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Chapter 16. It didn't matter to me who said it. (May 2, 1981)


The next day I was surprised again. I came to know that some parishioners of Naju and volunteer helpers of the charismatic movement in Gwangju had also attended the talk. So I said to them, “I heard that a tree should undergo the pain of being cut and pruned in order to be used as a good staff.

So I realized that we should also suffer the same pain as the staff in order to be used as the Lord’s instrument.” They wondered in puzzlement and said that was quite some news to them.

I thought that the talk was so touching and it must have been of help to whoever had heard of it but could not find anyone who had heard it. So I relayed some of the talk to them.

“How could there be no pain at all when God files angular parts to be smooth so that He could use His beloved one as an instrument? God sometimes scourges and tests His beloved children.

We should realize that the devil who knows it well can plot a bad scheme through people to separate us from the love of God. Let us pray and remain wide awake so as not to give chances to the devil.” When I finished speaking, they liked it saying that this was the first time they had ever heard of what I had shared.

There was a woman by the name of Lydwina from the Naju parish church who also attended the talk. I asked her if she had heard of that but she told me that was new to her too.

I thought, ‘No one out of those present during the talk had ever heard of it. They might not have listened to the nun attentively or Jesus was talking to me alone through the nun’s voice. I wondered for I have no way of meeting her to verify it. As I came to realize the amazing love of God, I am just content with it. I am not anxious to know the result out of curiosity. God can do everything by Himself, but He acts through humans.’

Then, I heard the voice of the Lord.

“Yes, My beloved little soul! What has happened until now was My plan to let you know the fullness of My boundless love for you in order to raise you up. You have come to meet Me in your thirst and ardent desire. It is love that is inextinguishable forever.”