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Chapter 38. My husband's repentance -Julio Kim


I urged my husband, who just came homefrom work, to hurry up for the overnight prayer meeting so that we might not be late for it.  He had always willingly accompanied me to the prayer meeting without any complaint, but today he was in a fretful mood as if he had a bad day at work.  He said, “Can’t we miss it just once?

When I heard this from him, I thought that we were going to receive much grace that night, because the devil knew it and was making my husband feel reluctant to go to the prayer meeting.  I was determined to take him to the prayer meeting and importuned him several more times, but he would not change his mind.

Finally I said, “Are you sure? If I had the cancer again and died, you would regret. But what would be the use of it?” Then, I prayed sincerely, “Lord! If my husband can repent completely and become a faithful instrument for You through my having the cancer again and dying, I will gladly do so.” Hearing this, my husband was startled and said, “Honey!  I am sorry. I will go with you.  What would be the use if you die and I remain alive? I cannot live without you. So, do not say a prayer like that any more, okay?  He was in a greater hurry than I for the prayer meeting.

At the previous prayer meetings, my husband and I had always sat together, but today I sat in the front and my husband in the back.  While all the individuals at the prayer meeting w

Hearing my husband’s testimony, I shed tears endlessly thinking “when I laid down even my life for the sake of my husband’s conversion, the Lord granted my prayer and allowed us to share true love fifteen years after we had first met.”  I thought that sincere prayers were surely answered as the words we uttered return to us like echoes.  I meditated on the Lord’s words.       

Jesus led His silent private life for thirty years in preparation for three years of His public life.  Of course, my life cannot be compared with Jesus’ life, but I have not told anyone about all the pains that I have suffered, and now feel overjoyed because my prayer was answered by the Lord.

Oh!  My Lord, my Beloved!
I thank Thee again and again. May everything be done according to Thy Will

Yes, My beloved little child!

Until now, you have lived willingly accepting all the bleeding pains in you for the benefit of others.  A life of accepting pains for the love of others is truly a life of consecration, isn’t it?  Everything that you have sincerely wished for and cried out for so ardently has been for the purpose of totally imitating Me.  How can I not do what you are asking of Me?

He(your husband) will assist you so that you may become a grain of wheat that dies in the ground to bear many fruits.  Thus, you will be feeding the fruits of the Holy Spirit to the barren, impoverished souls and fill them up from now on.” 

Julia and Julio made a Solemn Vow as members of  the Third Franciscan Order.