February 13 - The pains in this world will turn into happiness in the next world.

February 25 - Receive the light of my burning Immaculate Heart  and shine it upon
                       all the people.

March 13- Many families are getting sick.

April 18 - Pray for priests ceaselessly.

April 21 - Do you know how intensely my Immaculate Heart is burning?

April 23 - Devils are so active and are employing all the available means to destroy priests.

May 12- Many souls are going toward hell because of abortions.

May 17- I ask the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all priests.

June 13- Offer up all your pains.

June 14 -Let's die again and imitate Christ.

June 15 -Try to receive Jesus with a clean soul by making frequent confessions.

June 27 -On Thursdays, offer reparations to the Blessed Sacrament.

June 29- I am carrying the burden of reparation for you.

June 30 -I will help you with my power that crushes the serpent.

July 15 -Your small sacrifices will quench my immense thirst.

December 11 -Priests who come to me, who is weeping, will receive love and light.

Message on February 13, 1987

Today I received the pains of crucifixion together with the Blessed Mother. Our Mother laments over the world covered with darkness. She is begging for our help, because the just anger of God the Father is overflowing.

Mother, we are already yours. Use us as you wish.


Renounce yourself.

Do not worry. I know what is in your mind. Entrust everything to me and rely on me.

My daughter who is most pleasing to my heart! I feel sorrow when you suffer. When you feel pain, I do, too; when you go through agonies, I agonize, too; and when you are sad, I am sad, too. But the pains, sorrows and agonies in this world will turn into happiness in the next world, because the happiness of this world is not the happiness of the next world. That is why you must endure the hardships well. Then, you will enjoy happiness in the next world with me.

Therefore, my sons and daughters, become persons smashed and trampled by all the people of this world and offer even these matters as penance. Then, you will come to me as humble persons, as little persons . . . .

Receive the light from my Immaculate Heart. Thus, become apostles of my Immaculate Heart who shine the light upon all the sick souls.

Achieve unity by loving one another. I want you to trust each other, be respectful and faithful to each other, and fulfill your duties.

My beloved children! I trust you and will abide in you.


Message on February 25, 1987

While I was praying and contemplating for the conversion of sinners, the area around the Blessed Mother's statue became bright and foggy. There were angels flying over me. They looked so pretty with short, curly hair. The color of their wings was grey. The statue turned into the living Blessed Mother. As she was lifting her arms, two streams of red light began radiating from her hands and spreading like the sunlight. She spoke, while shining the light.


My beloved daughter! When you come to me by walking on the path of a little and poor person, which is a narrow and difficult path, a painful and lonesome path, and a dangerous, thorny path, I will hold your hands. So, come to me. You will receive heavenly consolation. Come to me by becoming a more and more lowly person. I am preparing a laurel crown for you.

Now, my daughter! Look at me. Receive the light of my burning Immaculate Heart and shine it upon all the people living in darkness. I will be with you.

Julia:  I am so powerless and unqualified . . . But I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me as you wish.


Yes, that's it. Who can say he or she is qualified? What is needed is a determination to live according to the Lord's Will and make an effort to repent with tears before the Lord when mistakes are made.


Message on March 13, 1987

While I was in deep meditation with my eyes closed in front of the Blessed Mother’s statue, it became bright. I opened my eyes and saw the Blessed Mother’s statue changed and shining. I felt as if I was floating in the air and felt a close union with the Blessed Mother.


Oh, my daughter! Look around you. This world is being covered with darkness, as sins multiply. There cannot be peace in the world, because many families are getting sick. The couples combined together to live a happy life are becoming isolated individuals, as they are unable to forgive and love each other and are becoming jealous, resentful and hateful of each other. My daughter, see how serious family troubles are.

She showed me the scenes of many families like those in a movie. Only a few were trying to live according to the Lord's Will. The sick families looked so terrible and miserable. Conflicts between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, between husbands and wives, among brothers and sisters, and between parents and children . . . Their eyes were burning with hatred and permeated with poison.  They were hating each other, because their thinking was self-centered. As the adults were fighting and hurting each other, their children were being trampled on. The wounds gave rise to more wounds. What a tragedy that they had to go on living like this! Insisting on equal rights between men and women . . . unforgiving to each other . . . the devils were clapping their hands and giggling in an ugly manner for the divisions and hatred they had promoted. Even those who believed in God were falling into temptations frequently because of their weakness.  This was offending the Lord and giving Him such sorrows.

Julia:  Mother! . . . What can I do?


Help me open my eyes. My eyes are bloodshot because of the shocks from all sorts of insults. Wipe away my tears that flow everyday.

Julia:  Teach me what to do.


Tell people about your family. The life you have lived has not been yours. I have guided it since a long time ago. It was not an easy matter to select one family. I will give you the strength to overcome difficulties, as I called you and chose your family in this age when many families are sick and, as a result, the world is deprived of peace and is being covered with a thickening darkness. Live a consecrated life filled with constant prayers, sacrifices, penance and love.

Julia:  How can I do it?


Do not think that you have been living a chosen life because of your perseverance . . . . I have planned and prepared your life and you have consented to living accordingly. So, do as you promised. Good-bye. An-nyoung! ("An-nyoung" is a short form of the the Korean equivalent to "Good bye". It is normally used between friends and by anyone to a younger person in a friendly way.)

Julia:  Mother! Please tell me more.

I kept asking, but she did not say any more.


Message on April 18, 1987

The Blessed Mother spoke, while I was undergoing pains in ecstasy.


My beloved daughter! Pray for priests ceaselessly. Your severe pains to the extent of shedding blood and sweat will help priests. When priests work to help those people who fall into errors because of their ingratitude, how can they be liberated from their sins, unless your sacrifices and reparations accompany (the priests?work?)

Now, stay awake and pray for priests without ceasing. It is urgent. Also pray for peace in this country and for the end of anarchic birth controls.


Message on April 21, 1987

After I suffered the pains of crucifixion for two hours, the Blessed Mother spoke through her statue.


I want you all to participate in my Work of Salvation, united with priests. Keep the Bishop informed through your spiritual director so that many of my children may participate in my Kingdom. Do you know how intensely my Immaculate Heart is burning to save even one more soul that is contaminated with sins and is weak? I want to save souls from the miserable vice that makes them live as blind people, even though they have eyes, and makes them live as deaf people, even though they have ears. I want to help them renounce themselves and amend their lives.

When they do renounce themselves and return to me, I will become their strength. I will give energy to the weak souls and help them free themselves from sins.


Message on April 23, 1987

The Blessed Mother began shedding tears at about noon and tears of blood at 5:30 p.m. Her tears of blood were reaching her feet. Her statue turned into the living Blessed Mother.


Daughter! Today I shed tears of love burning in my Immaculate Heart for my most beloved priests to wash their wounds and console their hearts. I want you to become their comforters, too.

Priests!! My most beloved priests are now walking on the path of loneliness and a painful cross. They are climbing Mt. Calvary tired and suffering. They are walking on an alienated path of the cross, suffering many pains in their wounds. Help them. For the conversion of sinners who are deeply mired in evil habits and to follow the Will of my Son Jesus, priests are carrying the burden of teaching the way of love to the numerous souls who despise and ignore them countless times and the burden of offering sacrifices and reparations for those souls. I want you to pray with me for them so that they may not be infected by the world but be faithful to their vocation. They are my sons who deserve respect and love by all.

Julia:  Mother, what should I do?


Listen well and tell people. From now on, all of you must treat priests and religious like your parents who gave birth to you. You must also become their comforters. That is because this age is very evil and filled with errors and, because of this, devils are so active and are employing all the available means to destroy priests. They know that they gain more by ruining one priest than destroying one thousand or ten thousand lay people.

Now, look. Those who left the priesthood had been good priests. That is why I am praying shedding tears that they do not walk on the road to hell but repent. I want you to pray for them, too.

Now, look! Many priests are suffering because of the criticisms by those who have family-life vocations. How can you, who have been called to family life, judge priests and religious, while not being able to be faithful to your own vocation? Why are you trying to remove the speck from others' eyes while missing the plank in your own?

My most beloved priests . . . I implore you today to wash the wounds of my priests whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes. (This is an idiomatic expression in Korea used by adults when they talk about a child whom they love very much.)

Julia:  Mother, tell me.


Be awake and pray. It is my Son's wish to save many souls through them (priests) . . . The religious (the nuns)! Pray for my beloved daughters. They have many knots in their hearts. They have a human nature just like yourselves and, therefore, can make mistakes. Whenever they do, offer them up with prayers.


Message on May 12, 1987

The Blessed Mother shed tears from midnight to 8 a.m. I saw her eyes filled with tears.

Julia:  Mother, why are you weeping?

Momentarily, I fell and saw many souls. Some of them were walking with a cane; some did not have any legs; some were without shoulders or arms; some did not have eyes or ears; and some had disfigured noses or mouths. They were going somewhere, pushing each other, fighting with each other in noisy and mean ways and falling again and again. I was astonished and screamed. I thought they were the souls in Purgatory.


. . . Look! Many souls are going toward hell because of abortions. I have to implore with tears like this in order to save those numerous souls. I intend to save them through you, through your sacrifices and reparations. How can I be unaware of the pains you endure? Now, would you participate in the pains of the little babies who have been abandoned by their ignorant and cruel parents?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. I can do anything, if you stay with me.

At that moment, my posture became that of an unborn baby with arms and legs crouched.  My face became red like blood. I suffered for four and a half hours. When these pains ended, pains of delivery began. My face became swollen like a pumpkin and I could not move myself. I suffered all day. The spiritual pains were harder to endure than the physical pains.


Message on May 17, 1987

While I was in a deep contemplation after praying fifteen decades of the rosary, the Blessed Mother implored with an anxious voice.


I ask the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all priests.

You must carry the cross and pray together at Gethsemane in order to save this world contaminated with errors. Share the pains that my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart suffer.

Always be awake and pray at Gethsemane to avoid falling into sins of impurity.

Love alone will lead you to Jesus.

Oh, my sons! Live with me so that I may not be disappointed. Offer up small sacrifices, because my Heart is filled with sorrows for those who commit sins.

Do not seek your own satisfaction, but love me in a simple way.

Satan's violence is increasing day after day with a terrible force. He is becoming more active to make even fervent souls reject me. Help me. I will give you the light from my Immaculate Heart so that all of you may save your souls. Be apostles of my Immaculate Heart by receiving the light from my burning Heart.


Message on June 13, 1987

I entered an ecstasy while contemplating many brothers and sisters who were in pains. The Blessed Mother came to me with a merciful and graceful appearance and spoke to me quietly almost whispering anxiously and lovingly.


My children who have faith and try to live according to the Lord's Will are going to suffer more pains. Offer up all your pains. Offer more sacrifices. If you do sacrifices and penance out of true love, you will be helping much in saving many souls. Let everyone know this.


Message on June 14, 1987

It was late at night. I was praying and whipping myself, fervently imploring the Blessed Mother. The weeping Blessed Mother embraced me warmly like a close friend and like an elder sister. She spoke with a merciful and soft voice.


Do not brag about anything. Instead, have humility and love. Do not own luxuries. Daughter, let's live like a pilgrim and a traveller - until you reach the bosom of your Heavenly Mother. Always be poor and little. Serve all in everything all the time. Daughter! While following the footsteps of the Saints for the sake of Jesus, do not concern yourself too much with criticisms. Even when you suffer pains from others, give them peace. Through sacrifices and penance, do the things that can benefit them.

Everyday, lower yourself further thinking about Jesus on Mt. Calvary. Through poverty, humility, obedience and purity, keep going down from the high place to the low place following this Mother who wants you to walk the way of perfection. Shouldn't we become more humble like Jesus who chose to be humble? Change your life further - throwing away every attachment. Change your value system. Live a life of conversion. Convert every moment and converse with Jesus. Conversion does not just mean repenting sins. It means trying to live the life that God wants you to live. Abandon the worldly life and live a life based on the Gospels. Live like a lily. As the higher-grade protein gives rise to a more foul odor, the shiny things of the world entail a greater darkness. Let's die again and imitate Christ.


Message on June 15, 1987

The Blessed Mother repeatedly emphasized the importance of the Sacrament of Confession.

Julia:  Mother!  You have said that we should frequently make confession.  How frequent should it be?  

Yes, you are making very frequent confessions. The devils do not usually tempt people to commit mortal sins from the beginning. They make people commit many venial sins first, and when many venial sins are accumulated, people are more prone to committing mortal sins. Therefore, when you only have venial sins, make frequent confessions and keep a clean soul to receive Jesus more worthily.   

As Jesus established the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist to nurture us with His Body and Blood and to be united with us, we must praise this wonderful Sacrament by which our dying souls come to life again.  However, because people do not make frequent confessions, their souls are wearing out. As you would put on freshly-washed clothes when meeting a high-ranking person, prepare to receive Our Lord with a clean soul by making frequent confessions. However hard one may try to keep the soul clean, it cannot remain spotless over time.  If God created us as souls, we would not have to eat three meals a day; but He created us as humans composed of soul and body and we inherited the original sin of Adam and Eve and, therefore, are prone to committing sins.  That is why your souls need to be cleaned through the healing of the Sacrament of Confession.  

My beloved sons and daughters!  I want you now to open your eyes and ears, open the doors of your hearts widely, and receive Jesus.



Message on June 27, 1987

I felt so sorry for many people who were walking the sinful way by judging the Blessed Mother. Also because of the anxiety about my work, I was trembling and praying for the Blessed Mother's help.


Do not tremble. Have faith in the power of my Motherhood and wake up the sleeping souls. I will welcome all the repenting souls.

Your love must be fervent. It can burn in shining flames only through unending sacrifices.

Make a constant effort to blind Satan. On Thursdays, offer reparations to the Blessed Sacrament. Pray without ceasing to constrain the evils that offend the Lord and to compensate for the sacrileges committed against the Holy Eucharist.


Message on June 29, 1987

As I was praying in preparation for the second anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears, a golden light and a blue light came from the altar in the Chapel. I fell and received the pains of crucifixion, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. The Blessed Mother appeared at that moment. She was wearing a sparkling crown and was carrying the Baby Jesus. The Baby Jesus was wearing white clothes with golden hems and was holding a blue globe with a small cross on it. When my pains were over, Jesus and the Blessed Mother blessed me and others. The Blessed Mother's voice was overflowing with love. It was the most loving voice I have ever heard.


Daughter! Many of my children testifying for me are living without self-renunciation and, therefore, are unable to spread love as they should.

Julia:  Mother! Tell me. I am unworthy, but will spread your love.


Even at this moment, it is necessary to make more sacrifices and do penance because of the sins being committed by many of my children. For this reason, you need to suffer more. By doing this, you are participating in my sufferings. When you accept my words, my messages will renew and change your souls. In this age filled with errors, even my beloved children are being deeply permeated with errors. Because of this, I wish to spread my voice through you. I wish to save the people in the world from darkness by shining the light from my burning Immaculate Heart upon them. Therefore, become a sacrificial victim.

Julia:  Teach me, Mother!


I am carrying the burden of reparation for you; so carry the burden for others. There are too many souls who fall into hell and bruise my Heart. When you offer penance and prayers to compensate for the sins and ingratitude of so many souls, they will be saved.

I love you despite your weaknesses. I want all of your love to be directed toward me. I want the lay people to obey the Pope, cardinals, bishops and all the priests. They are my most beloved sons and received the power to forgive the sins of countless people who have become contaminated with sins. For this reason, even my Son Jesus comes down from Heaven to earth in obedience to them.


Message on June 30, 1987


Oh, my sons and daughters! Come back to me, to my bosom . . .

I wish to be your refuge in this dangerous world. I will burn you with the flames in my Immaculate Heart. Oh, my beloved children! I will fight on your side, when you renounce yourselves and return to me. I will help you with my power that crushes the serpent.


Message on July 15, 1987

I was praying in front of the weeping statue of the Blessed Mother. I was crying loudly because of my unworthiness.

Julia:  Mother, what can I do? I am so indiscreet and foolish, only hurting your mind. I am a most sinful one, a most ignorant one. Why did you choose me, such a sinful person?


My daughter! I did not come to call the just. Because the sinners are walking on the road to hell, I wanted you to work with me to save even one more soul. For this purpose, I delivered you from death while you were in pains and my Son Jesus saved you when you were about to cease functioning.

Julia:  Mother! I am very sorry. It is difficult to move my body.


When you suffer bodily pains, offer them for those with dying souls. You know that I am now suffering many of the same pains that I suffered on Mt. Calvary for my Son. If you offer sacrifices and penances for those who do not know this, your small sacrifices will quench my immense thirst.

Julia:  Mother! I will try. But again and again I only give you my shortcomings. What can I do?


Do not worry too much about awkward mistakes in your daily life. Do not get upset or try to defend yourself, but have trust in me. This will make you more humble. I will rescue sinners as much as you request with your sacrifices and penances. When you suffer in even small matters and begin feeling as I do, I feel comforted. Good-bye! An-nyoung!


Message on December 11, 1987

A light similar to sunlight was shining from the weeping statue. The statue turned into the living Blessed Mother and began speaking. Her voice was serious but also friendly and warm.

. . .
My beloved priests.  I brought them here. I brought him (Father Rene Laurentin) here from a distant land. I chose the date of his coming and also changed the flight schedule so that he could testify.

(Father Raymond Spies had asked Father Laurentin to visit Korea from December 7, 1987 so that he could arrive in Naju on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Gimpo International Airport is near Seoul, and Naju is about 200 miles south of Seoul.; but Father Laurentin had a busy speech and travel schedule and could arrive in Seoul on December 8 at the earliest. Suddenly and unexpectedly, however, many flight schedules in Asia changed and Father Laurentin was able to arrive in Seoul on December 7 and in Naju the next day.)

He will inform the Pope. He is a very little, simple, graceful and beloved son of mine.
. . .
It is urgent that people put the messages into practice. But prayers are lacking. If the approval can be obtained soon, many children walking toward hell will change their course. It will also become a shortcut to world peace. That way, the prayers of Korea's blessed children will be answered faster.

Many children gather under my mantle, but they disperse easily. So, help me.
. . .
Priests who come to me, who is weeping, will receive an abundant light and a burning love from me. Good-bye!