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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection - Happy 4

We who follow Jesus and Mother Mary are blessed children.



Mother Mary are blessed children

Now how much Our Lord and Mother Mary suffer!


God the Father can’t help but send down

chastisement on this world.


But the reason He hasn’t

sent down chastisement is

because there are little souls like you indeed.



When I saw too few little souls

gathered here like this,


I said “Jesus, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.”

Jesus replied,

“Don’t dwell on the number.

You are the Good Grains.”



You are the good Grains.

If we combine our strength,

we can prevent the chastisement

 which will be sent down on this world.

You are the little souls.

I’d like to give you everything.


But all I can offer is my heart and love.

Please receive my heart and love.




When the sounds of prayers by little souls soar high into Heaven,

instead of cup of God’s wrath, the blessing will be sent down.


He firmly promised us.

If at least we don’t turn our backs,

the chastisement won’t come down upon this world.

No matter what anyone says,

we are the true children of Jesus and Mother Mary.


As you don’t turn away from your own Dad and Mom

who have chosen and appointed you as Their true children,



you’re the apostles of the Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary,

who will protect Them under any humiliation

or in biting winds of persecution.


So the reward to be granted you is enormously great.

Although you did wrongs and made mistakes,

such small things will perish by big merits you accumulate


as you pray and offer sacrifices and devotions.

So, even if our sickness isn’t healed quickly,


when we offer it up graciously,

the merits are piled up in Heaven.



As people complain even about small things

like headaches, bruises, and scratches,

the devils lay snares to cut us out from God’s Love.


But when pain comes, it’s the same pain anyway

but if we offer up graciously any sufferings,



we can console the Hearts of Jesus and

Mother Mary and it turns into merits.



If you bump your head onto an iron block,

“Oh my, the Lord could have protected me!


He said, for the children who follow the Lord and Mother Mary,

He’ll surely save them even from imminent crisis and uphold them

as a people who never yield their integrity even under adversity.


But Lord, why did You let me get hurt?”

If you do like this, you will lose all your merits.

When you bump your head, you exclaim “Ouch!” of course.


But if you pray, “Oh, Jesus!

Receive Praise and Glory.


I want to mend Your torn Heart through this pain of mine.”

Then the torn Sacred Heart of Jesus is mended

and Mother Mary is delighted.

Thus how much They would give to that child!

The Lord loves even the most wicked sinner,


how much He would be comforted

by the prayers of His children offering up entirely?


Under the same pain,

“Aw! Jesus, this is too much!

He could have protected me!”

graciously offering it up as different as sky and earth.


We who follow Jesus and

Mother Mary are blessed children.


Although we are much persecuted,


Matthew 5, 11-12

“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and

utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me.

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”



please remember these Words and

let us resolutely follow Jesus and Mother Mary well.