First Saturday Prayer Meeting in Naju, Korea on August 1, 2015

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Our Lady of Naju exuding Fragrant oil

 On the First Saturday,  It was peak of summer in Korea.  

While many people went to sea and enjoyed the vacation.

Naju pilgrims gathered to the Blessed Mother's  Mountain

to observe the First Saturday devotion and pray with the Blessed Mother

offering up secrifices and penaces during whole night

"At this grave hour when a fierce battle is being waged against

the devil, Satan, who is trying to conquer the world, even those children

who say that they love me are turning their faces away from the Lord

who bleeds and walks with you and this Mommy who cries out

shedding tears of blood, for fear of being wounded from the brandishing

of the swords of persecution, and are relishing the pleasure of

going on vacation under the cool air conditioner,

you rejoice over the persecutions and insults that you receive

and offer up sacrifices together with my daughter whom I have chosen.  

What will be there that I cannot lay down for you? 

(The Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on August 2, 2008)

Pilgrims offering the stations of Cross

The way of the Cross where the Lord and the Blessed Mother

walk with us, shedding blood






Offering of Flowers and Candles to The Blessed Mother

Julio and Julia Kim attended the procession

of the statue of Our Lady of Naju

Pilgrims offerup up flowers and candles

to the Blessed Mother of Naju with their prayer intentions


Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

The Candle light Rosary Procession




Julia Kim sharing the Word of the Lord and the Blessed Mother

along with her testimony to the pilgrims despite her intense sufferings.

Pilgrims  listening to Julia Kim's testimony

Holy Mass in Latin


 Meeting with Julia Kim

"Oh, all the children of the world! It is not too late yet.

Come to me in a hurry. Come to me without delay and

suck the spiritual milk from my breast that is flowing out like a spring.

I will make a flower garden where you can grow beautiful souls.

I have left my Heart wide open to accept your pleas and requests.

When you return to me renouncing yourselves,

you will find the happiness that you have been longing for,

but have not been able to find, in the bosom of this Mother of Peace,

who can embrace all of you. "

(The Message from the Blessed Mother of Naju on Oct. 4, 1990)  




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