September 15-The path that leads to my Son Jesus is a narrow and rough one of the cross.

October 19 -As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you must all become one, too.

October 20 -You are not praying to me, but I am imploring you.

October 21 -God the Father's just anger has reached an extremely high level.

October 22 -Before love, all the devils will give up.

October 23- Offer more rosaries and sacrifices for world peace and human salvation.

October 29- Obey all from your superiors to those who are of a lower status than you.

October 31 -Emphasize to everyone the importance of the Holy Eucharist.

November 5- God the Father's just anger is overflowing.

Message on September 15, 1986

As I was beginning to participate in the Blessed Mother's excruciating pains of the chest, she implored with a voice filled with sorrows.


The path that leads to my Son Jesus is a narrow and rough one of the cross. The human race can be saved by this path, but many do not come near it.

Combine your forces. Pray without ceasing for the souls that are not turning away from the road that leads to their perdition.


Message on October 19, 1986

Today, the Blessed Mother shed copious amounts of dense tears of blood. Fr. John Park, the Pastor of Naju, also came with other parishioners and witnessed the tears of blood. Her statue turned into the beautiful, merciful, living Blessed Mother. But she looked so sad, as she was crying and imploring us.


As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you must all become one, too, and console me.


Message on October 20, 1986

Three Sisters from the Naju Parish, three other Sisters from the City of Kwangju(=Gwangju) and five lay people came. While I was praying with them, I fell because of pains. I participated in the pains that the Blessed Mother was suffering. The Blessed Mother's loving voice came from her statue.


This world is decaying with sins. Even with the Sacred Blood of my Son Jesus, it is difficult to appease the just anger of God the Father. Let me borrow your body and your mouth.

I am shivering with cold. Who can comfort me? Who can console my Heart that is shaking with cold? Now, you are not praying to me, but I am imploring you. Pray for priests, my sons. They continue to be tempted. To protect them, you need to give clothing, food and water to those people whose souls are naked, hungry and thirsty. Through these souls, devils are becoming stronger and more violent. To prevent them, you must offer prayers combined with sacrifices and self-denial, and also offer up poverty and penance graciously.

Come back to my Immaculate Heart . . . I call you today for a special purpose. Renounce your ego and abandon selfishness. I will be your shield. Even the arrows of fire thrown by devils will not harm you. Pray much without worrying. I want you to stand on my side and become courageous guides in saving this world permeated with evil. 


Message on October 21, 1986

While I was offering an evening prayer, the warm voice of the Blessed Mother came from her statue.


My daughter, my beloved daughter! Listen to my words well. I have implored with tears at many places in the world. It has been very difficult to find souls who are consecrated to converting sinners by participating in sufferings with me for the sake of my Son Jesus and me.

But you have promised martyrdom. Therefore, I ask you to find such souls for me. I want you (plural) to offer your pains combined with more prayers, sacrifices, penance, poverty and self-denial.

Julia:  . . . Mother, your words be done unto me.


Thank you. The sins in the world are so numerous that God the Father's just anger has reached an extremely high level.

(Shedding tears)  My daughter! I will call the religious. Through them, I will blow my spirit into those of my children who do not know me and let the light shine from them like a river. But how can they understand my words, if they keep their hearts closed?

My daughter! Help me. Quench my burning thirst.


Message on October 22, 1986

While I was praying, I began feeling a heavy pressure on my shoulders and was losing energy in my whole body. I fell, as an extreme pain was starting.


Listen to the sounds of driving nails on me. I am being crucified together with my Son.

Julia:  . . . How can we soothe the painful wounds of Jesus and how can we pull out all the nails from His hands and feet?

The Blessed Mother showed me the scene of her being crucified and asked me to experience it with her. It was an indescribably miserable scene. She was being crucified, every time we sinned and every time we judged others. Her body became full of wounds and it was hard even to breathe. Who will cry for us and who will put into practice what Our Lady is asking of us?

Julia:  Mother, please tell me. Your servant is listening. I am not afraid of pains. I want to comfort you by suffering your pains.

I received the pains of crucifixion and of being hit by arrows and swords. The Blessed Mother spoke again.


Who will pull out these nails, arrows and swords? The nails are bigger, go deeper and are harder to pull out when they are caused by my close children.

Now, my children! Receive pliers from me and hand over the hammers that you have been holding in your hands until now. Pull out all the nails with the pliers. Also, keep this weapon well. The devils' job is to take the pliers away from you and give back the hammers. They constantly keep an eye on you, so be alert and on your guard. The shields and weapons that you can use against them are prayers and the arrows of love. Before love, all the devils will give up.


Message on October 23, 1986

While I was praying the rosary, a light was shining from the Blessed Mother's statue like the sunlight and her merciful voice came from the statue.

Go to the Pastor. As I told you before, I need a helper. I called him to be an apostle and a vanguard of my Immaculate Heart and I want you to work with him.

It is time to consecrate yourselves to me. Why do you hesitate again and again? I am asking you for this together with my Son Jesus because of the pains in Our Hearts caused by many who do not live a consecrated life.

Also consecrate the Blue Army. Offer more rosaries and sacrifices for world peace and human salvation.

Sacrifices are truly the beautiful fruits of mortification, penance, poverty and self-denial. Always work as a very little person with obedience. Then, I will be with you always.


Message on October 29, 1986

The Blessed Mother's statue looked so miserable with lots of blood and tears on her face. I had never seen her looking so miserable. I was crying loudly feeling much pain in my heart. Others present also cried aloud.

"Mother, who made your face like this? I cannot look at your face. Mother, please forgive us. We have not seen your face looking so miserable. Mother, tell us. Tell us what we can do." I kept crying.

At that moment, the Blessed Mother spoke with an anxious voice through her statue.


Practice obedience. Obey all?/span>from your superiors to those who are of a lower status than you. As I obeyed all, you do the same. I feel so anxious, but will give you energy. So, do not cry but stand up courageously. What can we do, if people refuse to accept our love? Even God cannot force them. Do not expect too much too fast. Be patient and wait for the good time.

After the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the Pastor came with another priest and asked me to wipe the tears of blood from the Blessed Mother’s statue. I felt so sad, but wiped the tears of blood from the statue beginning from the face down to the feet, contemplating the Blessed Mother’s words that we should practice obedience.


Message on October 31, 1986

I felt much pain in my left hand. It looked as if it was going to begin bleeding. At about 10 p.m., my feet began to harden. It was becoming late, but I did not want to leave the Blessed Mother. At about 2 A.M., pains intensified and I fell. I heard the Blessed Mother speaking.


Emphasize to everyone the importance of the Holy Eucharist. By the Holy Eucharist, the Lord will be in you. He will live in you and stay there always, if you open your heart and receive Him with a clean heart. How can the Lord enter you, if you do not have a clean heart or keep the door closed? Look at those receiving Holy Communion . . . .

I saw many people receiving Communion. There only were a few who were receiving the Lord sincerely. The Blessed Mother was at the Lord’s side. She was crying because of so many sacrilegious Communions. She wants us to make frequent Confessions so that even one more soul may be saved.


Message on November 5, 1986

I saw the Blessed Mother nailed to the Cross suffering excruciating pains. I took part in her pains. They were so hard to endure. As she was speaking from the Cross, I was repeating her exact words without realizing it. Some of my helpers wrote down what they were hearing.


Is there anyone who can lower me from the Cross? Moment after moment, there are more people who crucify me. I am suffering on the Cross together with my Son Jesus.

Help me. I cannot appease God the Father's anger without your help.

Can you participate in my sufferings? . . .

Because of birth control and abortions, I feel extreme pains in my womb. Little lives are roaming about in limbo after having been deprived of their human dignity and treated only as a lump of bloody flesh?/span>which was a consequence of the human cruelty, desecration and failure to recognize the dignity of human life. Pray and soothe their wounds and offer atonements for the sins commited at night.

Do you see the blood flowing out of my throat? God the Father's just anger is overflowing. Because I love you all, I am holding on to you all even to the extent of vomiting blood . . . in order to save even one more soul that is failing.

I will stay in you, if you renounce yourselves and come to me. Unite with one another in love. If you do, Satan will retreat. Become apostles of my Immaculate Heart. Console me by doing so.