January 1, 1988 -The Rosary defeats devils.

January 10, 1988- Never try to become higher than others.

January 30, 1988 (1) -When the sufferings are great, rewards will be great, too.

January 30, 1988 (2) -They will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

February 4, 1988- My messages are founded on love.

June 5, 1988 -I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins.

July 24, 1988 -Julia saw Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

July 27, 1988- I cannot look at those numerous sins committed with eyes.

July 29, 1988 -Abortion is murder.

September 14, 1988 -Even when you make mistakes by misusing your free will, I still love you.

November 6, 1988- I want to bind you all together into one with a string of love.

December 8, 1988 -Through mistakes, you overcome pride.

Message on January 1, 1988

The Blessed Mother's statue shed blood from her eyes and nose from about 10:15 a.m. She appeared to me in my ecstasy. She spoke filled with sorrows and shedding tears of blood. I was weeping in pains.

In this age when the whole world is in need of unity, this nation (Korea) is being divided and unable to love one another. It is painful enough to be divided between the South and the North. Why do you distrust, hate and resent each other and confront and fight with each other? You are all brethren, one nation and children of one God.

Julia:  What should we do?


Pray that you may be united. Offer reparations and prayers. Also ask all priests to offer fervent rosary prayers for unity, to remember the voice of the Lord on the Cross all the time, to avoid getting angry and to make reparations for the sins of those who do wrong unknowingly. They will convert at a proper time.

God the Father was going to punish (this country) severely for the intense strifes, but the small sacrifices and penances offered by the little ones together with me helped to avoid this. More penance is needed, however.

Today I will gather all of you under my mantle. Since you know my pains, I want you to spread the messages to all so that my beloved children may receive the light from my Immaculate Heart and that my tears and blood may not flow in vain.

As I told you before, the rosary defeats devils. Tell all the faithful to offer five more decades of rosary prayers. If they pray more for the unity of this country, it will be saved from a calamity.

Julia:  My Mother Mary! My beloved Mother who is suffering because of the division of my country and because of the lack of harmony within my country! I pray that all you wish will be realized so that it may become a glory to the Lord and a cause of our unending gratitude.


Message on January 10, 1988

Because of the severe fatigue and pain, I went to bed early but could not fall asleep. As my mind was full of thoughts about the Blessed Mother, I got up and went to the Chapel at 11:15 p.m. and began praying the rosary. I only prayed one decade by 12:40 a.m., as I was crying with the Blessed Mother. I entered an ecstasy at that moment and saw the Blessed Mother wearing a crown on her head and holding the Baby Jesus, Who was not wearing any clothes. She handed over the Baby Jesus to me and said that we should become like a child. After the Baby Jesus touched me softly several times, the Blessed Mother received Him back and said that it would be difficult for anyone to enter Heaven unless he or she becomes like a child. The Blessed Mother, shedding tears, was extremely beautiful. She was smiling and was filled with love. Instead of the veil, she was wearing a laurel crown decorated with twelve shining stars.


Daughter! Forget about your weakness and remember my love. As my love will sustain you in your weakness, empty your heart. Only then, would I be able to work in you. Give me even your present sufferings. There are always some temptations to overcome in this world.

Daughter! You know that the children who love me will be tested a lot. Yes, you are going through pains of labor. I hope there will be more children who can suffer such pains, but most of them hurt me while suffering.

You understand that there can be birth because of the pains of labor that you suffer now, don't you? Help save many souls by patiently suffering these pains and remember the rewards that I am preparing for you.

You should know that everything will be purified through love, as gold becomes purified in the furnace.

My little soul! However many good works you may have accumulated, they will collapse one after another if you neglect little things and speak ill of others. Be slow in opening your mouth and control your tongue wisely. When you feel like criticizing others, cover them with love. This will be a good work, too. Be holy in your words and deeds.

Daughter! You feel very anxious now. I am anxious, too. It hurts my Heart so much, when I see my intensely beloved children who should climb up into my love and seek the treasures of Heaven harming their own souls by trying to become higher than others, by being jealous and resentful of others, and by having doubts about my mercy.

My daughter, practice humility. This will give me a special, precious joy. Never try to become higher than others. Your penance, kindness, sacrifices, and reparations become a fragrant oil for my wounds.

My daughter! Have a special love for my children with whom you work. The devils of pride, envy and resentment have an eye on them, because they try to become higher. You must practice love through sacrifices. Didn't I tell you that all the devils will be defeated when you practice love? Unite. Unite by loving one another.

There is something I want to show you. You know well that I wish to tell everyone through you.

There was a high mountain with fourteen stairs to the top. There also were trees by the stairs, bearing fruits whenever we did good works. But, when we judged others or committed other sins, the fruits of good works fell off to the ground. It was difficult to climb up the stairs, as I saw some people falling down from halfway to the top, others not going straight up but going in a circuitous way, and so on. Above the fourteen stairs was Heaven. There were God the Father, Jesus, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. All the Saints and Angels were welcoming us with loud, joyful cheers.

They were looking at every deed of ours without exception. The largest fruits came from repentance and conversion. When we suffer pains and offer them for other people, the light shines on them and the fruit of good works is borne for us. Those who die after climbing even one step will go to purgatory. If one reaches the fourteenth step, it is almost Heaven. The fifteenth step is Heaven. I was trembling, because so many people were falling off the stairs. The Blessed Mother spoke.


Did you see, daughter! It is easy to start climbing the stairs, but it is so difficult to complete all the fourteen stairs (the fourteen stations to Golgotha Hill). Therefore, tell everyone to be careful not to fall off the stairs and turn all the accumulated good works into nothing. Good-bye! An-nyoung!


Message on January 30, 1988 [9:45 - 11:45 a.m.]

I was suffering, because people were criticizing and judging each other and, therefore, were unable to achieve unity. As I began suffering the pains of the burning Immaculate Heart, the Blessed Mother appeared weeping, suffering and looking sorrowful.

In the small room upstairs, I was throwing up and suffering without a moment's rest. The Blessed Mother loves us so much that she speaks to us even to the extent of throwing up blood in order to save even one more soul. But people do not understand her or follow her. She tries to embrace all, but they refuse. Because of this, she feels much pain in her arms.

The Blessed Mother is thirsty, because unity is so hard to achieve; people make promises easily but do not keep them; and there are many priests but they do not fill her dear children's spiritual needs.

The Blessed Mother speaks (to Julia's helpers):


Father Spies is also suffering pains. But don't worry. Many priests will be persecuted, but I am going to help them.

My pain is intense, because so many of my children are not accepting my messages. Pray much so that the messages will spread fast. You did not come here on your own, but by my call. Do not leave me. Until I call you, you must work with Julia and help her. I will prepare your rewards. So, trust and follow me. When the sufferings are great, rewards will be great, too. Different responsibilities are assigned to all of you, as you are different members of the same body and have different functions. Do not refuse the cross given to you. I will purify you by placing you in the furnace of my love and melting your impurities. Children, achieve unity.

Many members of the body must form a unity and love each other. But they are not accepting the Love of God. How can God help?

So, you are called to be the apostles of my Immaculate Heart and, therefore, you must accept me well and share each other's burdens.

Do not weep or worry for my pains, but make the Passion of Jesus known all over the world. Some priests and religious do not carry out their obligations properly and fall into sins of impurity. For this reason, Jesus is being hit by more arrows and is bleeding on His Head with more crowns of thorns. But there are no children to wipe away His Blood. Therefore, the Immaculate Heart must be made known quickly. My Heart is being torn apart and my throat is burning with thirst, but there aren't many children who are helping. Combine your efforts. My Son Jesus and I are trembling with cold, but who is giving us clothes? I feel thirsty, but who is quenching our thirst? My womb is being torn apart because of abortions, but how many have you prevented them?

Priests, priests, my beloved priests are falling into sins of impurity
. . .
I am suffering so much pain. Pray and sacrifice incessantly for priests. Pray for them with sacrifices and penances so that devils may not tempt them.

I also feel sorrows because of the Divine Office offered out of habit by religious.

If you truly love me and love your neighbors, then, you are loving Jesus and will be appeasing the just anger of God the Father. When my messages are spread to the world and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the terrible punishment will be turned away.

My dear children! I called you with love. I will protect you until the end of the world and until you come here where I am. So, hold onto my arm tightly and follow me. I will guide you, when you do penance, sacrifices and reparations and when you joyfully consecrate all the poor souls. I will fight on your side when you fight the war in the world. I will help you.

Because I called you to be apostles of my Immaculate Heart, devils will become more active and tempt you. Hold my hand tightly so that you may not fall into temptations.

Your goal should not be just to prevent wars. This country is going toward a division because of hatred, jealousy and resentment. So, your sacrifices are necessary. You must work together holding each other's hands.

People are carrying out abortions even at this moment, causing an intense pain in my womb. Pray the rosary more fervently.

You are brothers and sisters united by love. So, do not fight because of jealousy and selfishness. Instead, love one another and work in unity.

My dear daughters! My beloved souls! Whenever you sin, my Heart becomes torn apart, bleeds and bleeds in vain. Now you must pray for the conversion of sinners and pray the rosary more fervently for peace in this country and in the world. As I said before, if you offer more rosary prayers, this country will avoid a calamity. I want all the faithful to do it . . . .

If all of you unite, this country will triumph. I love this Korea. I have loved Korea so much. Now I am here. If you unite, you can overcome any temptation. Hold each other's hands for unity. As I hold your hands, you must hold all others' hands. I will embrace you all.

If you do not unite, more blood will flow from my eyes and I will suffer more. Give alms to me. Give alms to this Heavenly Beggar.

You will live in my Immaculate Heart. So, rejoice and put your heart on heavenly matters, desire heavenly things, renounce self-love and walk the way of self-renunciation and of a little person's love. Come back to my bosom and become a comfort to me.


Message on January 30, 1988 [10:30 - 11:30 p.m.]

While I was crying a lot because of many kinds of severe pains, the Blessed Mother appeared and called me. Her appearance was as usual, but she looked taller than before and also very sad and full of pains. She spoke very intimately and lovingly.


My beloved daughter, who has to experience much pain! I did not shed tears in vain. I called you, a weak and poor child, to lead the whole human race to the road of redemption. So, what can I do about your suffering? What can I do, if you feel sad? So, do not be troubled too much. Since a long time ago, I have been tempering you with pains from the fires of justice. You even said that God was harsh. I can understand.

So much pain has been given to you. Your heart is pierced with a sword, stops functioning and becomes cold on the cross, which is a terrifying instrument of torture. Frightful pains that come from twisting your arms and legs (with heavy wooden sticks) and crushing your heart. Your heart becomes paralyzed because of the countless arrows. Your body is full of wounds from scourging and becomes unmovable. Your throat becomes so dry that you cannot even swallow saliva. Your head is bleeding under the pressure from the crown of thorns.

But I tell you again that, through such terrible pains that you suffer, the spiritually blind will see, those chained to the world will be set free and many souls imprisoned in darkness will return to the Immaculate Heart.

Do not worry about those who are against us. Those who have ears will hear; those who have eyes will see; and those who practice my messages are accepting me and, therefore, will experience a renewal of their souls. They will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

So, my daughter, rejoice in your sufferings. Offer me all your pains?even the smallest ones. The burden of atonement is heavy, but I will be with you as you climb Mt. Calvary with Jesus in love. An-nyoung!


Message on February 4, 1988

Father Spies came to see the Archbishop of Kwangju and also witnessed the weeping of the Blessed Mother's statue in Naju.

He arrived at about 10 a.m. with Sister Dina and saw the tears on the statue. He began celebrating Mass at 11 a.m.

Overnight, the statue had moved forward a few steps looking toward the side window. Father Spies was thinking about this as he was getting ready for the Mass. He thought that, only if the Blessed Mother wanted, she could go back to her original place and look toward the altar. That way, she could participate in the Mass better.

"Should I move her back to her original place or should I put her on the altar so that she can see the people better? Is she going to walk back to her place by herself? . . ." With these thoughts in his mind, he did not make any decision. When the Mass started, the Blessed Mother gave an answer through me. (I was attending Mass sitting on the floor because of pains.)


Julia! Tell Father Spies. I can go back to my original place by myself. But I prefer to be placed there by the priest. I do not just mean the original place for the statue but my original place as the Mother of the Church. I should be respected by all, but, instead, I am despised, abandoned, neglected, handled carelessly, and avoided. I feel much sadness in my Heart. Help me quickly.

When Father Spies heard the message, he asked me to help move the statue back to the original place. I stepped forward to help despite the pain. When I stretched my hands to assist the priest, however, I almost screamed, because my two hands were punctured and bleeding.


Daughter! You must help me in the rear by offering pains.

Julia:  Yes, Mother. I will follow your will.

I fell down and entered a state of ecstasy at the moment the priest was giving a blessing at the end of Mass. The Blessed Mother showed me many children who were walking toward hell, because they did not have love.


Daughter, look. I have chosen numerous souls with love, but they are giving much pain to my Son Jesus by considering themselves lofty and deserting my messages, which amounts to a betrayal. Jesus continues suffering on the Cross, because they scourge Him cruelly and despise and insult Him.

My daughter! My Son Jesus paid a dear price to save the poor, sinful souls ,the souls who are walking toward ruin because of their hypocrisy, ingratitude and indifference. Do not have any doubt in following my wish that you offer your sufferings graciously to lead many souls to the road of salvation. Also, believe that when you suffer much, you accumulate much joy in Heaven.

As my messages are founded on love, mercy will overflow in any soul who repents and practices the messages.

Daughter! I am being comforted by Father Spies, who is a simple and little soul. I rejoice, because he offers his fidelity and love fervently.

My little daughter! My daughter who has to suffer pains! Will you participate in the Lord's Passion so that many souls may return to the Lord?

Julia:  Yes, Mother.


Receive this pain for the sake of the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and priests. Also for the conversion of sinners.

I received intense pains of the Cross, the crown of thorns and the heart (Whenever people sinned, spears, arrows and sharp swords pierced the heart). After about twenty-five minutes, Father Spies felt so much compassion on me that he blessed me, ending the pains.


Message on June 5, 1988

I had been in bed for several days because of the intense pains?not even able to go to the bathroom. Several people had to help me. But it was a great feast day and I did not want to stay in bed. Because of the pains, I prayed more fervently that the Lord wash the dirt away from my soul and help me work more effectively as His instrument. While praying, I went to church, supported by others, and attended Mass. In the church, I was not able to keep myself sitting up and had to be supported by Mark, Philip and Martha. It was a pain that would have been unbearable without love for Jesus. I cried and offered up the pains.

The Blessed Mother was extremely beautiful. She was about 165 cm (5' 5") tall and was holding a rosary in her right hand. She was wearing a white dress with a white mantle stretching from head to feet. The hems of her mantle were sparkling gold. Her burning Immaculate Heart was red and looked like it was moving. About seven swords pierced her Heart. Under her feet were three roses white, red and yellow. Jesus was bleeding and a bright light was radiating from His whole Body like the sun. Above the Crucifix, there was a white dove radiating a bright light.

Julia:  Jesus! Many of Your children aspire to see You, but are unable to do so, because they don't know how. Please start a fire of love in them. I will offer my sufferings, though inadequate, for them. Help us. Even in this, not my will but Yours be done.

I received Holy Communion and, when I was coming back to my seat supported by Philip and Mark, I felt my mouth being filled with the Body and Blood of Jesus. I was smelling blood, too. Then, I felt as if I was floating in the air and fell down to the floor. At that time, I heard a strong voice of Jesus from the tabernacle.

JESUS:  Look at Me!

I was very surprised when I looked in the direction of the voice. Jesus was there bleeding so miserably. The Blood was not falling to the ground, but into the beautiful chalice and paten on the altar to be brought to us by the priests. The Blessed Mother, our Mediatrix, was standing by Jesus.

She always looks beautiful, and, today, looked particularly anxious and very shiny. She suffers pain, because Jesus is bleeding for His Love for us. But she rejoices, because, by bleeding, He comes to us, sinners, and, by our receiving Him, we become renewed and united with Him. For this reason, the Blessed Mother wants and prays that each and every one of us renounce the ego and receive the Holy Eucharist with a clean heart. Jesus speaks.

I am still bleeding on the Cross to save the whole human race and My Blood will not flow in vain. I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins. My precious Blood is a special medicine that will open the eyes of the sick souls and wake up the sleeping souls—through priests. I am so troubled that people receive Me out of habit and with indifference.

I wish to pour down all My Love upon all the souls on this earth. Help them participate in the heavenly banquet (=the Blessed Sacrament).

My Mother Mary has often encouraged frequent confessions. But many children make the confession without a sincere repentance or even try to receive Me without going to confession (when it is necessary). A confession out of habit or without a true repentance is an insult to Me and will not enable one to see Me. Therefore, let Me work within you by confessing your sins with a sincere repentance.

I also want to tell you that I desire to pour down all My Love upon all the children in this world, but too many of them cannot meet Me because they do not go to confession.

Those children who have a true repentance and a desire to meet Me in reconciliation but are unable to go to confession can still receive Me by promising to make a good confession. But, if that promise is not kept, it will constitute an even greater sacrilege. When the promise is kept, I will set a fire of a greater love in them than in the case of a confession out of habit.

It is My Love that prompted Me to come down to this world and call the sinners rather than the just. I want everyone, without a single exception, to belong to me and I am relying on My Mother Mary for that. Therefore, by following her, you will be following Me.

Come now, all the children of the world! Today, as always, I become a sacrificial offering and am waiting for you. Let's gather at the heavenly table and share Love. When you open your heart widely and return to Me, I will not question your past, but will bestow the cup of blessing on you.

My little soul! I ask you again. Pray for the Pope, My Vicar, all the Cardinals, Bishops and priests. Offer sacrifices and reparations without ceasing so that they may carry out their duties loyally. I want them to follow Me with self-renunciation and poverty. I entrusted all the work to them and so, all the liturgical celebrations they offer are what I offer. Without penance, how can they follow Me? I want you to offer more sufferings and reparations so that they may carry out their duties faithfully. Little, hidden sacrifices are what comfort My Heart and help precious graces flow into all the people.

I send My Love continuously to My High Priest, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. My Mother will help them so that My Love may flow abundantly into all the souls. Have total confidence in My Mother.

Jesus gave a blessing and I made a Sign of the Cross. As I was coming out of the ecstasy, the Pastor also was giving the blessing at the end of the Mass. I found my body restored to a normal healthy condition. Those who saw this were delighted and amazed.

Julia:  Truly good Jesus! You have such a great love for sinners. I am a sinner who deserves death, but You shed Blood for me. I cannot even find words to express my gratitude.

Jesus! When Your precious Love is transfused to the whole world, it will turn into a paradise. But how sorry it is that so many of Your children do not understand this precious Love, make their own judgment and walk toward hell. You feel so lonely because of this.

Jesus! I am Yours, though unworthy. Make me Your dwelling place and be comforted.


Message on July 24, 1988


At about 9 p.m., I suddenly lost energy in my whole body and fell down. I went upstairs to my room supported by others, where I was struggling with excruciating pains. A while later, I entered an ecstasy and saw Heaven, purgatory and hell.

It was a world of difference. Such a tremendous difference! The saved children were sharing peace, joy and love in the flower garden, but the condemned ones were burning in the intense flames with resentment and hatred.

Heaven Our True Home

Countless angels were playing a beautiful and majestic symphony welcoming the souls who were entering Heaven. Also, numerous Saints were welcoming them with loud cheers. Jesus was waiting for them with open arms and the Blessed Mother was stretching out her hands to hold them. God the Father smiled, expressing a welcome with His eyes. St. Joseph was also welcoming them.

It was a place without any jealousy or resentment. All were sharing love with one another. It was filled with love, peace and joy. It was a place of heavenly banquet where one does not become hungry even without eating.

The Blessed Mother prepared crowns of flowers and put them on people, who were then dancing holding each other’s hands. In the flower garden, Jesus and the Blessed Mother were together holding up her mantle and all were entering the inside of the mantle. All were humble to each other and were keeping order to avoid inconveniencing others. Their faces were full of smiles and were beautiful.


It is a place where one must walk into the terrible flames of fire. There, one does the unfinished penances of this world and becomes purified.

It is a place far away where those who die in grace but have unfinished reparations must walk the way of atonement. When they are completely purified, they are lifted into Heaven by the angels with the help of the Blessed Mother. The process can be expedited, if we in this world pray for them. We can also help them by making sacrifices and doing penances for them.

It will be too late to regret not having done penances in this world. So, while still alive in this world, one must offer love constantly through sacrifices for others.


When angels tie the hands of the condemned souls and drop them, devils snatch them violently. Then, they fall into the flames of fire. It is a place of eternal perdition. It is useless, however hard one may regret and struggle. It is a sea of fire filled with hatred. Who will hold their hands? Nobody.

People struggle like a person drowning and trying to grab even a straw, but only run around in the fire, tear each other down, and try to take food away from others but all the food burns in the fire and nobody can eat anything. So, they are growling with eyes that are sticking out. They become horrible devils.

It was a terrible scene one could not even look at.


Daughter, did you see that?

The string that connects Heaven and earth together is I, your Mother. My Heart suffers so much pain, because errors abound everywhere in the world and penetrate even my chosen children to an outrageous degree.

That is why I intend to spread my voice to the children of the world through you. I want to let them recognize the light that comes continuously from my Son Jesus and understand my love. I want to exhort them to come out of the darkness they are falling into now.

My little daughter, who rejoices in suffering pains for my Son Jesus and me! It hurts my Heart so much, because numerous children who have been called to Heaven are walking toward purgatory and hell.

Even some of my priests, whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes, are going toward purgatory and hell. I want to save them through you, the poorest one. When you endure and offer sufferings well, you are treating my wounds with fragrant oil.

Julia:  But Mother, I am so incapable. Many times, I do not satisfy your Heart and, many times, I find it difficult to renounce myself completely for you.

Help me. Oh, my Mother! Our shield and our comforter!  I entrust myself, such a weak and unworthy one, to you completely so that your will may be fulfilled.


Even at this very moment, numerous souls are walking toward hell. I wish to save them through your sacrifices and sufferings. Will you take part in the pains?

Julia:  Yes, my Mother! How joyful it is to suffer with you for the conversion of many souls!

Before I knew you, I had been so unhappy and miserable. But now I thank God and you for allowing me to take part in the sufferings despite my unworthiness.


Now, my dear daughter! My beloved daughter who asks for more sufferings! Now you are suffering pains. But daughter! I suffer even greater pains than you do.

Julia:  Mother! Let me have all those pains. Do you, our most gracious Mother, have to suffer these great pains?


Through the pains that you and I suffer, the children mired in errors will be saved and the dirty souls will be cleansed by the precious Blood of my Son Jesus and saved by amazing miracles.

Julia:  Mother, I offer myself to you truly and completely.


Daughter! My daughter who has to suffer! Even though your sacrifices and penances are heavy in this world, I will hold your hands. So, do not worry. I will stand by you.

Julia:  Mother! I am so unworthy. How can I desire great things? If many souls can go to the Lord by my suffering the pains of hell, I will be glad to do so. I wish to offer my pains with love and joy according to your will, to save even one more soul.


Yes, my daughter! That is why I love you so much. Such a heart will flow into the world and make the spiritually blind see and the sick souls recover. But, if they refuse to respond to my calls, I will not be able to do anything after their death. Because, at that time, the justice of my Son Jesus will have to be realized. The evil ones will be ashamed and regret, but it will be too late.

Terrible Pains of Hell

I was crying and screaming in an extreme despair that cannot even be imagined with the human mind.

The Blessed Mother is suffering and calling us incessantly to prevent us from going to the cursed abyss where the condemned souls separated from God are punished in many different ways under the just judgment by Jesus bitterly lamenting, screaming, regretting, and struggling in vain. We must say "Yes" to the endless and endless calls by Our Mother.


Message on July 27, 1988

From 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., I received the pains of delivery. My womb began hurting intensely and my eyes were also hurting so much as if pricked with thorns that I could not open the eyes.

The Blessed Mother was curing the wounds of the babies who had never been born but aborted. The pains of delivery were in reparation for the sins of mothers who killed their babies before birth. Through my pains, Mother Mary was giving them the spring water of grace for their repentance.

If we try hard and entrust everything to Mother, we will surely be comforted. The pains in my eyes were because of the pains the Blessed Mother suffers in her eyes when she sees numerous sins of the humans. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her voice.


Daughter! I feel anxious when I see you suffer so much. But I feel comforted by your willingness to sacrifice even your life for many souls, as they will repent thanks to your sufferings.

Julia:  Mother! I am only a truly unworthy sinner. This sinner belongs to you completely. Let your will be done.


Thank you, my daughter! You think you are unworthy, but, as all of you are precious to me, you are also an indispensable instrument for me.

Julia:  Mother! I am only an unworthy instrument. I will not spare anything for my Lord, even if it means a complete laceration and destruction of my body. Help me walk toward you, Mother, as a useful instrument.


Don't your eyes hurt very much now?

Julia:  Yes, Mother, they do.


I cannot look at those numerous sins committed with eyes. You and I are doing penance for these sins. You are also suffering the pains for the aborted babies and for the conversion of those poor souls who carry out abortions. These pains will not be in vain.

Julia:  Mother, thank you. Make fuller use of me, your instrument.

These sufferings ended, but I could not fall asleep because of the remaining pains. I was able to endure them, because the Lord was with me. I still could not open my eyes.


Message on July 29, 1988

I suffered the pains of delivery and the pains of unborn babies who were struggling and screaming to avoid being killed.

It was Friday, a day of rest, but, in the morning, there were thirteen visitors who had leprosy. Despite the pains, I went out supported by others and shook and kissed their hands. I prayed for them fervently.

As I was struggling with pains alone in the room, Mark and Martha came to say good-bye to me before starting their journey home after many days of work. It was 3:40 p.m. My abdomen was becoming larger and the pains of delivery and of unborn babies began. I entered an ecstasy and heard the Blessed Mother speaking.


My beloved daughter! Can you take more pain?

Julia:  Yes, Mother! I will take any pain, only if it can help them be saved.


Thank you, my daughter! Today five thousand souls will convert and be offered to the Lord thanks to your sufferings. We must let many people know that we are suffering for them. Many souls will also receive the grace of conversion by learning about the images of aborted children.

People are walking on the road toward hell, because they commit cruel murders and yet do not know they are murderers. These little lives are deprived of their human dignity and receive terrible punishments that their parents deserve. Aren't these punishments too cruel for them?

I am overcome with sorrow, because these innocent lives, precious lives given by God, are cruelly trampled, brutally kneaded, crushed, torn, and killed by ignorant and indifferent parents.

Therefore, I want to show you these little babies begging for their lives and, thereby, convert many sinners and bring them back to me. Tell everyone that a little baby is not a bloody lump, but has a life flowing in it from the moment of conception in the mother's womb.

Julia:  Yes, Mother! Let all the things you wish be done.

Pains started, as my posture became that of an unborn baby with two arms crossed, two hands holding knees, and crouched legs.

"No! No! No!" there were loud screams because of the pains caused by the steel sticks used to kill the babies. It was hard to describe the babies' screams. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" These little lives were trying to avoid the steel sticks calling their mothers countless times. It was no better than hell.

With the posture of a baby, I was jumping and rolling around in the room and writhing in pains. Mark and Martha could not handle me and, so, called several other people to come and help. They all became exhausted.

An unborn child who wants to live implores its mother.

Baby:  No, Mommy! No, Mommy! No, Mommy! I want to live, Mommy! Let me live! Mommy, let me live! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!!! . . .

Repeating these screams countless times, the baby was running around for life. Actually, I had not eaten that day and was completely exhausted. If it were not for a supernatural mystery, I could not have jumped around so forcefully for three hours. I suffered the pains of being killed after struggles four times . . . .

Those who were present in the room wept so much that they could not even pray.

Julia:  Praise and glory be to the Lord . . . !


Message on September 14, 1988

While I was seeking the Lord in the middle of pains, I heard the Lord’s voice.


Children! Look. The devil will try to shake your faith and trust (in Me). You should not think that such things will not happen. Enter My Sacred Heart and deepen your understanding of My Heart and My Love. Do not lose trust even briefly so that the devil may not sneak into your hearts. When you are lacking in trust, you not only hurt My Heart, but also sadden God the Father.

Be sure that the only way you need to walk is the way of love, a little person’s way of love. Until you reach the Heavenly Kingdom by walking this way, trusting Me completely, live only for love and preserve a loving heart through sufferings, even if your sufferings may be constant. Even when you make mistakes by misusing your free will, I still love you. I know well that you will not leave me.


Message on November 6, 1988

How I miss Akita! I still feel sorry that we did not spend even one night or have enough time for prayer in Akita, whereas, in Tokyo, we spent two nights. But I feel joyful by remembering that Bishop Ito, Sister Sasagawa and other Japanese Sisters were happy and amazed by the photographs of the Blessed Mother's statue in Naju weeping blood for priests (taken on April 23, 1987) and that we all shared the same love of the Blessed Mother.

At 11 a.m., we attended Mass in the Franciscan Hall in Tokyo. The Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Stephen Kim, the (Japanese) Pastor, and also Father Ki Sun Oh, Father Keum Koo Chang and Father Byung Il Kim, who came to Japan together with me.

It was a special joy to see our Cardinal in Japan. Back in May 1987, I had attended the Mass offered by Cardinal Stephen Kim in Manila, the Philippines, celebrating the unveiling of the statue of Father Andrew Kim. Now we were in Japan offering Mass together again!

At the time of the consecration, there was a sound of wind from above, and the front area behind the Cardinal became foggy. Soon there was the Blessed Mother?extremely beautiful, wearing a white dress and a white mantle. She looked exactly the same as in Naju. She was standing a little higher than the Cardinal holding a rosary in her right hand and praying. It seemed that she was standing on clouds. As she was stretching out her arms, bright light was radiating from her hands like the sunlight and shone upon the Cardinal, the priests and the faithful present there.

Then, her appearance became that of the wooden statue of Akita. Her beautiful and gentle voice was the same as in Naju.


Look at me. Isn't my present appearance that of the wooden statue in Akita?

My symbolic images look a little different from each other, but I am the same Mother in Heaven who has been appearing and imploring with tears at many places in the world.

Listen well. It is I who called you here. It is not by accident that a Mass is being celebrated here by the Cardinal and Father Oh from Korea. I want to bind you all together into one the Cardinal, priests, the lay people . . . and Japan and Korea with a string of love. I ask you, because more prayers are needed for unity.

This age is becoming too evil. Because people should entrust everything to my Immaculate Heart but are not doing so, they fall into temptations by the devils. Thus, they make preposterous errors insisting that evil is good.

Greater sacrifices and self-renunciation are necessary, because the majority of the shepherds are also falling into errors as they are not leading a life according to the Gospels.

Even within countries, people are fighting in division rather than uniting and are trampling peace by hating instead of loving each other. Thus, the fire in my Immaculate Heart is flaming up intensely, because people are not practicing my messages, become fanatic slaves of the world, close their minds to the precious opportunities to share love and are wasting everything because of their selfishness.

This is a time when nations are confronting each other causing evil to spread in all directions and making the dangers more imminent. I ask for more prayers with trust and love so that nations may unite with each other, individuals may join together and, thus, the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart may be established.


Message on December 8, 1988

It was a great feast of the Blessed Mother and the first anniversary of moving the Blessed Mother's weeping statue from the apartment to the Chapel. So, we decided to hold an overnight prayer meeting after the Pastor and Father Spies gave permission.

I had been planning to offer preparatory prayers in the Chapel with Rufino, the Chapel administrator, and to start a visitation of the Holy Eucharist from 10:30 p.m. But there were several phone calls and I was also congratulating Father Spies on the big feast. The time was already 10:17 p.m. and I hurried to the Chapel. In the Chapel, I made the Sign of the Cross with holy water and began singing "Jesus is crucified on the Cross . . ." As I was singing and approaching the statue, I noticed that tears of blood were flowing down on the statue.

At this moment, Rufino was lighting the candles in front of the statue and Immanuel, who was visiting Naju from Onyang (another city in Korea), was watching a Naju video in the back room. Rufino and I looked closely at the statue and saw the bloody tears already reaching the feet. They were tears mixed with some blood.

Rufino, Immanuel and I were singing and praying in front of the statue and, at about 10:30 p.m., I entered an ecstasy.

The Blessed Mother was holding a rosary and was weeping as usual. She looked so beautiful and kind. Her tears continued to flow reaching her feet. They were tears of mercy and love. She came to this world as the Helper to Jesus in washing and healing the sinners. She spoke with a beautiful and kind voice.


I will call the Pastor. So far, the devils have been using all available means to prevent the cooperation with the Pastor and to cause divisions. For this reason, you must be awake and pray harder?/span>for the Pastor and Father Spies. I will shine the light of my Immaculate Heart on all of you so that you may work together for unity.

I called them (the Pastor and Father Spies) to work together holding my hands and to walk the way of martyrdom. Now they will walk that way. Maintain a closer cooperation with Father Spies. This work is not what Julia, who is unworthy and weak, is doing. Julia is only a channel. The work is being done by me.

Oh, my beloved children! Too many of you are walking toward hell. Ask the Bishop to restore my position in the Church. Then, my messages will spread to the world and people will amend their lives, will be liberated from the road leading to hell, will convert and start walking on the way toward Heaven, and, thereby, will soften the just anger of God the Father.

Julia:  Mother! Even now, aren’t there many of your children converting and amending their lives by accepting your call?


But an enormous number of my children are walking toward hell. I am asking you again, because I am so anxious. Do you want to see, daughter?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. Please show me.


Yes, my lovely daughter! My dear daughter who has to suffer pains! Now, look! Look at the children who are going toward hell by judging and criticizing others.

I screamed, when I saw the sight.

Julia:  Oh, no! Oh, no! Mother! Jesus!

I could not look, because it was so ugly. Every time people judged and criticized each other, worms (maggots) crawled out of their mouths. Then, the worms fell on the ground and joined devils. These worms were crawling on to other unwatchful people and making them sin, too.

On the other hand, when people spoke well of others in love, beautiful melodies flowed out of their mouths and melted the worms with the fire of love.

So many children were governed and controlled by devils, because they were hating each other and not forgiving each other. The worms could not be killed, however many times they were trampled upon, but were just melting away, when people practiced love and charity through sacrifices and won the spiritual battle. But there were too few people, among so many, who were willing to practice love through suffering.


Daughter, did you see that? That is why the just anger of God the Father has reached an extremely high level and punishment is near at hand.

I screamed loudly.

Julia:  Please forgive the numerous sinners. If they can convert by my suffering the pains of hell, I will offer all of myself for them. I have deserved hell since a long time ago . . . .

I have been able to give a little love, because you called me, who was so poor and miserable. Moreover, you have allowed me to see the Lord and Mother. Participating in the sufferings has been my proper duty.

I pray that the Lord's Will be done through this shameful sinner with certainty. I cannot help being happy, even if I go to hell. So, please do not punish them.

I implored so loudly that others who were present heard me scream, "No!"


Yes, thank you. Pray with that kind of deep sacrifice and self-denial. When you offer sufferings graciously and without despair in spite of all kinds of criticisms and slanders, the Lord will save many sinners from the miseries of sin and will be with you.

The sufferings, so many sufferings . . . these are what you will receive in the course of your life as you asked for.

My little soul, who anguishes even over small mistakes and makes new resolutions! I find joy in you. Through mistakes, you overcome pride and you can reach the highest degree of perfection through humility.

Have a stronger confidence in me. Follow me with a greater courage. An-nyoung!

I got out of the ecstasy at midnight. I could not move my body and was carried on a stretcher to the Chapel office, where I stayed with the Blessed Mother. But, as many people were gathering around me instead of praying, I felt sorry and asked to be carried to the upper room. Seven people had to help. The Blessed Mother was weeping in great sorrows.

Julia:  Mother of the Lord! Thank you. I cannot help thanking you, because the more sufferings I experience, the more sinners will convert. I do not want to spare anything, if my unworthy sufferings can be used in realizing the Lord's Will.

May the Lord be glorified through my little sufferings and let this unworthy and lowly sinner offer unending gratitude.

Oh, my Mother Mary! I want to become your daughter who gives you only joy. Help me!