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This year’s Triduum at the Holy Mountain in Naju, South Korea was participated by local and foreign pilgrims, in their capacities as laypersons, members of the clergy including a  bishop.


Julia Kim met the pilgrims at the celebration, reminding all the
importance of the practice of Five Spiritualities in our daily lives. Many infirmed by sickness and immobility received miraculous healing from Julia who touched and prayed over them. Healing
received from God and the Blessed Mother through Julia has
always been ongoing for more than thirty years from
testimonies volunteered by many who were healed.


During this year’s Triduum, two testimonies of healing were
received although there were also other who were healed as well,
but chose to remain private after receiving healing from Julia. A
pilgrim from Philippines who had incurable breast cancer came
to prepare for her imminent death was healed after Julia prayed
over her and made her drank the miraculous Naju water.
When she returned to Philippines, she went for a
medical review. The hospital review showed a
100% remission from her cancer spread to her
brain. This even surprised her oncologist.


Another pilgrim from Indonesia who was infirmed
on parts of her body suffered from wrongful body massages
came in pain to Naju for the Triduum celebration. Prior to
this trip, she  received other healings from Julia before
from previous pilgrimages to Naju. She set foot Naju
again this year in her deep faith in Naju and remain
resolute that she will be healed again this time
through prayer and healing from Julia.

When she participated in the Stations of the
Cross vigil at the Holy Mountain where struggled
with extreme pains from her body, she also met Julia who
passed out at one stage at the Stations of the Cross
participation, Julia was carried and happened to come
near to the suffering pilgrim from Indonesia. She followed
the helpers who carried Julia all the way back to the big tent where Mass was celebrated. It was at the sacristy where Julia
laid that the pilgrim felt gradual healing was received all over
her body. To everyone’s surprise who saw this miraculous
cure, she was found dancing in front of Julia later free
of pains and immobility that she suffered hours ago.


There were further reports of pilgrims who promote
the deep faith they found in Naju with the holy items brought
from Naju that were blessed and prayed over by Julia, and
in particular the water from the Holy Mountain. Indeed,
the spirit of God and Mother Mary of Naju are present
with them all in Naju and after their return back
from where they came from.

A week after the Triduum celebration, another group of
seven pilgrims came privately on their own to Naju. All, except
two are Naju veterans who came to Naju before. Miracle after
miracle proceeded non-stop on this group as well. They all came
on their own from Singapore to stay for a week of retreat given
by Father Francis Su. One of the pilgrims who had skin cancer
on his head received healing after bathing with water from
the Holy Mountain and on a separate occasion when the
LittleVolunteers of Naju applied the same holy water
onto his head. The water on his head turned milky soon after.


This was the sign of healing received from the
Blessed Mother through her milk. The red spots on this
pilgrim’s head disappeared gradually by the time
he returned to "S"nation.


Another miracle happened on another pilgrim’s newly
bought statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju when it was brought
back home. The statue started shedding fragrance oil three days
after their return to "S"nation.


In his testimony, Mother Mary granted this miraculous sign
through his renewed commitment to help make Naju known to
as many people as possible beyond the shores of South Korea.
Before he came to Naju this time, Jesus came to him twice in his
dreams reminding him to do his work for the Naju cause. Up
to time of writing this article, it has been eleven since and
fragrance oil keep coming out of the statue continuously
with no sign of the oil drying under humid weather
condition in Singapore.
Many Catholic friends were invited into their
home for prayer and saw this miraculous Naju miracle
in true visible form outside of Naju, South Korea. It is
understood that previous miracles like this one also
happened on some of the statues brought back
from Naju that remained unreported for
reason of privacy preferred by the pilgrims
who bought similar statues.




The continuous presence of God
and His Blessed Mother Mary in Naju

For over thirty years since a statue of the Blessed Mary
wept tears of blood in the home of God’s chosen visionary,
Ms. Julia Kim, miraculous healing proceeded non-stop for
pilgrims who headed for Naju, seeking God’s presence
and miracles through His little soul specially chosen
since at her very young age by God asking her to
spread his merciful love and healing to those
who believe without doubt and negative influence
from even the church authorities who to this day,
mandated a stop with threats of ex-communication,
regardless if they are laypersons or clerics  in the
Catholic Church if they persist in their pilgrimage
to this Holy site in Naju, South Korea.


This is the current mandate enforced by the Gwangju
Archdiocese.  The Vatican Church is aware of this stand, but
does not confirm nor support this radical decision imposed
by the Gwangju Archdiocese.


The promulgation of the truth of Naju is still continuing
actively and despite threats of persecution, countless pilgrims
continue going there year after year. At the same time, we are
hoping for a final decision by the Gwangju Archdiocese to
whether officially recognize or deny Naju’s messages from
God and the Blessed Mother, including miraculous healing
manifested through their chosen visionary, Julia Kim with
their re-investigation into the facts and testimonies
that continue to outpour from Naju.

There is no resolute finding up to this stage and apparently,
it seems this purported indecision is deliberated from the Korean
archdiocese by reasons best known to them.


In conclusion, we pray for a change of heart
from the Gwangju Archdiocese to rescind from their
hardened decision levied on Naju. We pray with fervent
hope that a miraculous bridge will be built with combined
hands from Naju and the Gwangju Archdiocese because
this bridge is love that links our hearts with the Sacred
Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
And predicated to this, the love that we pour out
from one to another must be unconditional, for
God’s love is unconditional, flowing freely to those
who seek Him through the practice of the Five Spiritualities revealed through Julia concurrently with the teachings
of the Holy Catholic Church.


Mary's Ark of Salvation








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