Photographs taken on the Holy Triduum(April 17~19, 2014)

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The Statue of the Blessed Mother placed 
in the Vinyl-tented Chapel exuding Fragrant Oil on Good Friday, April 18, 2014


Holy Thursday, April 17



Offering up the Way of the Cross individually and by groups

Foreign Pilgrims praying in the Vinyl-tented Chapel

Offering up flowers and candles to the Blessed Mother

Praying rosary earnestly with raising arms


Julia Kim delivering to priests gracious messages 
that they become a Saintly Priest after exchanging greetings according to 
Julia’s suggestion to make a deep bow to the priests on the Day for Priests.

Julia Kim and pilgrims making a deep bow to Priests

Julia delivering the messages and testimonies, offering up a lot of 
sufferings for the conversion of sinners especially during this Lenten season

The Washing of Feet


The Mass of the Last Supper

Transferring the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose


The visit of Foreign Pilgrims to the Blessed Sacrament before the Altar of Repose



Good Friday, April 18





Julia Kim participating in the pains of crucifixion 
when she meditated on Jesus being nailed on the Cross at the 11th station


Julia Kim screamed and fell down on the ground and stopped breathing when Jesus died on the Cross at 12th station. She went straight to Heaven and faced God the Father and  received a Message (Her abdomen which had become swollen due to the pains in reparation for abortion became normal)



Priests prostrating themselves before the altar during the Liturgy of Good Friday

The Ceremony of the Passion of the Lord

The Veneration of the Cross



Easter Vigil, April 19



The Easter Eggs decorated by pilgrims at home and abroad



Offering up flowers and candles to the Blessed Mother

The Initiation Ceremony to the Prayer of Life Group

Members of the Prayer of Life Group singing songs for new Postulants

Ceremony for Novice Admittance of the Prayer of Life Group


The candle-light Rosary Procession on the Way of the Cross




The Service of the light



Renewal of Baptismal Promises

Easter Vigil Mass

Hymns and dancing with Foreign Pilgrims



“Little souls who are working for Me through My Mother Mary! Do not have fear or hesitate but hurriedly get up and cry out. I, Who am the beginning and the end and have the keys to death, hell and Heaven, will finish the work that I began. Even if you are misunderstood by the world and experience distress and persecution, you, who are coming to Me, following My Mother, are rich.


That is because the children, who trust Me completely and rush to Me according to the words of My Mother who is guiding you on the shortcut, will achieve victory over the devil, wear the laurel crown that My Mother will give them, and eat the fruits of the tree of eternal life in the Heavenly Paradise where there is no pain or sorrow but which is filled only with love.”   - April 3, 1999





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