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Chapter 18.  A child who was healed when his mother repented (May 24, 1981)


A Protestant woman visited me carrying her sick child on her back. It turned out that she was an elder sister of Clara Kim who had been healed of her uterine prolapse and hemorrhoid through my prayer. She had taken her child to a lot of hospitals but the child’s condition had worsened. She brought her child to me like a drowning woman grasping at a straw.

She had to carry her child on her back because the child was very ill. I began to pray for the child. All of a sudden I heard the mother sobbing. Hearing that, I opened my eyes. To my astonishment, I found myself praying for her unknowingly with my hand on her chest. The most surprising thing happened. The child got healed while the mother was sobbing, her eyes turning bloodshot red.

I discovered an amazing, newfound truth that a child can be healed when his or her parent repents. Moreover, the Lord called the mother to the Holy Catholic Church through her child.

How amazing it was and how grateful we felt!

They, dual-career parents, were very sincere Protestants who gave tithes regularly and took the initiative to work for their church. When I said, “Because the Lord called you to the Holy Catholic Church through your child, be grateful,” the child’s mother did not hesitate even for a moment to respond with ‘Amen’. Soon, she began to go to the Catholic Church and converted all her family to Catholicism. In addition, I heard that her conflict with her husband’s mother had been solved and all her family lived happily as a holy family.

“Lord, thank You. I am grateful to You for using me, unworthy and unqualified, as Your instrument.”

“My beloved little soul! I love any soul. As I am going to work greater miracles of love through you who always think of yourself as unworthy and unqualified, I wish you to totally submit to My Will.”


March 16, 2012 (Julia prayed over a serious ill patient for his healing.).