The First Saturday Prayer Meeting in Naju, Korea on Nov.7, 2015

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The Blessed Mother of Naju

The way of the Cross where the Lord and the Blessed Mother

walk with us, shedding Blood

Pilgrims fervently offered up prayer of the Stations of the Cross in spite of rain


Pilgrims offered up sacrifices and penance with bare feet

for the conversion of sinners doing the Stations of the Cross.

Offering of flowers and candles to the Blessed Mother

The Procession of the Blessed Mother of Naju


Eucharistic Benediction


Presentation by Peter Park about the shrine of the Blessed Mother of Naju

Julia Kim delivered her testimony, smiling joyfully 

while offering up her intensive suffering for the spiritual and physical 

healing of pilgrims and for the conversion of sinners

Hymns with action

Fervent Prayer of Rosary with raising both arms




Holy Mass

Julia's handkerchief was stained with blood, 

when she wiped away her tears and runny nose with it 

during her extreme suffering at the previous night 

before the First Saturday Prayer Meeting.

The handkerchief which was stained with Julia's blood

10PM~11:47PM on Nov 6, 2015

Julia's pillow was stained black, 

when she placed her head slightly on it 

during her struggle with extreme sufferings.

at about 7:40 PM on Oct 27, 2015

When Julia was offering up her extreme suffering for the conversion 

of sinners, the towel laid under her head was stained black.

(Jesus and the Blessed Mother show us that 

Their Hearts are burning into ashes like this.)

Individual meeting with Julia Kim

Julia kisses on pilgrims' sick part of their body

with all her heart praying for their healing by Our Lord. 

Lucia(The photo)was healed of the pains of her waist 

immediately after Julia's prayers. 




My beloved children!  When my Son Jesus sits in the royal throne


together with me at His side, surrounded by all the angels in Heaven, 


and separates the good heads of grain and the empty ones, shouldn’t you 


be counted as good ones instead of being separated as empty ones?



Therefore, do not hesitate or delay but tightly hold the 

hands of me, who am the string that ties Heaven and earth 


together, put the messages of love into practice, and thus 


participate in the work of saving this world. 



By doing this, join in the eternal heavenly banquet

in the midst of the cheers by the angels and Saints in Heaven, 


where there is no death, starving, thirsting, sadness, 


suffering, or sighs any longer but which is only 


filled with love; and participate in the glory.

(The Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on Nov. 9, 2001)




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