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Chapter 6. Mrs. Clara Kim who was healed of her hemorrhoid and uterine prolapse (January of 1981)

When I was doing a customer’s hair, Mrs. Clara Kim, a woman close to me, came into my hair salon arduously and flopped down in a straddle position onto a couch. At that time Mr. Paul Lee, president of the charismatic renewal movement in Gwangju, unexpectedly stopped by my salon. We went to her house by taxi.

There was a squat toilet in her house as was used in those days in Korea. Upon entering the squat toilet, I was appalled to see the inside covered entirely with blood.

It turned out that after giving birth to a child, her uterus prolapsed entirely. On top of it she had severe hemorrhoids, resulting in continuous bleeding. Despite receiving hospital treatment, the illness was not cured. So she was having a hard time at home due to her poor financial situation.

How could someone, who had not gone through the same situation, possibly measure the miserable state in which she was forced to live as she couldn’t just die because of her child?

So I told her to lie face down and prayed for her, putting my thumb on her anus and the other four fingers on her uterus. Then I looked around the house and was astonished to find that piles of dirty laundry and cloth diapers had been in wash pots, making her house a total mess. So I washed the cloth diapers stained with feces and all the laundry, and cleaned the house until the sun began to set.

The next day she rushed to my hair salon. “Julia, I was completely healed. The prolapsed uterus retracted to its normal place and the hemorrhoids disappeared, making the bleeding stop completely. My husband who had no faith came to believe in God and promised to go to church faithfully. He was most delighted that my uterine prolapse, which had made it impossible to have the marital relationship, was healed.”

“Lord! praise, thanks and glory to You forever and ever. There is nothing impossible with You. As You raised up even the dead, what can there possibly be that You cannot do? As we are unworthy, we cannot do anything without You.”

“Yes, My lovely daughter! I will perform miracles of love through you, who think of yourself as unworthy and wretched. So follow Me, carrying the utmost love in your heart.”

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