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The Precious Blood of Jesus shed in Naju


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 The sigsn from the Blessed Mother of Naju

 Julia's sufferings of reparation

    The pains of the crucifixion (Feb 13,1987)

    The pains of the fire of hell(Jul 24,1988)

    The pains in reparation of abortion (Jul 29,1988)

    The pains of Crucifixion and the Sacred Heart of Jesus that are torning into pieces.

    The pains of Fr. Andrew Kim's excution (Jan 29,1988)

    The pains of Crucifixtion, and so on.

    The pains of scourging (Sept 15,2007)_

    The pains of Scourgings on Good Friday

    The Pains from the Crown of Thorn during the youth retreat

    The Pains from the Crown of Thorns on Good Friday


 The Precious Blood of Our Lord

    The Precious Blood of Jesus -June 11,2002

    The Precious Blood of Jesus -Aug 15,2002

    The Precious Blood of Jesus -Oct 12-19,2006

    The mystery of living Blood of Jesus

    What a mystery of the Precious Blood of Jesus


The Blessed Mother's Mountain

    - The Naju Water of Graces

    - The mystic signs on Aug 14 to 15,2007


         The vigil

          The first Saturday Vigil (Jan,1997)

           The first Saturday Vigil ( March, 1997)

         The first Saturday Vigil ( Oct 19,1997)

           The first Saturday Vigil ( June,2007)

           The first Saturday Vigil ( Jul, 2007)


    -  The year of the Holy Eucharist
    - The conference in Mexico

    - Thetimonies regardless Julia Kim
    - Julia Kim's spiritual song
    - The Eucharistic miracle

    - The visit to Ruteng, Indonesia 2007.