First Saturday Prayer Meeting (May 7, 2016)

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Solar Halo appeared in the sky on the 1st Sat of May, 2016
(views taken from the Blessed Mother's House in Naju, Korea)

"My beloved little souls! The sun is light. The Lord Who came as Light is shedding light on you by opening Heaven. These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation. They also mean that the Lord is with you and is blessing you and this land.

It means that my victory is being accomplished in you, who obey me in a simple way, on this land of love illuminated by the Lord's Light according to God's Will. This way, the darkness of evil permeated with errors, with selfishness that prevents your self-renunciation, with passions and with all kinds of sins and uncleanness will be driven out." (Message from the Blessed Mother on Dec 5, 1991)



The Stations of the Cross accompanied by Jesus and the Blessed Mother shedding Blood in the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, Korea (photos taken on May 7, 2016)

"This place is the Way of the Cross, which I personally walk shedding blood together with you. Therefore, if all those who walk this Way of the Cross open the doors of their hearts widely, desire sincerely to be united with Me, and pray participating in the pains that I suffered, they will meet Me and receive spiritual and physical healings.

All the beloved children in the world! Even at this hour, when two thousand years have passed, I am coming to you, shedding blood like this, in order to be with you. Do not regret on the last day after having been attached to and having compromised with the things of the world and the flesh which will decay and pass away, but make haste to rush toward Me through My Mother, arm yourselves with the messages which My Mother and I have been giving you for your repentance, repeating the same words again and again, and inherit Heaven which has been earned through the immeasurable pains of the Cross." (Message from Jesus on Jan 18, 2002)



On occasion of children's day, Prayer of Life group distributed balloon and cotton candy to children on the Blessed Mother's Mountain




Offering up Flowers and Candles to the Blessed Mother

On occasion of parents' day, Prayer of Life group members are pinning flowers to the cloth of fathers and elders

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Julia Kim gave her testimony to the the pilgrims

offering up her intensive suffering


The ceremony for Prayer of Life group's receiving crucifix




Candle light Rosary procession



  Holy Mass


Julia Kim hugs everyone who attended the 1st Sat prayer meeting in Naju with warm heart, offering up her most extreme suffering in union with the pains of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother, praying their spiritual and physical healings







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