be freed and peace can prevail, only if the Church approves my voice.

You must not turn your eyes away from me, your Mother for the sake of face-saving or public eyes. My tears will never flow in vain. I will perform amazing miracles of love through the Mass. Let there be Masses celebrated in this Chapel. The sanctification of priests will be accomplished through the Masses offered with me.

My dear and poor children ... Follow my will wholeheartedly to save many souls who are going toward hell without even knowing that they are going there.

Many children are revolting against God with enormous pride, breaking their vows, and even contradicting and ridiculing His teachings. Therefore, I demand that my messages be spread fast.

When my messages are accepted by the Church and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened, order and truth will be restored, and the devils, who instigate confusion and cause turmoil, will be defeated. But, if the world rejects my words and refuses to repent, the fire of God's justice will fall upon the world.

I am asking for help from the Bishop whom I chose with love in order to wash away the stains of sinners with my tears which flow endlessly like a river, even when they are not visible. When my Son Jesus came to the children of the world because of His Love, even to the extent of becoming their Food, He came through the priests, as He wanted to obey them. In the same manner, I want to spread my increasingly anxious voice to the world through the Bishop. Please follow my wish.

Daughter! You must unite with my son, the Bishop, and with your spiritual director. Obey them, entrust all to them and follow their guidance. They will surely receive the laurel crown from me. If they accept my words well, my Immaculate Heart will flame up with love and the world will convert and be saved. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

Even before I had a chance to respond, the light disappeared and the appearance of the Blessed Mother became that of the statue.