Signs of Love during the 2017 Holy Triduum in Naju, Korea

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The Lord is truly risen, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!!


All of our dear friends in Mary’s Ark of Salvation, 
Let us joyfully praise Our Lord who is resurrected! 
We are overflowing with joy, and would like to share 
with you the joy and grace Our Lord granted during 
the Triduum in Naju!

On Holy Thursday, the day of priests, 
11 priests including a bishop con-celebrated the Holy 
Maundy Mass. The Blessed Mother poured down 
Her Milk in Julia’s waiting room, which is HER way 
of nourishing HER beloved sons – (priests) with Her 
Milk for their sanctification and spiritual growth. Amen!

The Blessed Mother’s beloved priests whom She 
can put into her eyes without any pains fervently 
prayed throughout 3 days and witnessed many miracles; 
such as Fragrant Oil on the statue of the Blessed Mother 
and Our Mother’s Milk around Calvary Hill and the 
Adoration Chapel. There was also the miracle of the
​ ​

The most remarkable signs for them was the pains 
of the Crown of Thorns that Julia Kim suffered on 
Good Friday. Julia barely arrived at Mt. Calvary and 
soon after, she entered an Ecstasy and saw a vision 
that the whole world was covered with such an intense 
and complete darkness, except here on the Blessed 
Mother’s Mountain. As Our Lord shone a light with 
many rays upon all the pilgrims who were doing the 
Way of the Cross, the numerous beams of the light 
penetrated Julia’s head and she began to suffer the 
Pains of the Crown of Thorns.

She said the pains of The Crown of Thorns this time 
was the most extreme she had ever experienced before. 
Even though the visible pains were not that much. 
She said she felt her blood was profusely flowing down 
as if it were invisible. But she exclaimed that she was 
so happy, and pleased, because people would get 
 through her sufferings. The pilgrims was so 
touched by her love, shouting “Mama Julia, we love you too!” 

She tried to stand several times, but she had no 
energy to stand. Her body began to become paralyzed 
with the symptoms of hypothermia. Volunteers promptly 
covered her with a blanket and carried her under 
the crucifix of Jesus on Mt. Calvary. 

There, she held the hands of the priests’ and prayed 
over each of them. The Priests’ were shedding tears 
while they touched her and consoled her. At that moment, 
one priest received the Precious Blood of Jesus on His 
garment and the pains in his knees disappeared. 

That evening, while the little soul prayed the Rosary, 
she offered up sacrifices by standing in her waiting room. 
The rain of Our Lord’s Precious Blood poured down all 
over her room. A Bishop and priests were invited to 
consume drops of the real Precious Blood from above! 

That night, one Indonesian woman who was limping 
was totally healed. She could walk, run, jump and 
even dance! 

On Easter, Mama Julia looked so happy and healthy. 
She said “even if I suffer again tomorrow, now I’m OK 
and this Easter has been the most joyful Easter I have ever 
had since 1982, when I first began offering pains of reparation.” 

Dear pilgrims! Let us receive the same grace with your 
response “Amen!” Alleluia!
​ ​
May the boundless blessings 
from this Holy place, Naju be overflowed into all of you! 

Little volunteers of Naju 

* The next day of Easter, after all priests and pilgrims 
from foreign countries went back their home, she who 
was totally exhausted and worn out collapsed and now 
is offering up her severe pains and suffering on behalf 
of clergy, pilgrims and sinners in the world.

Fragrant Oil descended on the acrylic dome in the Adoration

Chapel during Julia's prayer in preparation for the Prayer

Meeting of Holy Triduum on the previous night.


Fragrant Oil and Mother's Milk descended on the area

of Crucifix at Mt. Calvary.

 Fragrant Oil and Mother's Milk descended on the acrylic wall

protecting the statue of Jesus on Mt. Calvary


Fragrant Oil floating on the Miraculous Water

Julia Kim suffering the pains in reparation for the sins of abortion

during the preparatory prayer before the Holy Triduum

Fragrant Oil and Thick Blessed Mother's Milk descended on

the mirror of Julia's waiting room on Holy Thursday.

Thick Blessed Mother's Milk on the mirror of Julia's

waiting room on Holy Thursday


The Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

Julia suffered the pain of crown of thorns participating in Jesus'

suffering during the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

Julia shed tears of blood from her left eye.

Julia entered an ecstasy while suffering from the pain of 

crown of thorns and bleeding from the top of her forehead.

Archbishop and priests blessing Julia who

entered an ecstasy in extreme pains


After Julia woke up from the ecstasy, her legs began to be

paralyzed because of hypothermia while she fell down on the

cold ground. She had no strength to stand even though people

helped to support her. Eventually she was moved with a stretcher. 

Precious Blood descended on a priest's alb 

during the Stations of the Cross.

Julia's handkerchief that she wiped her blood flowing down 

from the wounds on her head while she was participating 

in Our Lord's suffering the Pains of the Crown of the thorns. 

Julia bled again from her forehead caused 

by the pains of crown of thorns.

Precious Blood descended on the back of Julia's clothes 

penetrating her outer clothing which she was wearing 

during the Stations of the Cross

The rain of Precious Blood descended in Julia's waiting room 


Precious Blood descended on the hand of a novice 

who was in Julia's waiting room at that moment

Fragrant Oil descended in Julia's waiting room

Precious Blood came down on Julia's bed on Holy Saturday.

Precious Blood came down on Julia's handkerchief on her bed. 

Precious Blood came down on the wall of Julia's room

Precious Blood descended on the floor of Julia's room.

Precious Blood descended on one volunteer helper's clothes. 



"My beloved children! You cannot resurrect unless you


die first, can you? You will surely be saved with the new


Resurrection, if you genuinely follow the Will of Me and My


Mother Who have been screaming until Our throats become torn


even showing numerous signs, in the truth that you can resurrect


only when you die first regardless of how painful your life may


be in this age when the good heads of grain are being separated


from the empty ones.




Children! When you respond with Amen to My and My Mother's


call and put into practice the messages of love that have been


given (to you) through My little soul, you will all be protected


and looked after in whatever circumstances you may be and you


will be rescued even from imminent crises. Therefore, do not


ever be worried or fearful. Not even one soul among the children


who have been called, have responded with Amen, and are


following Me and My Mother will be abandoned like orphans.




No matter what time of ordeal you are confronted with, I will


strengthen and protect you with the love of the Holy Spirit which


I sent down to you today. So genuinely and totally offer up your


thoughts, minds, and souls so that you may experience a new


Resurrection. I send down boundless blessings on all of you."




(Message from Jesus on Apr.7, 2007)



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