Julia Kim's suffering during the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday …

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The Statue of the Blessed Mother enshrined
in the vinyl-tented chapel exuded fragrant oil on April 18, 2014.

Pilgrims watching the video on Julia's suffering 
in expiation of other's sins on Holy Triduum for last 4 years

preparatory prayer before the Staions of the Cross

Julia who is suffering extremely from the reparation for abortions

Julia couldn't keep her balance because of severe suffering

Julia participated in the pain being nailed on the cross 
with screaming, while meditating on Jesus being crucified in the 11th Station.

Julia participated in the extreme pains in 
reparation for abortion in the 12th Station.

When Jesus breathed his last, Julia also fell down, screaming. 
At that time she stopped her breathing and died. 

She went straight to Heaven.

she met God the Father and received message. 
(Her abdomen is getting back to normal)

Julia's abdomen which became larger 

got back to normal after she woke up. 


All the children in the world! 

Among those who are singing Alleluia with their mouths, 

how many are truly coming to Me? 

Those who come to My Mother, listen to her words, 

and practice them, and all the children who come to Me 

through My Mother will be saved by Me together with My Mother and will be led to a life of the resurrection, 

even when they are situated in an extremely dangerous

crisis and are unable to do anything (to protect themselves 

because of the swiftness of the crisis). 

Therefore, with a high aim and plan to save the world, 

rescue the sheep which have even lost their sense of 

direction. Those who have ears to hear will hear and 

those who have mouths will spread.

Together with My Mother, 

I will always be a companion for you,

who have been called and are working for Me, 

protect you, and sustain you as people 

who never give up despite difficulties. 

You will enjoy eternal happiness

at My table on the last day. 

Message from the Blessed 
Mother of Naju on April 23, 2000





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