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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection - Happy 3

When life is exhausting and economic hardships are added



As God the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit are One,


let us also all be One Heart

and One Will to carry out

our share of the work in saving this world.

Our Life can be long or short.

Let us completely entrust it

to the Lord and Mother Mary

and graciously offer up the lives given to us.

Sometimes at home, sometimes at work

or in the community there are difficulties.


But let’s graciously offer them up.

Also let’s entirely offer up

the pleasures of the senses

of which we want to do.


What I want to eat

possess and wear

Although I can’t have them All

regarding as if I ate it, possessed it,


and wore it with Semchigo,

let’s offer it up.

Because Jesus

and Mother Mary are

with us, let’s be happy.


Happiness is not something far away.

Happiness depends on our mindset.


If I think ‘I’m unhappy’,

then I’m endlessly unhappy.


But Jesus and Mother Mary called us,

chose us, and we responded with Amen to the call

of Jesus and Mother Mary. So we can be happy.

If we are sad, painful, suffering and in conflicts,

or are in total agony and sank into dejection,


the devils will immediately set snares to throw us

down into the bottomless pit of disappointment.


The disappointment or discouragement

that sinks us into dejection is what devils want,

therefore, let us realize them and not sink into dejection.


When life is exhausting and many economic

hardships are added, to overcome them well,


let us completely entrust

them with prayers

to Jesus and Mother Mary.