★☆ St. John Paul Ⅱ, who was canonized on April 27, 2014 ☆★

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The Statue of the Blessed Mother squeezing Her whole body and exuding fragrant oil(Nov 5, 2005)

Congratulations from Naju

on Canonization of Pope John Paul ..!


Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!

All the members of the Sodality of Mary's Ark of Salvation congratulate with rejoice on the Canonization of Pope John Paul .

Pope John Paul had favorable conviction and keen interest in Naju for a long time, which was substantiated by his instruction to dispatch Msgr. Vincent Thu, one of his private secretaries, to Naju on September 18, 1995. Through Msgr. Thu, Saint John-Paul The Great also sent his message of consolation to Mrs. Julia Kim: "I extremely love and respect the Blessed Mother of Naju and also highly love and respect Julia." and extended his love to Julia who was in the midst of suffering.

Through Msgr. Thu, Julia was invited to attend the Mass in the Holy Father’s private chapel. During the Mass celebrated by the Holy Father on October 31, 1995, the Eucharist that Julia received became larger and turned into moving Flesh and Blood on her tongue.

The Holy Father was very surprised when he saw the changes in the Eucharistic species. He gave a blessing to Julia's mouth and made a small sign of the cross on her forehead with his hand and gave her further blessing after touching her cheek. He also extended his blessing for her family in her hometown in Korea.



When Julia made a deep bow to Pope John Paul , he answered "Praise Jesus!" in Korean, smiling and looking at her delightfully.

Soon afterwards, in May 2001, Italian explanation of the photographs of the Eucharistic miracle of October 31, 1995 was publicly displayed in St. Michael Church at Monte Sant’Angelo. In addition, the same miracle and more information about Naju were broadcast by TV for the entire areas of Italy. It was understood that these public displays involving the Holy Father Pope John Paul II himself was obviously mandated by the Holy See.

In April 2001, the Eucharistic miracle of the host, received from Pope John Paul II by Julia on October 31, 1995, was displayed in St. Michael Church at Monte Sant’Angelo, located 20 km from San Giovanni Rotondo. Since this incident involves the Holy Father himself, the exhibition is not permitted without his approval.

On May 19, 2001, an Italian Catholic television channel broadcasted the miracle from October 31, 1995, tears of Naju Mary, her tears of blood, and more for an hour by Pope John Paul II’s request.

During the Korean Bishops’ ad limina visit in 1996, Pope John Paul II asked Bishop William McNauchton of the Incheon Diocese in Korea: "What do you think about Naju?" Bishop William McNaughton rejoined with an answer: "I believe the Messages and signs from Naju are authentic."

The Holy Father told Bishop William McNauchton : "I also saw the miraculous change in the Eucharist in Julia’s mouth." (Testimony by Bishop William McNaughton) The Bishop revealed to Fr. Chang of this dialogue on Sep 20, 1996 and asked him to convey it to Julia.

In March 2001, three years after the announcement of the Gwangju Archdiocese’s negative Declaration on Naju, the Korean Bishops were again on their ad limina visit. During the lunch meeting, the Holy Father asked the Bishops, "How is the situation in Naju?"

Naju pilgrims and the prayer group members henceforth consistently prayed with "the Prayer through intercession of the Blessed John Paul " together, wishing that Pope John Paul beatified on May 1, 2011 could be canonized.


Pope John Paul who accepted the Blessed Mother of Naju and granted the encouragement and love to Julia was canonized by the Catholic Church on April 27, 2014.

Julia has been offering prayers and sacrifices constantly for Pope John Paul . Now as he will be canonized, he will mediate in Heaven for the approval of Naju. Therefore, his canonization is a joy and hope for all of us.

Because Naju is the place where the Lord and the Blessed Mother are truly present, the unprecedented numerous miracles, spiritual and physical healings through the repentance have been unceasingly granted through Julia's prayer and sacrifice despite the persecution. We believe the truth of Naju will be revealed to all the people in the world and the approval of Naju also will be brought forward, through the intercession of Saint John Paul The Great, who himself justified the truth of Naju while he was with us on earth. There is no further testimony or accreditation needed as this truth is Heavenly blessed by a saint.

To all the family members of Mary's Ark of Salvation! Let's try to become humble as little souls, giving devoted service in a heroic manner by displaying the power of love more vigorously. So on the last day, let's enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven, being escorted by the angels and singing glory and Alleluia to the Lord. Amen! Alleluia!






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