June 3, 2017 - the 1st Sat prayer meeting in Naju, Korea

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The Stations of the Cross accompanied by Jesus and the Blessed Mother




Offering up the candles and flowers to the Blessed Mother of Naju

Hymns with action offered up to the Lord and the Blessed Mother

Eucharistic Benediction



Julia Kim delivering the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed 

Mother and her life prepared by Our Lord, offering up extreme suffering 

graciously in expiation of sins in this world

Praying Rosary by candlelight on the Stations of the Cross



Holy Mass










"My beloved children, receive the Holy Spirit.

As God the Father, Who shows signs in the sky and on earth 

and performs the miracles of love, saved Daniel by closing the 

lions' mouths, He will have mercy on you all and send down 

the Holy Spirit so that you may become victorious in the 

fierce battle against Satan in these end times by surely saving 

you no matter what dangers may have befallen you or what 

enemies have surrounded you on all sides, if you make efforts 

to follow Me and My Mother and to make Us known."


- Message of love from Jesus on June 3, 2006 -





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