March 4, 2017 the 1st Sat prayer meeting in Naju, Korea

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The Blessed Mother of Naju exuding Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body


The Stations of the Cross accompanied by Jesus and the Blessed Mother





Procession of the Blessed Mother of Naju

offering up flowers and candles

Eucharistic Benediction

Presentation on Naju through enlightening about the Messages of Love

Julia Kim delivering the Messages of Love from the Lord 

and the Blessed Mother and her life prepared by Our Lord on the screen

Julia Kim delivering the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed 

Mother and her life prepared by Our Lord, offering up extreme suffering 

graciously in expiation of sins in this world

Praying Rosary by candlelight on the Stations of the Cross




Hymns with action offered up to the Lord and the Blessed Mother


Holy Mass



"All the children in the world!  My Son Jesus and I are 

not far away from you, not even at a shouting distance from 

you, but right at your side.  Therefore, do not calculate with 

human thinking any longer but open your hearts widely 

and return to My Son Jesus and me.


Then, you will not be asked questions about your past, 

the cup of blessing from God the Father instead of 

the cup of His wrath will come down upon you, 

and your sad crying and screaming will turn into joy.


My beloved children who have been called as little souls!  

Deeply meditating that your Lord is bleeding day after day 

because of the extremely wicked sinners, become more 

awake and pray that even those evil people with 

human faces but beastly hearts may be saved." 


(Message from the Blessed Mother on Feb 16, 2003)






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