☆ 31st Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's tears of blood

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The ground-breaking ceremony was held in solemnly on 14 October, before the beginning of 31st Anniversary celebration on same day. Many foreign pilgrims were so glad to attend the historic ceremony with mama Julia.


When mama Julia sprinkled Naju Holy Water on the ground, it turned into Mother’s Milk. Many pilgrims wanted to receive the water sprinkled by mama Julia. The autumn sky was cobalt blue and clear.

We all prayed with one heart that the origin statue of Mama Mary which was stolen will be found so that it could be enshrined into the new Chapel next year and this Marian Chapel will be a fountain of salvation and a place where the Blessed Mother will be known as a Mother of all nations and all people.


In accordance to her wish as mentioned in her message on Feb 4, 1988.

 It’s a very prophetic message.


“I prefer to be placed there by the priest. I do not just mean the original place for the statue but my original place as the Mother of the Church. I should be respected by all, but, instead, I am despised”






Our Lady of Naju, who came here making it

as her dwelling for the preparation of the new sky and new heaven.


We gathered here to establish it as Your worthyplace

in the unison with your little soul, Julia.



As you didn’t object stayingat the stable in Bethlehem,

You similarly chosethis place which was a sanitary landfill 30 years ago,

to be a harbinger for the new heaven and new earth.



Firstshoveling the little souls from various countries

in the unity with Julia Kim, making a whistling sound

Mary’s Ark of Salvation.





Mary’sArk of Salvation. Let us get aboard. ~~ 

Ahymnal sound from one heart , and one mind resounding

into the air into Heaven.


 Oh! How all the angels cheer with responsorial chants!





All glory to the Lord!  When we say,Glory be”,

all the angels do homage to the Lord together with us.

So let us do it more piously and reverently

in unison with the angels



How beautiful the angels’ postures are!

Like this, and like this~~while they say the “Glory be”


Julia transmitting the joy of the Heavenly Angels

through her bright smile.




Julia is sprinkling Naju Holy water onto the ground

and the pilgrims are cheering and receiving it. 



Whilemama Julia is sprinkling the Holy water

onto theground, it turned into Mother’s Milk



Mother’sMilk is also seen clearly on Julia’s clothes.



Joyful foreign pilgrims who were also attending

thehistoric groundbreaking ceremony.



Gary testified about the grace that made him feel so touched

in the Lord’s presence whilehe was carrying the Cross.



Julia Kim giving thanks and encouragement

to a Japanese pilgrim who sang Ave Maria Marian Hymn

wholeheartedly to the Blessed Mother of Naju

on the anniversary day despite of her old age of 82 years.




Meeting time with Julia Kim, always touch our hearts.

Itis the time of meeting of the Heaven and earth,

the time of powerful Work ofthe Lord

and the Blessed Mother through Julia Kim.




Doyou know about her sweat and blood spilling

over to the pilgrims during the meeting time?

Every hug she gave them was made by one breath after another,

accompanied by her heroic love and pains.




Her extreme pains reached the level beyond human’s endurance;

she is falling while the priest was anointing her. 




But she didn't want to stop the meeting with the pilgrims.

With smile, she began to  hug again  the rest of pilgrims.




Transcendingpeople and boundaries of a country.

The love of Christ is representing before our eyes.


Through her tender touch on their cheeks,

they feel  and enjoy the touching of Mama Mary and the Lord.



Nowjust after receiving the third anointing due to the severe pains.

She smiles. Oh! Amazing love!











A pilgrim offering a song in Tagalogue to the Blessed Mother of Naju.




Foreign pilgrims watching a video on Julia Kim’s suffering and her mission,

and they resounded with tears and screams at times.



With some groups.




Glory  be to the Father,to the Son

and to the Holy Spirit





One day before the groundbreaking ceremony,

as soon as the volunteers finished the preparation,

arainbow appeared in the sky.










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