The 29th anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping Tears of Blood in Naj…

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Our Lady of Naju weeping copious Tears of Blood Oct.14, 1989

The beginning prayers of the way of the Cross

The way of the Cross where the Lord and

the Blessed Mother walk with us, shedding Blood



Offering of flowers and candles to The Blessed Mother



Eucharistic Benediction

Holy Mass

Hymns and Praise to the Lord and the Blessed Mother


Introduction of foreign pilgrims

Presentation by Peter Park about the Messages of Love

Candle-light rosary procession



Julia Kim delivered her testimony, smiling joyfully while offering up her

severe suffering for the conversion of sinners (Her whole body is swollen)

Individual meeting with Julia Kim




"My beloved children!  Before God the Father's judgment 

comes down severely, urgently cry out so that the messages of love

that I and My Mother have been screaming until Our throats become torn,

repeating the same words again and again, may be spread all over the world 

and that this world, which has already gravely offended God the Father, 

may be saved.  Even though the clergy who are blocking all the graces

that I send down through Naju and other opponents who follow them 

may appear so powerful and confident, it will soon be revealed that 

their inconsistent and self-contradicting deeds are nothing 

but shallow and useless attempts to deceive others. 

 Therefore, with redoubled courage, offer up your utmost loyalty.


I ask you like this, because when the entreaties by My little soul—nay, 

the wishes of My Mother—who has been consecrated with a martyr's suffering 

that leads to double deaths for the realization of My will as well as My Mother's

to save the herds of sheep that have lost their way and are wandering, 

are accepted by the Holy Church, My love and My Mother's love 

will flame up enabling new buds to sprout even on the burnt ground 

and will bring down the cup of God's blessing 

instead of the cup of His wrath." 

(Message of Love from Jesus on Oct 19, 2007)



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