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(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

Chapter 21. "There is a big Cross on your forehead." (August 9, 1981)


In the middle of summer when the sweltering heat was relentless, I was doing a customer’s hair and offering up the prayer of life when a middle-aged woman came into my salon and said,
“Look, there is a fortune-teller who is quite accurate. I have never seen a fortune-teller like her.” As she said in aloud voice, other women responded simultaneously,
“Where is the fortune-tellerknown to be quite accurate?” She said, “The landlady of this building brought her to a small store next to this building. She is excellent! Indeed, she makes good hits.” They went out one by one.

As I was watching them go, I thought, “I should not leave this situation as it is.” So, I went to see the fortune-teller. There were many people gathering around her. I just sat with them and watched. I started saying a prayer to chase away the devils, sprinkling the holy water silently.

For some time, she was quite excited to interpret people’s divination signs. Then, she gazed at me and said, “You are the one whom God has chosen. There is a big Cross on your forehead… I’ll be right back after using the bathroom. Just a moment.” However, she ran away.

Then, the landlady grumbled, “I know that you believe in God. Why do you have to come here and interfere?” Several people who were present there reproached me, saying they wished the fortune-teller had continued interpreting divination signs.

All went well according to my wish. I felt sorry for them who did not know God when I viewed them through human eyes. I was at a loss on what to do. I apologized to them. Someone from amongst them exclaimed, “Today I witness the Greatness of God.”

“Oh, my Lord, my Love! You who are full of deep lamentation and grief even today, are waiting for sinners to repent and run back to You. How painful You must feel in Your Heart for those children who are loved by the Lord but are not freed from attachments to themselves!
Though You want to save humans by offering up Your whole Life, there are still children who do not realize the immense Love of the Lord. Have mercy on them and correct their misguided thinking through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let them receive the Lord in their hearts without a day’s delay, and give glory to the Lord.”

“My lovely daughter! The cunning devils with all their activities and efforts will try to lead many children of the Church chosen by Me as well as many children of the world to the road of vanity and superficiality by instigating their curiosity.
In the end, the devils will try to separate those children from God’s love

This is why theyare even using fortune-tellers. As the devils know well that I am raising you as a pure soul so that you may become a witness to My infinite Love, the fortune-teller ran away out of fear upon seeing you.

Whenever you lower andempty yourself before My dignified Love, I will manifest My power in theinnermost recesses of your soul.

Therefore, follow Me obediently. As you havewon victory over the devils at every moment by responding to My call with ‘Amen’ and relying on Me totally, the seal of the Cross engraved on your forehead will shine forever.”


Julia Kim with her four children.