The 10th Youth Retreat-camp in Naju, Heaven on Earth in 2017

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Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!


Yes! Here is the Blessed Mother’s Mountain


which is the Holy City of God and the paradise on earth!





Our 10th Youth Retreat-Camp was blessed


with the return of the wandering young people to the Holy Church.


They dedicated themselves to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother


who appeared and are present in Naju!




Since it was our 10th Youth Retreat-Camp,


it was more and more exciting!!!


It is told that it was full of grace millions times, trillion times.


It is because Mama Julia was always with them


throughout the Retreat Camp!


Wow! It is the religious in the Prayer of life Group


preparing hard for the Retreat-Camp united in love with Mama Julia!


They already finished the rehearsal of all the programs


where the youths will participate in!




Furthermore, the Blessed Mother even sent down


the Golden Fragrant Oil through Mama Julia on the table and timetable


while they were having a meeting with 鳩首凝議


(putting their heads together and consulting in unity and harmony)


for the 10th Youth Five Spiritualities Retreat-Camp!


Approaching the signal of grace!!! Golden Fragrant Oil!!!

Let’s go into the scene of grace that was being poured down like a cascade!!!

Apply now into the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother~!!!


Let us hear volunteers’ resolution!

“Yes! For the participants of Youth Retreat-Camp,

we offer the heat Semchigo! as if we are under the cool air-conditioner,

with the suffering of Mama Julia in order for the young people to receive more grace!!!”

When they are nourished by Mama Julia they are surely different !



Attaching the bag name tags,

“Receive much grace and love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother!”


they meditated on how Mama Julia served people offering extreme suffering graciously

and attaching the name tag beaming at the retreat participants~

Arrival at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain with excitement!


To the Blessed Mother Who welcomes us with stretched arms~!!!


 ‘The Blessed Mother, please nourish us with Your Thick Milk~!’

(They prayedputting their hands on the Thick Milk that

the Blessed Mother sent down on the Adoration Chapel!)


Full of spices of love~!


They received the meal missions!

Some ate later “Semchigo as if they ate first”

Some cleaned the table “Semchigo as if they were resting

Everything was joyful because they did Semchigo for everything!

사용자 삽입 이미지 


Let us offer the Mass in this vinyl Chapel which looks shabby

but is the Holy Place whereJesus came down as the Eucharist,

who came to the shabby stable two thousand years ago!



Receive Jesus who is truly present in the holy Eucharist

in our hearts after sincere confession...


When the sounds of prayers by little souls soar high into Heaven,

the life of Mama Julia will extend and the new Pentecost will come

instead of thepunishment in the world. (Amen!)

“When we live Semchigo everything as MamaJulia does,

the tree of eternal life will be heavily loaded with fruits!”

(Sister Catherine Kim shared about Mama Julia’s Semchigo)

It was the time that we became closer with Mama Julia!


Despite her severe sufferings, Mama Julia made and presented
the booklet about “Semchigo” for the Youths! Thank you so so much


"Me, me!!!" Oh, what’shappening?


It was the time that we could see the participants’ wits at once~(Say with body)

They sacrificed their faces unsparingly to solve the quiz^0^



The reason that they were elated was thanks to Mama’ Julia’s love and prayer~


When the joyful and useful time finished, they went to eat~!


And the meal was made with full of love~waiting for them!!!

(Action Department!)

You should eat a lot~ It is because~!

同心同德(working together for the same goal

in one heartand one spirit. ) sports game” will begin soon!



" “From now on the relay race starts!!!”


Aaahh! If you are scared, hold my head!

   Despite of blindness with the Miraculous Water gun and the bubbles!

Meditating on the humble donkey that carried Jesus,

walk lightly and lightly more humbly in unity~! Let’s go~!!!

 同心同德~! A two-legged with ten people race!!!

Go forward to one goal with one mind!


BUT!!! Here appeared the disturber!!! It doesn’t look easy to go forward~

Stop it, Stop it! hahaha


protecting with her whole body! No less!


同心同德” Jump becoming one with adults!!! To the goal~!



Dear, what’s this!  


This is... the Miraculous Water ballons!


My Lord~Please receive me~! ㅠㅠ♪

 My friend~ Sorry~


Pop!!! O my Lord, please pop my ego also! Amen!~


 Please wash me with the Blessed Mother’s Water~~~

사용자 삽입 이미지

Please heal my soul with the Blessed Mother’s Water~~~

While we are laughing, the Action department arrived loading the watermelon and ice cream!

“Thanks to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother who allowed us delicious food

and Mama Julia who is always with us in love and prayer,

and the Action Part who gave themselves trouble”

 Experience heaven with heavenly table~

In heaven, they always feed each other~

Feed each other Semchigo as if I already ate~

Let us live in heaven here on earth with the Spirituality of Semchigo

사용자 삽입 이미지 

When the night comes in the Blessed Mother’s Mountain


The candle lights on the stairs toward heaven.


Travel to myself  inside through Mama Julia’s reflection guide

in the Adoration Chapel which is precious and the only place in the world

  Praying Rosary, Hoping the participants in the Retreat-Camp to receive more graces...

 “When hearing MamaJulia’s prayer,

my tears started falling continuously even to the knees.

All mywounds in my heart was healed in the Adoration Chapel!”


 “When I was praying in the Adoration Chapel, I felt something

very soft and warm. As soon as I went inside,

uncontrollably, my tears didn’tstop. Every word of Mama Julia’s prayer

became great consolation to me.”


- Some of the testimonies of participants in Retreat-Camp -


TheSpirituality of Semchigo is so good,

as long as we practice it, it is the joyto God~ Men and women of all ages

can put it into practice~Semchigo asif I already ate,

Semchigo as if I relaxed, Semchigo as if I am loved,

the tree of eternal life become heavily loaded with fruits,

we can offerit for the penance of our sins!

♬ The sorrow turned into joy~ Let us enjoy the heaven on earth~ with Mama Julia!



Wow, Mama Julia came here!

 “All the Five Spiritualies are important

but I think we can still go to heaven just only with the Spiritualities of Semchigo...”

Semchigo everything while we live. Not only when we are thirsty,

we Semchigo as if we drank water, nor when we want to put on good clothes,

we Semchigo as if we bought good clothes,


but live “Semchigo all of our whole lives”.

Then we can easily overcome everything, every devil.”- Mama Juli

( Amen!!!)

 “When hearing Mama Julia’s testimonies,

I repented thinking that I would have less hard time if I had thought

‘Okay!Semchigo as if I am loved!’ , that I would be just okay if I have thought

‘Jesus loved me so much that He allowed me to experience this love(pains of love)!”

(Semchigo as if I am loved!) - The testimony of a participant-


“We aretruly grateful to Mama Julia who offered the extreme pains

for our repentance and healing and nurtured us with infinite love~!”

 “The youth who came here after having been called and all my beloved children!

Totally entrusting not only your thoughts, words, and deeds but everything in your life

to Me and My Mother and trusting Us, be nurtured in a simple way by My little soul

whom I have personally chosen and brought up, make known the most sublime and

pure love of Me and My Mother in unity with her, and, thus, possess

the inheritance of the Heavenly Kingdom with her."

(Message ofLove from Jesus on the 1st Youth Retreat on August 15, 2007)



Mary's Ark of Salvation 






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wholeheartedly 작성일

but live “Semchigo all of our whole lives.
Then we can easily overcome everything, every devil.
Amen! Amen! Amen!!! What a wonderful the words of Mama Julia!

She is the medicine to my soul and a shelter for my soul!
The Retreat-Camp looks really interesting and graceful!!! Hope
more and more youths participate in!!! Also foreigners...♡

May the love of the Blessed Mother of Naju spread
all over the world through Mama Julia! Let us enjoy the Heaven on earth
by arming ourselves with Five Spiritualities especially 'Semchigo'!!!

Thank you for posting this:) Very interesting!