Test results on the Precious Blood of Jesus  

On September 8, 2003,  the visiting scientist met Professor Jung Bin Lee at Seoul National University.  Prof. Lee, also a medical doctor, is the top authority in Korea in the field of forensic medicine.  He is not a Catholic, but has tested blood samples from Naju for the past several years.  Professor Lee was somewhat reluctant at the beginning, but, as he continued his investigation and saw that the same results were being confirmed again and again by additional tests, he has become more seriously interested.

Professor Lee and his team tested more than ten blood-stained rocks from the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju one after another.  He says that each sample was tested at least five times, making the total number of tests more than fifty.  He issued a statement testifying that the blood stains on all these rocks except two were male human blood and that every test on them showed an identical DNA structure and blood-type, which was AB.  This blood type of AB for Our Lord confirms the finding at Lanciano, where a Eucharistic miracle occurred about thirteen hundred years ago and a scientific test was done in the early 1970s.

Blood stains on two of the sample rocks were found to be female human blood with identical DNA structures and blood type, which was B (more precisely for genetic purposes, BO).  This probably was the first time ever in history that the Blessed Mother's blood type was determined genetically.

In addition to more than ten blood-stained rocks, Professor Lee also tested a piece of blood-stained gauze from Naju.  On July 2, 1995, there was a Eucharistic miracle in the Chapel in Naju.  Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia dipped his finger in the blood on Julia's tongue and wiped it with a piece of gauze.  Professor Lee said that the findings from this sample were identical to those on the male blood samples on the rocks.  This means that the owner of the blood collected during the Eucharistic miracle in Naju eight years ago is the same as the owner of the male blood collected on the Blessed Mother's mountain in November 2001, January 2002 and August 2002.  More...


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