Feb 4, 2017 - The 1st Sat prayer meeting in Naju, Korea

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The Blessed Mother of Naju exuding Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body

The Stations of the Cross accompanied by Jesus and the Blessed Mother



Procession of the Blessed Mother of Naju


offering up flowers and candles


Eucharistic Benediction

Presentation on Naju through enlightening about the Messages of Love

Julia Kim delivering on the screen the Messages of Love from the Lord 

and the Blessed Mother and her life prepared by Our Lord

Julia Kim delivering the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed 

Mother and her life prepared by Our Lord, offering up extreme suffering 

graciously in expiation of sins in this world


Hymns with action offered up to the Lord and the Blessed Mother


Praying the Rosary with raised arms wholeheartedly



Holy Mass

Precious Blood of Jesus Christ descended upon 

the Blessed Mother's Mountain during the Stations of the Cross

Thick Milk of the Blessed Mother descended on a pilgrim's cloth


"All the clergy, religious, and lay people in the world! Make haste to wake up from sleep, rush to Me through My Mother, and make strenuous efforts so that all the children in the world may practice the messages of love that My Mother and I have been screaming to them until Our throats start bleeding and be saved. 


My little souls who have been called! This generation is unfaithful like reeds that are swayed by the wind and is filled with sins. Those who do not seek the incorruptible riches in Heaven but compromise with the world and try to preserve their lives will lose their lives, whereas those who are persecuted while working for My Mother and Me will live forever." 

(Message of Love from Jesus on Feb 16, 2003)


<Excerpts from Fr. Su's homily on the 1st Sat of Feb, 2017>







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