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The Way of Love for the Lord
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(Julia’s life prepared by Our Lord)


Book of The Way of Love for the Lord


contact : marysnaju@najumary.or.kr




Chapter 1

The Lord changed the appearance of a 33 year-old housewife into that of a 19 year-old girl. (August 15, 1980)

Chapter 2

Turning our daily lives into prayers (August 27, 1980)

Chapter 3

You laid a steppingstone for saving our love.
(August 28, 1980)

Chapter 4

Jesus poked me to correct my ways (October 13, 1980)

Chapter 5

Scuffles with devils (October 13, 1980)

Chapter 6

Mrs. Clara Kim who was healed of her hemorrhoid and uterine prolapse (January of 1981)

Chapter 7

When Clara Kim’s son couldn’t defecate (Januaryof 1981)

Chapter 8

The Holy Eucharist that I received everyday came to my soul as a sweet rain (Easter of 1981)

Chapter 9

My Mother who injured her back (April 29, 1981)

Chapter 10

The two days when I couldn’t forgive my mother-in-law (April 30, 1981)

Chapter 11

The two days when I couldn’t receive the Holy Eucharist (May 1, 1981)

Chapter 12

Who might he be? (August 9, 1981)

Chapter 13

Where in the world did he go? (May 1, 1981)

Chapter 14

Special talk by a nun (May 2, 1981)

Chapter 15

In order to be used as a staff (May 1, 1981)

Chapter 16

It didn't matter to me who said it. (May 2, 1981)

Chapter 17

I offered up the cost of a bath and my life to God. (May 13, 1981)

Chapter 18

A child who was healed when his mother repented (May 24, 1981)

Chapter 19

Jesus who appeared to me during confession (May 26, 1981)

Chapter 20

The Lord Who said through my mouth (July 21, 1981)

Chapter 21

“There is a big Cross on your forehead.” (August 9, 1981)

Chapter 38

My husband's repentance (July 5, 1982)

Chapter 42

She could not forgive her husband (July 24, 1982)

Chapter 46

"Are you trying to pull out little weeds in others’ yards, while neglecting the thick weeds covering your own yard?" (August 12, 1982)

Chapter 47

"Oh, my goodness! This lady is making sense!" (August 18, 1982)

Chapter 48

"How much harder it must be for you to take care of two women!" (August 13, 1982, early in the morning)

Chapter 49

Vinegar mixed with gall (August 19, 1982, in the afternoon)